Muhammad Tahir @mtahir21
Muhammad Tahir @mtahir21
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I am simple in a complicated way, limiting myself to infinity, A person who is happy with few friends and many people around. Residing presently in my hometown & travel to places where I still find peaceful nature at its best. REST YOU ASK :)
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HAha what happened?  ,
Nothing yaar.... just using the space :p
Tere ishq ne Sarkari dafter bana diya Dil ko
Na koi kaam karta hai, Na koi baat sunta hai :/
HAha what happened?
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Aapki Zindagi Ki Koi Aisi Harkat Jo Aap Se Anjane Mein Hui Or Aaj Bhi Jab Aapko Yaad aati Hai To Aap Ki Hasi Nahi Rukti..??  Chui
Shadi kar li thi :3
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is it possible to cry underwater ??  ヽ(°◇° )ノ
Yes lol ask someone to slap you and dive into water ヽ(°◇° )ノ
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Kisi ke Ghar Pehli Martaba Mehman Bankar Jane Se Pehle, Aapke #Parents ke aakhri #words kya hote thay/hai ??  Chui
Ziyada yehi kehte thay ke waha ja kar Sharartein kam karni hai. aur kuch khas nahi tha :)
Kisi ke Ghar Pehli Martaba Mehman Bankar Jane Se Pehle, Aapke #Parents ke aakhri #words kya hote thay/hai ??
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What would you want you first baby to be...boy or girl? (S.T.A.I.F) :b  No One's Princess❤♥❤
Well i have no problem both are God gifted :D
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When did you consider yourself an 'adult'?  Ruchi
When i was receive my first salary and took some life responsibilities...
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Where would you go in a time travel machine? Would you stay?  Ruchi
I want to go back in my childhood ^_^
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Are blood relations stronger than love relations like friend, lover etc? :) Explain.  Asim
Yes i believe in blood relations are stronger than love relation "friends, lover" etc.... But in these days there is no true friend and no blood relation is stronger than the parents relation, 99% Friends and relatives leave us in difficult times.... xD
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What do you most regret and wish you could redo?  Ruchi
My entire life... once again i want to redo :')
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Who is the best movie villain?
Arnold all the way..... no joker and poker xD
Who is the best movie villain?
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What was your most intense dream?  Ruchi
My every dream is an intense dream... don't know why :/
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What motivates you to improve yourself?  Ruchi
I am easily amused, But hardly Impressed! and* credit goes to books :)
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If someone gave you the power to save just one animal species on Earth, which would it be?  Ruchi
If i could save just one Animal species on earth.. then i will save a "COW" ^_^
lol humara bhi faida aur aapka bhi plz don't mind xD
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Do you think anykind of afterlife exists?  Ruchi
Yes i believe in Afterlife, because Afterlife is one of the fundamentals in Islam. :)
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What habit that others have annoys you most ?  Akansha Aggarwal
Many bad habits but one of the most it's "Leg pulling" :')
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Jhoot bol kar jhoot ko chupane ka koi acha tarika aapki nazar mein ^.~...??  Chui
Main usko kehta hoon,
Tum mano ya na mano baat yehi hai jo mainne kaha hai. Nahi to khud pata kar lo xD
Jhoot bol kar jhoot ko chupane ka koi acha tarika aapki nazar mein ^.~...??
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Post your fav quote? (S.T.A.I.F)  SRK (Copyrights Protected)
Akl nai tey maujan e maujan :P
Post your fav quote? (S.T.A.I.F)
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When I win the lottery, then we'll talk in regards to the Audi, haha. :P  Justine Coolioness
One day It will happen but, but.... after that you don't change your statement regards my Audi :P
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kia kar rae ho?
Jab ka yeh message hai tab main so raha tha lolz... you tell?
kia kar rae ho?
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And you?- :)--> What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was yes?  Justine Coolioness
Will you buy me an Audi :p
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One major weakness in Western culture is?? :)  Asim
One major weakness which makes you weak those Goriyan, rest there are many plus & nagetive points in Western cluture :P
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Would you be willing to lie to a court for a close friend if it meant saving your friend from going to jail for life?  Ruchi
Very critical situation... if he is going without any fault then i will otherwise i apologize to him. ;)
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Which movie do you think is overrated?
50 Shades of Grey
A walk to remember
Which movie do you think is overrated?
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Have you ever lost someone close to you?  $alman★
Yes a cousin and grandparents all of them were closer!
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