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I love food more than people & that's pretty much all you need to know about me, if u need more just ask me
☽ i’m fucked in the head ☾
Make a gift
food will never break my heart
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i want to fuck you on your pussy and your ass and your big boobs
and i wanna block you so hard :')
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Ask: which do you like most : "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" or "American Horror Story" ?
the perks of being a wallflower is a film and american horror story is a serie so they r so different but i still prefer ahs
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SUPPPP GIRLLL <3  just velly☽
i wasnt at home bae sorry for late answer i just got home anyway imy
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hey u look pretty  mayk
and u look like
hey u look pretty
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aliens and unicorns are better than humans
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me when im trying to flirt with bae
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When do u take your bra off
u stupid son of a bitch LEAVE
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do u Masturbate??
im a princess, pretty please B)
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Citestemi descrierea daca te intereseaza afacerea:D:D:D  Olivia:)
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i see a heart up there but its empty just like mine lol
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i'm glad nice to meet you anyway x  Jina你
are u that anonymous who speaks in turkish with me lol?
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stop being so sarcastic!
wow what did u just say? cuz i dont how to speak loser-ish lol
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what do u hate the most?
that one person who is evil as fuck but everyone likes them AND THEY CANT SEE HOW EVIL THEY ARE OMG
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Which grade ?  BasmaStyles (✔️)
i feel like im 8 years old&my brain is not working like i am 17 so call me baby girl
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follow me :)  Ahmed Adel
if you are not a princess or a prince, you wont get a follow from me lel
what about noooope and i cant understand why ppl are still using facebook
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We love you <3
no one loves me bby cmon be realistic
hai selly <3  
hai bae<3
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OH OPS SOZ HAHAHAHAHAHA well im a girl who like girls and boys and evan peters u see  L.
lmao ahahahahaha
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are u girl or boy?
im a princess
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are you turkish ?  Jina你
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u r with android ? samsung galaxy ?
samsung galaxy is android,you dumbass
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Uhm actually that ✌️ is my name so if u click on it u come to my ask wall btw hahaha yeah i am lol  L.
i know im not that stupid lol ahahahaha i already looked at your page but i couldnt understand your gender lmao
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yaaay r u a girl
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