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do you like one direction??

no not at all

How long do u think a real relationship lasts for? Because my boyfriend asked me out and I said yes cos I sorta liked him too but I don't know him that much and it's just not genuine and we don't really talk! Advice please I need ur help

Relationships last as long as the two of you want to keep going with it

Hello, are you guys looking for a co-owner by any chance? (:

No sorry


yes....who are you?

They didn't zoom in on ZAYN bc they had all the effects and they weren't sure if they wanted to zoom on ZAYN or focus on the effects so they chose effects. Ben Winston tweeted about it


Everyone in this fandom is a Harry girl ,even the updates accounts ,that's basically the reason why Ben zoomed up on Harry instead of Zayn ,even though he had a high note ,we should blame ourselves for this

I know but i'm not a harry girl. but harry is interpreted as the 'lead singer' so maybe that's why

why is it always about Harry ? I'm sick of this shit

I don't know

Why are you such a hater?

I'm not

Why do you feel the need to alienate the boys? They are like any other human and if they saw that I'm sure they wouldn't take it well...just think next time

its called criticism

hiya xc

hello -j

Why do you think zayn has the least number of followers? Is it because he has a really gorgeous girlfriend?

I dont know why, I don't think its to do with perrie at all, I think maybe its to do with his background possibly

Do you know who's opening for the boys in the UK?? X

Let It Die

5SOS I think xx

have u slept with harry??

yeah I have, that was an amazing night...joke

Do u know if this twitter is the real account of louis's granfather? http://mobile.twitter.com/iankeithtom

yes it is

So you need help with you Twitter updates acc?i M @ihorannugetts. And morralla wanna be part of it

not right now, sorry

will u hook up with harry now that u will have fame

of course........

Do you think harry would ever cheat on his gf? (if he had one) like I know zany has cheated on perrie and stuff

I don't think harry will settle down into a proper relationship right now but maybe further down the line, I think right now he would just want a bit of fun with girls

do you think that each of the boys have done marijuana? or what ones?

I think they all have at some point

omfggg congratulations girl!!! wow thats big :)


whats happening rn?????


when will the midnight memories music video will be released?

already has

i have had braces for 3 days now and they hurt any advice?

try resting ur mouth and eating soft foods! take it easy for a few days until u get used to it

you believe in zerrie?


yeah i think its quite cute


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