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Razorfist says punisher: war zone was a good movie, do you agree?

Andrija Jovanovic

Yes. It was good, but not great. The movie that preceded it was better

In regards to the curious case of Allison Prat, how do you know the witch hunt was caused by GG? it could just as easily be 3rd party trolls, as it always is, right?

Andrija Jovanovic

I know for a fact this wasn't third party trolls...but I can see why you'd assume it was

What do you think is a bigger threat, regressive left or alt right?

Regressive Left most definitely. The alt right aren't much better, but they're at least predictable

Why don't you want to make America great again?

I do. But Donald Drumf is not the answer. I don't know if Bernie is either, but I'd say we have a better shot with him rather than the rest.

Anyone told you that you look like DSP?

Lol I do not look like Phil

How long do you think the Twitter Trust & Safety Council will last before it probably fails?

I don't think it will die...the people involved will just be replaced

Did the Ghostbusters trailer change your impression of the upcoming movie?

The first time I saw it is what you saw in the video...the second time I could process what I saw...Hated it less

What video resolution are you generating for your FB bite sized videos?

500x500 -- I could increase it to 1280x720 and just leave the sides black...but I'm just experimenting so its whatever at this point.

I hope you're enjoying them

Do Californians have a narcissism problem resulting from being a Californian?

Yeah....Californians think they have it all, state wise. Don't get me wrong, the state is nice (in parts)...but there is so much else to see out there that isn't in California.

Do you ever read your comment section?


How do you feel about people who use freedom of speech as an excuse to be an asshole but still want to silence those they disagree with?

They are dicks

Why do you continue to deny that a good chunk of your viewers are Trump fanboys who unironically say "cuck" and are absolute hypocrites when it comes to freedom of speech? Also the genuine bigoted kind that actually makes gamergate look bad.

A little more than half my views come from subscribers. I cannot tell you how many are trump supporters. It simple doesn't work that way. Now go to bed BrineDude

You know "Fair Use" doesn't mean never paying licensing fees ever, right? Like especially if you profit on your commentary?

You know that's not true

What devices, if any, do you take with you to the gym?

Phone and Bluetooth headset. All I need

Have you been approached by any media outlets about #WTFU?

No. I don't think I will be either...but then again the social reach is well over 2 million people -- that's not nothing lol

An idea for addressing the copyright flagging issue, at least in part: Anyone who has ever fought and won a claim in the past immediately gets put on a list that cannot be auto-flagged, but must be manually reviewed by YT before a lock can take effect. It at least addresses the repeat offenses.

Things have to be as manual as possible. No more automation.

What do you think about turning your blue skull into your very own Geoff Peterson sidekick? Who should voice him?

I have no idea. Kevin Conroy

How long until we find you're actually dating Diana and not disclosing your relationship?

Who is Diana?

What is your assessment on the state of the American nation in terms of cultural unity? If you see lines of fracture, what are they and how severe are they?

We don't have cultural unity in this country, because if we were to attempt cultural unity many would argue that is cultural appropriation. -_-

So my ex likes to trash me and try to ruin my life every few months. My friends and I have asked him to stop many times but he crossed a major line today. I've tried being the bigger person, but he just won't fucking stop. How do I deal with this shit?

Lexi Capra

Ignore him?

Where do you stand on #GamerGate at this point? Have things changed?

I feel like things now are not what they were when I signed up for the fight. So much so, that if I never use the tag again I'll be all right.

What do you think of PSI and CGI banning Star Citizen funders for off-site activity and interacting with Derek Smart?

I didn't hear about this

Perhaps along with clicking your fingers to signal an edit, making a list of strike marks on a post-it note would help know how many edits need to be hunted down after recording is over.

The problem comes from the audio waveform. Usually I'm able to see pauses in it in order to determine where the cutline is, but in that regard I got a bit ahead of myself and didn't allow for the proper spacing in the waveform for me to identify it

does doxing affected your work or the work outside YT of somebody you know?


"Men’s rights activists declare victory over Star Wars" Huh? Who are they talking about?

Pick up artists


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