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What made you happy today?
one direction
I love you ebony
i love you too
Your super gorgeous, & your my fave 1D account, love you babe, hope you have a amazing time in Feb when 1D comes back, so excited for them!
thank you so so much :)
I'm so glad we're in a mutual
It makes me really happy how much you love the boys! I hope you have the most amazing time in feb and all your dreams come true <3
this made me smile thank you :)
youre so fing annoying shut up
i know i am
are you going to any other states for otra? xx
no sadly I'm not allowed :( i would if i could
Would u ever snaeak to a 1D concert
probably but knowing me id get caught
What personality trait do you admire in other people?
if their personality is like a member of one directions
how old are you? x
15 x
Hi I don't know you but you're always on my timeline and you definitely deserve to meet the boys. I can't wait for it to happen xx
This means so much to me, thank you x
Can not wait till in come on twitter in Feb and see ur selfies with the boys
i love you
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
Better than words, strong, afire love
how many otra concerts are you going to go to?
1 at the moment but I'm hoping 2
How do you pick who to follow?
if i like an account ill follow it
do you like your mutuals? x
of course
its was so pretty when liam was crying when the boys and the crowd sang happy birthday
it was adorable
im bored so let talk about the people that make us happy :) x
yes i love one direction
thoughts on anneeeeeeeeee
she's so cute and one of my favourite niall girls
she's so beautiful and i really hope she meets zayn one dayyyy
charlotte and i used to talk as well tell her i miss her
what's your twitterrrrr
she's so pretty jdislfjklnglka
remember chocnouis??? where is she?
charlotte :( she used to be in my class at school and we were best friends and i made her twitter and everything and then she moved schools and deleted twitter but we still talk and i miss her so much
it was LJPTurtles :)