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hiya xc
hello -j
Why do you think zayn has the least number of followers? Is it because he has a really gorgeous girlfriend?
I dont know why, I don't think its to do with perrie at all, I think maybe its to do with his background possibly
Do you know who's opening for the boys in the UK?? X  Let It Die
5SOS I think xx
have u slept with harry??
yeah I have, that was an amazing night...joke
Do u know if this twitter is the real account of louis's granfather? http://mobile.twitter.com/iankeithtom
yes it is
So you need help with you Twitter updates acc?i M ‎@ihorannugetts. And morralla wanna be part of it
not right now, sorry
hi :)
will u hook up with harry now that u will have fame
of course........
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Do you think harry would ever cheat on his gf? (if he had one) like I know zany has cheated on perrie and stuff
I don't think harry will settle down into a proper relationship right now but maybe further down the line, I think right now he would just want a bit of fun with girls
do you think that each of the boys have done marijuana? or what ones?
I think they all have at some point
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omfggg congratulations girl!!! wow thats big :)
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whats happening rn?????
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when will the midnight memories music video will be released?
already has
i have had braces for 3 days now and they hurt any advice?
try resting ur mouth and eating soft foods! take it easy for a few days until u get used to it
you believe in zerrie?  Nialler
yeah i think its quite cute
¿Como cambias tu cuenta de Google en tu celular si has olvidado tu contraseña?
i dont speak spanish
Hi! Would you mind checking my new harry fanfic? :) http://www.wattpad.com/story/12667917-united I also have another one if you'd like to see it http://www.wattpad.com/story/11305169-real Thank you!
check it out guys
well, its time to change your icon header bg and user bc DAMN EW
thanks so much
Hii! Do you know if Harry is living in the same house of TXF in HC? Or he has a new one? Because I wanna send him a letter and I don't know where to send it! :S Thaank you!
he has a new address but its his private household your not allowed to send letters there, try sending it to the modest fan address
i hate your account and your username ugh you're like the worst 1d update account ever
thanks so much :) i think greatly about your account also
have u ever met 1d or 1d memeber if so who, when ans where??? if not then whome would u like to meet
all of them, and in NYC
"I can't imagine living without......." who or what? :3  Tania Areson
my family
Are you by chance looking for a new co owner ?(:
Do you know of any accounts that need a co owner? I'm looking for one
no sorry try searching on twitter tags a bit
Is ‎@iankeithtom louis' grandpas real account?
from what it looks like, yes!!