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in his bed ‎@lmjustinbieber69
I love food more than people & that's pretty much all you need to know about me, if u need more just ask me
Make a gift
food will never break my heart
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we r dating ‎@lmjustinbieber69
just deal with it lol
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HAHAHAHAH Stay away from Justin Bieber Is my husband-.- BITCH
ahahahahahahahahaha so why is he flirting with me lol laughed my ass off
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kik name please
i deleted my kik again and i forgot my username
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How are ya? :33  Калина
fine thaaaaanks
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enough with fakes
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Is Jb your BFF ?
i already told u, he is my husband
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stop flirting with me k
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aşk  sementa
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Lan ben seni gavur sanıyodum gdfgjjdkj  Selin
i know riggggght
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haaaaii  Avril Lavigne
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Are you Jb GIRLFRIEND .-. -.-
of course not im his WIFE,pretty please
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dont do that emoji, it has to be ":)"
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my old acc is hacked oh gosh fucking people  Bella Thorne
bad news, i have never believed in your old account either honey
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why cant u just be with me rn
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hi  Bella Thorne
i dont believe in you,bye
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i miss youuuuuuu  Justin Bieber ✔⁶⁹
oooooooooh not as much as i do
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wear black or stay naked
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i need a boyfriend but he has to be rich
he has to buy those lipsticks with vanilla from victoria secret
then i promise he can kiss me whenever he wants i just want those lipsticks
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Cap d'aimer les 5 dernière réponse de ceux qui aimes?
didnt understand anything you better stfu
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How'r ya  Kerem
same, u
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ben çıkıyom see u later bb  ezgi
everyone is going pfffft bye
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Hey  Kerem
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im in love w/ my english 2  ezgi
wow you know that trick with the numbers ;))
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hai what do u want lmao
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neyse how r u  ezgi
jdfghjkdfshmnbxjnbkjd im in love with u and ur english never forget that lol
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