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hi yan i was just wondering, your the fifth label overalls - what size did you get? a XS(6) or S(8). I'm struggling as to what size and i think i am about your size but am only 160cm. thank you for the help!
8 because I like my overalls baggy.
recommended hairdresser?
Edwards and Co.. I just did a post on this too.
Do you like HAIM? Or Arctic Monkeys?
Yes, loveee.
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whats a good bag for uni?? x
Slingers/American Apparel
I'm just inspired by you a lot
That's amazing
Besides interning are you planning to work in NYC or have you saved enough
I will probably work, but not straight away!
Are you short sighted or long sighted?
Long sighted.. I don't really need glasses unless I'm super tired and things go a little fuzzy. They help me out.
hey yan, i saw you at splendour you looked so cute! who were you most keen to see there?
Oh, you should've said hi! Outkast. And they were amazing. I've loved them since I was in primary school... so many memories.
What are your hunter boots called? Are they the original tall?
Original tall, yes.
your photos on your blog look soo nice! may i ask how do you edit them? or what program you edit them with? love you and your blog! x
I use lightroom photoshop :)
Because you live near the beach and is at the beach most of the time, what sunscreen do you use if you do use it?
I love Le Tan Coconut sunscreen, it smells wonderful.
how do you keep your skin clear from breakouts/redness etc?
Eating, drinking, sleeping well. I also never wear foundation or stack on make up which a lot of girls do (and don't need to). Always making sure all your make up is OFF when you're home, using natural or light products and always moisturising it and keeping it hydrated.
one that is stylish enuf and functional for laptop !!
what headphones do you use? any you like? do u like the frends ones? they're so faaaaancy
hey yan! do you have your cartilage pierced? if so how much did it cost, where did you get it done (sorry if this is nosy haha) and was it painful? thanks heaps xxx :*
Hey it was 2 for $30. Every piercing hurts, there's a needle going through your skin! Somewhere in Bondi Junction but you can basically get it anywhere and all pricings are different.
Hi yan! What kind of clothing is on trend at the moment that you know of and how can you style those items? Xx
I'm really terrible at trends.
Do you read magazines on a regular basis? If yes which ones?
I read whatever issue is good at the time. I don't religiously stick to one or a few specific ones.
hi yanyan! I've read all about how you're travelling to nyc and was hoping for a few tips! sorry if this gets too much. 1) are you are going to be working over there and if so, which visa do you get? 2) Will you be planning on staying there permanently 3) have fun im excited for you :)
Interning / student visa / I'm coming back to finish uni, my visa is only valid for 6 months but we'll see what happens / thank you!
How much was the splendor tickets?! Including camping for you?
All the info for prices should be here..
I went over for Parfasseux and I stayed at a house 10 mins away from the venue.
do list your blog as apart of your resume? do you think it helps with your job?
Yeah, it's basically another job for me and it makes my resume/work qualities more interesting.
So sorry if this sounds offensive but I thought you were 15 until I searched it up bc I kept seeing champagne in your posts haha x
15 year olds drink champagne too. But no I'm 19
Are you meant to wear normal bras under bralettes?
No.. hahah that's why bralettes are perfect.
Have you ever felt that working in retail is boring and not much to learn except that we get to meet different types of ppl everyday? Haha I've always felt that way... Is there any way to make it more interesting? Love you Yan and all the best in everything you do!!
Yeah that's why I don't work in retail anymore.
I'd feel deflated/demotivated and uninspired at the end of every shift, my state of mind would be at it's lows. It made me realise how impatient I was, how rude and lazy people were and how unstimulated my brain was. Least to say I was very unhappy.. but everyone is different and has a different experience of retail, perhaps it was the shop I was working at and the customers I had to deal with (I'd get abused), but I was working for income at the time so I can't really complain, but those were the cons of retail for me.
Have you heard of le book?
I just checked it out!
What would a fall day outfit look like for you?
There's been a few fall/winter day outfit's on my instagram..!