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Moms Against Gaming @momsagainstgam
38 states and Canada
A group of moms and dads opposed to the sale of violent video games. #BanViolentVideoGames
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What's the moms' opinion on super smash Bros?
We will be boycotting the release of Smash Brothers, it is a game where characters fight to the death. BAN IT.
You do know that Adam Baldwin is not related to the other Baldwins...
False, Adam is the youngest Baldwin brother.
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Yet again you sexist and hateful So sad
How so?
The reason gamers insult you isnt because they play games, it is because you are trying to ruin their fun time.
No excuse for the vitriol we receive just for stating our opinions and goals of our organization. Clearly gamers have shorter tempers than most people making them more likely to become violent.
Why is it just "Moms Against Gaming"? Is it harder to get your husbands into the fight for banning video games?
No, we have many dads in our organization and future parents too. We go by Moms because moms are better parents overall.
Hey, fuck you
Like most gamers you insult us instead of engaging in a debate you know you'll lose.
are you really so stupid as to confuse Adam Baldwin with Stephen Baldwin?
All the Baldwin brothers look alike
The minecraft gun mods aren't unlockable in the game.
You probably didn't get to the level where they are unlocked yet.
Am I a gamer if I play once a week but do many other activities such as wrestling.
Gamers are people who choose to build their identity around a toy they play with and despise anyone who criticizes their favorite toys. Are you one? That's a question you can answer yourself.
I suppose you don't understand the right to presuit of happiness
Violence which makes gamers happy is illegal. Crack a constitution much???
would you let your daughters (supposing you have them) date gamers? i have debated this with my wife and we're leaning towards no at the moment.
Nothing to worry about gamers are usually obese and very unattractive. If you find out your child is dating a gamer you should try to help the gamer change his ways. If that gamer supports GamerGate there is no hope for him in fact he is likely a criminal.
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i have just got my first ever girlfriend after getting rid of all my games and i'm working on doing my first pull-up and i've never been happier! i hope i can make up for the evil i did whilst under the spell of the demon that is gaming. thank you moms!!
Getting in shape is a great way to attract a boyfriend or girlfriend! Most gamers have unhealthy bodies, all gamers have unhealthy minds. Good luck to you!
"Gamers wish that we get diseases that have killed thousands of people, just because we tell them to stop playing animal abuse simulators" this is your tweet do you have anything to illustrate it like a qoute
It isn't that hard to search twitter but since you're too lazy
"Gamers wish that we get diseases that have killed thousands of people, just because we tell them to stop playing animal abuse simulators" this is your tweet do you have anything to illustrate it like a qoute
Mojang cannot ban modifications. It's impossible. There will always be stuff like that on the Internet. Also, when mojang released the game they made it so anyone could mod. Have you seen the amazing things people have done? If you truly want to ban gaming, cover both sides. The good and the "bad"
The mods are not on the internet they are unlockable in the game.
Slavery doesn't exist in the US anymore-- in fact, it was banned over a hundred years ago. Don't you think it's time to let it go?
Slavery doesn't exist but white privilege still does. You can't have equality until everyone is on a equal playing field.
Mojang wouldn't have any power whether guns are in the game or not as they are added as mods which because their modifications Mojang cant do anything about it
Mojang can ban the mods, they choose not to.
I support what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. #BanViolentVideoGames
Thank you
You said the only character in minecraft is Steve (a white male) do you realize that you can make your own player? Also you say people can unlock guns? No, you have to program the guns in, on your own. Changing the original game, guns are not put in by Mojang. It's called a mod cause u change game
1. You didn't deny that the default Minecraft character is a white male.
2. Guns should be forbidden from a children's game but Mojang has refused to ban guns from their game.
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All we want is for you to leave the gaming community alone peacefully that is all then we will leave you alone  Lilric
We don't mind debate because gamers have never beaten us at debate. What we mind is the abusive language gamers use instead of having an intelligent discussion.
If "nigger" is sooooo bad, why do black people constantly use it in their rap songs and as a term of endearment for each other?
If you don't understand that white people using the n-word is different than when black people use it then you are definitely a racist.
You can be sexist against men and racist against whites "cracker" is term like nigger but for white and the same way I can say you are Bitches You can be sexist against men your gender is not your shield and if I see you at GameStop I will give you a big hug
Calling a woman a bitch is a gendered insult and therefore sexist. Only a privileged white person would believe cracker is equal to the n-word.
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what is gamergate?
A group of the worst gamers who believe a female game developer slept with journalists to get good reviews. That belief has been proven false. Gamer Hate claims to be about ethics in video game journalism but the hashtag started as a way to harass this woman and now the gamer gators are harassing more people mostly women. Gamer Gate is a hate group plain and simple.
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what kind of music do you listen to? (personally, i've been quite into the smiths, the rolling stones, and led zeppelin recently.)
We have been playing a lot of Titus Andronicus and The Clash at our most recent Moms Meetings.
I Am A Avid Gamer, I Hold Straight A's. Once I Showed My Mother Your Account She Made Me Get Off My Xbox, And Went And Bought Me 3 New Games, To Quote: "Help You Stand Up For What You Believe In". How Do You Feel About That?
You Are Lying About Your Grades.
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Have you ever encountered any parents who are supporting gaming?
Not after we show them the violence contained in the video games on our ban list. Most parents are appalled at the content of most video games today.