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Have you ever felt that working in retail is boring and not much to learn except that we get to meet different types of ppl everyday? Haha I've always felt that way... Is there any way to make it more interesting? Love you Yan and all the best in everything you do!!
Yeah that's why I don't work in retail anymore.
I'd feel deflated/demotivated and uninspired at the end of every shift, my state of mind would be at it's lows. It made me realise how impatient I was, how rude and lazy people were and how unstimulated my brain was. Least to say I was very unhappy.. but everyone is different and has a different experience of retail, perhaps it was the shop I was working at and the customers I had to deal with (I'd get abused), but I was working for income at the time so I can't really complain, but those were the cons of retail for me.
Have you heard of le book?
I just checked it out!
What would a fall day outfit look like for you?
There's been a few fall/winter day outfit's on my instagram..!
What year did you first start your blog and how old were you?
End of 2010 - 15
I love what you do and your happy postivite personality! Just by social media and your blog I feel good vibes about you as a person :)
SO happy you told me this! I'm glad that you get positive vibes from my social media pages, there are so many things to appreciate in life and little comments like these are one of them x
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What would you wear to a concert that's outdoors in the summer?! I get my outfit inspirations from you and I'm so stuck as to what to wear to my concert tonight :(
I love wearing throw over one pieces.. like summer shift dresses/playsuits/overalls/things that really comfortable and easy to wear.
Has anyone asked you to give them a makeover? Clothes-wise. You have a really great style in my opinion and if you look good, you feel good.
It's true! Dressing yourself in a way you want to and think looks good makes you feel more confident.
What size ring do you wear on your larger fingers?
Where can you get cheaper Birkenstock shoes? And would you rather the brown, black or white ones?
I'm pretty sure Birkenstock's are all the same retail price..!
Brown or black.
I am a size 5, would you consider selling those boots?
I already said no.
what are your thoughts on Birkenstock shoes?
Ridiculously comfy.
when you applied for internship, did they require you to submit your portfolio? do you have one?
I don't know about overseas but a portfolio isn't necessary when it comes to fashion business.
I dont know if this question makes sense but If someone doesnt have great fashion sense but wants to go into the fashion industry, do you think its possible? If so, what kind of job?
Mm I think every job in the fashion industry requires a good eye or taste.
since the coconut oil is in a jar, do you just dip your fingers in and then apply it on your face?
Pretty much..
how did get this word Parfasseux? i know lazy in french - paresseuse and what is f and x? how did you get this idea? i need cool names for my blog
It's Paresseux - it's actually the "male" version of lazy. Which I thought was cool because I like mixing tomboy elements in my clothes. If you read the about me section, you'll also know I added the f for "fashion".
I just made it up.. "lazy fashion" - I feel like I translate this in the outfits I wear I guess.
would you sell these boots (if you have grown out of them or no longer want them) http://parfasseux.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/salon-autour.html#more
Haha no they were my Moms. No way. And I doubt anyone would fit in them.. they're a small size 5 fit.
Do you wear a watch on a daily basis? And any brands you would recommend?
Getting a Daniel Wellington sooon wop woop
what size did you get in your rmk ryler boots? and would you recommend them?
Size 5, they're true to size.
Your outlook on life is very interesting - taking life day by day. Were you always like this? What do you think influences your values the most?
Not at all. I can't pinpoint things that have influenced me and my values, I think just living life in general and experiencing things that affect you negatively and positively can overtime change your views and outlook on life. Plus, when you leave high school you gradually and naturally change - ALOT.
you and MargaretZ seem to share lots in common like coconut oil, low maintainance, selling in market, being crazy abt nyc, idea of creative director, favor for good boots and dancing experience etc. hopefully see you two in collaboration xD
Haha I share a lot of common qualities with a lot of people, they're not very specific.. quiet broad, so I'm not surprised.
what is your nationality? what chinese? china chinese?
I previously answered this my Dads from Hong Kong and my Mom is from BeiJing
Are you inspired lot by Margaret zhang?
Not really she's a great role model but I'm inspired by other things
I remember one time you said you wanted to be a creative director? Do you still plan to do that? And what is a creative director? I've searched about it but don't really understand what they do etc.
The title pretty much defines itself. I've done a little bit of it in my current job and I really love it so it's something I'd definitely want to get into - eventually.. Basically, you give direction in the creative field of whatever company/section/magazine you work in.
Eg. Creative direction of an editorial - you'd style mood of the clothes, location, make up, the way the photos will be edited and shot, the story, what you want your model to look like etc. And any other minor or major details.
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Not including simple generic stacking rings, how many more "individual, artistic" silver rings do you own roughly? (like 20, 50, 100). Also can you do a post on your entire ring collection, i am in love with it!
I have no idea.. I haven't kept count. Sure I'll see what I can doo
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silly question yan, but do you have any siblings, especially sisters that you would compete with for your mum's clothes jewellery ect?
I have a younger brother who's 17 so I don't have that problem.