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When I play baseball I don't need a bat #bigdickproblems
Thanks posting it know
Love nudevines bro, follow me?
whats your username?
How old are you? If you're 12 or some shit that would be weird
Guy or wife?
What is your fav hockey team ?
u in bc?
What's your race?
Where you from?
What do you think of a porn website?
You wanna start one?
Are you a guy or a women
Love your twitter posts dude! Keep it up!
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r u a boy or girl
stop retweeting stupid shitty links from other accounts. they suck and nobody looks at them.
I trade retweets to gain followers not because I like their tweets lol
Do you put pics of yourself on here?
Do you take picture submissions?
yea sure kik: inbt email:
Holy crap she's perfect
her twitter is ‎@malenamorgan
Yeah your favorite one
just posted a random pic of her
Can you post a pic or her?
who malena morgan?
Hottest/sexiest girl in your opinion?
Malena Morgan
Do you love your job?
Yeah why not.
What other accounts do you own?
‎@nudertboobs ‎@nudevines and 15 other ones
favorite porn site?
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best page ever
you bet. thanks!
Keep up the good work!
thanks :)
Your page is seriously the best. Your a true bro!
Thanks man! If you want a follow let me know