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I have the crux should i upgrade to crux 10
Yeah go for it! You could even try the Crux 500 depending on how long you've played
Why are you driving at 2 in the morning?!?
I'm on my way to Sewanee for school! :)
do you think you'll be a starter in college this year?
I'm hoping so! My club coach thinks I have a good chance, but even if I don't start I'd love to be a key player and help my team where they need me :)
how did you balance lacrosse, friends/family, volunteer hours for college, and school work and manage to get a full ride scholarship and be a great lacrosse player ? it seems impossible
I rarely slept lmao. Lots of naps. Idk, I just proritized about what I wanted and knew what I had to do to get it done. I tried to divide up my time well and sometimes that didn't always work, but yeah school and sports were like my biggest focuses and I rolled with it :)
where can we watch ur highlight tape?? idk where to DM you
Go on my page and DM me, if I don't follow you drop your @ in my ask and i'll follow ya and send it
can you link your highlight tape here so I can watch?
Hit up my DMs yoooo, also I don't think i'm like god's gift to athletics so I hope no one gets that impression
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How have people seen you play before ? Like on ask they're saying how ur so good do u have like Instagram or something where u have videos of U playing?
I have a video of me doing wallball and I've posted links to my highlight tape before and stuff, so I guess they've seen that :)
Would you recommend the power shaft to anyone?
I personally haven't used it, but I've heard good things about it
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I wish I was good at crease rolls like you
Aww haha thanks, I practice them a ton, I kinda have a technique I do that's really different so it's just all about finding the best way for you and seeing space :)
is there a website where I can find the price of the crux 500 and when it comes out?
Sure! Check out or like, I believe they'll be selling them once they're officially released
what is one of your best lacrosse skills
Stick skills orrrr crease rolling
what should I string my A2 with? like what shooter
It usually comes with a paramount and I really liked that on my A2, but you can try the TXP which is also nice on the A2 or a Runwayway (which you can pair with nylon strings)
Sewanee is recruiting me to play for them, but I'm not really interested, what are some things you like about it so I can hear from an actual player!
I received the POSSE foundation leadership scholarship to attend Sewanee, and it's been a huge blessing. Sewanee's academics are top notch, they're one of the best schools not only in the south but in the nation. Though it's small, the community is really vibrant and there's so many clubs and activities for students to do. I love the expectations that everyone can succeed and the willingness of the school to help their students through things like the writing center and wellness center. I know that I'll graduate with not only a chance to get a great job but I'll be really well set for the real world.
As for lacrosse, the coaches are off the chain. When I first met coach Michele I was sooo nervous cause I didn't know what to expect but she made me feel so at home! I sat with her in her office and we talked about the expectations she had for the team which was HUGE for me. I wanted a team that'd challenge me and wanted to reach great heights, Sewanee's won the SAA championship twice in a row and this year we're going for the automatic qualifier for the NCAA tourney.
I say give it a chance and take a visit overnight. I'm not gonna lie to you and say it was love at first sight, it's smaller than most schools and it's in the mountains but once I stepped onto the campus I felt so at home. I'm probably rambling but everyday I fall for it more and more! If you do take a visit, request to stay with meeee! :)
You're welcome! Thanks for being awesome! :)
is there anyway I can watch you play online
Not that I know of but I'll ask my coaches cause my parents & fam wanna watch too. I'll let you guys know :)
my arms are the weakest part of my body so what are some tips for having a powerful shot?
My coach told me to work out a lot of upper body strength stuff in the weight room, and do push-ups too and practice shooting. He also said to like put weights or something in my stick and practice cradling with it laying down, so like little bags of flour or something like that haha
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I always get nervous when someone passes me the ball and I always try to pass it on to someone else right away, how can I over come this
Just Breeeeathe! There's nothing wrong with passing the ball off etc, but just remember they trust you with that ball for a reason and you can go to goal and shoot or pass. Just analyze your situation and breathe, don't stress about making a mistake
what's that lacrosse stick that all the Syracuse girls have
Most have the Crux 10 and Crux shaft, I know Kirkland used the UA Regime for draws, umm a couple are probably gonna use the Crux 500 now
I wanted to DM you on Twitter but I can't because you don't follow me :(
I'm sorry! What's your twitter name I'll follow ya back
do you think i have a pretty good chance to get onto a club team that has 2 teams with about 15 - 20 people on them so 30 - 40 people get picked out of 70 people trying out if i go to college clinics and the pre - tryout clinics for those teams and work really hard ? what do i need to show the coach
Yeah I do!! You're already proactive and working to get ready, show hustle! Run to every ground ball, sprint when needed, talk on defense and call things like double teams etc, move around on the field don't just be stationary and play hard. Don't be scared, mistakes happen but always work 110% :)
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Do you know how to get your recruiting story on inside lacrosse?
i need advice in how to make a club / elite team . so it's my first year and i want to play in the winter so im gonna try out for the mn elite lacrosse team and i really want to make it but there are 70 other girls trying out for a 20 person team . how do i get the coaches attention to make the team
Hustle!! If you're worried about stick skills or game sense, remember that there's more components. There's running your hardest, there's always redefending, there's going after ground balls, there's talking on defense. Don't be too scared, just hustle! If you miss a pass, go after it. Cheer on your teammates too even if its just tryouts. Get there early, introduce yourself to the coaches they like punctuality, play wall ball before or pass around to get your arms warm and have fun! I was the same way when I tried out for club but people told me to just hustle and have fun :)
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can i play midfield with a Crux 500 ?
I believe so!
What position do you play in lacrosse ? I'm guessing attack cause you have the crux 500 green & black version . The color doesn't matter but i saw that you have the crux 500 so how does that help you ? Does it help you a lot in lax ?
Yup! I play attack. Quick hands are something i've really been working on too as well as my play in transition, my favorite part haha, and it's really helping me! My passes are really fast and precise, my shots are quick and so are my feeds. I think it's made me a better attacker. It took a little to adjust to it from my Crux 10 cause the pocket is different, but once I broke it in and played more with it it's getting the job done for sure. I trust my stick, and that's really important to me
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* can i play midfield with a crux 500 ?
You can, it's more of an attacker stick though. The Exult 500 made for midfielders is coming out soon
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