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did u masturbate all day On Feb 1st?
why, yes i do
oh, yay now I feel special  Sloths Sexually Violate You
naw i was being sarcastic
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My sarcasm detector is through the roof ;)  Sloths Sexually Violate You
naw im being serious
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I always follow cunts, so unfollowed a few people, if you get this, I don't class you as a cunt. :)  Sloths Sexually Violate You
awll sheittt i feeeelllll speecualll!!!!
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you are cute xxx
thanks but not really
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If you were a farmer, what would you grow?
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If you could invent a holiday what would it be?
masturbation day.
you masturbate all day.
its on feb 1st.
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you're smelling the wrong ass darling  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
bitch please
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there is no rotten eggs  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
smells like it
it does not I clean my hole!  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
im not sticking my fingz in those rotten eggs
then where the hell am I cleaning?  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
your butthole.
still has shit inside!
you want me the wash you down there?  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
bytch mii ballzzz izz cleennn
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that's rude I am no slut  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
but i am.
you may want to wash up down there
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they're spread  ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡
ugh nevermind .
smells like rotten eggs ..
close em
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spread them legs 4 me
bitch, really ?
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Hugs or Kisses?
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Followed :)  Sloths Sexually Violate You
folowed back:):)
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First liker gets 10 likes?
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can we please Txt I have a crush on you
come off anon and maybe
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likers get 5 likes?
yeah, sure thing
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Spamming me  Single Martiny Kvick
oh you're welcome
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Thank you :)  Single Martiny Kvick
for what?
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Why u answer it like that
because i want to
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