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No it was white and had black and yellow words and you said you were gonna wear it for wallball or something
OHHHH! The stick skills shirt! I'm looking to see if I can get some made to sell, ill let ya know
Are you ever gonna sell those tshirts you made awhile ago? I forget what it said but I know it was cool
did they say "girls lacrosse is a sport"?
How can I stand out at tryouts? Besides playing amazingly haha
HUSTLE! Even if you're not the best, hustle hustle hustle
Have you seen a difference in commitment levels between upper and lower d1 schools?
Nope! those lower D1 schools are working to be like the uppers, and the uppers are working to keep up their competetiveness!
What's your opinion on changing from an amonte2 to a crux? Are they very different of a feel? I know the crux is skinnier and a little taller maybe?
It can be an adjustment for sure, the crux like you said is skinnier which makes it much lighter, it still has great ball feel though. I think the stringing the crux comes with is better, and it's much more flexible compared to the A2. If you play mid or D the A2 is def a good go-to but for attack or middie, the Crux is great too! Crazy whip and awesome ball control
I've had a rough time at tryouts so far between asthma and injuries and I know I'm a better player than I've been showing.. Would it be likely for me to get pulled up to a higher team once the season is going? Do you see that happen often?
Yeah! If you just come back and keep going hard and get better from your injuries anything is possible!
where can one purchase the lax is life spirit jersey?!
Email me, and i'll let them know you're interested! I've been meaning to work on getting more made but i've been SOOOO busy. But yeah email me with interest and ill forward you the info for it!
If I sent you the link to my highlight video do you think you would be able to give me some feedback? I know it's not the best but I would really like to hear someone other than my parents opinions on it! Like things I should work on and stuff..? If you can, thank you!
So you won't reply if I send my username to you
Nope, ill just DM you
Umm what if I just favorite one of you tweets from a while ago or something
i feel like i might miss it....just reply to my latest tweet with something random lol. i wont publish your username if you send it here though
I can't you dm you because you don't follow me
whats your username?
Do people actually stop being ball-hogs at the high school level? I'm a freshman and I'm 100% done with people not making a smart pass because they want a goal themselves... Does it actually stop?
I wish I could tell you it did....but not always. Some do some dont
Any advice for how to get your lungs used to running out in the cold?
Running out in the cold helps for sure! getting used to it little by little, a few laps each day and just being outside to get acclamated
It was my travel team, my school doesn't have one. I'm a junior and this tryout was for next fall season as there is no summer program, and it doesn't look like there are any other teams to play for. I love lacrosse so much and I just can't believe that this could be the end. Thanks for the help :)
It;s not, dont worry! Let me know what area you're in and ill try to look around and help ya too!
So I just found out I was cut from a team I personally thought I had a pretty good chance at making and in my opinion some ppl made it that I didn't think should. But anyways, I'm just so heartbroken because I don't think there is another team I can play for and I don't know what to do. Any advice?
I am SO sorry!! I think my biggest piece of advice is to try to find a league or another club team to join? Is this your school or travel team? It's all about keeping a stick in your hands and just improving, I know you can make it next time!
Hey what's your number I could really use some advice
dm me and ill text ya!
If you start tryouts tomorrow...goodluck  Omari
Thank you Omari!!! Good luck this season!
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What if u can't afford club but you managed to get into 4 showcases is that good?
I think so!! Lots of coaches go to showcases to watch players!
I play attack wing but I always get really nervous and am scared to make any individual offensive plays. Do you have any suggestions/tips?
Sure! Im pretty small so sometimes I definitely get hounded by defense, and when I get nervous I take it behind the goal! It gives you a chance to clear your head, and once you've faked a little just pick a direction and roll HARD. I'm talking like full on bull gonna get my goal hahaha. Or just go for it honestly, just use your nerves to fuel a try at the goal
So after she told you that how did you react to it?
I was upset and I cried, I went to the gym for like a week and tried eating healthier and all that but I realized my motive was wrong. I was doing it for them, not for me. So I gathered myself up and went about it the right way, I kind of forgot about it until this year when I saw them again and they were asking about my scholarship etc and calling me a "star player". Idk if they remembered but I do haha
Favorite defensive strategy?
Man to man defense, body on body if thats what you mean haha
Ok I'll keep that in mind thanks so much it's just hard sometimes cuz people have told me that my goal won't happen in life and it gets me so upset and then yea it makes me not do as good and I hate it
It's okay, 4 years ago an adult told me I couldn't play in college because I was too small and couldn't get good enough, worked hard and here I am!
That just made my night so much better thanks so much I don't know you but I'll remember that when I'm having some bad days!! You're one of my inspirations in life
Thank you so much! Wow, that means a lot to me! I promise you, i'm in the same exact shoes you're in just trynna become the best lacrosse player I can be. I'm always here if you need advice!
Do you ever have bad days in lacrosse when you don't do as good like how do you get rid of stress when playing and there's a lot on your mind?
YEEES! Im honestly not as confident as I come off, but once I step on the field I just remember how hard I worked and I just go for it. Don't even think about making mistakes etc, just play and know how good it feels to succeed. I'm always looking for confirmation from others that im good etc, but I realized that I have to believe in MYSELF for it to work. Maybe it helps for me to be a little cocky and say yeah im good etc, but I just try to go out and play and ignore all the other thoughts. You've worked hard, you deserve success!
I play lacrosse it's my second year playing and my biggest goal is to play lacrosse in college and get a scholarship for it, I've been working a lot harder since last year I've gotten better and it is my escape from this world!!
Thats awesome!! You totally can do it, keep believing and keep working cause its for sure worth it!