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Ive played for 5 years club town and school, so crux 500 or 300?
should i get the crux 500 or crux 300
Hmm how long have you played for?
hello! currently i have a p7 harrow head and i want to change to a stx one. a lot of girls on my team have stx or debeer and though i do like my harrow head, i want a new one that has better control. do u have any suggestions? i looked at the crux 300 but i dont know if it'll work well w/ my shaft
Try the Crux 10 head strung with a launch pocket and leather runners
caps lost.. hehe
crying on the inside, still not over it, h8 rangers
how can I send you a video for pointers on shooting? I saw somebody wanted to dm you it via Twitter but idk
You can send it on insta if you'd like! my insta is ‎@officiallaxgirl
my shots keep going high what can I do to improve my accuracy?
Take multiple shots on goal and focus on the fundamentals of that, just getting your muscles used to taking the right show :)
I am trying to find a stick for my sister she's in fourth grade but probably as good as some fifth graders. What stick to you recommend for her?
Hmm, try the regular Crux head and shaft or the deBeer NV3
I'm on an undefeated team, any tips for state?
Play hard and keep up the same morale! Good luck!
okay so on my stx crux 500 stick the hole for the screw that holds the head on stripped and now it's a pain cause the 10 angle I can't just flip the head around, watch out for stuff like that
thanks for the heads up!!
It's my birthday!
Yaaaay happy birthday!!
Hi can a crux 500 women's lax head fit on a nike shaft
As long as it's 10 degree yes
is it against the rule to use a ten degree head with a straight shaft?
No, but it just won't work. The heads are made specifically for 10 degree shafts, so it'd look weird and not function well if you put it on a regular shaft
I'm having troubles shooting with the crux 500 shaft and head. I feel like my shot is not going where I'm looking. I will shoot with my previous stick (a runway pocket crux and a metal shaft) and it will work fine.
Hey! The runway and the launch are very different, when you shoot with your 500 are you making a conscious effort to point where you're shooting?
I'm so sad because I want to dm you a video of me shooting to see if you could give me a few pointers on technique and such, but I can't send you a dm because twitter only lets you dm people who follow you :(
What's your twitter name??
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i got the caps losing in round 1
Bruh, at this rate it's possible. Last night's game broke my heart
fav nhl team
Caps! Hometown team haha
I'm looking to buy a new really nice lacrosse stick. I was thinking about buying the crux 500 because some girls on my team have the crux 10 head. i was wondering what the difference was between the two heads and whether it was a good idea. btw i play mostly attack and midfielder
The 500 is a newer version of the 10, with thicker sidewalls, a deeper scoop, and overall improved for better shots/gbs/passing etc. Its also strung with the new launch pocket, which helps with that as well! I think if you want a stick thatll last you a while as well as suited for the upper level, then the 500 is a great idea! It can be pricey though, and if you are not ready for that investment yet getting the Crux 10 with a launch pocket strung into it is great too!
From a lacrosse store in chicago I'm thinking about getting it restrung with ladder stringing would that workout?
yeah i think thatd be fine!
Ur tweets r so relatable 😂
Thanks boooo!
whats ur favorite dodge? mine is the sword 😂
I love sword!! Also this split dodge by Maggie Bill is goalz
fav tv show?
Law & Order: SVU!!
tips on close and trick shots?
Close shots, always fake. I love a fake high, shoot low shot haha. Trick shots, just have fun. Its easier to do them if youre loose than if youre so focused on getting it perfect every time. Kinda has to be spur of the moment
my crux 500 is ripping what should i do
hmmm. Whered you get it from?
your are such a cool laxer!!
thank youuu! much luv