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If my stick is illegal, do I tighten the launch pocket or the leather runners?
the launch pocket, you may have to tie it a liiitle tighter.
how do I convince my parents to let me join a good club team that is also $$$
Hmm. Well, I think first would be making sure that that's the club team for you, and if you're positive about that then sit down and talk to them about it and why you really really wanna be on that certain team. A lot of club teams allow you to pay your fees in seperate payments, and your parents can always ask about that as well to make it more affordable! :)
tips for tryouts?
Be confident! Play hard, run hard, and make sure you play wallball and go for runs before tryouts start so you're used to playing/in shape even more. Coaches love to see hustle, and even if you make mistakes hustling is a great way to show em what you're made of!
If I buy the regime head what type or brand of shaft should i buy
Mine came with the UA Juke shaft but really any shaft you'd like I think the store you go to can make it work. I've seen it paired with a Crux shaft as well
I'm thinking about getting a new head and I'm not sure if I should get the UA regime or assert?
Hmm, depending on your shaft id say regime. That's the one I have & have used the most, but the assert is great as well. I think the sidewalls for it are much lower so it may take time to adjust
What do coaches look for during tryouts?
They look for skill and playing style, but they also really love seeing hustle! If you're out there hustling and trying your best, a coach will love that because skills can be taught but hustle and just a desire to be out there comes from you. So yeah they wanna see that you're able to play well but also that you're willing to work hard
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If you order an unstrung head, do the strings come with, just not attached? Or is it just the head and you have to buy separate strings?
Just a head, no strings
How do I get over not making my club sandstorm team after working so hard after an injury to get back at it and not making the team? With only one other person
I know it's hard and you feel disappointed, but it's gonna be okay. I think you should be really proud of yourself especially for coming back from an injury! Think of this the same way you thought of your injury, you saw it as a roadblock but worked hard to get past it right? Which is awesome! Don't let it get you down, just think of something you wanna improve that maybe impacted you at tryouts and work on it. I promise you it's not the end of the world and you can try other teams too, but it'll be okay :)
I heard you mention there is a fitting piece that would fit onto a lacrosse stick to make it a 10 degree. Where can I find one of those?
It's actually a piece that goes on shafts that are already 10 degree, but the 10 degree heads themselves are too big of a hole for the shaft to fit by itself so that piece makes it all fit together. The shaft and head have to be 10 degree already & for some reason the pieces are so hard to find but I'd say check your local lax store and maybe they'll have one! :)
Do you know anything about the stx fortress 500?
Hmmm, not very much :( but I know the fortress originally is a great head and really nice and wide for defensive players, so I'd say it's much more of an upgrade of that
Do you have a highlight video?
I have a high school one from senior year but haven't made a more recent one from summer :)
ok so I'm a freshmen in HS I plan to tryout for lax this season and I havent played on a team before, but ive been practicing since the beginning of summer. I plan on trying to be on attack. what are some key things to focus on and prepare for, for tryouts? I'm so nervous!!
It's awesome that you've been practicing!! First i'd say go in with an open mind....playing attack is fun, but the other positions are super fun too! Your coach may think you're better for a different position on the field and maybe if you go in with the mindset of only wanting attack, you might miss out on shining at middie or defense which you could be AWESOME at. With that said, to prepare for attack i'd say its really important to work on your stick skills for both hands, and since you're starting out maybe work extra hard on your dominant hand. Grab some lacrosse balls and shoot around, maybe get with someone who's already played on your team and you can pass around and take some shots on goal. There's some really great women's lacrosse videos online about shooting basics etc and i'd totally recommend them! I know Jen Adams from loyola did some great ones. She also did some on dodging you can check out. But yeah, stick skills, practice shooting at corners, practice faking out goalies, and watch lacrosse games to get a good understanding not only of how offenses usually work but what the best players are doing while they play to get scoring opportunities :)
Ya!! Thanks so much!! I'm so happy I have you here for good advice :)
You're welcome!! No problem, I love helping when I can!
I'm a beginning lacrosse player & was wondering if you could you just give me some basic starter tips? Like maybe tips you wish you would've known when you first started playing? I would appreciate it a lot & I love how you're so active with your followers!! :)
For sure!! I'd say its really important to start working on your stick skills now as opposed to later! You'll thank yourself for going out and playing some wallball with both hands, even if you're not that good at either hand just practice practice practice because you'll feel a lot better once you start. Also watch some lacrosse games to get a better idea of what goes on in the game! And don't be afraid to ask older players or your coaches for help, everyone wants to see you succeed. Also do some running and maybe go to the gym just to get into shape for the season, there's usually workout packets for specific sports on google from various programs and you can check that out too! :)
When should I know to be in a triple threat position and when not to be
Alll the time, but I'd say especially mostly when you're around the goal whether in the 12 or the 8, especially because one of the components is to be ready to go to goal. You'll also need to be very aware for the passing component so you can see if any teammates are in a better position, or the dodging component to try to get yourself into a better position to shoot/pass. The last two would apply to anywhere on the field :), hope that helped!
Have you ever played rebels before when you played club??
Hmm I think so at champions cup maybe
how do I buy the crux 500 head on the stx website ? I can't figure out where the buy button is?
I don't think they sell them directly from their site, but if you check retailers like Universal Lacrosse or Lax Unlimited their websites will let you buy online
If I own the launch pocket already can I take it into a store to resting my stick? Will they be mad?
You totally can!! I doubt they'll be mad, but incase they wouldn't be able to take an outside source to string check out ‎@laxtractive on Instagram! She's awesome and strings for $15 I believe, she'd surely be up for it! :)
Will the Stx launch pocket work with a deBeer Defy head?
I think so!
So I have to be flexible right?
So if I play either attack or Defense would I put attack or Defense but not middie?
Don't put the not middie part, but you can say something like "I usually play attack or defense", incase they want someone versatile they could potentially make a middie
what are the pros and cons of using a 10 degree shaft? what do you prefer? (if you have used both that is :) )
I think the pros lay more in the head than the shaft itself, because of the way 10 degree heads are aet up the offset makes it easier to scoop ground balls and to pass and shoot etc, so the shafts are really just there to accommodate the heads in a way, if that makes sense. I really love the Crux 10 degree shaft! It's thinner and feels really nice and smooth
what kinds of things should I include in my emails to college coaches about getting recruited??
Your GPA, positions you play, any games or tournaments you'll be playing in sometime soon, and stats if you feel like they really reflect who you are as a player :)
Thank you so much for all your help! I hope you lacrosse career is AMAZING because you deserve it!!
You're welcome!! Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it!
tips on keeping a balance on school work, sleep, lax, working out, and a social life and still dress cute??
Hmmm. Keep your outfits simple but use jewelry to dress them up, biggest tip. And sometimes during lacrosse season I'd wear workout gear, but make it matchy to keep it cute. It made it easier because I didn't have to worry about packing two sets of clothes & it's fun to match gear all up. If you like wearing makeup, waterproof is your bff. I personally don't usually wear it, but there's no problem with waterproof makeup if you're up for it! I think overall getting enough sleep is so have to prioritize, and usually the order is school, athletics, sleep, and social life. It's sometimes hard to add sleep into the equation but it's so important because that's where your energy will come from (this part applies to balance). Stay ontop of your schoolwork, dooont slack! You'll feel so much better if you do it and get it done, instead of trying to squeeze it all out after practice. But yeah, for looking cute just wear simple pieces that don't require too much work to put on or take off, or wear your practice clothes to school in a cute way and make it work :)