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Will a Crux 10 head fit on a crux 100 shaft?
Nope, the shaft has to be a 10 degree shaft
should I get the lunar elite stick? is it any different from the Crux 500?
It's about the same, it's a great stick as well!
Where can you watch syracuse women games?, then click lacrosse under sports and shows & then replay
What magazine is the article you're in called?
Lacrosse Magazine
Besides wall ball (which i do like almost everyday) what are other ways to have really good stick skills? Mines are pretty good but you can always improve ya know!?!
Practicing your cradling helps too!! And practicing different dodges, just getting comfy with your stick :)
Does the exult 500 head fit on other shafts? Or just the 10 degree one?
Just 10 degree
Where will you post the picture?
On twitter (‎@officiallaxgirl)
Can you please post a picture of how you tied your launch pocket? :)
What did you have to do for your run test?
We ran an interval test, so sprinting about 20 laps, and you'd sprint for say 1:30 4 times with 45 secs inbetween, and we did 4 sets of that with less time to sprint/rest each time
What your run tests like? How did you do?
It was an interval test, it included sprinting about 20 laps at different intervals of time throughout, with certain amounts of rest inbetween. So like sprinting for 1:30 with 45 rest inbetween, you'd do that four times and then you sprint for less time with less rest until you're down to 10 second sprints with 5 seconds inbetween. I did pretty well, felt good to get it done, it's supposed to push you mentally and physically and I think it got the job done
Could a nike 10 head fit on the crux 500 10 shaft?
How was your first game?
Good!! We won!
The shaft fits on the head but the screw holes don't match up so I have to drill a new one. Is that okay?
Yeah that's fine!
Can you put an STX head on a debeer shaft?
It's gonna depend on the head, you'd have to try it out and maybe get a fitting piece for it as well
Favorite lax brand?
STX & adrenaline
What shaft goes well with the debeer NV3?
Most do! I'd say it's better to go with a deBeer shaft for the specific fit but you can get a fitting piece for most shafts to fit
What sports do you play
Laxxxx, I played FH in high school too
is the stx composite shaft the same as the crux 10 shaft??
Nope, it's different :)
When did the Exult 500 come out?
Hmmm, i'd say like late summer. Somewhere around there
If my stick is illegal, do I tighten the launch pocket or the leather runners?
the launch pocket, you may have to tie it a liiitle tighter.
how do I convince my parents to let me join a good club team that is also $$$
Hmm. Well, I think first would be making sure that that's the club team for you, and if you're positive about that then sit down and talk to them about it and why you really really wanna be on that certain team. A lot of club teams allow you to pay your fees in seperate payments, and your parents can always ask about that as well to make it more affordable! :)
tips for tryouts?
Be confident! Play hard, run hard, and make sure you play wallball and go for runs before tryouts start so you're used to playing/in shape even more. Coaches love to see hustle, and even if you make mistakes hustling is a great way to show em what you're made of!
If I buy the regime head what type or brand of shaft should i buy
Mine came with the UA Juke shaft but really any shaft you'd like I think the store you go to can make it work. I've seen it paired with a Crux shaft as well
I'm thinking about getting a new head and I'm not sure if I should get the UA regime or assert?
Hmm, depending on your shaft id say regime. That's the one I have & have used the most, but the assert is great as well. I think the sidewalls for it are much lower so it may take time to adjust
What do coaches look for during tryouts?
They look for skill and playing style, but they also really love seeing hustle! If you're out there hustling and trying your best, a coach will love that because skills can be taught but hustle and just a desire to be out there comes from you. So yeah they wanna see that you're able to play well but also that you're willing to work hard
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