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go for itt
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what is half sister or half brother?
is your vag always wet?
U look really cute in that pic
Hahaha thank you :)
Pic of u rn
Pic of u rn
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What's ur boob size
34b haha I don't have boobs
Oh ok have u used ur vibrator in ur ass?
Why a maybe on anal?
If I felt like it then I would. But I don't know it depends how I feel at the time
Ha you're welcome :)
Would u do anal
Hmm maybe
Your welcome:)
Ha cool I like how free minded and spirited you are
Aw thank you :))
Oh cool u like being eaten out or fingered ? If u were to give d blow job spit or swallow ?
Ya of course hahaha and I don't know we will see when the time comes
Oh I thought you said you did. How many times for each thing you've done ?
No, and I don't know I didn't keep track haha a few times
Nice have you fine all of them multiple times ? Why no handjob but a blow job?
Yes. And I haven't given a blowjob lol
Butt pic
Don't have any of just my butt but here's this haha
Butt pic
He alrite have you gave a hand job or blow job? Been fingered? Eaten out or eaten some one out? Any penetration?
No, yes, yes I've been eaten out never gone down on a girl, no penetration
Pic of butt in clothing?
I don't have any pics like that sorry!
That's cool:) like what have you done
Ask me more specifically haha
So ur a virgin ?what have you done?
Yeah haha. Not much
Pic of legs ?
Pic of legs ?
How many guys would u say? Any girls?
How many what? That I've hooked up with? Guys and girls to yea but it depends on what you define hookup up as. I've made out with a lot of people hahaha but I haven't had sex with anyone or gone very far.
Full body swimsuit pic?
Noo sorry
Does dick size matter to you?
Tbh I've barely hooked up with a guy it's not like I've seen many dicks so I don't really have any comparison. So I'd say no it doesn't really matter to me as long as I'm attracted to the person
To hookup with or to get some type of action
Like I said it depends. If I feel like hooking up with someone or whatever and I was comfortable with them I'd do it regardless of how long I was talking to them. But I'm pretty picky so most people I wouldn't want to.
Swimsuit pic
Swimsuit pic
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