Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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what kind of phone do you have?
iPhone 5c
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if you had the chance would you go sky diving?
hell no
why haven't you accepted me on insta
it's not private anymore.
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would u rather Ellie be josh's baby instead of Ryan? so.your baby's share a dad?
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Do you think your baby (that you are pregnant with) will look more like you or its dad?
hm idk we will have to see! we both think she has the shape of his head already.
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What does Lyle call his grandparents?
nana papa or grandma
What do you call your grandparents?
gramee and grampee or my dad's I call grandma and grandpa
Are you going to post photos of Ellie?
of course
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Do you think Ellie will look like Lyle?
not at all. Lyle looks like his dad and since they have diff dad's they will deff not look alike lol
when was Lyle born in relation to his due date
a week after his due date.
if boys could get preggo, would ur bd have been able to handle what u had to go through
lol hell no. hes a wimp
Have you ever been to a strip club? Would you ever go to one? Maybe with your significant other.
Me & Ryan went together a few times.
Do you use Facebook to just keep up with other people or do you actually post stuff?
I mostly use it to post stuff I don't really read other peoples stuff anymore. its the same stuff every day anyways lol
Does Lyle have a nickname?
Lyle Lyle crocodile
Lyle lumpkins
Recently my Mom's friends daughter who is 13 asked to follow me on Instagram. In her bio she had a list of her fetishes which included "cum in my hair" should I tell her Mom? I'm 21, I feel I should be responsible but I don't wanna step on anybody's toes. What would you do if you were her Mom/Dad?
I would tell her mom. her mom doesn't have to tell her that you saw it but her mom definitely needs to shut that down ASAP
How often do you do your makeup?
almost every day
When is the last time you cooked? What did you make?
two days ago I made cheese tortellini with green onions, pepperoni, cheese, and homemade dressing.
Where are you going on vacation in the summer?
the dells in Wisconsin
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baby registry lol
oh no not yet
did u register
for what?
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Did you/Are you going to cloth diaper? Or disposable?
It's girls who play the victim that make us actual victims look like crazy liars.
no actual victim would call anyone a liar because they know first hand that NO ONE knows what goes on behind closed doors.
Do people call you Nikki?
people who don't know me do sometimes.
Why does it seem that you were a lot bigger than Lyle? Or did MTV start filming you late in your pregnancy?
I think I started filming towards the end of August and I had him nov 5 so I really only got about 2 1/2 months of my pregnancy. I have 4 left with this one lol
How do you keep your hair healthy and long?
my hair is super unhealthy actually. this pregnancy has made it very dry. it's only long because I haven't cut it in forveverrrr