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Do u smoke?
I love the way you smile :) its so sweet and naturally stunning and you are just so amazing :) just by being you! like, that in itself is amazing :) thank you for making me smile, I'm sorry for being so sensitive.
Thank you :) haha don't be sorry
do you mind if a guy says you are hot? I feel kinda weird telling a girl she's hot unless it's in a joking way, but does a girl take being called hot as a compliment?
Most of the time unless it's some creepy stranger yelling it across the street or something
is it bad that i like a girl that i ever have a chance to be with because I'm not good enough for her?
Well if u go into it with that mentality than your chances are low. Don't doubt yourself , and no it's not bad to like someone lol
What is a hug?
left handed. or. right handed
How would you explain your basic life philosophy?
Be generous and kind and it will come back to you, don't judge someone on anything but their character, get rid of anything toxic no matter how attatched u are
you are gorgeous :)
Thank you :)
i really want you :(
Well idk who u are
olivia I didn't know you have ADD. How is it negatively affecting your life?
It doesn't really haha I just space out for a few minutes sometimes when I should be focused
i love your ass
Well thank u :)haha
You're so pretty!(:
Aw thank u :)
beautiful profile picture
Thank you xx :)
Your gorgeous
Thank you :)
would it bad to say you are my gf goal? :) I wanna be with a girl just like you!
No why would that be bad? Haha thank you
fuck you are so hot<3
Thank you :)
Ha no clue who that is sorry
Are you single
would you be okay with a guy coming up to you in person to say you are really pretty? (in a respectful way)
you know when people say "looks dont matter"? well i really think they do…at least a little! and i feel like I'm not good looking at all :( but thats the only real reason why I'm not good enough for her :( so isn't it bad for me to really like a girl "way out of my league"?
No it's not bad if I were u I wouldn't even think about romance in terms of "leagues" who gives a fuck maybe u don't find urself attractive but everyone has different taste maybe she does find u attractive
How jealous are you, on a scale of 0 (not) to 10 (extremely)?
does marijuana help concentration levels?
Depends on the person
do you respect choices
That's a really vague question. What kind of choices
how long ?
We've been seeing eachother for 7 months things were complicated in the beginning but now that's how we long we consider ourselves as together