Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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Do you think Lyle cares his dad isn't around ?
Yes.. I know he does.
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Would you rather have 2 kids of the same sex or diffrent ?
I actually went to a psychic today and she told me I will have one more kid and it will be a girl.
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What are you and Lyle going to do in the summer?
All kinds of stuff! We're going to a waterpark next week!
I love you too (:  Samara
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Are going to school ?
In the fall.
Are Lyle and your brother close?
Yes! Very close.
Do you like chelsea houska?
She's alright. We've had our drama. I think she's a good person though with good intentions.
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Do you like country music
Yesss I love it!
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Do they tell you what to talk about when you filmed 16 ad pregnant? I mean I hate watching those shows and seeing the girls tell their friend some big news,like it's obvious she told her before they filmed.Jw if they tell y'all to talk about what's going on
They just tell us to talk about certain things. They don't tell us what to say. Just what to talk about.
Have you read pride over pity yet ?
No I want to though!
Does Lyle get along with your new boyfriend?
How old is your little brother now that was on the show?
Are all four of your brothers biological?
Yes. They're not all full. I have on full brother and 3 half brothers
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How did you meet ryan ?
Through mutual friends.
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What is your favourite thing to do with Lyle?
Go on walks. It's fun to see what he points out and asks about. We just walk and talk sometimes around our neighborhood.
have you eva had braces before?
What kind of phone do you have ?
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Any tricks to getting pregnant fast? Other then just having sex obviously
Lmfao wow idk. There's shots people take I'm pretty sure.
Do you love Samara or nah  Samara
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Did you seriously get tatted up for free lifetime tanning? Lol if you did you're crazy but I like it;)
Yep. Haha thanks.
who r u d8ing now and how old is he and post a pic please:) thanks <3
Ry is 23 lol
who r u d8ing now and how old is he and post a pic please:) thanks <3
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Favorite color?
How has nobody beat the shit out of Josh for being so arrogant
lol that's already happened
How long were you and josh having unprotected sex before you got pregnant?
2 months
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