Justin Bieber @mrjustinbieber
Justin Bieber @mrjustinbieber
Let's make the world better.
My love pours out to the ones who have been there since the beginning. I will forever be grateful. Beliebers are strongest, most compassionate people. ♛ . follow my 2nd acc ‎@justinbieberpage http://twitter.com/justinbieber http://twitter.com/thebizzlebieber http://shots.me/justinbieber
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The Brazil loves you.  Julio Felix
love brazil too
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Have you heard Thé news that you married  Sema yılmaz
no wtf, im not married.
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Bieber.... Do you still remember the little Avalanna? I can not stop thinking about her .... :'(  Tamy
of course, ill never forget about my wifey
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I love you justin  Misliyna Umay Kestir
love u too
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Do you have a Facebook??? I LOVE YOU !!! :*** <333  Justin is my life!!!
yep, i made a new one. love u too
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It would be the best thing that could happen to me if you ever answer my question I love you Justin I can't put it in words ♡  Hala AK
love u too
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──────────▄████▄─▄████▄────────── ─────────▐▀████████████▌───────── ─────────▐█▄▓██████████▌───────── ──────────▀███████████▀────────── ────────────▀███████▀──────────── ──────────────▀███▀──────────────  PrawdziwaHistoria
much love.
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What your favorite chocolate?  Brenda S.
i don't really like cholocate, but i prefer only twix.
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I and my friends like you very much.Your songs are so wonderful!  Vivian Asakusa
swag, thanks
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I'am french belieber je suis fan de toi i love you  AnnaelleDrew✨
je t'aime
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Do you love me? :3 I love you♥♥♥♥  Ross'Cotta ♥
i do, love u too
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how many questions do you get everyday? just wondering.  Jelikka Malik
i have no idea.
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What's your fav colour?  Blair
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I love you so much i don't know why but i do  Elena Rose Sader
love u so much more
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when is your new album coming?:)  Diego
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what is your application favorites ?  victoire ferry
shots, twitter, instagram and fahlo.
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I love your songs<3  twilight
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can u say i love you sweetheart for me justin?  Nyssa Ayu
love u sweetheart
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Do you use twitter?  Beyza Nur
of course.
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how tall r u? ily  dilara
5'9. love u too
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do you speaks french ?xoxo  victoire ferry
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#mrjustinbieberTo2M  dιяecтιoneя✔™
maybe next year lol
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U r fantastic dude ✨
thanks man.
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Love you Bieber
love u too
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What can you say about your haters? :)  Jon Eldrin Tibayan
thanks for making me strong.
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