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What would you say to someone who feels like they are really struggling in life right now?

That you aren't alone. I'm right there with ya! Every person has their own cross to bear, and not one person can truly understand exactly what you are going through. But there are people who are struggling to carry their own crosses right along side you. AND no matter how deep or how dark the hole is, there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a better day and there will always be someone who is ready to help you. Whatever you are struggling with, let someone know. You might be amazed to find out that they've gone through a pretty similar situation. I love quotes like these.. "You can't change the wind, but you can always change the sails." We can't always control what happens TO us, but we CAN change how we handle it. I'll end this with don't lose hope. Hope for a better tomorrow and a better future. It will get better. I promise.


Well I'm looking forward to this weekend?! I better have a reserved time slot (not Saturday 6-3, that's District Speech, or Sunday 10-3 for work) I've been missing out on some friend time.

so if you had to redo a scene, any scene at all from high school musical one, which would it be?

Jadee Mae Walsh

I would replay Breaking Free over and over again until my moon-walking shoes wore out. I know my voice wouldn't get tired, because it wasn't even me singing.. But the chemistry and the feels dancing with Gabriella > anything.

yer u-g-l-y. with love, anonymous

Jadee Mae Walsh

U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY!

Who was your favorite person to film with during the high school musical series?

Jadee Mae Walsh

It's definitely gotta be Ms. Darbus. She is the most musically talented and fun spirited old woman I know. I mean did you SEE our Spring MusiCAL?

Like who do you even think you are? Asking QUESTIONS on Like nobody even does that anymore. Stick to the Status Quo!

Marry me. Please youre so amazing and nice and sweet. Youre cute also! You're like the perfect guy even if you dont think so.

I do! Can we now ride off into the sunset holding hands while beautiful music plays in the background? Cause I'd love to!

Why are you so amazing

I don't know, you tell me ;) LOL at how provocative that was.

what happened to your mom

Well when I was in 6th grade she was diagnosed with Stage 4 thymus carcinoma, which is one of the rarest forms of cancer, with only roughly 1000 confirmed cases. They caught it too late, and the cancer had spread all throughout her chest. After roughly 2.5 years of fighting she was put into hospice and it was there that she passed away. Who would have thought that was almost 3 years ago? That is a formal explanation. There is so much more spiritually and emotionally that happened that I'm afraid you nor I will ever understand.

Where do you feel most safe?

"At least I'm safe inside my mind." "At least I'm safe inside my mind."

What will you never do?

Give up.

Likers get a truth is?

Is this what ask is coming to? How about we shake it up, and people anonymously truth is me!

NATE! Truth is, you are one of my absolute best guy friends. I love the fact that when you know what you want, you'll stop at nothing to get. I admire the desire! (Shit, call me busta rhymes.) Our friendship takes us back to daycare, and there's no doubt it'll last long after HS is over. SWAG YOLO

Lily Roggensack

Lil! Just the other day I was reminiscing on 7th grade English and how awesome that class was! I honestly don't think I'll have a better class in my life. Your bubbly personality and positive outlook on everything is contagious!
P.S I'm still waiting for the bowl cut!
P.S Hook!

What is the least stressful job you can think of?

Not being in high school! I don't even have time to scratch my ass anymore.

anyone you wish you were closer to???

LOL just answered this question. But I definitely could use a closer relationship with my family, not that we don't, but it isn't perfect. I kinda miss seeing Mary every day, but she's at an exciting place in her life! Erm.. A couple people I've noticed have distanced.. But things happen for a reason right?

Favorite people from Charles City?

Well seeing as the only person I've talked to from CC would be Ms. Debryun (sorry if I butchered it) she's winner by default.

Favorite people from New Hampton?

Favorite people? I can't even name one person from New Hampton!

Would you go to someone elses prom??

Ehhhh... Seeing as I don't know anybody from another town very well probably not? It definitely can't be the same day as ours!

I think you are a super amazing person and I don't really even know you! :)

Well get to know me! I swear I don't bite! Not that hard ;)

what's something you're looking forward to?

College. I can't wait to get out of Osage (adon't get me wrong I love Osage), but I want to go out and live my life.

What do you find attractive?

I assume you mean what do you find attractive in a mate? Well I find holding meaningful conversations attractive. I find being adventurous and doing your own thing attractive. I find being funny and spontaneous attractive. I find little quirky things that make someone unique attractive. But most of all, I find just being nice, and caring about other people, attractive.

what grade are they actually in??

I didn't say specifically that I interested in a particular female Mrs. Nosey Pants!

What grade Is the girl you are interested in, in?


Who are your favorite freshman guys and girls?

Well Kallie Broderick and I are best friends, so she gets my favorite freshmen girl spot. Craig is just...Craig so I guess he's up there too.

anybody you wish you were closer to in your school?

Yeah.. There are a couple people I was super close with a couple years ago, and then high school happened and we kind of drifted apart, but that's life. And I'll always know that they're my friends no matter what.