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You're not Steven(: say goodbye to your account.  farrah #ςims ♡
sorrry honey but i am steven
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you are a big fake -.-
sorry for u but im real
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real :)
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you are fake  The vampire diaries (✔)
sorry but people in your bio are fakes
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like my answer Please? Followed:)  VampireDiaries#ςTOriginals (✔)
can i be in your bio ?:)
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hell yeah :p are u and hill still together  Damon Salvatore#iloveyouelena
no we broke up but we stilll friends :)
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You still in love with Elena :p
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Bro :D <3 - Ian  Michael Trevino
Heyyy Ian man♥
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Hey, Can you like my answers Please! Followed<3 Love Yah  TVDAddictions#ς
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hill what is yr fb cause someone told me a.k.a you that u and Steven broke up  Damon Salvatore#iloveyouelena
Hey damon
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Yea :)  Gloria Ann hill
:) steven went out im his gf :) - hillarry
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How r u?  alexandra black#leave
hello- Hillarry
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Watching 17again but I I'm putting in the vampire diaries  Gloria Ann hill
aaw coool :D <3
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Fishing with you dad sweet,what do you Luke most about you cost stars?  Lindsey brooke
:) yep but i dony understand
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Are you really Steven R.McQueen?? :-)  Lindsey brooke
yes :)
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hahaha :D
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Hi!!!!!!!! Omg a 13 yr olds dream,so what is your best memory as a child? :-) my name's Lindsey
going to fish with my dad
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What fruit do you eat the most often?
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im sorry i dont speak spanish
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hello - hilarry
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who is Hilarry
i am steven's girlfriend :) - Hil
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Same  erin boisse
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Miss you <333  Michael Trevino
aw Michael we miss you more :D <3333 - Hilarry and steven
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I'm doing alot better baby  Gloria Ann hill
good - Hilarry
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How are u  erin boisse
tired -hilarrry
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