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well see

If Sex Was a Job How Often Do You Think You Would Get Paid


What does Adonai or God hate the most?


Are you stylish?


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lol u change ya pic

I had to lol to show that i am married like chill i dont want nobody on here so damn right i changed it lmao



Nun much

Qveen A

True i see u still be on here


Qveen A

Wssp with u tho?

u single ma? u bad

I just answered this question smh im MARRIED meaning im taken

u married now

Yeah :)

where have u been u havent been on here

i know ive been busy sweety

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Lmao nah hun

are u single

Nah im married hun :)

Well I remember ur cute self and truu

Qveen A

Oh aww lol

Do you think people are basically bad or basically good?

That ain't even much nicki

ik . Its close enough

Which is your favorite song?


Remember me

Qveen A

Lol no i havent been on here in a min

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What kills us and what makes us eternal?

What's the best comfort food?

Idk everybody is different so not everybody eat the samething


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I'm a nice, funny, outgoing person , MARRIED, and I don't bite lol don't be afraid to ask me anything give me the worst. ¯\( ˘o˘)/¯

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