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Moms Against Gaming @momsagainstgam
Moms Against Gaming @momsagainstgam
38 states and Canada
A group of moms and dads opposed to the sale of violent video games. #BanViolentVideoGames
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Your fine with women getting raped on GOT, kids dying on Walking Dead, and girls overdosing on Breaking Bad and drug dealers getting run over is fine because it's art right :D! But playing Mario or something NOO NOO BAD!
Video games allow gamers to participate in violence and reward gamers for committing more horrific acts. In TV and movies viewers have no control over the characters.
She doesn't "criticize" us. She completely bashes us and expects us to like her and put money in her Patreon.
Feminist Frequency doesn't bash gamers she points out sexist tropes in video games and gamers have been extremely disrespectful to her. Also she doesn't have a patreon, lol.
Some people never thought that movies could be art in the past. See how that changed? The same will happen with video games, I assure you. Stop being so narrow-minded.
Movies have always been considered art. Video games will never reach that status because gamers don't want the same criticism of video games that all other art is subjected to. Look at how gamers have lost their minds and harassed Feminist Frequency for her criticism of video games. Until the audience matures video games will never be considered art.
If no one deserves harassment, then why do you harass gamers?
We don't, gamers reply to our posts with vitriol because they aren't able to control their anger.
She got harassed. She didn't deserve it, though she did go out of her way to bash a large, diverse group of people. In that, there is bound to be some extremists. I'm not saying she deserved it, I'm just saying she brought it on herself. (And the fact that she is still doing it does not help her cas
Like many gamer gators you're blaming the victim, no one deserves harassment.
What about all the colored supporters of gamergate? What about the female supporters? If it was truly a sexist movement, there would be no girls backing us up!
GamerGate started as a way to harass a female game developer and gamer gators have attacked other women in gaming. A few female supporters of gamergate doesn't change the facts.
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What is #NotYourShield?
Not your shield is basically GamerGate's way of saying: "we have black friends so we can't be a bunch of white dudes mad at a female game developer who has had sex even though that is exactly what we are."
If minecraft should be banned because you can build 9/11, than shouldn't writing and drawing be banned because you can draw/ write about 9/11?
No, we don't believe minecraft should be banned because of what players can do but because minecrafters overwhelmingly choose to recreate terrible tragedies or honor unspeakable evil like Adolf Hitler. Some minecraft players believe it's "funny" others just like watching the world burn, both types of minecraft gamers are equally dangerous.
There are well known geniuses in this world who play video games for hours end. You all can't hold a valid argument.
No well educated person would ever put all of their knowledge in jeopardy by gaming.
If violent video games should be banned, should books, movies, and songs that include violence also be banned?
No, video games allow the player to participate in violence which effects the brain differently than the passive media that you mentioned. Basically video games let you BE the killer and in other media you observe or listen which allows the brain to understand why it's wrong.
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okay, so liberal? if you believe in equality for all, does that imply bashing a race over the net and trying to convince everyone that you aren't doing anything wrong? a race is a race, it doesn't mater who someone looks like, racism is both ways, i don't care about the problem you have with VGs.
Whites aren't a race. White is the absence of color, whites are the absence of race, they have no culture other than oppressing others. You can't be racist against them.
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so, how do you guys label yourself politically? conservative or liberal?
Our members believe in spread the wealth, equality for all and support a ban on violent video games.
You will die before ban videogames. Do you know? I know and everybody know it. You say that you will ban violent videogames and you belive it but please be real. You won't ban violent videogames. Please, don't anser with a "yes we can" or "we will ban violent videogames" or something like this.
This is exactly why video games will be banned. Something is seriously wrong with you if you threaten to kill people you don't agree with.
"You said the only character in minecraft is Steve (a white male) do you realize that you can make your own player?" About your response to this, There is now a female player model in minecraft. Her name is Alex. And yes, you can be racist to white males, even if they are the most privileged.
1. The default character in Minecraft is a white male, all you did was confirm that we were correct, thank you.
2. You can not be racist against white people, they have every advantage in the world. Also we won't apologize for stating facts about the violent nature of white males.
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What is your opinion on gay gamers?
Gay gamers are not as violent as heterosexual male gamers. Most gay gamers are more mature and they can handle the violent content of most video games better than heterosexual males.
Why do you say all gamers belong to gamer gate?
We never said that but all gamers who don't condemn gamergate are helping that hate group thrive.
I am not saying that every feminists who feels oppressed is an extremist, I'm simply saying that there ARE extremists out there in the world who wish death upon males because they feel women are far more superior. I've met many people like this
Women don't "feel" oppressed by men they are. No feminist has ever wished death upon a male that didn't deserve it.
Feminists are people who support equality between men and women, that much is true, but there are also extremists that believe females are superior and that they're being oppressed by men. Because of that extreme view they believe men should be eliminated. Not all feminists are as good as you think
Women are oppressed by men. We live in a patriarchal society so feminists who believe women are oppressed are not extremists. No feminists believe women are superior to men, if you believe that then you don't understand what words mean.
Incorrect. Some feminists hate men and think that women should be superior-- not equal-- to them.
Wrong, you obviously don't know what the word feminist means.
And Another Thing, Taking Away What Most People Love Is Totally Unfair. What If You Or A Loved One Valued Something, But Someone Says It Is Bad? Have You Ever Tried Playing A Video Game To See For Your Self? Or Are You Going By What's Based On Someone Else Knowledge? If So, Your Argument Have Flaws.  . ßιαƞϲα .
You just compared losing a loved one to our organization wanting to ban violent video games. You are in more danger than you know, seek counseling.
What if you're wrong and games are good, feminists are corrupt and gamers are nice people. Just imagine it, okay? What would you do if this were true?
The data proves violent video games increase gamers aggressive behavior and lead to more violence. Feminists are not corrupt, they believe women should be equal to men nothing more.
What do you have to say to the ignorant gamers that harass you on Twitter and this site?
We want them to know they are loved and the violent video games they play have caused their disrespectful behavior, it isn't who they are deep down.
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Hi. You're cool.
Thank you, ban violent video games.
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Can I interview you for a blog? It's going to be neutral opinion and facts from both sides.
Yes, we have contact info in our askfm bio.
Incorrect, gamers don't vote moms do.