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Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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Would you ever hook up with the same sex? If you have before what were the circumstances?
i had unprotected sex today and period is supposed to start in 10 days what's the chance of me getting pregnant?
uh I'm not sure. I learned that there is one day a month for 12 hrs that sperm can even make it past your cervix. unless you have ovulation kits to know when you're ovulating, I'm not sure you can know when that day happens. so it's possible if it was that day.
You should post pics of your bump
I've been posting one every Wednesday but you really can't see much yet.
Why do you want the baby to have your last name when Lyle hasn't?
because I do
Does Lyle have Josh's last name?
Did you watch my movie?
no what movie?
How long can you last without sex?
very long. it's not a necessity like some people act like it is.
Are you a Swifty?
no lol
Will you post a video of yourself singing?
lol no
Who from 16 and Pregnant have you met IRL?
everyone from season 2 & 1
What kind of appearances do you make?
whatever I'm given. the last one I did was for Sierra Mist.
Have you always been skinny?
yeah except while pregnant
Have you ever dyed Lyle's hair?
How old is Ryan?
Do people hire you for appearances?
What happened to teen mom talk? Why is it shut down?
not sure
if josh wasn't in jail and they both wanted you who would you chose? josh or Ryan
uh neither lol
how does Lyle feel about u having a baby
he's excited!
on 16 and pregant are there things that u didn't want on camera but it had 2 ? if so what was 1 of them?
pumping breast milk lol I felt so awkward. they filmed it but it didn't air.
What are your thoughts on plural marriage?
whatever makes them happy
Does Ryan's family want you to get back together?
they always tell me I'm too good for Ryan but they like me & now I'm sure they hope we work it out.
Would you have sex with someone other than Ryan while pregnant?
uh probably not
Did you lose your V-card to Josh?
Why did your friend tell her parents about your sex life?
idk lol
Do you feel guilty having sex at 13?
no. it's over with & I can't change it so I see no point in feeling guilty.