Justin Bieber @mrjustinbieber
Justin Bieber @mrjustinbieber
Let's make the world better.
My love pours out to the ones who have been there since the beginning. I will forever be grateful. Beliebers are strongest, most compassionate people. ♛ . follow my 2nd acc ‎@justinbieberpage http://twitter.com/justinbieber http://twitter.com/thebizzlebieber http://shots.me/bizzle
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Why did you stop making music? Or is it just a lie?  Hamid El Fatih
i didnt stop, i'm just resting a bit, but ill come back in the studio.
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can u give me you're shots account? i love you <3  MickVb ;)
it's 'bizzle'. love u too
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http://ask.fm/mrjustinbieber/answer/112096551293 how can you dont like nutella?:0  Anna Shpet
i hate nutella lol
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Justin we need Shots for android D:  #23
it will be soon.
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u don't answered any questions from me but i love u ♥ and i am beliebers  Justin Bakry (✔)
are u sure? love u too
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obviuslly al of your "questions" are i love you but i wanna ask you a real question Do you like nuttela? Hope you wil answer and srry for my bad englesh  Denis Pintarić
yeah man. and no, i dont like nutella.
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1.Favorite color 2.Favorite drink 3.Favorite name  ♠♠♠ Emily ♠♠♠
purple, orange juice, and all.
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i love you.... but i don't exist for you :/  #Julia
yeah u exist for me, all of u, don't let people say that i don't know, coz I know that each of you exist. and love each of u.
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je t'aime france
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me or cailin russo ????? :-'''((((((  Yağmur Yumuşak
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Justin don't love me :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(  Martyna Żaborowska
of course i love u :)
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Justin you don't see me, but I still love you.  Hipsters in the universe!
i do see u, love u too
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.  Justin Bieber
sorry for the delay, I will post only 6 accounts that I talked on omegle, thanks for your love and support ‎@jojoundkiwi ‎@slut4life ‎@Mariatr19 ‎@ariiana_bieber ‎@BeIievelnMe ‎@kathlien
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Who is Jerry?  Verithoo J(✔)
tom's friend.
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its easy to find u lol  Mary #crazygirl
haha, u are on my list
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Youre so hard to find aaagh.. -__-  kathlien
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You omegle?  Diva :)
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You are fake... You dont speak spanish!  parlons peu, parlons d'beuh.
you're wrong, i know some spanish basic words.
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do u have the new version of shots..??  #BEST BELIEBER IS HERE..!!!
of course.
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Justin I love you! ♥♥♥  Васић Александра♥
love u too
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.  Justin Bieber
sorry i was busy, lets try again find me on omegle, ill talk to u and ask your ask account to the shoutout.
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.  Justin Bieber
go on http://www.omegle.com coz i'm there again right now, find me lol
go to the interests there put: bizzlebieber
and when i finish i'll put 16 users here it's like a shoutout to some of my beliebers like i did before.
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te amo con todo mi corazon  faty
te amo con todo mi corazon tambien
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I have shots, you have shots, we're like ONE :) xx  BizzlesBitches
yep ;)
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justin don't love me :'( :'( :'(  Yazmin Murillo
i do, love u
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