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ebonyyy @niallelujah
Ask me a question
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what do you think the announcement will be? x
I have some ideas but idk
what time is the stream for aus?!?
11:45 tonight
hi will you tweet about the aca announcement? i can't watch it because homework
which announcement are you talking about?
There's one on a current affair soon
whats your fav song and least fav song from the album
Favourite is stockholm syndrome and least is I can't choose ohnymkcnsjs
which song out of FOUR are you the most excited to see performed live ?
Hopefully stockholm syndrome if it's on the setlist and Night changes
link me to a good song?
The whole FOUR album
What song makes you feel happy?
Ready to run
What is the most played song in your music library?
through the dark
really amazing
What day would you love to live again?
seeing one direction for the first time
What is your favorite type of sushi?
tuna and avocado
do you like all of your mutuals
honestly no one deserves to meet them more than you do, your always so positive and happy for everyone else, I really hope it happens soon because I know it will happen one day goodluck beautiful xx
I teared up reading this it means so much to me thank you so much x
is mags going to sydney??
why dont you go to syd
I'm not allowed
What is a hot ticket is it similar to vip?
It's a floor ticket
Did you get vip for otra? Also what show are you going to :)?
well it's not VIP it's a hot ticket and feb 14th
i thought niall is your fav? but your userrrrrr???????
He is my fav and I love one direction
why did you change your user?
Idek just wanted to change
What was the song used in the video :)?
One Heart / Million voices x
You should make more videos!
I'm going to in the future!!
Can you upload one direction themed videos weekly? like meganlovesbieber8
I'll try hahah
I've actually watched your video five times now...
You edit really good videos!
Thank you