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Did you get vip for otra? Also what show are you going to :)?
well it's not VIP it's a hot ticket and feb 14th
i thought niall is your fav? but your userrrrrr???????
He is my fav and I love one direction
why did you change your user?
Idek just wanted to change
What was the song used in the video :)?
One Heart / Million voices x
You should make more videos!
I'm going to in the future!!
Can you upload one direction themed videos weekly? like meganlovesbieber8
I'll try hahah
I've actually watched your video five times now...
You edit really good videos!
Thank you
What video are you uploading to YouTube :) Will you ever do personal ones?
It's a video of the journey through the boys' 3 tours :) and probably not
How do you communicate most with your friends?
What are you most excited about right now?
smg video new album wwa on dvd CONCERT
Is your favorite Harry?
What's the best movie you've seen lately?
the WWA movie
what does eatnarry even mean... why would u eat two human beings
the username means 3 things that i love
Have you had your tonsils out?
why did u change your @
ive had eatnarry for a long time so i just decided to have a new one
do you want a tattoo? if so, what do you want?
idk tbh
Where do you work
I don't have a job yet
Did you get anything done today?
Would you be happy for people if they met one direction more than once in February?
of course, as long as they appreciate it and are happy about it :)
Its very pathetic that people would make fun of you, I'm so sorry
love you
Who is making fun of you? Can I tell them of?
don't worry about ittttt they're nobodies who find entertainment being rude to people
Ebony is such a beautiful name I love it
I love it tooooo
How long does your phone battery last?
idek but it goes down within like 2 hours if I use 3G
I'm sorry about the niall follow I think you will get it back one day you deserve it so much :(
thank you x