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What song makes you want to dance?
stockholm syndrome
what kind of things do you write in your entries?
the most un original things im yet to think of anything creative
How many times have you entered the hot hits comp?
I've lost count
what comp did you enter?
The new hot hits one
Are you ticklish on your feet
That's it
There's more but those are the mains that are coming to melbourne :)
Whats a girl gotta do to be mutuals with u
If I like your tweets I guess
Where are you ticklish
Neck and armpits
we're mutuals but I'm pretty sure you hate me lol
If I hated you Id unfollow :)
i don't really get pcd . i get really happy thinking about the concert
I get SO happy thinking about the concert it I miss them so much and I get real bad PCD from thinking about how much i miss them
friends you want to meet?
Angelica Nicola Mags (properly this time) Tash Danielle Hannah Deanna ifksksn im forgetting people
i think they'd suit you. Will you post a picture? You know I don't think I have a picture with my braces showing...
I probably won't tbh
Are you ticklish
If I see you in feb can I come say hey !
of course :)
Mutuals that you want to know better ?
A lot tbh
also braces don't hurt that much its just the elastics that are annoying
just not excited for the look I guess
yeah i was going to mention blue i reckon blue would be a nice colour.
i almost missed out on tickets last year
That sucks :(
Light blue and light pink are probably the best colours to get for braces cause when they fade they don't turn a different colour like so others, and they're the least noticible in pictures! You could hardly see mine in my deb photos and I had light pink x
Ok thank you :)
if school sucks at least we can think about our concerts
It's all im going to be thinking about honestly
don't get green / yellow or black braces
I won't im thinking maybe a light blue?
last year i was at the far back and this year i'm closer i'm so happy
me too :)
i'm imagining walking into the stadium right now
I was outside it today and looking through the windows I nearly threw up I can not stop thinking about it
why do you like going to concerts?
you can forget everything & feel happy especially if the person/people you are seeing mean a lot to you
omg imagine getting to sick and not being able to go to the concert
no thank you