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could you please explain to me the difference between the crux 500 10 degree shaft and the crux 25 10 degree shaft because they are similar in price and i don't understand the difference
I believe they are the same make/model of the shaft, with the 500 being released more recently as new products come out. I think the 500 is a "upgrade" of the 25 10 degree, and the 300 is an upgrade of the regular 25 :)
I live in Australia and I want to go to college in America for lacrosse and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to make it and what colleges?
Hey!! I'd recommend talking to your team's coaches and see if they have any connections! I know a couple of Australian players that have come over and Canadian players as well, and most of their connections were made through their coaches! Any college will gladly take a player if they believe they fit into their program, I'd say talk to your coach and get kind of a template about the kind of email to send, then start emailing programs and attaching your highlight tape as well! I know the international process is strenuous so I recommend starting ASAP!
Okay awesome! Thank you much, that's good advice. One more question, I'm currently an attackman, but how would you go about deciding what position you should play? Like sometimes I feel like I'd make a good defenseman but at the same time I feel I'd do well as an attackman too
No problem!! Just go with the flow, your coaches are trained to see where you're best at and will place you there! But just embrace every position and work your hardest! Wherever you end up I know you'll be great!
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I'm a rising senior and just started lacrosse. I'm kind of bad at catching. But I'm a good passer and good runner. Do you think there's still time to become really good at lacrosse? What kind of stick to you recommend for a beginner?
Yeah absolutely!! Just hit the wall and practice your stick skills and you'll become a better catcher! And passing around with other people will help too, but wall ball is your best bet! I'd say depending on your position, ask your coach what they recommend since you're a rising senior and may be put in a specific place! :)
How can I get a custom 10 degree shaft? I hate that STXs are almost all black
Either at tournaments or lax shops, or online maybe! Sites or stores like Lax Unlimited may have some. As for completely custom, I believe STX takes custom team orders but not completely sure about 1 custom shaft for persons
Ohhh yeah I love them!! They're the new craze haha but I've heard they're great
What do you think of ladder pockets?
Like a tracker pocket?
I find you really inspiring. I admire that you chose a school based on academics and outside of the lacrosse hotbed area (helped make my choice easier). And you're so relatable for me, as I am a Nigerian American
Aww thank you so much!! This made my day! Academics are so important, and you'll always find your fit no matter what! I love being at Sewanee and I am blessed to be there! Good luck & if you need any help let me know! :)
Do you think the Nike Lunar 10 with a launch pocket (by someone like Laxtractive) would play really well for a college attacker? Do Nike sponsored college teams use Nike or stx heads?
Yes! Nike sponsored college teams usually use botth Nike and STX because they have the same manufacturer
Do you think STX or any major brands will release a new head before spring? I want a new stick for college but don't want to get one now if a new one is coming
I doooo, I'll try to keep peeps in the loop if I find out anything though!
Just got the Exult 500 but the center strings keep coming untied. What is the best way to prevent this?
Double knotzzzz :)
DeBeer rapture or NV3? I've been playing for a year, enjoy defence but want some flexibility with what position I play
NV3 :)
which is better? the Crux 300 or the Crux 10
They're basically the same head, the 300 is just an updated version of it, so i guess you could say 300 :)
is the exult 10 the same as exult 500? I know the exult 500 comes with a launch pocket and is a couple years newer but they look exactly the same besides the pocket
It's not exactly the same but it's similar! The shape is slightly modified I believe, but you can always get the Exult 10 & get it strung with a launch pocket!
do you think putting an stx launch pocket on a brine dynasty elite would be good for a attack and shooting?
Yeah!! It's a great head and a great pocket
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Do you like sticks that are simple colors like black and white or do you like bright colored strings with crazy colored stringing?? Haha
Both haha. I love when sticks are simple, but I really dig sticks with color schemes that go well. Like my a Syracuse one is blue-orange-white and I love it. So as long as the colors go together I like it, but i think as long as you're happy with the stick then it's all good :)
is the stx 10 degree shaft thick or thin?
nike lunar 10 degree or the stx crux 500?? i play defense but my coach is switching me to attack
They're very very similar, so it probably will come down to which one costs less. I use the Crux 500 and I LOOOVE it, so that's what I'd recommend but I've heard great things about the lunar 10 too
Would the crux 500 work for a midfielder who plays both attack and d? I ahve the crux 500, but I am considering trading in for exult it worth it?
It should work, but the Exult 500 was made more for midfielder play so it wouldn't be a problem if you traded it in. But since you have the Crux 500 already, it will work just fine! I know a defender who plays with it and loves it
which stick is better? a Nike lunar 10 or a crux 500? im an attack player and have played for 2 years
They're pretty much the same stick.....very similar shape etc. I have the Crux 500 and I love it a ton, I've heard great things about the Lunar 10 too! :)
which stick is better for shooting, Nike flash 10 degree head launch or the crux 500? I know the Nike is cheaper (for me anyways) and both sticks have the same design.
If you want something more like the 500, check out the Nike Lunar! They're even more similar, and it's at a great price!! Nothing wrong with wanting to spend wisely, the Nike Lunar rocks and you can get it with the Launch pocket
I've been playing lacrosse for 2 years now, playing attack, and I'm am going to be on 2 teams next year. what stick do you recommend for me from? One from stx and brine please!!
STX Crux 300 or Crux 10, strung with a runway pocket and 2 leather runners. Smooooth sailing
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my family is all about lacrosse and my brother bought me a crux500 and I can't catch with it, my shots are amazing with it.. But I'd rather stick to my crux10 .. Idk how to tell my brother & my travel team starts in a few weeks. Is there anything I can do to make catching easier with the 500? Heelp
Awww!! Maybe try breaking it in a different way? Is your pocket really tight in it? I love my Crux 500 but I switched back to my Crux 10 too just because it's my Syracuse stick and I love It haha. So were in the same boat, if it doesn't work out just be honest and see if you can return it! If not, everyone needs a backup stick! :)
Can you put stx crux stringing in a debeer head??
could a mantra 3 head fit on the crux 500 shaft?
It should, if not you can get a piece that'll make it fit :)