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why do in collage lax they drop their stick after they shoot?

It was the rule so that they'd make sure no one tried to fix an illegal stick after a goal

Do you believe that watching a sport (any sport) you play (professionally or college) that it will make you have better strategy and be better in game situations as a player?


Do you get as much free clothes and things as d1 does

sadly no, but we have just as much fun!!

what's your opinion on your neighbours to the north? :) like OWFL/OUA lacrosse in canada?

Though they beat us in times id rather it not happen, Canada's got siiiick lax

whats ur kik

I don't have one

My school team coach almost never gives me any playing time, outside of school i’m on an elite travel team and part of the top ten in my state and everyone on my team says he plays by favoritism , what should I do?

Hmm, have you talked to him and asked like "coach, what can I do to be able to contribute more and see more time on the field?"

What position did you play in HS and was high school when u started to play

I played defense then switched to attack

How much running is college lacrosse?

Hmm. When we run, we run a lot, but its really not that bad because most of it is during games

Can a launch pocket go into a head that's not stx?


If I don't get recruited can I still play?how?

You can tryout as a walkon

what are some shooting drills I can do to help me prepare to play in college/be a better player overall? :)

Hmm, shooting for corners, crease rolls, free positions, shooting from different parts of the 8, try and mimic real life game situations

Is it fun to play lacrosse in college because I've gotten to different sides that it's a lot of fun but I've also heard that it's a lot to handle. How do you like it?

It is!! Sometimes its overwhelming but its so worth it

I love you and your tweets! I have only a few games left in my season and lately i havent been picked as a starter, and honestly it just drags me down. What are some drills and things besides wall ball to improve my game?

You can watch tape, like looking up games on YouTube or even if you have game field check that out too! Just see what other people do and how you can use that in your game too

(Part two of that) should I switch to a different team? It seems like the coaches in my current one favor other people that still aren't as good as me and I don't know what to do

Hi!! I'd say maybe check out a different team where you'll have a better chance of getting seen too!

I am middie and I am going into Varsity next season, so I want to get a better stick, seeing as my current stick is only a $50 STX level. I want either the Crux 500 or Exult 500, but cannot decide. I have progressed a lot over the season and I know I am ready for a newer, nicer stick. Any advice?

Check out the Crux 500, or even the Crux 10! I love both

Help! I'm going through a dilemma im debating between getting the exult 500 or the crux 500. I play attack but I would also like a stick that is very versatile (for defense and offense.) both sticks look great! but I like both! thanks for your help!!

exult 500 :)

debeer defy head or debeer fierce head? ill be stringing it differently no matter what but which is better?

Ive heard good things about the fierce!

i play attack and midi so if I got the stx exult 500 would that be a good stick for me and is that a good stick in general

Yes! :)

I play midfield and have been playing for awhile now, what stick would you suggest would be the best?

Check out the Crux 10 if you're an offensive middie, Exult 10 if you're a true middie, and Fortress 10 if you're d middie :)

I'm an intermediate level player looking for a good defence stick, I've been looking at STX and deBeer. Any suggestions? (I prefer a bit of weight to the shaft too)

since you like weight, i'd say check out some deBeer sticks

Anyways I can contact you with future questions?

Absolutely! My email is and my DMs are always open

Awesome! So if I want the newest stx head for spring, should I wait a little to see if anything comes out or get the crux 500 and start adjusting?

Yes! They just came out with a new one

Hi, I've been playing lacrosse for a long time and I recently had a birthday. I was thinking about using the money to buy a new stick and I was wondering what type would be the best for a mid fielder?

I'd say check out the Crux 10 if you're more of an offensive middie, but the exult line if you're a true middie

Which is better: STX fortress 300 or STX crux 300? I am an intermediate/advanced player and I usually play attack but I like flexibility for training etc. Do you have any other stick suggestions? thanks

check out exult 300, lil bit of both :)

Hey! I have the stx crux 300 head and dragonfly shaft. I love the head and shaft but don't like the stringing of my head. Would it be possible to get it strung like the 10 degree crux 500 with the launch pocket?



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