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dream school is Florida but a recent 2018 (my year) standout commited there. She plays attack &so do i. Do u think i email the coaches?Or is it way to early...she's really good.Do u think theyl run out of spots?How does it work. If you commit this early does it mean the coaches think Ur the best?
Go for it and email coaches, at this point the sooner the better so they can see you! Even if you don't commit now, there may be a chance they see you next year and show interest. But yeah email them now to show interest and try to go to camps and stuff so they see you too
Do you think people ever judge you on your race? And if so how does it affect you? Sorry I don't want to sound weird I was just wondering.
I do, but I don't know if it's specifically happened on the field. Maybe people think I don't know how to really play or something, but I never really think about my color when I play. I just wanna play well and win haha. In everyday life maybe people make misconceptions about me too, or about my background, but I've started to move past caring if people judged me for my color. I think that if they just judge me because of my race and don't even try to get to know me, they're not worth the worry.
Still waiting on the review no rush love your twitter it inspires me everyday.
It's coming! They're all rubber, except of course the strap and the cage
i cant eat like even 2 hours before i play or run or anything or else i throw up but at the same time i need energy.. do you have any suggestions??
Hmm, I'd say eat a bigger meal like 4 hours before you play, then have a snack like 2 1/2 hours before like some yogurt and fruit. It may just be that you're trying to force a ton of food into your body because you need that energy, so maybe spacing out the meals and giving yourself more time to not only digest them but for that food to turn into energy before you go out will help :)
what HS did you go to??
Springbrook High Schooool
So I really need your advice. Can I dm you on instagram and get your opinion on it?
are you white or African American
African, I was born in Zimbabwe :)
do you mind pap of you? I really look up to you and it would be great to put a face to the name :)
A pic? Sure! I just uploaded one on my page yesterday you can check out :)
you're really pretty!!
aww thank you so much! :)
When will you do a review of the under armor goggles!?!? Please do I've been really looking into getting a new pair of goggles and I took the under armor ones in consideration. Love your Twitter btw
Hopefully tomorrow! I'm so sorry, i've been really really swamped this week with schoolwork but it's definitely coming! :)
who is your favorite lacrosse player and why (can be more than one person)
Michelle Tumolo because she's just so freakin good and super nice, Taylor Thornton also is one of my favorites, Jackie Sileo's an absolute boss, E'Leyna Garcia is probably one of my favorite D3 players and players overall cause she dominated the field. And of course Rob bae
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I broke my ankle doing gymnastics (I also play lacrosse) about a year ago and the doctors told me it never really healed. I have gotten x rays twice and they say its fine. It is kind off swollen and I am having problems walking. I think it is a stress fracture i am not sure what to do. i am 13 gi
I'd say maybe see if you can go to a clinic with another doctor since that might not be as expensive and get a second opinion, but also talk to your parents and see what they say cause if you arent feeling 100% you may need another look
Do you have any good work outs you can post on Twitter? :)
I just got my speed workouts today, i can see if I can share em! I plan on typing up my cone workout though
Do you think someone could still play lacrosse in college if you don't play year round and play other sports like soccer?
Definitely!! I did two sports until my junior year though I played lax in the winter, playing multiple sports can totally be helpful
Did you go through the recruiting process recently? Any helpful hints for current sophomores in HS who have no idea were to start?
I did, my advice to you is to be the biggest advocate for yourself. Don't be afraid to reach out to coaches and let them know you're interested, along with passing along your highlight tape and schedule for tourneys or games
ok so i have the opportunity to play varsity as a freshman in HS for my school, but i play mid and they would probs put me on defense (which isn't my strong suit) or i could play jv and get a lot more playing time and play attack. Which do you think is better? jv or varsity?
I embrace JV because its an amazing learning experience, but if the coaches think you're ready for Varsity I say give it a shot. They can really shape you into an all-around good player, and you never know they might just leave you at mid. Just go into it and do your best, and see where they place you. If you feel uncomfortable, don't be afraid to ask for help but also embrace the chance to improve
What stick would you recommend for girls just starting to play lacrosse in high school (we are a brand new program)?
I'd say check out the Crux 300 or the deBeer NV3. You can also try the regular Crux which may potentially be on sale with newer products coming out, but those two can definitely stay with you during high school and they'll last a while! Both are great. They may be pricey but for the level you'd be playing at (high school JV/Varsity), buying either one is a good investment because it'll last a while
What do you believe the best stick is for a defender to use? I was thinking the exult 500?
I'd say the fortress may be better if you're looking at STX sticks, its defender specific whereas the exult is usually for middies. But if you sometimes play middie, then the exult will be perf
what's the best joke/comeback/saying about lacrosse that you've ever heard
If it was easy they'd call it baseball/softball, though I do love and respect all sports :)
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When did you start the recruiting process
My sophomore/junior year
Where can I buy the crux 500
You can check out, and there should be a store locator with stores that have the Crux 500 in stock. Online, check out which is where mine is from,
or just google Crux 500 and itll come up. There's a couple different places to purchase it too but I personally know Universal to be reliable, so I can recommend that for sure
what turns you on?
Burritos and launch pockets
How do I get back at it after a back injury
Not sure if you're the same person who asked the previous question, but nonetheless staying positive is HUGE. If you're fully recovered, realize that you've made it and your injury is in the past, now its time to kind of rebuild and get back to a game mindset. Watch lots of lacrosse to get yourself back into the mode of playing. Also do footwork if you can, play wall ball, and shoot on goal too. Try to re-acclimate yourself to the game :)
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I'm currently going through recovery for my pats defect of my back. What are some tips to get through it without playing lacrosse, and how to get back at it better than before etc.?
Stay positive! Thats the biggest thing, injuries can sometimes bring us down but staying positive keeps you on track. Watch lots of tape if you have some, watch old lacrosse games online or on YouTube. Do footwork if you can, this includes ladders, which may not be too strenuous depending on where you are in the process. I think just saying in the lacrosse mindset will help a lot because you can learn SOOO much just by watching lacrosse
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Where can I get my crux head strung with the launch pocket?
Check out lacrosse unlimited, I believe they have them in stock and will do it