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Do you have any workout and wallball exercises? I'm training off season but I really want to know what you did! :)
What kind of conditioning does college lax do?
We have a workout program we're expected to follow throughout fall, winter, and in season :)
how do I shoot from far away? I'm more of an up close/ crease roller but my club team wants us to shoot farther away
I'm working on this too, grab some balls and shoot from the 8. Like run up close to the 8, maybe like 1 step in and shoot, make sure you're turning your hips AND your shoulder into your shot to direct the ball and give it power. All about practice and muscle memory
how do you balance school and lax and parties and boys and just balancing everything!?? If I wanna play college lacrosse how do I balance everything else????
I always remember school is first. Parties and lax totally rock, but I make sure I get everything done before I go is first and foremost for school/learning, the rest are just really great perks.
As for boys, idk. It's just about finding the one who's for you and making it work :)
Thoughts on defensive players/goalies?
Love em! Im trying to work on my defense, and being a good defender is so crucial to overall field presense. Goalies are just badass, they're awesome
what are some good STX sticks?
The Crux 10, Crux 500, Crux 300, Exult 500, and Fortress 500 are all fantastic sticks
What stick would you recommend for a defensive middie? I currently have the crux 10 but I'm on the lookout for another stick. Thanks!
I'd say the Fortress 300 or 500, it's a great defensive stick and I think its versatile enough for a middie as well
do you get overwhelmed with sports and school and parties and friends???? If I wanna play college lacrosse how do I balance everything?????
Sometimes I do! I had a really tough day yesterday, but it really is okay! I just prioritize. It;s school, lacrosse, parties. I only go out on the weekends (so no thirsty Thursdays at Sigma Nu for me), but then my weekends are so much better cause I know I worked hard and did what I needed to, and can relax and have fun :)
How much did you work to get into college on offseason
Lacrosse wise I played probably 5/7 days a week with intense practices Sunday and ran, and hit the gym. In school I did a lot of extracurricular stuff too :)
So you need to be very good with you non dominate hand for d3?
Not to toot our horn, but our team is really good haha. So being good with your dominant hand is a HUGE plus if you wanna show you're skillful/show the coaches you're a good player
why can't people pre order the crux500 from stx but you can on universal lax? how do I know if I can trust them
STX doesn't sell directly from their site, their distributors do :)
on they sell only the head (crux500) for $170 but on it's the entire stick for $170 ?¿
No it's just the head on Universal
I tried to preorder the crux 500 on universal lacrosse .com but there wasn't any preorder button? how can I purchase it
I think the only color they have left in stock is this one (, but you could also try calling them to find out when they'll be in stock :)
What stick would you recommend for a middie? Im a freshman in highschool and im debating whether to get a new stick or just stick with my old one for this season
Hmm I'd say Exult 10 of Crux 10, if you're an offensive middie then Crux 10 :)
how much do you think the crux 500 will cost???
I'm curious, have you ever considered playing on a HBCU lacrosse team or what do you think of HBCU lacrosse teams?
I have, I think they're awesome. I love that lacrosse is growing and has grown to HBCU schools as well and though I didn't end up looking into one specifically, I respect them.
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Where do I buy the Crux 500 ? Or what specific date does it come out ?
You can pre-order it online, and it should be out mid-sept/early october I think
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When did you start lacrosse, and if you run how do you motivate yourself because I just can't motivate myself
Freshman year, and I think about how bad I wanna play a lot and be successful and that helps me too
What do coaches want to see in a D pole?
Two of my favorite d-poles are Joe Fletcher and CJ Costabile. I believe coaches want to see fearlessness, communication, great defensive stance and takeaways, ability to cross the restraining line when needed but really hold down the fort on D. I'd say watch some d-poles in the MLL or good programs play and see what they do :)
I play attack and midfield should I get the nike lunar or what stick would be the best for both positions or crux 1 500 ?
I'd say either stick is great, since you play middie though maybe the Exult 500 is best or Exult 10
What college are you playing at
What should I do if the really good club team in my state is full o mean clique y girls?
Flip your hair, turn around, and kill it on the field. You're there to play the game you love and you deserve that spot just like anybody else, so just play and work hard. Ignore em and don't feel like you have to be their friend or try to impress you :)
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do u have any Merchandise that we can buy? or recommend any brands for cool lacrosse shirts and socks haha
As of now I don't have my own merch but I really love Adrenaline, especially their socks with crazy cool prints and LAX SO HARD (, also Coast To Coast lax
I know you probably don't know the answer to this but do you think the U of M (mn) would have lacrosse as an official sport by 2018?
Hi! I honestly am not sure, but anything is possible! It's growing sooo fast
ugh I wish u were my sister
well then let's be sistersss!
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