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If I try out as a walk on for a team and don't make it , does that mean I still have to attend that university?
Yes, but you can transfer to another school.
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I used to have a community wall very close to my house but now the city took it down and it's been a month and I stayed after one time to play against the school wall and I was horribly worse than I used to be :( any suggestions? I can't stay after school everyday because I wouldn't have a ride
Hmm, you can try playing wallball at lunch. I used to do that sometimes!
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if I send you a vid on ig will you tell me how to make my stick skills better
Yeah sure!! :)
Ok so I'm planning on getting my first new stick after using my older sisters for a super long time, and was wondering if you could help me out? I play defensive mid or just defensive. Thanks!!
Yeah! How long have you played for?
I want to show you why my ball keeps hitting the ground, IG?
Yeah sure!! Send me a picture or a video or something
will the fortress 500 head fit on the exult 500 shaft?
my wall ball always hits the ground first is it bc of my "wall"?
Try getting close to the wall and make sure your follow through is pointed at the wall
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What are the major differences between the exult 500 and fortress 500 other than that they were designed for specific positions? What makes them "specifically designed for middie/defense?"
The designs, the fortress is wider for easier interceptions and defensive play
what club team did you play for???
MC Elite & ULAX
i just made a club team for my first year and the coaches havw different ways of coaching than my coach that i have had for the past 5 years has how do you recommend ajusting?
Listen and ask questions if you need to, don't just ignore them and think your old way is better
What grade were you in when you committed
Will u follow my account lol
what state r you from
any shooting tips
Practice, shoot at the corners or right inside the corners, turn your hips and your shoulders in towards the net, feet pointed at the goal too
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I'm in the stage in the recruiting process where I'm dozens of emails from colleges everyday asking to visit their school, talking to coaches on the phone, and taking official visits. But how does committing and scholarship money come into the conversation with a coach without sounding too forward?
Once you do your visit, you can ask to meet with a financial advisor with your parents and speak with them about it if you're interested
did you go to private or public high
Public with the IB program
where are you committed
I'm in college at Sewanee in Tennessee :)
how did u manage to get a full ride scholarships nd still become so great at lacrosse
Idk haha, I just work really hard. I've always felt that education was #1 in my life, and then I kinda decided to be a badass in school and on the field and got it done :)
And I still learn more about lacrosse everyday. I'm a work in progress
did u ever have a boyfriend in high school
Freshman year I did, and sophomore year we were on and off
So regime or crux500?
Regime. If you play a lot of attack it'll still be good for you to use, and even on defense but especially for the draw.
i play defense for 8th grade/highschool lax and got the crux 500 with the crux 10 degree shaft and it works perfectly when i cross! we tied 7-7 and scored 4!
Yay thats awesome!!! Its such a great stick
What stick do you recommend for an attacker who does the draw
The Under Armour Regime is great, I know some Cuse girls use thatone
Thanks i forgot the piece to make it fit into the shaft! Whoops!
No problemooo :)
i got a crux 10 shaft and a crux 500 head and the shaft seams small is it right?
yup! it's a thinner shaft, if it's too thin you could return it and try the exult which I believe is a little thicker. Also remember that there needs to be a piece that fits onto the shaft to make it fit into the head
How did u get recruited??
I played at tournaments and emailed coaches with my schedule, and once I got my scholarship I sent my coach my tape and did a visit then committed
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