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I love food more than people & that's pretty much all you need to know about me, if u need more just ask me
break necks kill egos
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how u been?  o'brien
oh I'm fine but I was too busy to be here I have so many trainings and I'm studying so hard & couldn't find enough time to be here
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i do i was about to say i miss you and i love your page so damn much  o'brien
awwwwiii ty baby I missed you too
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when I see a old friend I feel like I'm gonna cry cuz I missed u all like so damn much
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I forgot my friends usernames oh gawd no I need gabby
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Pap of your booty?
its too big i cant take its pic lmao
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Kanka sen kimsin ben seni takip etmişim  MB
ne biliyim lan sjsjksjsbdnx
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Can I suck your lips <3
you have 10 seconds to leave my page
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Dylan obrien diye fakelik yaptın di mi of
he ya ergenlik iste naparsın
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omg i have too many questions lol
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i like potatoes
then u r gonna like me too
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are you a bad ass
im a good girl with bad habits
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Sen türk müsün
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i hope your day is as good as your butt
well my day is not that good
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marry me bc tomorrow is saturday
well thats a good reason
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am i annoying you
hell no i love anons
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if you had to choose between your crush and your best friend, who would you choose?
friends are more important they will keep being with me but my crush is temporary
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you're cute and i dont mean cute like i wanna pinch your cheeks, i mean cute like i wanna push you up against a wall
wow wow wow easy man
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wanna come watch netflix with our hands down each others pants?
wow liked this idea
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How will you know if a person is still honest with you?
its about trust between u guys
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why does every account say this is dylan o brien
dylan doesnt have an account in askfm just use your brain this site is full of bullshit what would he do in here
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let's fuck  rina
why not
im in love with you, but too shy..
fucking bullshit
i'm just an anon
yeah i realized that
u got a bae?
if you had a bf, would you forgive him if he would cheated on you?
i hav a bf and nah i wouldnt forgive him i would kill him probably