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Wyd today
Hanging out with my best friend that's visiting from Valencia
What is your race
I'm white
How many ex's do you have?
Ehh. I've had more situations talking to someone not labelling it as a relationship. But I have 3 exes from Highschool. I don't count the jr high relationships.
List of people you follow
Do you have a boyfrien
What worries you the most?
When you can justify a lie?
If it's a "white lie" to protect someone's feelings, or In a situation that you need to lie in order to keep yourself or those around you physically and emotionally safe
scrapm’s an app for school pics…we have it at Bedford
Nope have no clue what that is
no?! i have always thought you were nice too! i would have loved to get to know you more if you wanted to tell me anything about you! :)
hav you tried scrapm app for school pics?
awe, no! i actually do like you! we haven't met, but even i knew you liked talking to me at least a little. it didn't matter what we talked about, it was just nice to talk to you! :) because talking to you about anything made me smile.
Okay but why though just cus you like the way I look? You don't know me at all. Yeah it made me happy on a superficial level
oh! haha well i miss that! because it was fun :) i really wanna make you smile again!
What was fun? Thank you I appreciate it but any kind of relationship we had to one another was superficial and shallow, you have never met me and really don't know much about me
it was bad to say? :( really? :(
I wasn't saying yea it's bad to say I was saying yeah to the second part of what you said.
haha i miss talking to you so much! :)
is that bad to say? we would talk a lot, it was so nice though! :)
hey! :) this is Ashton :P i guess i would say that your smile is my favourite part about you xD haha i hope you are good! :)
Yep thought so. Haha thanks
haha what? why?
Because that just sounds like stuff he would say anonymously and cus you asked if it's bad
oh okay then! lol is he bad or something?
Haha still think there's a chance this is just him. No
my favourite part about you is your smile! :)
Thank you! :-)
what? haha
Sorry ha there's someone that always says that on here so I assumed it was him
you are so gorgeous :)
Thank you so much! :)
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
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How are you? :)  Russell Pasion
I'm fine
so masturbating twice a day is wrong?
No definetly not. It's bad when it's to the point that you don't have control over it and it's preventing you from completing other things you need to do