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How jealous are you, on a scale of 0 (not) to 10 (extremely)?
does marijuana help concentration levels?
Depends on the person
do you respect choices
That's a really vague question. What kind of choices
how long ?
We've been seeing eachother for 7 months things were complicated in the beginning but now that's how we long we consider ourselves as together
do you have a boyfriend?
do you work out
how old are you turning this year
I turned 19 last month
why dont you have a religion?
Omg I'm not talking about this with you if your so curious come off anonymous or text me or message me on Facebook
Why what
Do you want to get the Apple Watch?
how do you cope with it? Are you on adderal or something of that nature?
Is life worth living if you have adhd? I find everyday life a lot harder than it needs to be due to this disease.
Yes I do believe it is sorry u feel that way. I have ADD
Do women care about penis size, or is it a myth? Would you, be honest.
Depends on the person To me it depends on the circumstance if i love the person I don't care
Do you take anti depressants? If so, what are they like? Any side effects?
Zoloft. Maybe increase in appetite and depression when I stop taking it that's pretty much it
Do you have a hard time getting along with sensors? Any miscommunication with them?
I think u deserve to smile more often u r a very sweet young woman. It's a crying shame u aren't treated better and cherished the way u should be. Don't u agree?
By who ?? ..
fav sex position?
I'm a virgin I've said this like a million times
Post a picture of your dream car!
We should hookup
No we shouldn't im taken. Also Your anonymous soo
fuck you
Fuck you to stranger
That's not sin stupid ass . Being an ATHIEST is a sin cause you don't believe in god .
Jahaha I was obviously joking go fuck yourself no need to get so aggressive over religion I don't give a Fuk what you think
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it like whats wrong with you people not believing in god . yes i dont have a religion but i.do believe in god its like you guys just become atheist because you dont want to have limits and boundaries in life stopp giving up easy
Hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha fuck off
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why are so many people ATHIEST ????
Cus they don't believe in any religion??? Idk why does it matter
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but what religion
No religion. Atheist