What's the worst thing someone can do on a first date?


What song lyrics do you love most? Share them here!

'Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you' :')

sometimes all you need is..... ? Soнaιl Bυкнαrι ©™

A loooooong nap.

Yaar you're so beautiful :) Ali Ahmad


Best convos happen when ?

Heavy eyelids, tired mind. :')

Why do we press harder on a remote-control when we know the battery is dead?😐 Muhid Iqbal

Never stop hoping :')

What is the funniest thing to ask SIRI?

Ye tou iphone walay hi btayen ge 😂

What would happen if you competed in the Olympics?

Tabahi 😅

Uthi ho ? 😂

Jee 😄

likers get??


mujhe teri zaroorat hai

Aur mujhe pizza ki 🙈

Ye filter glasses par bhi kaam karta hai? 😂

Aap ko kia lagta hai? xD

Beauty 😍😌😍


What is your idea of hell?


What should sheep count when they go to sleep?

The time left. For them. Till they get shaved.....

Lol ?

*tfios mode on*

How to actually stop wasting time on the internet?😯 Muhammad Ahsan Farooq

Delete lame social apps like Ask.fm, yeah.

Your 14 August pic please 🇵🇰

No pic..Pakistan ki bday thi, meri thori na thi..

how do you handle people you don't like? Soнaιl Bυкнαrι ©™

Just ignore lol.

Are you shy?

Very much.


Your existence, yeah.

If you could write a book, what would you name it? Zainab Hasan

'Unshared thoughts' or 'Untold shit' 😂😂

tum bohat pyari ho


Congratulations Noor 🎉❤️ Fajar Asad

Thankyou so much :')

Congratulations 😘😘😘

Thankyouu ❤


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rukh hawaaon ka jidhar ka hai udhar ke hum hain.