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Moms Against Gaming @momsagainstgam
38 states and Canada
A group of moms and dads opposed to the sale of violent video games. #BanViolentVideoGames
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And Another Thing, Taking Away What Most People Love Is Totally Unfair. What If You Or A Loved One Valued Something, But Someone Says It Is Bad? Have You Ever Tried Playing A Video Game To See For Your Self? Or Are You Going By What's Based On Someone Else Knowledge? If So, Your Argument Have Flaws.  . ßιαƞϲα .
You just compared losing a loved one to our organization wanting to ban violent video games. You are in more danger than you know, seek counseling.
What if you're wrong and games are good, feminists are corrupt and gamers are nice people. Just imagine it, okay? What would you do if this were true?
The data proves violent video games increase gamers aggressive behavior and lead to more violence. Feminists are not corrupt, they believe women should be equal to men nothing more.
What do you have to say to the ignorant gamers that harass you on Twitter and this site?
We want them to know they are loved and the violent video games they play have caused their disrespectful behavior, it isn't who they are deep down.
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Hi. You're cool.
Thank you, ban violent video games.
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Can I interview you for a blog? It's going to be neutral opinion and facts from both sides.
Yes, we have contact info in our askfm bio.
Incorrect, gamers don't vote moms do.
I like how you avoid some of the questions asked about how your actually racist and sexist. -SL
Sorry if we hurt your white male gamer feelings but we are not going to stop speaking the truth just because it makes you uncomfortable. White male gamer = ticking time bomb.
So I am a young individual that games for 2.5 hours at most. I seldom play violent games. (No lie).I take one honors class at my high school. I am a good violin player. I have a 3.9 GPA. I have 0 thought of murder and destruction. I exercise regularly. I am not at risk of being violent, right?
If you play video games for 2.5 hours a day then you aren't all those others things you claim to be.
Do you plan to boycott the release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at Nintendo World in New York?
I've been playing video games since I was 6. I'm currently a freshmen at Penn State with a very high predicted gpa. I am also trying to become a professor at the University level. Even though I do not play as often, am I doomed for failure because I play video games? Or am I the minority?
All Penn State students are doomed for failure especially the ones who game.
Regardless of your opinion ma'am, under the constitutions of both countries (US and CAN) what you are doing can no longer be defended by your "freedom of speech" or "opinion" as you so wish to call it. You are spreading hate propaganda (which is illegal when posted public like this. Criminal Code.
We have done nothing illegal. Gamers are the ones sending threats and wishing us harm.
My girlfriend is going out with a gamer, what should I do?
What kind of relationship is this? Regardless you should make it clear that your are not comfortable having a relationship with someone who is in any way friends with a gamer. Just present the facts and let your girlfriend or ghoulfriend (what you call a girlfriend on halloween) make her own decision.
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What do you think about the minority of gamers who are like the previous asker?
Hopefully the handful of good gamers will stop gaming before they are corrupted by the content of the games they play or the toxic online gaming community.
I'm sorry you have to deal with those people everyday, it's a shame those people "represent" us, if you met real gamers you'd see we're not like that, those people who insult you everyday doesn't represent us
Thank you for apologizing but sadly you are in the minority. Most gamers have nothing but hate in their heart.
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When will you admit that you've lost? We are not dead. We will never die. We will keep sending emails. We will fight trolls and corruption. You have accomplished nothing. We are the people of gaming, male and female, we will never back down. We are #GamerGate and #NotYourShield
You belong to a hate group and even normal gamers are ashamed of you.
you know you're committing libel which is a federal offense  david Charles turner
Who have we defamed?
a gamer has moved in next door. we hear strange noises and the smell coming from his apartment is getting to be a real problem. i told my daughter that our old neighbours bought a couple of dogs but I know she suspects something. i want to move away. could this affect re-sale value?
Probably, why would anyone choose to live next to an animal? Just take the loss and move, sorry.
Why you no like second amendment oh and my favorite guns are the c.a.r. 15 and the Springfield armory 1911 9mm and I love playing cod
Dear, Future mass murderer
Seek help.
what do you think of the second amendment
More trouble than its worth.
I don't care if you think it's "racist" or not, negatively judging ANYBODY based on the color of his/her skin is wrong; it doesn't matter if they're white, black or goddamn purple.
White males are the most privileged group of people in the world, you can't be racist to them.
So black gamers are okay right?
Yes, statistically white males show the most aggressive behavior after being exposed to violent video games.
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What's the moms' opinion on super smash Bros?
We will be boycotting the release of Smash Brothers, it is a game where characters fight to the death. BAN IT.
You do know that Adam Baldwin is not related to the other Baldwins...
False, Adam is the youngest Baldwin brother.
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Yet again you sexist and hateful So sad
How so?
The reason gamers insult you isnt because they play games, it is because you are trying to ruin their fun time.
No excuse for the vitriol we receive just for stating our opinions and goals of our organization. Clearly gamers have shorter tempers than most people making them more likely to become violent.