Olivia Mae♡ @oliviaamaeeR
go for itt
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Post a 360 video of where you are right now!
do you excersize?
What's your favorite holiday?
There all bs
i wanan have sex while we smoke a blunt you down?
Hahaha who are you
do you have a boyfriend
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
Uh none
did you cum yet today?
No I'm on my period
You are an amazing person. Never forget that:)
Awh thank you so much :)
Who do you like/ love?
Haha I don't even know
thong pr gstrings?
G string
What is your favorite sport to play?
are you horny now? b honest lol
hahaha....long list....What was your dream job as a kid? What is it now? ... @j
As a kid I wanted to be a herpetologist which is someone that studies reptiles but now I want to go in to sociology
Ill shave your head for you
No thanks
Nice!....If you could change one thing about your looks what would it be? ... @j
Umm my face and stomach and bigger boobs and bigger butt and less acne
Would you shave it bald or a buzzcut
Wtf idk I'm not planning. To shave my head anytime soon
Shaved heads are cool on people who are amazingly beautiful
Hahahah thank you
It would be cool
hahaha....Favorite food that brings you back to childhood?... @j
Cornbread maybe, or cafeteria hamburgers lol
Please shave your head
Umm why haha
So if you had a boyfriend and he asked to shave your head what would you say
Hahaha umm idk depends who it is but I'd probably be like wtf don't tell me what to do
What is that one thing about you that the others will not be able to guess?... @j
Hmm that I have a twin brother, that I like girls idk
How do I get my mum to shave her head
Idk ha it's her decision not yours