Natasha Khan @natashakhan03
Natasha Khan @natashakhan03
16 ,Beconite O'levels :)
Ask a question =D
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What are you expecting for your tomorrow's result?
I am expecting nothing :p
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Result ki tension hay????
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Dekha hay tum ko jab say aray may tou hil gaya Lagta hay maray seenay say dil nikal gaya Mummy say Kia daddy say bhio milwaun ga tumhay
Hahahaha..Noor just stop it.
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ap k like krne sa konsa jannat ma chly jana ma ne  S A U D I ツ
Lagta tou aisy hai ke tumahri jannat mein jaane ki tyari hai
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Ab kar v do  S A U D I ツ
I said that in a sarcastic manner.
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like my 6 answers I will like yours  S A U D I ツ
Yeah Sure 😈
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I like your dress in the display :)
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Happy Birthdayy.  Zainab Maken
Thankyou Zainab :)
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Happy Birthday :)
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Ok fine! You can now study :/
Haan bas tumhari permission ki zarorat thi
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Its so I can ask you anyting
Kindly don't disturb me. Aik hafte mein CIE's hain mere.
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How is your prepation for CIE?
Please don't ask
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What's the most played song on your phone?
Sugar. Maroon 5
What attracts tourists to your city?
Ask please get over these geographical questions..
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Oh -.-  Faizan™
I mean if you don't mind can we have a chat ? :/  Faizan™
No, thanks
Why don't you go question to question ?  Faizan™
What do you mean?
In which class you are ?  Faizan™
10th grade
Hey :) Sup ?  Faizan™
ek mahina ho gaya :3  Faizan™
Nahi Pakistan ko bane hoye tou bohat arsa ho gaya :3
why do you always deactivate your account ?
Meri Marzi
What famous person would you like to meet?
Shailene Woodley
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25 likes for thoughts send me "@" BTW display is really awesome :)  Faizan™
Nahi. BTW thankyou
Are you coming to school tomorrow?
pyaaariiiiiiiii :*