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what is the difference between the under armor regime and the under armor assert stick? which do you prefer?
I like both, the Regime is a little heavier but I have one and love it!
What is the difference between the crux 500, fortress 500, and the exult 500
Crux: Attack
Fortress: Middie
Exult: Defense
my launch pocket ripped :( I've only had it for a few weeks! what do i do?
Call or go back to where you got it, they should fix it for free!
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is the stx Crux 500 good for catching? how about throwing?
Yes and yes! :)
I have my first lax practice of the season on friday, any tips? (btw this is my 4th season playing so its not like my first first)
Play hard! Listen, focus, and be very positive throughout the practice! Im sure you or your teammates may be rusty, but just work hard. And run hard as well
is the sty cruz 500 good fro draws?
what is the difference between the stx exult 500 and stx exult 300?
The 500 is a ten degree head :)
i cant figure out how to tighten my launch pocket for my exult 500. i know its something i should know since i bought the stick but every time i try it doesnt help. my stick isnt illegal, i just dont like how deep the pocket is because its close to illegal
its all good!! they're kinda slippery, have you tried double knotting?
I usually play defense, but I want a versatile stick because my coach talks about being able to play any position and im fast enough to play other things. Is the crux 300 a good stick for me? or should i stick with an exult 300?
I think the exult 300 would be a better choice! :) but i know defenders who play with the crux and play well with it!!
Do you know any good tracksuit brands? Specifically ones that would be comfy on long bus rides and with nothing underneath?
Hmm, I really like Under Armour and Nike running gear! They have good tracksuit bottoms, you can also check out Lululemon depending on your budget/how much you're willing to spend but im def a fan of UA and Nike!
Whats a good sport to play in off season to stay in shape? I have a lot of swim friends so im thinking thats my best bet
I also played field hockey in high school and it really helped me stay in shape!
I loved the lax article you were in! Such an inspiration!
Thank you so much!!!
is the stx crux 500 also good with cradling? like does the ball move around a lot in the stick or does it stay put?
Once the pocket is made, it's really solid and stays put!
is the stx crux 500 good for catching throwing and GROUND BALLS? I'm a defender and Ido if that head is good enough for ground balls because my last stick wasn't
Yes!! It has a really nice curve for ground balls
will the stx crux 500 head fit with the nike victory shaft?
If it's 10 degree it should!
any tips for interceptions? i play defense and have a lot of deflections but i want to get interceptions
I think when you're playing, you may have a knockdown mentality so you swat your stick at the ball. Maybe try a reach mentality, where you see it and just reach and grab it, like an errant pass type thing. You can even try throwing the ball up and catching it yourself, just to get used to the grabbing motion
How long does it take to break in your sty crux 500?
Hmm, I think like 2-3 weeks just playing lots of wall ball, then maybe a month and a half of full play to really break in the pocket
You're so pretty
Aww thanks so much!!!
What was your high school GPA?
I wanna say 3.42 or something around there
Difference between Crux shaft and 500 shaft? They seem to be the same price...
The 100 is octagon shaped, the 500 is teardrop shaped and I believe the 500 is more flexible
ok i play catch everyday non-dom, one hand, quick stick, ext for 20 mins everyday and i cradle and dodge for about 5 minutes. what else can i do? btw i can shuffle or do ladders because i am recovering from ankle surgery
I usually bounce the ball off the bottom of the wall, you can also toss it up and catch it to practice draws or interceptions! That shouldn't take too much movement
will the exult shaft fit a crux?
Mhmm, it should. If not there's a piece you can put ontop of the shaft to make it work, I can't recall if they're the same shapes but should have all the info! :)
fav color?
Meee too!!
when did you start dating?
Hmmm 7th grade? Not seriously till hs