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Moms Against Gaming @momsagainstgam
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A group of moms and dads opposed to the sale of violent video games. #BanViolentVideoGames
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What do you think of female gamers?
Female gamers are less likely to commit violent crime after gaming but they are not immune to the dangers of video games.
I'm living in Venezuela, and I'm glad the government doesn't let us have violent video games.
RIP Hugo Chavez. His legacy lives on.
Lucahjin, Chuggaaconroy, Protonjon, NintendoCaprisun, and Josh Jepson among others make a living by playing video games. If video games are banned they will be jobless
These aren't real names, these aren't real people. If they are real they shouldn't have made the foolish decision to game and be a gamer.
My husband knows that 1 hour of gaming will cost him 2 weeks in his CB-6000 male chastity device. It's worked out very well for us. Solved two problems (games and porn addiction) in one fell swoop. Keep up the great work!
No, YOU keep up the great work! We would love to use this story in our next newsletter and interview you and your husband.
Do you understand how attaching attributes to a whole subgroup of society, especially negative ones is by definition racist? Therefore your sweeping statements about white men are offensive and racist?
Women are 33% more likely than men to earn college degrees. So it is a FACT to say women are more intelligent than men. It's also a fact that white male gamers are the most violent kind of gamer. Ever hear of Columbine? They were white male gamers. If facts offend you TOO BAD.
Can you please clarify why your twitter account was temporarily banned? Is it true that it was because you were promoting racist views, contrary to twitters policy? Likewise what is policy on using this forum to promote hatred and racist views?
We don't promote hatred or racism. Stating facts about white male gamers isn't racism, stop crying and change your destructive behavior.
Get a job, instead of losing your time with this unuseful cause. You damage kids' self-esteem with your posts. You damage more than you actually 'help'. Stop this, or we'll stop it. You have been warned. Expect us.
All of our members are employed. Throw your guy fawkes mask in the trash and get a life, you can't intimidate the moms.
Stop being racist
How have we been racist?
What do you think of the game "Elmo's Number Journey"? Should I let my kid play it? I'm afraid it might be to violent... -A Mom
Elmo has no officially licensed video game.
What do you think of destiny
Ban it.
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I am a lesbian black female who enjoys playing bible and educational games. Am I bad?
What's your opinion on anime?
Anime is art, video games are not.
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I do not agree with you at all, theres more important things to protect people from than fiction. How about you out your time into not being prejudice to every gamer. Your a bad influence.
We aren't prejudiced to every gamer just white males and for good reason.
What do you think of art based on games? Check out ‎@binoftrash1 she's a great gamer artist.
We support female gamers. There is hope for them.
I agree with most of what you guys and gals say, but should we really get angry w/ white men's privilege? They didn't choose to be born white, just as I didn't choose to be Okinawan. Anyways nice job so far moms, keep up the good work.
We just want white males to acknowledge their privilege, most gamers believe it doesn't exist. Obviously no one would choose to be a white male. Thanks for your support.
What do you think of tetris
The goal of Tetris is to blow up infrastructure... that's literally what Bin Laden did on 9/11.
I'm an asexual male gamer who doesn't give a fuck about genders really and treats people the exact same no matter their gender or sexual orientation. I'm right in assuming I'd still earn your disapproval simply because of my chromosomes?
You can't treat everyone equally if you don't acknowledge the privileges white males have in society.
I see that you say mums are better parents in another answer, well that's an opinion and slightly sexist. Some dads look after their kids while the mums smoke and drink.
Facts are unbiased and the fact is women are better than men at raising children. Women are more intelligent than men too and overall just much much better people than men.
Why did your twitter get blocked? Did you keep sending out racist remarks again?
We've never said anything racist and our twitter isn't blocked, you are.
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Why would I ever consider taking the life away from an innocent person, knowing the harm it does to them, their family & friends, and possibly myself, just because of a game?
Because gamers believe violence is the solution to their problems like in their favorite mindless shoot em up game.
What's your opinion on games that promote good things, such as good etiquette, life skills, and education? Are those also evil and violent?
We approve of those games but they don't exist.
You call the gamers violent and unreasonably vulgar, but when the gamers just peacefully wish you a happy Thanksgiving, you tell them to go fuck themselves? Hypocritical much?
Are you saying GamerGate represents all gamers? The fact is gamergate is made up of a small group of male gamers who have soiled their diapers because a female game developer had sex. We'll tell gamergate to go fuck themselves whenever we feel like.
Your fine with women getting raped on GOT, kids dying on Walking Dead, and girls overdosing on Breaking Bad and drug dealers getting run over is fine because it's art right :D! But playing Mario or something NOO NOO BAD!
Video games allow gamers to participate in violence and reward gamers for committing more horrific acts. In TV and movies viewers have no control over the characters.
She doesn't "criticize" us. She completely bashes us and expects us to like her and put money in her Patreon.
Feminist Frequency doesn't bash gamers she points out sexist tropes in video games and gamers have been extremely disrespectful to her. Also she doesn't have a patreon, lol.
Some people never thought that movies could be art in the past. See how that changed? The same will happen with video games, I assure you. Stop being so narrow-minded.
Movies have always been considered art. Video games will never reach that status because gamers don't want the same criticism of video games that all other art is subjected to. Look at how gamers have lost their minds and harassed Feminist Frequency for her criticism of video games. Until the audience matures video games will never be considered art.