Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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Does Josh see his son
Does Josh remind you of Taylor Lautnerbecause he looks just like him a little
he reminds me of a young mark wahlberg or however u spell it lol. I don't really see him in taylor.
r u actually pregnant when shooting 16 & preg?
no just fat
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You are clearly scared of birth control.
lol clearly
do you have any weird fears? like for example i'm afraid of chalk. (vr)
I use to have so many. I had to go to counseling for it when I was younger. Now I'm really not scared of anything.
So i had my period nov 14 and it ended nov 19th, it said on period app that i ovulated on nov 23rd, and had unprotected sex nov 27th, and now my period is late i tested on saturday and it was negative, but now i'm a day late, is it too early to test?
how is your period late if you had it on the 14? it's only dec 8.
Was your mom upset about this pregnancy?
a little at first but now she's excited.
What did Ryan say about you on fb
idk I didn't ask him
Did you see what Ryan wrote about you on Facebook?
no. he was freaking out on me last night so I'm sure it wasn't good.
so me and this guy keep hooking up, and then he quits talking to me, well this time after we hooked up he blicked me on fb and my number. what should i do?
stop hooking up/talking to him. you're better than that.
Did you get your son circumcised?
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sorry everyone i should have explained, by genetic testing i meant where they take your blood around 12 weeks to test for down syndrome or trisomy 13, did you get that test done?
well I'm not that far along yet
do you have chuck e cheese near where you live? would you take your kids there or is it a bit to crazy for you?
there's one 20 mins from me. we had lyles bday party there and there was actually a fight between two moms & the cops got called. the kids were way more behaved than the adults lmao but then again it was in toledo which is pretty ghetto.
Do you miss your blonde hair?
sometimes. the upkeep sucked but I have to upkeep with dark hair too.
Osu and Michigan are playing right now! Who do you want to win? GO BUCKS Btw;)
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is it true your on welfare and foodstamps?
nope. not at all
we're or on 16 and pregnant or teen mom or both ?
16 & Pregnant
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y did u put Lyles dad's last name as his not urs ?
I was young
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how do u pronounce lyle ?
Would you change lyle's surname to your own?
If I was going to I would've done it when he was younger. He already knows his name and goes by it so I think it would be confusing for him if I changed it.
Would you ever hook up with the same sex? If you have before what were the circumstances?
i had unprotected sex today and period is supposed to start in 10 days what's the chance of me getting pregnant?
uh I'm not sure. I learned that there is one day a month for 12 hrs that sperm can even make it past your cervix. unless you have ovulation kits to know when you're ovulating, I'm not sure you can know when that day happens. so it's possible if it was that day.
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You should post pics of your bump
I've been posting one every Wednesday but you really can't see much yet.
Why do you want the baby to have your last name when Lyle hasn't?
because I do
Does Lyle have Josh's last name?