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where are you going to school next year?
Sewanee on a full ride
So I just got a crux and I have been using an a2 and I really don't like how there isn't leathers on the crux, just the normal strings... Could I get it restrung with leathers in it or is that not usual for an stx head?
Yes! My Crux 10 has leather runners and the runway pocket!
Hey if I gave you my username could you possibly dm me I need someone to talk lacrosse to
Good luck today in ur game. I have a big one today too vs St Pauls
Thank you!!! Good luck, I hope you got the W!
What's your favorite song
Hmmm. California Sunrise by Dirty Gold or Be With Me Now by SOJA
I want to marry rob pannell and have his babies and raise mini rob pannell lax gods
ooppsss sorry i took that place already
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Would you ever play girls box lacrosse or nahhhh?
Sure, if the chance came up!
Opinion on the stx propel shaft?
I use the Crux shaft so I haven't used the propel before, it comes with some Crux sticks and from what i've seen people tend to like it!
One of my teammates just got pregnant... And I'm the only person on the team she told... What do I do??
Oh dear.....well step 1 should probably be her telling her parents and you being as supportive as you can!
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I had no clue you did ULAX I do it to!!
No way! What's your name?
Do you know anyone on twitter who is getting recruited to a D1 school or has gotten recruited?? If so who are they?
Yes, a lot of my followers are D1 players! I'm sure they'd love to talk to you, whats your username and i'll see if anyone has some tips to share?
How do you feel about the eye black rule in high school lacrosse?
I wish they'd just let us be creative :(
You're bæ and @ me sometime
Awww shanksss boo
What are some of the best summer club teams that you know about?
Rebels, Skywalkers, LI Yellow Jackets come to mind for girls. Baltimore Crabs come to mind for boys. What area are you in?
What grade did you know it was all about lacrosse? I feel I may be pushing my son , although he loves it. He scored his first two goals today.
9th grade. Congrats on his goals! My parents didn't really know much about lacrosse when I started, so I think I pushed them instead haha. But i'd say just let him have fun and cheer him on no matter what, he may gravitate towards lacrosse because it really is a fun sport or maybe he'll pick another one, but keeping him in more than one can really help so that he doesn't get burnt out of playing.
Do you think people are crazy if they are a goalie
Nope, I think goalies are BADASSSSS
Do you have an tips for getting out of slumps and un cooperative coaches?
Hmm, play for the love of the game. Change your angle and aim of play and things may change
What colleges have amazing lacrosse teams
Ummm UNC, Maryland, Syracuse, Hopkins, Penn State, Florida, Duke, there's a ton! hahaha
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Hiiii i really could use some tips am you Dm me if i give you my username?
Do you have any advice on trying to get committed to a D1 school?
I'm having a problem with one of my teammates being over critical and super bratty, but I'm too scared to tell my coach because our team needs us to get along and be close since we are attack and midfield working together and we are the best two players on the team.... What should I do?
Talk to your coach! Thats what they're here for, to mediate when needed
What travel team do you play for?
I played for MC Elite & ULAX
I'm a sophomore and was supposed to get pulled up from jv to varsity but didn't because I got injured and I'm out for the season. Do you think playing on a club team and starting a recruiting process my junior year is too late? I'd love to play in college but there's nothing I can do about this sea
Nope! I too started my junior year, and though I ended up on a different road with how I chose my school theres TONS of programs out there
Do you highly suggest that even as a defender I should make a tape? Would colleges really look at it even though I am a defender
Yes! Staying on your mark, caused turnovers, ground balls, forcing bad passes etc. Your coach can probably help too