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Are you looking to buy a ticket for the Sunday show? :)
no not at the moment x
Are you gonna go to the boys hotel in melb
I'm sitting row A of b3 Do you think I will have an ok view?
yes definitely :)
I really love your love for one direction
that makes me happy
FavoriTe thing about 1d?
i cant even say 1 favourite thing i have 10 favourite things but mainly how well their personalities work together and how amazing and fun they make every single concert
Are you going by yourself to the concert?
who's your fav
ok listen here niall is but i love them all so much i cant even explain how much they all mean to me
Would you rather be front row and never ever met the boys or meet the boys and be at the back for the concert?
meet the boys and be back row 100% its still the most amazing thing being back row and id pick meeting them over anything
trust me when I say you're extremely close, for tmh I was row 18 and it was so close. You probably don't think so but once you're there you're going to be heaps shocked at the view
i tear up every time i think about it i can't believe it
How old are you? :)
louis zayn liam
Are you happy with where you are sitting?
Would you like to be closer for the concert?
of course that would be a dream but I'm already shocked with being closer than last year
Are you closer for otra tour than you were for tmh tour?
yes :)
What date are you going?
to the boys? 14th of feb :)
So I found my one direction journal that I wrote when one direction were coming etc it was a good year. The memories make me so happy
I'm happy they make you happy :)
have you beeen out with friends?
What have you done tese holidys?
not much
Do you have a picture if the seating map to show where you are sitting? X
its in A4
Do you have a picture if the seating map to show where you are sitting? X
how many rows away from the boys will you be? :)
19 :)
You are gonna be so close to the boys, hope you have the night of your life x
i can not wait and i will :)
Did you pay 300 :)
how are you going to the concert alone when your15 I thought they don't let you
i don't think theres an age thing for melbourne or its under 13
can you take me to the concert with you
wish i could