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I'm so sad because I want to dm you a video of me shooting to see if you could give me a few pointers on technique and such, but I can't send you a dm because twitter only lets you dm people who follow you :(
What's your twitter name??
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i got the caps losing in round 1
Bruh, at this rate it's possible. Last night's game broke my heart
fav nhl team
Caps! Hometown team haha
I'm looking to buy a new really nice lacrosse stick. I was thinking about buying the crux 500 because some girls on my team have the crux 10 head. i was wondering what the difference was between the two heads and whether it was a good idea. btw i play mostly attack and midfielder
The 500 is a newer version of the 10, with thicker sidewalls, a deeper scoop, and overall improved for better shots/gbs/passing etc. Its also strung with the new launch pocket, which helps with that as well! I think if you want a stick thatll last you a while as well as suited for the upper level, then the 500 is a great idea! It can be pricey though, and if you are not ready for that investment yet getting the Crux 10 with a launch pocket strung into it is great too!
From a lacrosse store in chicago I'm thinking about getting it restrung with ladder stringing would that workout?
yeah i think thatd be fine!
Ur tweets r so relatable 😂
Thanks boooo!
whats ur favorite dodge? mine is the sword 😂
I love sword!! Also this split dodge by Maggie Bill is goalz
fav tv show?
Law & Order: SVU!!
tips on close and trick shots?
Close shots, always fake. I love a fake high, shoot low shot haha. Trick shots, just have fun. Its easier to do them if youre loose than if youre so focused on getting it perfect every time. Kinda has to be spur of the moment
my crux 500 is ripping what should i do
hmmm. Whered you get it from?
your are such a cool laxer!!
thank youuu! much luv
i have the crux 500 with the flex 10 degree shaft. do you happen to know if there is supposed to be a piece between the head and the shaft? it fits well but the screw keeps on coming lose
Yup!! You need a little white piece to make it fit :)
I got this lax stick for my sister (5th grade btw) and i got her the crux 500 stx head with just a crux shaft (not 10 degree). i just shoved it on and screwed it in, will it become a problem?
Sadly yes, because that head was made for a 10 degree shaft so it should look/feel weird to use because of the way it was made with the 10 degree offset.....if there's no way to return the regular shaft for a 10 degree or the crux 500 for a crux 300, let her test it out and see. But I dont think she'll get the full benefits out of it
Would the Stx cruz 500 head fit on a deBeer 6000 shaft?
I don't think so, the shaft would have to be 10 degree
Is the stx fortress 300 versatile or is it difficult to use in other positions?
It should be fine! It's a wider head for defense, but realistically it should work well for all positions
could a crux head fit onto a nike shaft?
It should!
how to stand out at tryouts?
Hustle! Sprint to every GB and jog to each new drill, just show that you're a hard worker and try to play your best
do u answer all of ur questions?
I try to!!
what is the difference between the under armor regime and the under armor assert stick? which do you prefer?
I like both, the Regime is a little heavier but I have one and love it!
What is the difference between the crux 500, fortress 500, and the exult 500
Crux: Attack
Fortress: Middie
Exult: Defense
my launch pocket ripped :( I've only had it for a few weeks! what do i do?
Call or go back to where you got it, they should fix it for free!
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is the stx Crux 500 good for catching? how about throwing?
Yes and yes! :)
I have my first lax practice of the season on friday, any tips? (btw this is my 4th season playing so its not like my first first)
Play hard! Listen, focus, and be very positive throughout the practice! Im sure you or your teammates may be rusty, but just work hard. And run hard as well
is the sty cruz 500 good fro draws?
what is the difference between the stx exult 500 and stx exult 300?
The 500 is a ten degree head :)