Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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Please help: I really want to get a triple forward helix piercing but I'm so scared of the pain because it's a cartilage piercing x 3 haha! What do you think of it and do you have a experience with cartilage piercings? I have a tragus piercing already but that really hurt too ..
I have a cartilage piercing & it honestly didn't hurt at all lol but I mean it's a piercing so you should expect some pain. no pain no gain
If you had to get one piercing right now, what would you get pierced?
probably something on my ear. I will neverrrrr get a facial piercing.
Do you have siblings? If so, do you get along with them?
yes for the most part we get along
Is there anything that you eat that others find weird?
noodles with ranch or French fries with ranch lol
What is the last thing you ate?
peach yogurt
Until what age do you say: my child is .. months old?
up until 1 lol
Ellie Jade Paulun is a really cute name!
thank you!
Is there anything that has to happen before you can sleep? I HAVE to have a fan running or I cannot sleep at all.
Unless I'm exhausted then I have to have it pitch black with no sound.
Would you ever get a vertical good piercing? My best friend wants me to get mine pierced with her but I'm super scared.
Eric doesn't try ? from what I've heard he has and its sam who isn't letting him.
if you wanted to see your child wouldn't you take the mom to court to try to get rights or something? he's never done a damn thing. he asks to take her for a weekend and stuff like every 6 months which Sam of course says no. Charlee doesn't even know him she's not going to stay a weekend with him.
Is your mom really giving the "shocker" sign in her facebook cover picture??
lmfao yeah. it's from like 6 years ago when it was a "thing." my oldest brother and his friends would do it in pictures sometimes so she did it as a joke lol. in glad that's not a thing anymore.
Does charlee call him dad?
Wait. The neared guy same takes pictures with isn't her daughter's dad? I'm so confused! He's been around for so long so I thought he was the dad.
Well technically he is her dad! He's the man raising her.
Could you ever go back to being in a relationship with Josh if he proves that he changed?
probably not. once something is so damaged it's extremely hard to make it work again. I'd rather be friends than drag Lyle through the mess of us trying to have a relationship and ruin the friendship we have now.
sam diggs should at least let him have visits that are supervised? her daughter is gonna resent her for it when she's older. my dad was a piece of shit and my mom kept me from him. I now have a great relationship with him and I resent my mom for keeping me from him.
I'm not going to go into detail about my family but personally I had both parents growing up and I would never resent my mom for staying with my dad for the sake of me and my brother but it would've been best if she didn't. Charlee has an amazing father figure. A man who stepped up to the plate WHILE Sam was pregnant (when Eric was no where to be found aka getting high), who's going to be an rn next year, and who loves Sam, treats her right, and loves Charlee like she's his own. I think Sam made the right choice. Eric doesn't even try to be in Charlees life, has never tried taking her to court. Obviously he's keeping himself from her if he's not even going to try. I don't think Charlee will resent Sam for that. If anything she will resent Eric for not even trying.
Why do you want Ryan involved if he's a psycho piece of crap?
I don't want him to be but he wants to be. Idk what the court will do with our history & his domestic violence charge but I'm sure they'll give him visitation anyways so I'd rather do it in my home under my supervision.
Is there a supermarket on walking distance from your house or do you have to go by car?
yeah but I drive anyway
is Ellie gonna live with just u and Lyle or is ryan gonna live there to?
Ryan's not going to live with me. I know he wants to help & be there as much as he can when she's born so he will probably stay with me for a little while but idk. There's so much to plan & talk about. I'm waiting till I'm farther along to plan this all out honestly. I'd rather do it alone than have his annoying ass in my place all the time but I have to act like an adult and play nice for the baby lol
Mike named his daughter Emma. it's kinda weird since you wanted to use that name at some point
Lol well it's a pretty common name
Ellie jades cute. who picked it u or ryan
Well we were at his friends house and Up! was on and we all decided Ellie was a cute name & it stuck ever since.
How come your friend Sam diggs doesn't let her daughters bio dad in her life ?
cuz he's a psycho piece of crap. him & Ryan are like twins when it comes to who they are & how they act except Eric actually works & has money lol
Lyle and Ellie go really well together! It's definitely my favorite on your baby name list.
thank you! it was my fav all along honestly haha
Did you know that Maci is also naming her daughter jade ?
that's my daughters middle name, not her first
When do we get to find out baby's name?