jowee faith. @mynameisjowee
hii haha
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If you were physically attacked by a guy, what move / technique would you use to win?
pepper spray and run lol
Foot fetish yan wag ka mag pipicture ng ganyan
wtf kinabahan ako HAHAHAHAHAHA delete ko na sumakay lang ako sa trip eh HAHAHAHAH
Shoe size?
7 or 8? HAHAHA whyyy
What's your hair color?
blackish black blackish black HAHAHAHA jk black
your shoes?
why do you want to see my feet 😂
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be?
can you remove it. haha
remove what?
pap of your feet
m wearing shoes rn
Are you good in dancing?
What to do on a rainy day?
sleep or read a book or listen to diff songs or play d guitar
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aww, I love you, too. I'm excited as well. ya going to commute?  veronica
yesssss, babe. see you!
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these guys need a shrink. btw, thank you, babe.  veronica
duties, babe. 😉 hahahaha ily and 25 is tmro, it means im gonna see you and 5/7!! excited affff
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sino nasa header mo sa twitter?
my love. japheth aldea mendoza. yay hahahaha heartssss
who's @//soriimroni sa twitter?
my babe. Maria Veronica
sorry for that.😁  veronica
no prob babe
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(hi jowee. excuse me lang ha.) You fucking anon.. here, I made an account just for you so if you want to talk bullshit, you send it to me directly and leave my friend out of it. How fucking desperate are you?  veronica
no, problema mo problema ko din. wag mo na pansinin. alam naman natin na walang kwenta yung sinasabi niya eh hahahaha
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tbh wla nman ahaha nanotice ko lang
k ((wala akong pake sa opinion mo, because hindi mo siya kilala the way na kilala namin siya)) sorry. and please, stop judging our friend. thankyou
i can't for now my dear.. sleep na.. have a nice day ahead ;) please stay nice and cool. goodnight sweetdreams!! xoxo mwuah ❤
aww okaay :( hahaha goodnight and have a good day, too!
Hey lastly we never met, and you don't know me yet. but i know you cause you're famous. the girl with the prettiest smile ever walked on earth. haha! im not a joker ha. i meant what i said. you're very lovely not only ur looks but you being yourself.. goodnight again!! now were friends! haha ;)
heyyy im not famous. how did you know me? hahaha introduce yourselfff!
Yes im serious to that! Even kendall jenner can't beat the way you smile!! can we be friends? goodnight!!
yer a joker 😏 hahahahaha yeaa suree. goodnight!
wla nman akong kelngan. just stating facts lol
ano namang ginawa nung tao sayo?
Okay goodnight to the prettiest girl on internet!! Take care and get well!! god loves you!! sweet dreams my dear :)
you serious? hahaha thanks tho goodnight and sweet dreams! (:
What if there is someone who is admiring you secretly and stalking you secretly because he thinks that you are just an imperfect amazing human being. and a woman worth fighting for. would he get the chance to win your heart?
someone took my heart awayyyyyy hahaha kidd idk not ready for those kind of things yet
hey! did i change your mood? sorry! i love your smile very unique! ;) <3
nope. hahahahaha thankyouuu (:
marc logan
hahahahahah crazy af