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never give up on niall re following you
never will :)
What is your favorite place to eat?
any Mexican place
1d have copied soo many songs from backstreet boys and take that i dont think any1 cares lol
One Direction copy everything lol do people even care anymore
well not everything idk
http://youtu.be/SPffFTWZWlI One Direction copied their video
lmao so many music videos are similar or do similar things who cares
Do you think they'll be adding really late Australia and New Zealand tour dates for wwa?
well from what I've been told by glenn they're coming back near october or november but idk
What's the link to the livestream of the first wwa concert you're gonna be watching?? Please link it incant find one :(
Do you prefer to travel by train, bus, plane or ship?
i literally hate all of them lol but the cruise i went on was amazing
Do you know an app where in i can know WHEN did a particular person follow me? :)
no sorry
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
do you like doritoss
is that a band or
is there a livestream of one of the boys concerts for wwa, did I miss something
there most likely will be one considering the previous tours
why do you like justin
i said i liked him
Rate Justin Bieber !
idk i use to love him but now i have mixed feelings
Thoughts on omgeryn pls
I LOVE HER and she's actually flawless
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please never give up on your niall refollow, you deserve it so much and i know how much it means to you, please just don't give up ok :) he loves you
i love you thank you :)
Where are you watching the live stream of the first WWAT concert? X
idk if there is one then update accounts will post it
15 likes for the first person ?
chels :)
But 99% of all smellfies are farts...the remaining 1% is the farters natural BO.
In the future there will be smellovision, smell-phones, and people taking smellfies.
favourite Zayn girls?
kayla and alyssa :)
favourite harry girls?,
there's too many but ultimate fave is angelica
What do you like the most about Niall?
his smile by far
Do you believe in Karma?