Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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If you could get a free piercing, what kind of Piercing would you get?
probably my bottom belly button.
ELLE OH ELLE! You craved Burger King everyday when you were pregnant?
with Lyle yeah
Are you going to start making youtube videos again?
yes. I tried to make my birth story the other night after deleting SOO much from my phone but it kept stopping because my phone was full so I got frustrated and gave up haha. I'm going to try again tonight!
was it hard to quit smoking?
not at all. I just knew I didn't want to hurt my baby.
Is Josh out of jail yet
Have you ever (tried) smoking cigarettes or weed? If your parents know of it, what was their opinion?
I used to smoke cigarettes (so gross) for about a year while I was with Ellie's dad. He smoked so I kinda picked up the habit. My mom cried and begged me to stop. I stopped the day I found out I was pregnant and haven't smoked one since and don't want to. I tried smoking weed when I was younger but I didn't like it.
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my three year old asked me questions about why his dada is gone and he's sad because he thinks his dad doesn't love him idk how to tell him without talking ill of the other parent and i know he walked out on his but I don't wanna hurt my sons feelings :(
That's tough. I wouldn't tell him he's coming back because he will expect him to be back. It will hurt him to tell him the truth but no lie will make it better.
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Are you happy?
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Was the doctor who delivered Ellie the same doctor who delivered Lyle?
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Do you fight a lot about the tv remote at your house? Here, my dad ALWAYS wants to watch tv and I barely get the chance to watch my favorite show..
yes with my 5 year old haha
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how much is minimum wage where you live?
8.15 I think
Is it easier looking after a newborn this time around?
Much easier. Lyle was harder in so many ways.
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How is your last name pronounced?
Paul-un just like it's spelt lol
CONGRATS ON BABY ELLIE!! She is a doll :)
thank you!!
That's stupid of you to go get physical and sole custody . And also not put her dads last name. Your daughter will hate you for it. Stop being controlling that's his daughter . Controlling psycho bitch. If I was him Id hate to have you as a baby mom.
lol too bad he loves having me as a baby mom.
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which combo is the best for b/g twins? brynlee and Brennan, Marley and maxwell, kayden and Kinsley?
idk. why do you send a million questions about twins and their names!?!
Will Ryan be involved in Ellie's life?
As of right now, yes. Baby steps of course but we will figure it all out along the way. I am going to hopefully get sole physical and legal custody but he will still be in her life.
what is the best part of your son
Everything but his personality and his kind heart are two of my favorite things about him.
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Have you decided on Ellie's last name yet?
Paulun but Ryan is still adamant that it will be Rice. It will be Paulun no matter what. Hopefully he doesn't ruin my hospital stay by freaking out over it.
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How old is Lyle?
5 1/2
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Did you dye Lyle's hair? It looks so dark.
No it's gotten darker over the years
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this might be too personal, and if you don't wanna answer that's fine, but if you pay rent or mortgage, how much do you pay and what state/country do you live in
$600 for my apartment in Michigan
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how do you deal with hypocritical people
are crop tops trendy or trashy?
trendy if you do it right
before you had kids did you want a boy or a girl for your first