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Are you lesbian or bi? Cuz what's good;)
Hahah I'm open to whatever. Well hit me up then! :)
any c's or d's. Did you take honors or ap classes.
No not this year. Yep I did honors and AP
left handed or right
have you ever farted in public
Yea if Someone says they haven't they are most likely lying
how were your grades in school?
They were decent I got mostly A's and some bs
Why? They really are good for almost nothing...unless you can provide me some reasons as to why they "aren't".
Fuck off
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
Everyone would be vegetarian
Believe it or not i've had sex but have never kissed a girl? Can you give me some tips?
It just happens naturally I think don't think about it to hard and you should be fine :)
im a virgin... what does it feel liike to finger a girl?
So am I. I don't know I've only been fingered I've never fingered a girl so I'm not sure how it feels
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i have a tenant that lives downstairs that is a single older woman... how do you think I should get her to sleep with me? lol
Idk man
Mexicans are not human. They are a seperate set of inferiors. The sole purpose of these parasites(mexicans) is to provide soccer entertainment...and cheap labor.
Fuk off your a terrible person
Have you made out with some one of a different race? which one?
Yea. Idk a lot
Have you ever made out with tongue? How does it feel?
do u think anal is fun?
Never tried it
what is half sister or half brother?
is your vag always wet?
U look really cute in that pic
Hahaha thank you :)
Pic of u rn
Pic of u rn
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What's ur boob size
34b haha I don't have boobs
Oh ok have u used ur vibrator in ur ass?
Why a maybe on anal?
If I felt like it then I would. But I don't know it depends how I feel at the time
Ha you're welcome :)
Would u do anal
Hmm maybe
Your welcome:)
Ha cool I like how free minded and spirited you are
Aw thank you :))