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Lmao at how you have to judge me based on a quote I used to defend ebony and make her feel better about herself after you dragged her down. Who cares what John Green said? Let's just agree to disagree because both TFIOS book and movie is fabulous
don't read it everyone just does cuz it becomes tumblr and mainstream and they feel forced to go with trends
i bought the book literally just before the movie came out and i haven't gotten round to reading it but idk i might
btw i do like following u it just gets annoying sometimes
hhaha well sorry i don't mean to complain all of the time ill try and complain less
are you going to 5sos' melb concert? if you are what tickets are you getting?
i think so and the cheapest
You're really pretty Ebony
thank you :)
I'm good :)
lmao at whoever referred to tfios that book is so overrated and the movie was bs. did you know john green also said "girls prefer food to anorexia"
i haven't even read the book tbh
Hi, how are you?
I'm good thank you, how are you x
How about whoevers being rude to Ebony just doesn't because idk man but have you read TFIOS??? Because "pain demands to be felt" and not once has she ever said she deserves to meet the boys more than anyone else k bye.
i love you heaps
- up with the annoyance of complaining 24/7. just cuz you have the time to complain and because every single tweet of urs is about this doesnt make u a better fan
ok i have NEVER said i deserve to meet them more than anyone else or said I'm a better fan. Im sorry if i complain "24/7" but its twitter and i tweet about whats happening in my life. Im obviously not the most positive person but i try not to complain. Sorry again :)
contrary to your belief constantly complaining about how you cry over one direction and having every single one of your tweets saying that you want to meet them doesn't mean you deserve to more than anyone else k everyone is in the same boat it's just most people spare others the agony of putting -
When was the last time you cried? Why?
today bc one direction
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If niall got as girlfriend would you cry?
no I would be happy for him :)
What are your favorite subjects to talk about?
one direction
you are soooooo pretty
thank you x
i hope you meet the boys so much omg i know how much you love them and you deserve it soooooooo much ! the day you meet them will be the best day of my life
thank you so much x
Besides urself who do you hope meets the boys? Ps cant wait to see your pics with the boys one day because you deserve it!
tash, angelica idk theres honestly so many people and thank you
I hope you meet the boys in fen you deserv it so much x & I hope you win the contest to go to Miami
thank you x
Wait how much is crown? for one room?
People did meet the boys outside the hotel last year, it is possible, it will happen
i know :( i feel like they'll just do it at night this time because they'll only be here 2 days
Who are you going to your concert with? :)
really hope you meet the boys in feb!!
thank you so much, that means a lot :)
That's like me with Intercon I have so much saved up and my parents wont let me stay there, even though it's MY money
its frustrating
I'm flying up to Melbourne for the weekend to see the boys and my mums coming sighhhh and we have to stay with family and she won't let me stalk at all :,( but at least I get to see them
yes, thats all that matters :)
Isn't crown expensive?
yes I've saved up enough but my parents most likely aren't letting me