Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
Nikkole Paulun @nikkoleMTV
i used to be 16 & Pregnant but now i'm 19 & a mommy. sophomore at UT. subscribe to my fb
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how come when u said how blessed u are u said ur pregnant with a little blessing but said nothing about lyle
uh Lyle is my family which was included in the first sentence.
Its funny how you think you are "blessed". I would kill myself if i was living your life. Maybe you are to stupid to realize what a mess your life is :S
I have a wonderful family who supports me through everything, I have the BEST friends who are all succeeding in life and making me push myself harder to be better, I take care of myself financially all by myself with no help from anyone, I'm pregnant with a little blessing, I'm being offered more & more amazing opportunities every day to make money and have a good future, and I'm back in school doing extremely well. I feel pretty damn blessed :D
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I love following you on Social Media because you are a train wreck and i love it!
aww :)
Wtf is lekota talking about on twitter? She's private so i can't see
idk it was all stupid
babeee waaaa you're prrrrrrfectt
idk I just ammm
do you like olive gardens soup and salad? if you do what's your favorite soup?
I've only ate there once and didn't like it :P
Are u scared how life will change when your baby is here?
a little
your height? p.s say hi to your mom by me
5'4 and ok lol
What's your natural hair color?
light brown/dirty blonde depending on the season usually.
Do u really like jenelle? She is such a bad mom
Yes I like her. She's made a lot of mistakes but she's trying. I don't think she's a bad mom she's just far from perfect.
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What would you do if your best guy friend asked you for nudes? Im in this situation. I know not to send them but should i stop talking tok him or what? I need advice.
I would tell him that you aren't comfortable with him asking for things like that. I'd take some time to not talk to him just to get over the awkwardness of the situation. if he's a good friend he will understand and not ask again.
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How is Ryan's family with Lyle?
they love him!
What do you think human flesh tastes like?
idk I bite the skin around my nails sometimes and it doesn't taste like anything lol
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Do you think you could make a guy kiss your feet if you wanted him too?
lol yes Ryan kisses my feet all the time.
So instead of learning from getting pregnant the first time and using protection, you acted stupid again and thought "I won't get pregnant"? Clearly you're wrong.
clearly lol
Why did you spent Christmas with Ryan?
Were kinda like family now. no matter what happens between us we will always see each other, especially on holidays.
Favorite food and drink?
I don't even really have favorites anymore :P
Who's the baby daddy for your new baby?
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i think u should die ur hair back to blonde
ehh maybe when I can be tan again. I hate blonde hair in pale skin.
How do you pronounce your middle name? Is it like Sherrey?
sure--EE. I'm pretty sure Cherie is actually a French word that means girl
Are you going to the bridal show for your own wedding?
no! lol we went for something else
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Was there any lines u had to say on 16 and pregnant ?
just the voice overs
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I love your hair color !
thanks. I loved it originally but it's all faded and my roots are coming in so bad. I'm going to be dying it soon but I'm not sure what color yet.
you're dating two guys at once ?
Do you have snapchat ?