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go for itt
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How would you describe your style?
I don't have style lol
can i add you on chatous?
What's chatous?!
I just DM you on IG
I just added you on Instagram... Haha
Oh forsure
Well then we should talk
Okay then talk to me haha
Would you go out with a black guy?
First liker gets 5 questions?
Na sorry
Can i possible rub your clit abd get a handjob?(: i promise we talk
The fact that you have to ask anonymously on ask makes it seem highly unlikely that were very close or sexually comfortable with eachother. I mean I geuss it could be a possibility depending on the person but I don't know who you are.
What do you do? Sorry trying to masturbate and need clues
It's kind of hard to explain but if you just try out different things and see what feels good. If you have a vagina I would suggest first locating your clit and playing with it and see how that feels
omfg stop, your making me horny...
Hahahah sorry you asked!
how old are you?
are you not best friends with daniel anymore?
He was away for a year and he's back now but we haven't talked. So I will always love him and care for him but were not currently in eachothers lives
What did you use to masturbate? ,
My fingers haha
did u masturbate today?
its fine. ive become stronger because of it
Yeah that's good to hear
it was more abuse from bullying by group of males and females. i got pushed in bathrooms, pushed into walls, my school books got thrown out a window, i got told i was gonna amount to nothing. it was terrible.
Well that's terrible I'm sorry you had to go through that
wholly fuck... this is what i have to say... you are one of the most beautiful girls (i dont know) i have ever seen honest to god no joke... wholly shit wow... wish i lived around you, i would treat you like a queen
Wow thank you so much that honestly made my night :) that's really sweet
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no i wasnt being sarcastic. i got abused by people when i was younger. :'(
I'm sorry to hear that but obviously I am not going to "beat you" for calling me babe anonymously over ask fm when I don't even know who you are, so that made it seem like you were being sarcastic.
im sorry. dont beat me. :(
Something tells me your being sarcastic. Abuse isn't really something to be made light of either
hey babe! i love you! :*
Thank you! But I'm not your babe don't call me that :)
Where is Daniel pinho?
In Santa Barbara now as far as I know.
What do you think about my new upload? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEGq0F4OxoI&list=UUrLo15uXH-4agbV9kFDA7BQ It's free to download. Everyday i upload a new song.  PaponeMusic
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
No idea
How what