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What's the best movie you've seen lately?
the WWA movie
what does eatnarry even mean... why would u eat two human beings
the username means 3 things that i love
Have you had your tonsils out?
why did u change your @
ive had eatnarry for a long time so i just decided to have a new one
do you want a tattoo? if so, what do you want?
idk tbh
Where do you work
I don't have a job yet
Did you get anything done today?
Would you be happy for people if they met one direction more than once in February?
of course, as long as they appreciate it and are happy about it :)
Its very pathetic that people would make fun of you, I'm so sorry
love you
Who is making fun of you? Can I tell them of?
don't worry about ittttt they're nobodies who find entertainment being rude to people
Ebony is such a beautiful name I love it
I love it tooooo
How long does your phone battery last?
idek but it goes down within like 2 hours if I use 3G
I'm sorry about the niall follow I think you will get it back one day you deserve it so much :(
thank you x
Have you ever received a tweet or dm from the boys:)?
yes liam tweeted me and niall tweeted and dmd me, I'm so incredibly grateful :)
if an artists came to melbourne for a radio interview, do they record it like 1 day earlier at the station ?
usually yeah
when they interview celebs, do they still film it at sunrise or at a radio place or do they take them to a secret location?
well the one i was at was outside at fed square in melbourne because the people from sunrise came over to melbourne for it for the footy weekend so anyone walking past could see them and who they were interviewing
Did you used to have one of the boys' follow and then lost it ?:(
yeah i used to have niall's but someone hacked me and blocked it :( hopefully i get it back one day
Ok if know the whole thing was amazing but what's your absolute favorite part of the wwa film
could anything beat right now in the movie i mean it was just incredible
How did you meet Ed the most recent time??
i went to the place they were filming sunrise at really early in the morning and stood behind the tent thing and after his interview he came round and took photos with us all
HSC makes me want to kms
good luckkkkk
You are my favorite Australian I follow
i love you
Favorite people on Twitter?
angelica nicola katyra katryna tash kaylee baylee lucy bri moira danielle mags edita THERE'S SO MANY
I love being apart of something , its great
me too
I read an article and I'm laughing because it said one direction would lose there fame by 2015 and 5SOS would take over
i can't hear them over one directions OTRA tour that will earn more than 5sos will earn in a long long long time
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