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Are flaky people worth keeping as friends? There's these nice and caring people I keep in touch with on a daily basis, but whenever we plan a get together, they always bail and it hurts everytime. They talk to me the very next day as if nothing happened. This has me asking, do they really value me?
I think the best thing to do is confront them about it
Why tell me to fuck off? I just asked a legitimate question regarding issues that are relevent to our society. I'm not trolling.
I think you are. And "men's issues" are a joke. Yes men have issues. Yes there are issues that are exclusive to men. It's patriarchy backfiring and setting up unrealistic expectations for men, ie, being tough, not showing emotion, having sex with lots of girls, etc. so feminism is about dismantling patriarchy which effects all genders. Men's issues.. I've just never liked that phrasing. Men's issues result from the exploitation of women
What? This is serious. Why would I lie about something like this? I feel a bit insulted that you think this is a joke.
Because people constantly troll with shit like this and I'm tired of seriously answering questions like this to people who don't actually give a fuck
What would you name your first child?
I don't want kids
Why are some men's issues not taken seriously in this society?
Go away
I'm a male that keeps getting sexually harassed by these two women at my job. They flirt aggressively, cat call me, and one of them even slipped their hands in my back pockets. I'm afraid to come forward because everyone will think I'm a coward, and expect me to suck it up. What should I do?
Can't tell if this is serious or not
Why are there so many Mexicans in SB?! Can't they all just leave. They are making the city look bad.#Angrywhiteperson.
Fuck off
What is your favorite season?
Winter and summe
you make me smile so much! :) thank you! :)
Awh thanks I'm glad :) who's this?
What's the best way to apologize to a girl who's pissed since our first date got screwed? It's because I received a job offer from a company on the day of our date. I apologized to her when I saw her last week and asked her out again. She said ok. But she doesn't respond to my messages or calls :(  Russell Pasion
It means she didn't wana talk to I just leave her alone she will contact you if she wants to
what do you think is one of the biggest problems in our society today?
To many things
Being white is one of the best priveleges one can have. No wonder everyone else feels resentment toward us.
Go away
is it bad to say i really care about your happiness? is it bad for me to put your happiness above mine?
Firstly no, secondly yes it is bad to put my happiness before yours. Who are you?
I'm sorry ur just amazing
Thanks ❤️
How do u get horny and what porn site u use
Over talking about this ha
Would u ever masterbate with a friend
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Did u ever get eaten out
When u masterbate what is the fastest u ever cumed
Idk man what's with these questions
Do you believe in horoscopes?
What's the fastest u ever cumed
Idk haha 5 mins?
I'm fasted u ever cumed
What haha
is it bad to say that i would always be there for you?
No why would any of these things be bad
would it be bad to say that i would do anything to make you smile?
No why would that be bad
is it bad to say you are so pretty?
No it's not bad aww thanks :)
U get me horny
Thank u