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Are you in love?

Not at all.
Not in anyone new.

Is Role Play (The Witch) based on a true story? :)

Hahaha I wish! Or no maybe I don't. I got the idea from this video, which is from a scene from the movie "Da Hip Hop Witch". Very classic youtube stuff.

What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done in your life?

well I remember that getting my first tattoo happened very quickly and it was kinda crazy since it was on my freaking hand. my friend called me like a day before and asked me if I wanted to do it and I said yes and it just happened. on the other hand i'd been thinking about the tattoo for soooo long before so maybe it doesn't count. there were also some sexual encounters that were kinda superspontaneous but I was always hella drunk n stuff. going to korea was kinda spontaneous I guess

What software do you use for makin music?

FL Studio baby, since day one.
Back then I remember trying out ableton live and reason but I never really got them. FL on the other hand felt more natural and free to work with and after practicing every day for many many years I feel almost completely limitless working with this beautiful software.

Who do you love most, Tiffany, Jessica, Park Bom or the toaster?

Cayce P.

Well okay first off I inherited the toaster from my grandma so of course it is a very imporant toaster to me. I really want to say Bom but I can't because she's changed so much. She was one of my first K-crushes, I remember watching the 'You and I' video thousands of times when I was 17. It was just perfect like an anime-dream it had a cute and sexy girl, sparkling colours, video games and cake. But when I look at her now I can only see how thin and strange-looking she has become. She had obviously done more than a few surgeries and I think it made her look WAY worse. And yes, I'm aware she must've done a few back then too but shii they worked in her favour ehe.. I was also mega obsessed with Jessica back then but since I've come to think she's way to skinny too and I guess my ideals have changed. In the end it's just Tiffany left and she's still fucking beautiful so Tiffany it is!

So, what are the songs you're most proud of from your new release?

Cayce P.

Well. I'd say my personal favourites are Pop Jesus and The Navigator but I'm kinda feeling those are the songs people will like the least. I really wanted to make big and majestic songs for this tape but in the end I had to accept the fact that with my current skills the finished product couldn't live up to those pretentions. But to me these songs aren't really what you hear more than a general feeling and impression. And in that sense the earlier mentioned songs are the ones I'm most proud of ^^ The tape is called Love & Pop and you can listen to it here: http://odin4ever.bandcamp.com/album/love-pop

What will you never do?

- Never gonna give you up
- Never gonna let you down
- Never gonna run around and desert you
- Never gonna make you cry
- Never gonna say goodbye
- Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

What scares you more than anything else?

the evil of men

What is your attitude to smoking?

The smell of cigarettes make me sick, they taste bad and make me feel awful on the inside and I really should stop before it's too late.

If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be?

Me my self and I of course omg what an obvious answer

What do you think is the best gift for wedding?

my blessing

Which countries have you visited?

Norway, Finland, Denmark,
Greece, Spain, Italy, England, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Turkey. I also was in Germany for a couple of hours once.

What's the worst movie ever?

Really hard to say but The Hangover 3 definitely ranks high on my list.

When was the last time you danced?

At our last gig, if you'd call that dancing.

So what IS your least favourite band then?

Cayce P.

Well... I don't want to be promoting hate at such an open platform, it's not very attractive you know! I actually though about it but couldn't come up with anything, I guess my subconscious has started to erase such things as bands I don't care for.

What is the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

prolly the round trip ticket to Seoul and I got it for cheap. Qatar Airways shii

Is Korn your least favorite band?

Haha well... uhm honestly I really don't like them at all but there worse bands out there than Korn. It just made for a good rhyme!

Who had the most positive influence on you?

Rick Ross

I wondered how Vlad got those artist photos for the Warmer Climes blog. Did you take those pictures of yourself when you were featured?

Well when I did the feature Vlad wanted a couple of exclusive photos so me and the homie TopGun went out on the balcony and took some pix. I didn't want to give him too many pretty pictures cuz I think that's kinda boring so he got some of the freakier poses haha. And afterwards I adjusted the lightning n shit in Photoshop. Then I sent them to Vlad who did his thing with em. :)

What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?


If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

The ideal woman.

Who was the last person you gave a gift to?

I don't give gifts I'm poor

Do you like cats?

yeah I'm down with the cats. we never had any pets when I grew up cuz my mom is superallergic to all animals with fur. So I never really knew how to interact with any animals at all until my ex-roomie got a cat. It was the cutest, prettiest little thing in the whole wide world but it was also super neurotic and kind of a bitch actually. But I like cats, they're quiet and don't require much attention so they're the ideal pet for me.

How did you get to know Kalle J?

Well, I met him at my friend Johannes birthday party at this place called "Tokyo Stop" several years ago. I remember the first time I saw him, he was standing by himself in the back, drinking beer or something. I think we talked about cider, like, he joked about the beer being cider or something. I didn't really meet him that much after that, but I got to know his older brother HJ well and through him I met Kalle every once in a while. Then someone, prolly HJ, started this Facebook message-thread-thingy and included me, Kalle and Johannes. Through that we started talking on a regular basis about nothing really, but that went on for a long time. I never really met Kalle irl that much until a year ago or so when we started hanging out more and working on music and stuff together. And here we are today, I guess.

Do you ever think you will reevaluate you feelings towards Nordman?


I'm not sure. I've been known to change my opinions about artists so it is likely I might with Nordman as well. But I don't know there's so many things about his music that I can't stand. Sure, there might be some good melodies and such but his voice is a bit too much and I have a really hard time to relate to people singing in Swedish, I just can't take them seriously.