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im in year 12 and about to sit hsc in a few months. NO IDEA WHAT IM GOING TO DO IN UNI SHOULD I BE WORRIED?!?!
You have a lifetime to decide..
oh... thanks for the info on oscar wylee though! how often do you think they're doing giveaways? also one last question: how durable are the frames & lens? thank you <3
You can email or ask them through their instagram. xx
gold or silver watches? do you own a watch?
I'm sorry if you have answered this before, but what waterproof case does Joel use for the underwater photos taken on his iPhone? And do you have a go pro/recommend one? X
He uses an optrix case and lense.
Hi yan :) would you ever consider doing a oscar wylee giveaway/sponsored contest?
Oscar Wylee already did a giveaway last week
I tag all my outfits - they're by Otto Mode. x
hey Yan Yan is the coat in this photo http://instagram.com/p/rgoldZJ5Te/?modal=true the No Light Coat from Cameo? thankyou
hello i was wondering which would be a better choice. http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-rivington-high-waist-denim-ankle-grazer-jeggings-in-black/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3942611&clr=Black&SearchQuery=ankle+grazer+jegging or AA black riding pants. Will the riding pants show panty line?
Um I have no idea if they will show, but there are such things as sheer underwear and g-strings.
will you be going back to uni and studying Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation to become a creative director?
No lol.
You haven't posted in ages :-(
Sorry I've been working on my Melbourne posts.. so many photos to get through.
any exciting upcoming plans
Yes yes yes.
Do you have dry skin? Do you get pimple outbreak easily?
I do, thus coconut oil is my best friend. My skin is pretty consistent unless I've lacked devotion to water drinking/sleeping/eating clean etc.
Hey Yan! Do you like ur 500D or GM1 better?:)
DSLR always, but I love the size of the GM1 too much.. it's great for dim lighting however it lacks depth of field and I'm obsessed with a good depth of field lense.. so I'm undecided.
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where are you an intern at? how did you hear about it?
I'm not interning at the moment.. you apply yourself and research on the internet :)
would you say splendour was a great experience and fun and worrth the money
Lol duh, did you read my blog post. It was the best weekend of my life.
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Is the midi skirt you wearing from pinnacle runway called Audrey skirt? Did you get a size 6 ?? You look absolutely gorgeous!! :)
Sure is, thank you
Hey yan, do you know if shakuhachi is still stocking the black dress you wore when you had a store at bondi? Thanks x
No.. I got it at their warehouse sale, it's actually navy. x
Hello Yan! Long time reader, just wondering though what is your makeup routine? You look effortless all the time yet stunning/glowing. Thank you xx
Not wearing make up are one of the keys to healthy/glowing skin. I use INDAH coconut oil with my moisturisers which gives me a natural glow - it's doing wonders for my skin. I wear mascara and fill my eyebrows in, but always leave my skin fresh unless it's for a special occasion!
How do u afford all the clothes omg?
I rarely buy clothes.. but it's called a job. Haha
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You looked lovely on Eclectic Edition's Blogger Edit!
Oh, where? I haven't had a look
Can u recommend any good restaurants/caf├ęs in HK?
I'm basically a tourist myself so I'm the wrong person to ask. The last time I was there was over a year ago and I was only there for a week!
Good places in surry hills for a fresh young coconut drink/ whole coconut? Love your style xx
I don't think you necessarily need to go to Surry hills for a fresh coconut, they sell them in all food and health stores, but if you want to be specific on location, Maloneys do coconuts.
Yep im from nyc. If you have anything in mind you can let me know and i can ask around! Manhattan is pricey. You can try renting rooms or even try brooklyn and queens!
Oh thanks! Yeah I know, but I'm still looking to stay in LWE just to get a good NYC experience - plus my internship is in Chelsea! I'm staying in Brooklyn the first month with a friend so I'll see how that goes travel wise (everyday). Feel free to email me to say hi! Would love that.
Thank you.
Do you need help looking for a place to stay in nyc?
I do! Are you from NYC?
are you going to the senso warehouse?
Probably not, I doubt they will sell size 5s?
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