Rana M.Taher @mtahir21
Rana M.Taher @mtahir21
Not Hind nor in Sindh xD
I am simple in a complicated way, limiting myself to infinity, A person who is happy with few friends & many people around. Arabian Electronica Music Addicted. Love to play Cricket as Bowler and travel to places where I still find peaceful Nature at its best. REST ASK ME
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First three songs in your favorite playlist?
My Top 5 songs since the last month
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
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Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all?  Fyqa
Both are worse have loved and lost and you never loved at all :( Aqalband if you have time then must read a short novel by Sadat Hassan Manto "BAANJ" best explanation of this question.. Novel very heart touching and based on the true incident :/
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Are you left or right eyed?  Fyqa
Right handed and Right eyed.......... lolz
1 dafa main koi adha ghanta laga raha... k shayed ab left wali se wink ho jaye
lekin nahi xD
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Dp rate 8/10!  Halla Kayani
Thanks but yeh kab like kiya tha ? :)
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but you are a boy ?
yes but me not interested about the undergarments xD
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why boys ask to girls about their bra size?
O.o what......... perhaps they are working in VS lolz tbh i don't know
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Hello What movie made you cry and rejoice at the same time?  Ekaterina
No never cry just for a movie
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What's the best comfort food?
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Hi)))) With the first day of September)))))  Ekaterina
Hello with ending day of 1st september.... ber. ber......... :D
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حكﻤﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺧﺘﺮﺍﻋﻚ......... ؟  RAZAN GHNIAM، (رزان غنيم)
I often use these Urdu words. but not made any quote by myself....
میں کیا کروں، کیا نہ کروں، میری سمجھ میں نہیں آتا۔
What should i do, what not to do, i don't understand....... :D
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Sorry lol I forgot you don't speak Arabic lol my bad  Hiba Joudeh
hhhmm you always xD
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Mercedes, Ferrari or Lamborghini?  Shadbin Eshad
Actually don't have one and not interested in unreachable things lol
But i have a Bike (Honda 125 :')
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dharny per jatay ho?
Dharne per mainne marne jana hai... Nahi payi g hum nahi jatay..
aur waise bhi main Lahore mein hoon Islamabad nahi rehta
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What makes life worth living?
nothing :/
What makes life worth living?
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is your country going to have a coup today?
No we are still waiting since 14th August xD
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oh Rana Afsana Bana Ke Bhool Na Jana ... Afsana Banake Bhool Na Jaana oh Rana.
Oye kaun sa afsana, koi afsana nahi apni life mein.... bas khana peena aur Nahana hi hai... :/
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Opinion on Wahhabi sect of Islam
My opinion and observation they thought Islam is a tough religion, and not a single chance for human being. Using Ahadees with their own benefits, also they prefer Prophet's companions over the Prophet Muhammad. (Peace be upon him) and i notice they do not respect the saints as well and list goes on...........
And their Prayer method in mosques is also different than the Sunni Muslims :/
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How would you explain color to a blind man?
This would be so heart touching....I'd say red is anger. But then red is love. And there's different times when someone can feel red, and that's what you call shades. And each color has different shades, just like we've got our own personalities and moods.
Black is scary but then it's soothing and realizing
White is enlightening but then it's also very blinding.....
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Do you believe in universal law of karma and reincarnation? I mean whatever you do has an effect and has result which we can experience in this life or another..and things and events are framed in context of law of karma.
Karma is a term in Hinduism and Buddhism, all the good actions of person's
but i am not going in deep... but we Muslims believe in all good deeds has a reward,
if not in this world you get in the next world.......
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I am from Britain.I am studying indian history and culture..I have read about rajputs..there are chandravansi,suryvansi,agnivansi rajputs..which category you belong to..and tell your historical significance.
I really don't know which Rajputs category belongs to,
But my ancestor converted Islam in 1800 - 1900 so thats why i use this surname :')
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Bro there is philosophical saying that time and tide is ultimate decider...nations rise and fall,civilizations rise and then parish,we can't hate each other if we know how miniature we are in time.I am sure issues will be solved easily once we start accepting and loving each other..I am sure :)
Okay but how about Nawaz n Moudi :) and wait check this saying...
Bro there is philosophical saying that time and tide is ultimate decider...nations rise and fall,civilizations rise and then parish,we can't hate each other if we know how miniature we are in time.I am sure issues will be solved easily once we start accepting and loving each other..I am sure :)
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I know history bro..true..but we were united even before this gregorian calender started..thousands of years..read about the ancient nation of bharatvarsha..that's why I am just telling we canlive with love instead of hate..give it a chance bro :)
But Islam powerfully entered in Subcontinent (Sindh) round about 712 A.D :)
yaar we can't live together at least in this period, you know the Political situations etec... etc.....
But Firstly solve the Kashmir issue then :D
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You are right.I am with you..but think,we are separated only from last 68 years in history while we were united for thousands of years.compare that :) not border wise,but atheist if heart wise we unite,then I think we will be great nations helping each other.
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Brother..Indians and Pakistanis were one..it's history's unfortunate event that we separated..but I think there should be no place of hate..we were one in past both border wise and culture wise!! We are separated brothers and we don't need to quarrel cause of this politics and religion issues!!
Actually you talking about the current situation... but our back window (1947) clearly showing a picture
how brutally people killed and vital rule played by SIKHS , and don't forget we fought 3 Wars in past. and how can you imagine we are separated brothers ???
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np... mann.. stay blessed... keep slapping their assess through words... practically... we will handle it.. :)
Here i am bit promoting Pakistan too, coz mostly people don't know the facts about Pakistan :)
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