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what D1 schools were interested in you? just curious?
I'd rather not say on here, and that pertains to any school D1/D2/D3 that I was looked at by before I committed, but feel free to DM me or email me! :)
did you get any d1 lacrosse scholarship offers? what made you choose the school you did?
I looked at small d1 schools and they looked at me, but once Sewanee offered me a full ride it overshadowed all the other offers. I have big goals for myself past college and outside of lacrosse, and I needed to go somewhere I could succeed not only as a lacrosse player but as a student, and Sewanee had the balance I needed.
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Can you send me the link to the defense high light tape?
DM me and I will!
Hey I just got a Crux 500 and I was wondering if you have any tips for breaking it in. I know lots of wall Ball but anything I can do when I'm inside? Thanks!
Hey! Well right off the bat, make sure you don't tie the strings together too tightly. Give it a little wiggle room. You can pound the pocket in with a ball a little bit, I haven't tried this and idk if it'll work for the Crux 500, but try the knife trick where you put the ball into the stick then a knife through the sidewalls and leave it in. I can't say I recommend this because I haven't done it on this head, but I did it on my Crux 10
Wait did you get a scholarship to play lacrosse at sewanee?
My scholarship is 100% academic :)
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I don't have any club teams in my city but I've been to camps and coaches think I can at least be D2/D3 but I want to get better and you've started playing the same time as me (only high school) any tips on how to get better without club?
WALL BALL! And if there's clinics and more camps, go to those too and absorb the info. I watch a ton of lacrosse too, to understand positioning and see how girls in my position move around and find ways to get open and score since I play attack.
Are you good at lacrosse?
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What college r u playin at an what position
Sewanee and i'll play attack
My last questions, what if you never became official lax girl, but instead you had a choice between playing in one game with your dream team or becoming a world renowned make up artist
One game with my dream team, someone get me a syracuse uniform plz
Not being able to recognize anyone or not being able to remember anything about you
Not being able to recognize anyone
President or spy
Not being able to see or taste or not being able to move
Not being able to taste...
Read minds or move things with your mind
Read minds
Always be right or always know when someone is wrong
always know when someone is wrong
The hulk or the smallest person alive
ooo thats tough, hulk
Superman or wolverine
No thumbs or no toes
eeeewww hahaha no toes
Every question since 22 minutes ago except the recruiting ones have been mine haha. No eyebrows or no nails
Hahaha well you're keepin me company you rock. No eyebrows
Would you rather look like lord voldemort or the joker
Oooo joker
Unicorn or mermaid
MERMAID WITH PRETTY BLUE HAIRRR! Whoever you are I love your questions lol
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Green land or antartica
Both are beautiful but Antarctica takes the cake, it's absolutely gorgeous. I probably sound crazy but there's so many hues of blue and white there I can never get over
You think it would hurt me a lot in the recruiting process if i don't go to camps? I have horrible shin splints and my doctors already don't like how I play year round because they think they will turn into stress fractures. So when I'm not playing club I'm resting
It might, I mean you could see if your doctor allows you to at least go to a day camp?
Socks or hats for the rest of your Life, and no you cannot put a hat on ur foot In the winter
Chupacabra or a lizard goat
Do you ever think " what if this happened at this game?"
ALL THE TIME. Omg I make scenarios up about games and then freak out aalll the time lol
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