T A H I R @mtahir21
T A H I R @mtahir21
Limiting myself to infinity, I am a person who is happy with few friends & many people around. Music Addicted. Love to play Cricket as Bowler and travel to places where I still find peaceful Nature at its best.
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sirf sex ki bhaat nahi hay. yaaaaar kabhi bus tang aaja tha hoon  Khan
HAHHAHAA..... okay
kabhi dil chata hay. main red light district jao. aur koi rundi kesat.........  Khan
Mental hai koi :) lol aur mere sawal ka jawab yeh hai ke,
Jis aurat se shadi nahi ho sakti us se Hath milana jaiyz hai..
wohhhhhhh  Khan
okay... us ka jwab aya ya nahi ?
fix that idiotic,arabic music lover,good for nothing,waste of oxygen of a friend that you have  Khan
kya smaj nahi aa rahi yeh tu khud keh raha hai ya woh
lol now ask to him, shake hand with a women in Islam is forbidden or not (give the valid reasons :)
"From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks, and the use of musical instruments [ma'aazif] as lawful...." Im sorry, I'd rather listen to what my Prophet told me, than a common phd teacher.  Khan
Woh koi lallu panjo teacher nahi tha... aur Khuda ne yeh bhi to kaha ha ke
Main apne Hakook maaf kar donga.. lekin jo banday ke aik dusre per hakook hian un ko maaf nahi karonga so serving humanity is a way................ batter than this :)
qawwalis jaiz hay?  Khan
lol mere Phd. teacher ne bataya ke. jis song mein koi behuda alfaaz istamal nahi huay
woh sun'na jaiz hai... Yeh Wahabi pan ne Islam ko sakht kar k rakh diya hai
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favourite song?  Shelan
Favorites are many but now listening my Spotify lists :)
favourite song?
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Like=10 likes for the first liker and 2 for rest please?
okay done
Like=10 likes for the first liker and 2 for rest please?
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Hi:) What fruit do you think is most exotic and tried it?  Kate Murushkina
Really not any :)
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Dude i wont answer any question till 4 june  Redundant dude of Redundancy
save kar ke rakh le yaar. main apne sab followers se puchta hoon jab tak woh
NO na kehde ke bas ab nahi chahiye tumhare sawal phir unfollow kar deta hoon us ko :D
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Is that Obama father Muslim
I don't know i am not his father -__-
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
Me and my self :D
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http://ask.fm/mtahir21/answer/111595117844 each one of them is an illuminatee and works on the orders of satan . So each one them is same  Redundant dude of Redundancy
yes why not they are the same
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sorry you were not amongst the first 2 likers have a nice day!  Swati Mohan
okay koi problem nahi.... 15 likes le kar mujhe kaunsa world cup mill jana tha :P
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From first American president till now which American president is most evil and which is less worse
Worse are the last three, (Clinton, Bush and Obama) and i don't know about the others ?
Maybe Abraham Lincoln
From first American president till now which American president is  most evil and which is less worse
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may you have many goals :) God bless you !!
okay thanks, It seems you are the referee :)
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how many goals ? :D your life give yo you then ??
Sometimes opposition wins and sometimes mine :)
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how is life treating you ??
Like a Football Match :D
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A dream ?    vivi™  
Dream is still a dream ^_^
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Would you say your childhood was ...decent?  Tia Merrills
Yes my childhood was a mixture of good and bad moments......
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is life confusing or do we just make it confusing?  Khan
No life* is not confusing but we are confused -_-
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what are the 5 best things about your city?  Khan
1. Mall Road + Hall Road + Fortress
2. Canal
3. Historical City
4. Famous in foods and hospitality (jo main yakeen nahi karta)
5. And ME :P
what are the 5 best things about your city?
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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
It never happen for me... usually i go to bed at 11 -12 O Clock :)
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