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I am planning on getting the cruz 500 soon. I've read your review and their really aren't a lot of other reviews that I have found. Can you tell me what you don't like about the stick?
Yeah for sure! It honestly is amazing, BUT (i may or may not have mentioned this in the review) it takes a while for the launch piece to loosen up and get a good hold. Comparing it to my worn in runway pocket, that's probably what I liked so much about the runway was just how great the hold is but over time my launch pocket is catching up. Besides that it's awesome, but I personally think the pocket is the vocal point of a stick and that's what comes to mind first :)
No I Don't that explains it thank you so much! Where can I get that?
Lacrosse Unlimited or any local lax store should have some! :)
I have a Cruz 500 head and a Crux 10degree shaft. The head is wobbly on the shaft, and The screw is tightened as much as it can be! Is this normal? Or is this a common defect among the head or shaft? What should I do
Hmm, it shouldn't be wobbly at you have that white insert piece that's supposed to go on the shaft? That's usually what makes it fit into the head :)
Are there any Olympic/national teams for women's lacrosse?
There's the US Women's National team which is awesummm :)
opinion on the Outlaw Ladies club in Syracuse?
I don't know much about them, i'm sorry!
in the summer a d1 coach was really interested in me, & it was the first school tht had shown interest in me but They ddnt offer the program i wanted to study @ the time so (stupid me) I didnt rlly follow up with them, but now its changed to something they offer, do you think im still on their radar
Id assume so! Just email the coach and let her know that they now offer your program and you're interested in looking at the school again and potentially being part of their team. Coaches understand that education takes first interest, and im sure they'd love to be in touch again
I wish lacrosse in canada was taken as seriously as it is in the states, my high school team was able to beat all of the uni teams by atleast 10 except for western cause they refused to play us
I'm so sorry, I wish there was a way to fix that! We played against Canadian teams during club and they were so talented and classy. Hopefully there'll be more chances for US and Canadian teams to play each other :)
Did you ever play Team 180?
I think so my first season of club
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YOOO you've heard about Western??!!??!? That's insane!! I play for Western OMG!
YESSS lol! ya'll were 13-0, of course i have! Congrats on such an amazing season btw! :)
What's your opinion on OUA lax up north?? :)
I don't really know a lot about it, sorry :( but I know the teams involved in OUA are pretty good especially Western!
What drills would you recommend doing for defenders
Definitely lots of footwork drills and ladders, especially to practice keeping your stick up and big for interceptions etc
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You're kinda a celeb
Aww thank you!! Honestly I feel like a regular girl who got very lucky to be surrounded by people who love the same sport! So I gotta say thank you :)
I feel so annoying asking you about the googles so much ! I just ordered them but I'm not sure what they look like on ahhh so excited , ok ok I'm sorry bye
Nooo you're not annoying at all! Here's a rundown:
They're awesome, super comfortable. I have mine in blue, here's Katie Schwarzmann wearing them in grey
They're rubbery, very soft, at times they can bug your face if they're too tight but I recommend putting one strap above your ponytail and one below. Somehow that makes them more comfortable. And once you find a comfy spot for them on your head it's smooth sailing from there!
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Lax lax lax lax baby
Woop woop!
Your such and inspiration
Thank you so much, this made me smile! :)
My friend showed me your Twitter , in now obsessed
Yayayyyy!! Thanks so much, lax on!
I just ordered a pair of the under armour charged goggles! I could wait any longer !!!
That's awesome!! I'm so sorry it's taking a while, I'm super busy! But you'll LOVE them'
favorite online lacrosse store?
do you prefer nike or under armor shoes
I've never used UA shoes though I'm open to them, so I guess Nike! But I love UA clothes and equipment
best turf shoes?
I use running shoes, but I'm looking at Nike turfs!
you are a great lacrosse player
Thank you so much!!
You are such an inspiration to me!
Thank you SO much!!
I was wondering if you knew what minnesota elite lacrosse and minnesota lacrosse academy is?If so what team is better?
I apologize, I don't know much about them :(
what's your favorite type of music???
I love indie rock! And hardcore rap too