😂 Eena Niazi

lol , see my cousin 😃

Have you ever count your steps when you walk up stairs? £ife❤

Ya while walking alone 😆😆

Take your pants out for a walk! PAP

Plan cancel due to rain 😂😂😉

Give us your best ALPACA pun

What would you like all your "virtual" ask.fm friends to know, if they don't know already? :) Justine Coolioness

About myself ? on ask.fm i talk to few friends, and they know what am I "except my home address" lol i have nothing to hide. I am an open door, but lol at least they ask to me otherwise not :D

Hypothetically speaking , whether you can sing or not, let's say we duet to a song. What would you pick as your go-to song/tune to let OUT the inner karaoke? :P Okay... the audience screams and throws roses, for an ENCORE(literally 2 people, lol.)...But, for a solo from you... What song do you pick? Justine Coolioness

ya i really can't sing but i choose this one, quite sad solo song :D

Let's say your friend had to leave (what seems out of the blue) from the relationship, for the longterm. Would you prefer a goodbye with an explanation that could potentially hurt you? Or nothing at all, letting time pass by, allowing the friendship to fizzle out on its own? Justine Coolioness

I would say, I never ever stopped anyone, leave or remain in my world depend on them. If we are worried for everyone then how we spend our remaining life.... ppl come and go is a part of life :)

Did you ever have some famous childhood sayings/phrases, that your family won't let you forget about? lol. My family told me I used to say "peas" (instead of please) at the fridge, when I wanted food. (go figure) & when they corrected me on my speech I would say: "I KNOW MY WORDS!" ... xD Justine Coolioness

Yes i have some famous childhood sayings/words. but in native language :D

1. Pasina = (sweat) and i said "sapina" and kasoor "fault" and i used to "knsoor" lol
2. Actually sister's name was very difficult to say that time, but I call her "Bava" instead of her real name :D

What board game best describes your life and why? :P In what ways is it similar? Justine Coolioness

I think "Snake and ladders" describes my life very well, I always fall down when I close to my destination xD

u apki adat ho jaye gi or jb ap bhabhi g ko taunt karain gy to kdr Mar na Kha lain😂 Ghazal NIAZI

Nahi humara rule hai, Maar nahi pyaar :p

who you ADMIRE and WHY? £ife❤

I admire those who can lift the mood in a bad situation also those who aren't racists :)

Would you want to bike the Tour de France?

Actually you don't know about Pakistan. wanna tour to Karakoram highway ;)

How can you tell if the person is sincere?

Sorry i can't tell anyone :)

Scale of 1 to 10 how crazy are u?

Don't worry, enough for you.

You turn :P --> Define the word "time" without using the word "time" in your response/definition! Justine Coolioness

Like a sandcastle, all is temporary. Build it, tend it, enjoy it. :)

When you are super bored, how many times you open the refridgerator?

None , i open my PC instead of refrigerator.

Den ersten 6 liker 10 likes?


When has science been wrong?

When they describe the evolution of humans. from monkey to human WTF

You? --> Would you rather see the movie first and then read the book or read the book and then see the movie? Justine Coolioness

Well mostly we people made dramas, which based on some novels, I have seen some movies which based on some historic incidents but in my opinion movies not good as compared to books. Like these english movies (Kingdom of Heaven. Troy. Ben-hur)

Do you ever think about the money you don't have?

We all think about what we don't have.

What would you do if you found a celebrity's phone?

Will return the phone, and say thanks for nudes 😂

کامل کی ”تلاش“ میں ہیں عمل سے_____ خالی لوگ_! Eena Niazi

نہیں یہاں کامل تلاشِ گمشدہ ہے :)

😡 Eena Niazi

شاعری جھوٹ بولتی ہے Point to be Noted....

‘Parents have no right to impose their own values and beliefs on their children.’ Discuss. SILVERTONGUE! ☪†♎★-(◕‿◕✿)❤☕✮♀

Tbh lol very lenghty topic but i don't know why I hate to answer in essay format :D but I think parents have all the rights to impose their own values and beliefs but there should be some limits? balance is a key :D

lol bhai view ek famous bnde ki profile pr😂 yr ap famous bndey ho 😉answers👍 dp💕 stay blessed😇 Hero Reborn❤

No more famous lol old days gone now ;)


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