Accurate. :P Does seem like they have a lot of time to kill. haha!

Justine Coolioness

maybe lol scenario is different , also differ b/w needs and wants :)

Well, they could listen to songs about money... xD hahah.

Justine Coolioness

Lol they must be jobless thieves :D

Hahaha! Well, that's an optimistic way of looking at it. xD Maybe I should put screamo songs on mine, to keep my phone safe from theft as well. lol.

Justine Coolioness

But i think they need money not songs xD

Shame, they don't possess Tahirs! :P Sucks to be them. haha.

Justine Coolioness

Thats why my cellphone is safe coz no one wants to share the soundtracks 😜😜

No offense to your people, but they must be deaf... Because that music was great! :)

Justine Coolioness

hahahahha.... don't know about others but people around me i would say they're tasteless :).

Awe, don't cry!!! *sends you tissues*... Unless those are happy tears! :) Cuz, I meant it. And dude, those songs are freakin FANTASTICALZ!!! You have quite the ear, for such musicality :P More playlist faves! Eek!

Justine Coolioness

Thanks but my people not like them 😭😭

How hot has it been over therez? :O Seems to be cooling off a "little" bit here, but either way... I'll mail you an air conditioner!

Justine Coolioness

No, in rare times I wanted an Audi to you.. not Air conditioner ✌😊

Also, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! :)

Justine Coolioness

Also, i am fine but suffering with little bit temperature :/

dig the eargasm club beat vids, Tahir :P My ears are pleased. lol. Adding them to my song playlist, so if that doesn't tell you that I like them, I don't know WHAT will! :P

Justine Coolioness

Thank you very much, you make me cry now 😢😢😢

lot of remixes of this version but this one is perfect "drop it low" 😜

This one also good, my one of favorites :D

Tahir... Are you stocking? xD *points at dp of you in a cornfield*... P.S. Thank you for tagging me for the "perfect voice" position... But that is only true, when in the context of "perfectly flawed", and "perfect human interpretation of a chipmunk". haha.

Justine Coolioness

No, Justine No.... i am not but my some cousins, lol that's true or false i don't know but I said what I thought was right, :D

You love it when.....?😍🎉


We have no idea how blessed we are...

Do you have an account of tumblr

Yes i have...

Thoughts on Indian words about war with Shaheens??

Hero Reborn❤

Actually they need to know the difference b/w Bollywood and Real Wars. xD

They can't destroyed us when india was full of arms factories, and Pakistan had only 1 Arm factory and Now we have more Nuclear war heads than Indians... ;)

Tag someone with ; 1 : perfect hair 2: perfect voice 3: beautiful heart 4: intelligent brain 5 : cute face 6 : beautiful name 7 : perfect height 8 : cute smile ( u can tag the same person more than one time) ;-)

1. I did not notice 😴😴😴

2. @Coolio247 only one coz i heard her voice in video 🙋🙋

3. Everyone ❤❤❤

4. @nightmare512 ✅✅

5. I think so @zarmeen_16 😊

6. @Lamiso96 to me her name is unique for Pakistanis n beautiful too 😍😍

7. @vapo10 i think His height is perfect.

8. @Everyone can smile 👍👍👍✅✅

Recommended asking site similar to and more fun and more popular than to the people please.

I think tumblr is one of them, where you can ask to people as an Anon or with your name. further I also discovered through tumblr.

post a fact☺😊😊


How temporary
are people


how infinite
is Allah.

What makes you feel really uncomfortable?

When someone constantly stares at me :/

Finish the sentence: Never have I ever...

Cheated on Someone. aur "hoti bhi nahi" hahaha.....

Your biggest fear? 😨

Momin Jutt

Koi darr nahi. baki :D

Which rules are made to be broken?

Some society rules xD

What is your one major weakness?💙😊


Kafi hain :/ :P

Is that animal feel pain during Dhabīḥah?If yes that meant Dhabīḥah cruel for animal?

What do you mean lol, If you shoot in head or cut off his head at once, Just like "Hindus" method. So they don't feel the pain ? Even science accepted that Dhabihah is a best way.

Can you take off the lenses of prejudice ;)

Do you think Mormon Church is branch of Christianity

A little heard about Saint Paul not this Mormon.

PAP your most popular pic on social networks!

Koi bhi nahi..

If only allow you chose one.Do you prefer being a very rich and powerful people in 19th century or a common people in modern times

It depend on the situation 😘


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