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Moms Against Gaming @momsagainstgam
38 states and Canada
A group of moms and dads opposed to the sale of violent video games. #BanViolentVideoGames
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You said people with college degrees are better than those without. I have a degree in Game Development. Your move you ignorant, sexist feminazi bitches!
Your degree (which you don't have LIAR) will be meaningless when we get video games are banned. Your move dipshit member of the inferior male gender.
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how is the constitution flawed?
It was written 600 years ago by old white guys who owned slaves. Outdated much?
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Where do you stand on freedom of expression? You say we should ban video games and related media however doing so would result in preventing people from expressino that idea therefore violating the first amendment to the Constitution. Doing so would be unconstitutional.
The constitution is flawed and should be put under review by the Supreme Court. Look at the strides Turkey has made to ban minecraft, that's what the United States needs to emulate.
Please let me clear this up about Minecraft. When you first buy the game, there is NO GUNS and NO BLOOD! The only way to get that is a mod or a texture pack (a texture pack is something somebody creates to change the games textures). The picture where it says "Gun server no mods" is a fake title.
The "texture pack" is created by Mojang to sneak mature content into Minecraft. The creators of Minecraft should be in jail for FRAUD!
Not every video game has levels dumbass
Crack a Nintendo Power much? It don't seem like ya do.
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When God created man, he took a rib from Adam to make Eve. She repayed this kindness by doing the only fucking thing God told them not to do. Men = or > women.
That story is from the bible which is a work of fiction, you udder fool! Women are superior to men, get over it.
There are no levels in Minecraft. It's a Sandbox game. Sandbox means no levels but just a infinite world to play in and build, Minecraft also has no guns, you have to get the mod Wich is a Third Party. Also actually play the game without mods and you will see it's not violent:
All video games have levels. Minecraft may very well hide the guns and other weapons in "mods" but the mods are approved by Mojang or they wouldn't be in the game.
I play dance dance revolution, is that bad?
You should dance with girls not games
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Another question, why are you guys hating on white males? Why not white females? Black females? Black males? Asian males? Mexican males? Mixed males? Mixed females? If I get an answer concerning just cuz you will prove my point and I will rest my face. I don't want fake test results I want opinion.
All recent mass shooters have been white male gamers.
Hi, I am a 13 year old male who has played video games for half of my life, I've come to instead give constructive criticism on why you are saying "rude" things concerning men. You said it in an ask FM that women are superior to men, this makes me feel I was born as a failure to begin with, Explain.
You weren't born a failure you are just a member of the inferior male gender.
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You're not feminists, you're feminazis. Feminists want equality, you want supremacy.
Feminazi is a term used exclusively by repulsive men angry that women don't like them and never will.
One my free time, I play some airplane simulator games. Is that bad?
Yes. The 9/11 attackers trained on flight simulator video games.
Are you feminists? Because you're always saying that women don't be violent after playing violent games? You are preaching that and I think this should be banned. It's racism.  Gerard Navarro Pérez
Yes, we are feminists because we believe women are equal to and in most cases better than men. Women don't become violent after gaming because females are more mature than males.
I just want to say i'm proud of all of you people and that I threw all of my child's video games in the garbage when I came back in he was flailing around crying, I now realize how dangerous these video games are #BanViolentVideoGames
Expect a better attitude and respect for your authority within a week, great work.
Child labor is against the law. Did you know that? Probably not given your complete stupidity and ignorance. You must be a terrible, *terrible* parent.
Lazy gamers such as yourself will be the downfall of society. Do some hard work like all the generations before you and maybe women will want to kiss you.
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While more males play video games than females, still plenty of females play video games. It's not a "Boy's club" so you are way off
That simply isn't true. Most video games feature a white male main character with women merely as background characters.
"Your parents should have you do manual labor in real life (irl) instead." You people make me sick
Hard work makes you sick? The gaming generation with be the death of us all.
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Is it alright for me to play Harvest Moon?
Your parents should have you do manual labor in real life (irl) instead.
When you say ad hominem attacks render your argument invalid, do you realize that you do the same thing by stereotyping every white, male gamer as a mass shooter or terrorist? That's a pretty cruel generalization to make.
Truth hurts
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MineCraft Is A Sandbox Game, Wich means there is no levels and you can build whatever you want. There Are No Levels.
Every video game has levels, we weren't born yesterday.
Hey moms, I'm a girl just like that other girl. I play black ops, call of duty, and skyrim. Am I still "evil"?
Studies show women are less likely to become violent after gaming. Many scientists say this is because women have an easier time separating fantasy from reality, otherwise known as maturity.
Why you don't like white man gender? I don't get it? Are you racist, or something like that? What's your point?
White men have caused the most pain, death, and destruction throughout history. Ever hear of Adolf Hitler or his Nazi cronies? Holocaust much?
You ma'am are a sexist, degenerate, misinformed person. I hope you realize that and extras in Minecraft like guns are NOT "unlockable". There is no levels in Minecaft. You have no idea what you are talking about. When you do, then you can have an opinion.
Ad hominem attacks automatically render your argument invalid. All video games have levels including Minecraft, don't be foolish.
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One more thing: last I chkd, GTA's ban was removed. And just come clean and say that you're a rad-fem that really wants all men to die. Here's the thing: some magazines/clothes are for women. Games are for men. How would you like it if we came after things you like? Chew on that before being a bitch
You're right about video games being a boys club and that's exactly why they must be taken down!
What is your explanation on why video games are bad? Is it "because I said so"
Violent games reward "kills" with trophies and achievements. Therefore children who grow up in a gaming household believe they will be rewarded for violent acts in real life.