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What is music to you?


To me, Music is just timepass :D

Do you have any cool nicknames?

Thank God there is no nickname , everyone calls me Tahirrrrrrrrr

Do you ever try to push past a products expiration date, and continue its use... even if on calendar terms, it is expired? If so, what do you do this with? If not, I guess it's pretty self explanatory as to why you don't... lol. Meh! *shrugs shoulders*

Justine Coolioness

Iol seriously i am using expired coffee, because A note written on the box
"best before end" :/ so i thought nothing wrong if i drink :p

What gossip about yourself has made you laugh?

My childhood stories :p

Describe me using the Third Alphabet of your Name.😀(s.t.a.i.f)

Hero Reborn❤

H _ is 3rd alphabet in my first and last name, So what i describe you buddy, you're already a Hero, ;)

Log #AASHQUE mein #BEWAFAI related posts q post krte hai Fb/Ask pr?


کیونکہ اُن کا پیار اور عاشقی یک طرفہ ہوتی ہے ۔

اسی لئے تجھ سے کہتا ہوں کہ یہ سب چھوڑ دے کچھ نہیں رکھا اس میں۔ ـڈ

SAWAL YEH HAI KE, Agar ap #AGGRESSIVE hote hai to agla fatt se #DEFENSIVE or agla #DEFENSIVE hota hai to ap fatt se #AGGRESSIVE, YEH DOGLAPAN KYUN?? Zara Sochiye!


یہ سوال نہیں بلکہ بغیرتی ہے 😜😜

The web is looking a bit dull... Let's spread some smiles on this site of virtualness! POST SOMETHING YOU FIND FUNNY (whether it be a video, meme, article, picture, gif, ect.) SO OTHERS CAN CREATE SUCH FACIAL CURVATURE, TOO!!! Come on... Sharing is caring, after all :P

Justine Coolioness

On the Road: Travel to Pakistan, yeah beside the western news :P

Jb tumhein #Khujli hoti ha or Tumhara hath wahan nhe pohnchta to tum kya krte ho?


Phir partner kaam aata hai :D

I've been in the mood for Halloween&QUIZZES! The combo of both is undeniably the BEST! So, let's give it a try, eh? :P What stereotypical Horror movie type, are you?!?!?!? ...Post yo' results! >:D

Justine Coolioness

Non believerrrrrrrr!!!!

A second quiz that I found intriging topic-wise, answer/choice-wise, and result-wise... It's also up to par on the creepy side of things given the month >:)... So, HAD to share :P What is your curse? --> ... MAUAHAHAHAHHAHAH >:D

Justine Coolioness

An Angelic Slave. O.o

Agar Bartan tootne par koi #Awaaz nah aye to smjh lein___________??


آپ نے اپنی کمائی والا گلاس توڑا ہے 😂😂😂

What was the last lie you told?

آپ ھم سے کیوں سچ اُگلوانا چاہتی ہیں۔ میں نہیں بتاؤں گا۔ نہیں ۔۔ ۔۔ ۔۔ ۔۔۔ :)

Who is the most overrated person in Hollywood?

Lady Gaga lol

Tell how was your day by emojis!🙋

Hero Reborn❤


Askfm ki trf se kapre dhonay wala brush apka hua😝😝


نہیں کوئی کپڑے دھونے والی دے دو

Kya aapne kabhi #Bijli ke Nange_Wire ko hath laga kar check kiya hai ke Apko #Current lagta hai ke nhe?


ویسے کرنٹ پڑا کافی بار
لیکن ابھی اتنے بُرے دن نہیں آئےکہ خود چیک کرتا پھروں، ٹیسٹر اسی لئے ہوتا ہے۔ ✌

Which superstition do you believe to be true?

Don't know but sometimes they comes true :/

You're given one wish...what would it be?


Not only one wish, My 101 wishes are still pending :/

kya yhi pyar hy ?

Kisi se ghalat bataya hai, yeh hai ;) 😋😝

Hum jab tumhari umar ke thy to aise krte thy waise krte thy, Aisa kya krte thy #Parents jo hum nhe kar patay?


تھوڑی سی شرم اور حیاء 😭😭😭

Agar Musibat nah aye to Asani ki Pehchan kaise hogi?


بے شک ہر مشکل کے ساتھ آسانی ہے (القرآن)

سوال کے مطابق پھر مشکل کا تصور بھی نہیں ہوگا۔ صرف آسانی ہو گی۔

India is next superpower.

And US is next Cricket worldcup winner xD

#Rush Mein Koi Apko Zor Ka #Thappar👋 Baja Kar Shaat Hojaye, to ap kia karenge? 😜


اُس نے بیکار کا مال سمجھا ہوا ہے،
بچ کے جائے گا کہاں۔ ہم مر جائیں گے پر اُس کو تھپڑ ضرور ماریں گے۔😃😃😃

Bro/Sis from another Mother ? PAP

DEEJ ^,^

شکرالحمدو لله میں نے ایسا مذاق نہیں رکھا ہوا 😈😈


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