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I hate my school days.

Which worries you more – doing things right or doing the right things?

Both connected to each other, but the first one is important.

خَلـصِت أسًگآت لـليَومً 🌸 رأيگُم بـيًهِن 🌝 وفَد رَشِة لآيَگآت إذا مـتِردوَن بِراحـتگٌمً 🍂❤️ Toofe Mahmood

lol what kind of arabic? Kurdish language or what???

What song lyrics do you love most? Share them here!

شہر کے دکاندارو، کاروبار ِ الفت میں
سود کیا ، زِیاں کیا ہے۔
تم نہ جان پاؤ گے

دل کے دام کتنے ہیں۔ خواب کتنے مہنگے ہیں
نقد ِ جان کیا ہے۔
تم نہ جان پاؤ گے۔

نصرت فتح علی خان #NFAK

What is your opinion about public support for political events that might be unpopular or controversial? like... ongoing wars in Afghanistan and perhaps Syria.

I think discussion one them is not bad as wars And wars not an unpopular or controversial issues but planned one.

do you love your bae? the real one!

I hate my bae the real one and fake one too!

finish this sentence I want a new_______. £ife❤

Life xD

Should the category of boys and girls even exist?

Yes in these days, Hillary and Trump xD

PAP the most awesome wedding cake ever!

یہاں بریانی کی دیگ ہوتی ہے۔ شادی ہو تو بریانی۔ کوئی مر جائے تو بریانی :)

Saturday mood? PAP! Change your profile emoji!

Lazy mood :/ :(

Do you take notes while reading? Does marking on the book helpful to you?

Yes i used to x_x

What is the most interesting thing you have in your purse/wallet?

Nothing , An Id card which I lost few days ago, now just sum of rupees xD

In Women's cricket team which woman player gets "Man of the match"?😂IUKWIM😝 Hero Reborn❤

Lol they get Woman of the match 😱

Would you consider yourself a very competitive person? If so, what makes you believe you are or are not that way, behaviorally? Is it necessarily a bad thing to be competitive? Justine Coolioness

Not so competitive I hate competitions as well.
Actually i believe in straight true points and always think i am right :P "but it goes for my work" and that makes me what I am. lol my straightness is my identity xD

How hopeful are you in technology's ability to make people's lives easier and to make people happier? How do you imagine the future will look?

Not so hopeful, technology makes our lives complicated.

World poverty increasing
Life span is now less than 55
We are facing new deceases
No control over hunger :/
We can kill a person in seconds but still not able to protected them in seconds. :/ and list goes on..............

GMM had a segment over 'Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive"... Do you think it's possible that many of legends (i.e. Tupac, Elvis P., Jim Moorison, ect) we've come to know, could possibly have faked their death to live a normal life out of the limelight? Would you, if you were in that position? Justine Coolioness

Oh quite nice idea to spend a normal life, uummm but i will not do that.
Such a taboo situation. as you heard every excess is dangerous, and it's also true sometimes we get rid of fame, or defame etc... :/

"Value education because it's something that can never taken away from you. Fame is temporary. Money is temporary. Education will always be there." Do you agree or disagree?

Actually life is temporary, nothing lasts forever.... :/

Famous log on be like?😂 Hero Reborn❤

I don't follow famous poeple xD

What were the Navigation Acts? How did they affect the American colonies?

I think blame game.

Have you ever planned an arrangement with a friend (via text) only for them not to respond and/or give a last minute answer in response? If so, have you ever addressed them about it? Justine Coolioness

No, never I planned all of arrangement with friends face to face, mostly i use call option, sms or whatsapp isn't reliable source :D

Doctors in Syria were hunted and most of them were killed for helping wounded civilians. If you happen to be the doctor, will you ever find yourself escaping and living somewhere peaceful? Cassandra Marco Rodeo

Here in Pakistan we are also living under the suicide bombing since 15teen years. So no problem, nobody knows but oneday death will catch you. :/ xD

- Totally random Q... But which is creepier in your opinion? lol. Someone blinking too much during conversation? Or someone who does very little eye blink-age during conversation? Have you experienced or been a culprit of either? xD Justine Coolioness

Yes..... lol in the past one of my school class fellow and Now my cousin's husband blinking too much during conversation or in routine xD

How does English class help you on your career right now or future career?

In career sometimes I use english for correspondence nothing much. Also use for speaking purpose over the internet. and don't know when I use to spoke english lang. in daily life xD

Name the person you hate most😈 Hero Reborn❤

No it's a secret :D

What is the funniest thing to ask SIRI?

Hello, SIRI will you marry me? :D


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