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Yan yan! What's your snapchat?
YANYANCHAN_1 ! Now you can see how silly I get.
do you know where to buy round sunglasses like you have on your profilepic
I'm not sure which ones you're referring to but I'm pretty sure they're Sunday Somewhere.
hey yan yan! how did you adapt to uni life after high school? i just started at unsw this sem and i'm so confused/lost half the time.. i haven't really made any friends and i'm not particularly enjoying my course at all :(
Umm I didn't. Everyone is different. I took a gap year, but now I love uni because I'm doing subjects I actually enjoy and I've put in the effort of making friends! It's hard, but you just have to embrace it and the rest will come. Everyone is in the same boat so speak up and try to hang out with people in your class! They're probably just as lost. It's good to make friends in your tutorials so you can help each other out as well during assessments and exams!
What brand of disposable cameras do you use? Are they any good for taking pictures on holiday? Thanks so much!!
They all do the same thing, so brands don't matter - pop into your local drug store/super market and get whichever. Or if you can be bothered you can buy them in bulk on Amazon!
Hey Yan Yan! Your skin always look so flawless if you do wear any foundation or makeup what do you use or would recommend. I've always had acne scaring no matter my skin routine gugh. Btw I loveeeee your blog x
I don't use anything on my skin! I keep it natural always, unless I'm heading to an event/party. I don't like covering up on a day to day basis as it doesn't let the skin breathe.. if anything it does it a lot more harm. I use virgin coconut oil every night, which has made my skin a lot more supple - definitely should give that a go! x
Upload higher res pics! You really have an eye for photography
Oh thank you. Are you referring to the images on my blog or instagram? Because I can't really upload any higher-res than what it is already!
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i love your snapchat!! you're too adorable <3
Aw thanks! Such a snapchat rookie. Let me know what you wanna see more of. x
Hey I'm going to new York in the summer and I am traveling solo! I'm a little scared. I was just wondering how you found a place with so many housemates? Im only looking on airbnb and craigslist and most are just older hosts and none that are my age etc. thanks for all your help <3
Join the facebook page "Australians in NYC" - so many aussies over there will help you out. Have a look through the feed, people are constantly posting up sublets. I found a place and lived there only for a month and within that month I made loads of friends and asked my housemate's mutual friends.. eventually I met a whole group of girls my age who were looking for a subletter so it worked out well. You're going to have a ball.
Hey Yan! Are you going to have a giveaway soon? *please consider lol* PS. Love you!
Hey sorry I don't offer promotional giveaways !
I'm going to Sydney in June for about a week, and it's my first time! Where do you suggest I go, stay (rented apartment) , and dine at? xx
Stay in a boutique hotel in darlinghurst/surry hills area or airbnb a place in Bondi Beach!
I don't mean to come off rude but why do you skip so many questions I've asked, is it because they're boring qs or you just cbf answering all of them?
Pls don't take it personally.. every question on here is anonymous & I get about 50 new q's a day.. so I just answer them randomly.
Do you still live at home?
For sure. I prioritise travel and experiencing other cultures.. and to do that means money. So.. I try to save as much as I can.
Hey Yan just wondering what PR internships you did, besides the Oscar Wylee one and the one in NYC? :)
I worked at Oscar Wylee & I interned at Golightly PR and Frame Noir.
Seeing now you have less time for recreational activites, what do you do to balance our your lifestyle?
I wake up earlier so I can have me time... usually involves going for a run to the beach and a dip in the ocean.
What do you do when you procastinate? Do you try to do something that is related to work, or disappear entirely?
If I feel myself procrastinating, I will procrastinate entirely and do it for about a good hour.. that way I can just get it out of my system & focus on whatever I'm trying to do after. Going for a run is always good.
How do you manage to fit all your photos on ig despite the obligatory crop?
Take photos on square
Wardrobe essentials for this coming winter??
My go-to's... turtlenecks, sturdy boots, chunky ass scarf & a decent tea mug. I'm all about hot lemon & honey water in the Winter.
Are you going to be having a marketstall anytime soon?
Maybe, if the sun will come out.
is blogspot better for you than wordpress? would it be the best one to start my own blog?
I've never used Wordpress before.. trial them both and see what you prefer?
I'm coming to Sydney I hope I bump into you !
What do you put in your hAir, it has such a natural messy causal look to it!!
I'm always in the ocean. Maybe that's why? I gave up on surf spray and blow drying as well. I just let it roam free for now.
hi yan! How do you handle stress? I'm currently having an internship and I've been making mistakes every day… It kind of sucks and all i do is break down
Mistakes are for learning. You can't just break down every time you screw up, that will get you no where. My favourite thing to do is to ask co-workers/boss's how I'm doing & what I need to improve on - work & ethic wise. If you don't recognise your mistakes (and learn from them) you'll never grow and progress.
I saw you at uts today! but you were with friends so i didnt say hi... xo
Say hi next time!
How do you keep it real? Not get influenced by fame or people's opinion?
The only people's opinions of myself I care about are my family & close friends.. the people who know me best.. the rest, I don't worry about.
How do you deal with hate? Do you even get hate? Because ily
Lucky enough to not receive hate messages, but when I do hear negative things from other people, I usually brush it aside.. most of the time it's either anonymous or someone's said something behind my back and I just don't really take that seriously. I usually find it kind of humorous when people bad mouth indirectly.
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