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T A H I R @mtahir21
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I am simple in a complicated way #Punjabi #Gemini #Cricket #Novels #Electronica_Music
Nobody cares, unless you're pretty or Dying...
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If electricity comes from electron, does morality comes from moron? :D  BELAL
No morality comes from Quality :D
If electricity comes from electron, does morality comes from moron? :D
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What's the funniest pickup line used on you? xD #jhootmanahai :p  Xoonaira Butt ツ♥ (✔️)
Not remember which pickup line used on me........ xD #yehsachhai but my favorite is below pickup line and i haven't seen anyone use this line....
I will hack all of your tears if you give me the password of your smile :)
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Which person in ask.fm you are most love to asking questions for
I appreciate who answered well not concerned who is answering... :)
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Goals in life for everyone.........
http://ask.fm/noorkhan_/answer/123255775965 -Your goals in life are?
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What do you think about recycling?
Our Fear is keep recycling everyday
What do you think about recycling?
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If someone's underwear was showing, would you tell them? xD :p LOL #nohateplz  Xoonaira Butt ツ♥ (✔️)
Lol Superman not live in Pakistan :3 but 2 or three times i told them about theirs ZIP :D
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Are you virgin?
huh? no sorry i am Tahir :D
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In an alternative universe, what kind of person would you be?  Sigita
An alternative universe then i want to be an Alien? :D
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Have you ever made a prank phone call?  Xoonaira Butt ツ♥ (✔️)
Yes many times but when i was in college/school.... But honestly i am a good replier of wrong calls :)
1.Thoray din pehle aik female ki call ayi, Hello G Asghar bhai KSA se pohanch gaye hain...
Me: haan g Baji unko to 2 ghantay ho gaye. hain
Female: abhi kahan hain ?
Me: Abhi woh naha rahe hain..
Female: acha humein bataya bhi nahi... main abhi pohanchti hoon :P
2.Aik din kisi truck driver ki call thi, Hello G madina shop wale hain ?
Me: haan g bolo ?
Driver: Aap ka maal (oil somthing) aa gaya hai kahan utarna hai.
mujhe shop ka pata nahi... Main naya wala driver hoon.
Me: aap us ko wapas le jayein... aapki delivery bohat late ho gayi ab..
Aur ab mujhe call mat karna, mazaq samjha hua hai xD
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Aapne Akhri Khwab Konsa Dekha..??  Shikra!
Yaar arsa ho gaya koi khawab nahi aya,
Last week ek khawab aya to sahi lekin woh theek se yaad nahi ab.... :/
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Thaughts on me ???????? *No Hates plxxx*  Aleeze Khan
Aleeze Khan.. i don't know you much but... you're a good buddy with nice answers good sense of humor, well maintain the bio.. i know you never stop talking xD stay happy, n keep answering n liking :D
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Describe your house for me?  Larry Nielsen
House ?
Measurement 100/50 ft. with 6 rooms, 2 luggage room :p And a big Yard where we can play Cricket very easily i think enough?
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What freaks you out?
Loneliness :3
What freaks you out?
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What's your favourite celebration?
An unexpected outing also Eid festive. . . . ^_^
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Kr de block aur han tu sari umar knwara hi rahy ga tjy randian hi naseeb hon gi biwian nhi
Tujhe to apne business ki parri hai hahahahaha......
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Haha tu mard kb so ho gaya?
Jab se teri baji ne tujhe bataya hai us din se hi :P
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Worst thing about ask.fm ?
All mouthy, unleashed, and who has a loose sense of humor, using this site.... xD
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Do you believe in karma
Actually I believe in Virtue......... (:
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What's the secret to a happy life?  The Wise Lord
According to me it's patience & forbearance, otherwise hard to live under the blue sky....
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Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? :p  Xoonaira Butt ツ♥ (✔️)
Mostly i use to bite the ice cream, and you? xD
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How would you do on a song competition show?
dance like a stupid..........
How would you do on a song competition show?
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Do you think western culture is spoil of women
Yes i believe in.
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haha, mere liye nahi boriyat door jatee! :p  Warisha
Acha.... woh na sonay, sonay mein bhi differ hota hai :p
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what do you do when ur bored? (S.T.A.I.F) :p  Warisha
Then i go to sleep, phir boriyat door ho jati hai ;)
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what are your lowest marks in an exam?  BELAL
Belal saab jaan deyo, ek nava sayapa na shuru ho jaye :p
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