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Justin Bieber @mrjustinbieber
Justin Bieber @mrjustinbieber
Let's make the world better.
My love pours out to the ones who have been there since the beginning. I will forever be grateful. Beliebers are strongest, most compassionate people. ♛ . follow my 2nd acc ‎@justinbieberpage

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u make smile all beliebers ,so that's why we love u :)  Yassine Wichbaky
I'm glad for hear that. love u all more
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Actually I'm active using since 2012 and always asked you questions and you answered . 2013 I'm not active cuz busy with my college. Now I'm at University as Medical Student. 2 years ago . Definitely you must be forgot me.  Sherry Daynela ✔
naw, I didn't forgot u, thanks for always supporting me :)
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Home to mama :) Perfect love  Nicole
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Oh god when I ask you something in your other acc you come here and when I do it here you go there lmaooo  Nisrine.
haha swag lol
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Nicki minaj sexy girl  Çağlaa
ikr lol
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You and Selena together now ?  • Bunny •
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Any girl on the planet would be soo lucky to have you by her side. because you're so..idk. you're so you, and you're perfect like that, really. You always care about everyone and you're so nice and sweet and kind.... Dont let that the haters or something like that break you. i am here.  Daniela ♕
thanks :)
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r u gonna make a new song?  Lucy Y
who knows ;)
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how do you feel about the fact that your name was mentioned in the series Sam & Cat  DayanaK
that was funny.
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love me love love me say that you love me  Misliyna Umay Kestir
love u
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home to mama  Justin Bieber
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What is your new facebook? I love you <3  Gabriy_ella
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Why you don't have facebook?  Risilda muca
yea, I have my official page and an account.
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It's easy to love when you feel it, but love when it’s hard to love.  Justin Bieber
It's easy to love when you feel it, but love when it’s hard to love.
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you are cool and a good singer.but not everybody like u so much.some think u are naughty and not hard...what do u think ??  Vivian Asakusa
thanks. and i don't care what people say, just what my beliebers say that matters.
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Why people say that you are gay? That's true??? :'(  Risilda muca
because they're jealous of my swag, and of course no.
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when will the tour??
next year who knows.
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Bieber, say you love me :(  Johanna Macedo♡
love u
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yo justin!!! I used to hate you but now I'm a BELIEBER lets convert all the HATERS into BELIEBERS!!! :D:D:DD  Michael Yan
yeah man.
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i love you justin so much and i believe in you. (i'm new here)  Rally Rokk ♡
love u more. thanks and welcome :)
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Why people hate you?  Единорог Единорогович)
i have no idea lol
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Jb u're a great man!!  Giancarlo Pintore ☮
thanks man.
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you and miley cyrus ?????  Ece Yıldırım
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r u married  Nauriel Sanchez
no lol
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i think you're a nice person :)  stoned in paradise ♥
thank u
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