Oh good lord you remember Anaconda

lol yea

I have a big willy how do you know ;) Anaconda

that pic of your bulge you posted a while ago
and you said it was 9in and i belive it

Done Anaconda

ill do the same

Wanna be in my bio Anaconda


Bored shitless so opinions on me.Sorry to be one of them cunts but yano (sent to everyone I follow) ♡THE MUFFIN MAN♡

funny as shit
very atractive
xo :p

can you speak spanish?

yay i did it

Go On den

come off anon
i wont post it

Your Just Fakee

im fake? naw im not..
i can proof to

Youu Have fb ?


You're always so good to me so I thought id spam you Anaconda

thank you sir

I want jerk with u in skype

thats nice

first 3 likers get 10 likes on their answers?

sure i guess

From 1-10 how straight are you?

probs a 4

What are some of the first things you do in the morning?

wake up
go back to sleep

are you a friendly person


did you get made for of for being bi

well i didnt tell anyone i was

Favorite song? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? x

Disclosure-latch, jupiter cuz i wanna

followed cause you're super nice! a follow back will be perfect <3

here ya go
*throws water on you*
you looked a bit thirsty

post a ass pic

do me a favor just click the home button and stay their k thanks

Thanks ;)

thanks to what anon?

like=5 likes

sure ok


Ask @onikamaraj4lyfe: