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Can an adult be a gamer and be a moral and ethical person?
Would it be sexist if someone were to call me a "dick head"? If not then what's it called and why would it be sexist to use the word "cunt" as an offence.
Both "dickhead" and "cunt" refer to genitalia making them gendered insults. When you use a gendered insult you are saying that it is a bad thing to be that gender. For example, calling a man a pussy is putting down the female gender as well as the man you are insulting. If you absolutely must insult someone can't you just call them a butthead?
If I'm a gamer, does that automatically make me a racist bigot?
Automatically? No. Eventually? Yes. Constant exposure to a toxic, misogynistic, homophobic community that bonds over simulating murder will turn you into a bad person.
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Minecraft mods are not approved by the creators. Minecraft is a game that is different from others, as the code to the game is available to anyone to make a mod for it. There could be a sex mod, and no one could know about it. If you make a minecraft world, the creators don't know you made it.
Minecraft is allowed to sue if they don't feel the mods represent their game. Obviously they have approved of all these mods by their inaction.
I'd like to show everyone how much of a racist stereotypical group you are. Define who a gamer is.
Misogynist who is racist
Why are you faggots?
Obviously this is intended as an insult considering the homophobic slur you used, but there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. Many gamers use homophobic slurs because most video games only allow them to play as hyper masculine males.
Why not just leave people alone to do the things they enjoy? If people like watching anime and playing videogames in THEIR spare time, it's perfectly fine. You have absolutely no right to dictate what people can and cannot do.
The government has the right to intervene if lives are at stake.
If you're planning on sticking around, you better suck it up and stop crying about the hate you receive. It's not going to go away.
Gamers haven't made any of our members shed a single tear, they have only exposed themselves as the scum we already knew they were.
You know what a good way to escape the hate would be? Shutting down your bullshit account and getting off the internet. You should do that as soon as possible, if not now.
We will never give gamer bullies the satisfaction, we won't back down.
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You're incredibly and consistly rude to a huuuuge group of people on the internet and you expect said people to be "nice" to you? Lol, yeah, that isn't going to happen. Someone obviously doesn't know how the internet works.
Our goal to ban violent video games isn't rude, even if you disagree and nothing we have said justifies the hate gamers spew at us.
Moms, I understand that you are having some kind of alliance to end gaming or something, but then, I would like to say that the case is being a bit exaggerated in your eyes. I won't resort to any foul words because I am a polite person, but then, to promote sex against games shows that I'm correct.
There is nothing wrong with sex, it is a beautiful and natural act, gaming is not.
I am sorry about the Call of Duty players represent the gaming community they are a group which are sexist racist but there is some good groups out there like the smite community and speed running community(they play all games that can be done fast and there is a huge list)
Most big budget violent games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc attract the most racist and sexist gamers. Although we have received hate and vitriol from all groups in the gaming community especially the Minecraft players. Proof that gamers are not good people.
You are doing gods work moms
Nice to see the occasional kind message, thank you.
Games are entertainment, stop what you're doing.
Entertainment that has degenerative effects on developing minds.
There are plenty of female bullies.
There are so many you couldn't name one
Gamers aren't bullies, usually it's the opposite, they're who get bullied
We have monitored male gamers behavior online for months and they harass and bully women in their own community who dare to criticize their beloved video games or have the gall to make one. Male gamers bully women because most are sexually frustrated and harassing women online is the only way to make them feel better a out themselves.
What about visual novels?
Comic books are very misogynist, but no data shows they cause an increase in aggressive behavior. If you let your child read comic books he will grow up to hate women, but not shoot up schools.
Are anime, manga, and cosplay good interests for recovering gamers? -An ex-gaming addict
Unfamiliar with manga and cosplay, but anime is basically cartoons for adults, GROW UP. Find something adults do and try to fit in.
Are Moms Against violent operas, movies, TV Shows, Books, etc?
No, we support those art forms. Not all books, movies, or tv shows are art, but no video games have ever earned the honor of being called art.
Children + Gun = Schoolshooting NOT Gamer + Gun = Schoolshooting, A Child that is a Gamer have an equal chanche to do a schoolshooting, Since the reason why Schoolshooting happens is because they're bullied. That is a problem with society not gaming. Focus on stop bullying instead. Please, please :)
Gamers are bullies. Read the gamer gate hashtag on twitter. How do you stop bullying? Don't raise young men on violent video games.
You do realize that Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang does nothing, right? Mojang now gets stuff from Microsoft Studios (Microsoft's Game development studio) like funding and additional people to help make games. This is great for Mojang. It helps them make more content faster and more efficiently.
Notch quit because even that scumbag knows Minecraft is doomed.
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Microsoft has bought Mojang, what's your opinion about that?
Another victory in a long battle. #BanViolentVideoGames #TrashMinecraft
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Using your logic of white males being the most evil people in the world, I have five words for you: The New Black Panther Party. They even hate your beloved Barack Hussein Obama.
The only Black Panthers that actually exist are not anti-white. This "new" group is a fraud.
Why do you ignore my questions and not answer them, you fuckin' bitch?
You're rude.
Why's it not wrong for you to get angry when people hurl abuse at you but when we get angry after you call gamers "alone" or "scrawny" but when gamers get angry you blame it on the game.
Because we don't send death or rape threats. We argue our point with facts, gamers hurl abuse and threaten violence.