Olivia Mae♡ @oliviaamaeeR
go for itt
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Do you prefer wearing thongs or g strings more?
i dont know i like both
What's the craziest thing you want to try sexually?
define crazy?
you up cutie?
yess :)
When was the last time you screamed?
like 20 minutes ago
horny on 420?
not really haha
you up?
Now I am
Is it wrong to kill animals for human consumption?
ask fm has sponsored questions now wtf hahahah
do you spit while smoking weed?
Spit? I geuss sometimes I do but I spit anyways so
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What makes you wake up each morning?
Music weed idk haha
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Would you ever swallow a shot glass full of cum?
Hahahahhahaha maybe
Have you ever used a sex toy?
I have a vibrator
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Would you let a guy cum in your ass during anal?
I don't know. I feel like I wouldn't like it but I've never tried so idk
Would you ever have a non committed intimate relationship with a guy?
Did you have a thong or bra on in the nude you sent?
Not trying to say on here hahaha
Have you ever sent a nude?
Not completely naked
Do you think anal is gross or nasty?
Would you ever eat another girl out?
I mean I like girls so yeah haha
What are your thoughts on anal sex?
Some people like it some people don't it's whatever everyone likes different things
Would you ever have sex while on your period?
Ever has cum inside of you?
Would you ever wear a dress without wear any panties under it?
Do you think taking two dicks at once would be a lot to handle?
Yeah probably
Spit or swallow?
I've never given a blowjob to be honest
What interests you with try sexual stuff with 2 guys at the same time? I'm just curious
I'm not saying I want to do that but if the situation came up and I felt like doing it then I would
Ever had your ass fingered?
No hahaha
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