Natasha Khan @natashakhan03
Natasha Khan @natashakhan03
15,Beconite O'levels :)
Ask a question =D
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I like your dress in the display :)
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Happy Birthdayy.  Zainabb
Thankyou Zainab :)
Happy Birthday :)
Ok fine! You can now study :/
Haan bas tumhari permission ki zarorat thi
Its so I can ask you anyting
Kindly don't disturb me. Aik hafte mein CIE's hain mere.
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How is your prepation for CIE?
Please don't ask
What's the most played song on your phone?
Sugar. Maroon 5
What attracts tourists to your city?
Ask please get over these geographical questions..
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Oh -.-  Faizan™
I mean if you don't mind can we have a chat ? :/  Faizan™
No, thanks
Why don't you go question to question ?  Faizan™
What do you mean?
In which class you are ?  Faizan™
10th grade
Hey :) Sup ?  Faizan™
ek mahina ho gaya :3  Faizan™
Nahi Pakistan ko bane hoye tou bohat arsa ho gaya :3
why do you always deactivate your account ?
Meri Marzi
What famous person would you like to meet?
Shailene Woodley
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25 likes for thoughts send me "@" BTW display is really awesome :)  Faizan™
Nahi. BTW thankyou
Are you coming to school tomorrow?
pyaaariiiiiiiii :*
fav song?
Dance Basanti
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stunning dp
Ok thankyou
hi beauty
Truth=what is your height?
Truth or Dare?
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