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do you think its worth the $300 for the karen walker continuous collar shirt? (in your dp) been lusting over it for months!
That was a present! I personally wouldn't have spent that much on a shirt..
It's so cool you bonded with someone so quickly! Where are you girls looking for apartments if you don't mind my asking? xx
Indeed. Manhattan - shorter commute to work.. maybe East or West Village?
Are there many whole food caf├ęs / vegan restaurants in Sydney?
SO many. Australia as a whole as the most amazing produce.. so everything is fresh. There are a lot of cafe grown vegan restaurants too.
Lemon meringue or red velvet cupcake?
Red velvet all the way baby.
im starting uni soon whats a good weekly diary! x
I love the Moleskin diaries - the ones where you can date yourself!
Hey I'm going Sydney for vacation.. Could you give me a guide to places I should go? Cafes, sightseeing places, SHOPPing(!!) places? Thank you x
Sure, I'm drafting a Melbourne and Sydney guide right now.
Is that lovely girl in your recent insta pic your roomie?
We intern together and we clicked instantly. I stay at hers on weekends and we're looking at rooms for December - so.. soon to be roomie!?
Who usually take your photos in NYC?
Whoever is with me
how do you afford expensive items such as rag & bone boots on your budget? (if you don't mind me asking).. i'm a shopoholic but find my savings suffer a lot
They were probably the only thing I've bought this trip that were expensive.
Who did you go to NYC with?
I went by myself
what are your favorite places in the city so far?
I love Bushwick, East Village and Central Park.
Do you think taking a part time or full time job before uni has benefit? Because I am not too sure what I want to do and I have no idea what's going out there.
I took up part time job in the field I want to work in so that was beneficial for my career.. I also was saving for my New York trip so that was financially beneficial as well. I think you should definitely think about what you want to gain on your year off uni!
Hey, Yan! What nike are these? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-R2JWouFAr0g/UtCAjaOu0TI/AAAAAAAAE54/LZWw2S9azvY/s1600/_MG_4026.jpg I know you have already replied this question so many times, but I couldn't find it! Thanks :)
Nike Air 5.0
What does PR mean?
Public Relations.
Hey, Sorry, just another question where is the brown skirt you wore in the asian grocer in your recent instagram post where is it from?
Hey, I was wondering how you take those amazing photos on instagram? Do you use the camera on your phone or do you use a camera?
All iPhone 5. They go alright hey.
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What would you wear to a Halloween party? I have to sort of dress up in a costume, but I was wondering what you would do to tweak it to your style? :)
I'd probably go as a Yan Yan. Those asian snack things.. I'd paint a cylinder cardboard and wear it.
Do you have macbook pro or air? How many inches
Pro, 13.
arts fashion PR? What do you do in that type of career?
You do PR for art based clients..?
Hi did you grow up in hong kong? I grew up in England but I go back to hong kong every year :)
I grew up in Sydney!
Hello Yan! I'm in love with the picture of your first night in NYC you included in your recent and touching post on your blog. If I may ask, what camera did you use to capture this special moment? And good luck on all your future endeavors xx
Hello! It was just a snap from my iPhone. x
Hey Yan Yan, did you know your current roommates before hand? And how did you find your current apartment? Your trip to NY is inspiring, I hope that I too can work hard enough to travel there one day.
No, I found my previous apartment through facebook/mutual friends and then the new apartment I found through them! I got really lucky.
What have you enjoyed in NYC the most so far?
Literally every moment, even the lows.
Hey Yan Yan, I know you didn't enjoy uni, which is why you decided to take a gap year, do you think you'll ever want to go back? Because I'm not sure whether I want to go to uni either!
I left because I wasn't in the right headspace. I was lacking inspiration, creatively deprived and just highly unmotivated to study. Coming out of high school (which I didn't really enjoy) and committing to another few years of studying just really wasn't what I wanted to do.. The first semester I took in uni really drained me emotionally - it sounds dramatic, but I was having such a shit time I'd skip lectures and avoid it best I could. So I took the year and a half off, but in the year I've taken off, I haven't just been lazing around and playing. I've worked a lot, interned, took up a PR position at an eye wear company, saved for my New York trip/internship and learnt a butt load about work, PR, blogging and life.
I think you should definitely figure out what exactly you want to do first before you fully defer.. I only applied for leave because I truly knew that I didn't want to be there and there were other things I really wanted to do. I'm going back next year and focusing on studying/getting my degree. I really want to pursue a career in arts/fashion PR in the US and to do so I will need uni qualifications. It just really depends what you want to do later in life.
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Hey yan, what do you do day to day in NYC? :) are you always with other bloggers/at events?
Everyday is a different day! There's a constant buzz here, I literally wake up & don't really plan and there'll be something new to do. I explore my neighbourhood a lot, and I love staying in Brooklyn on my days off - Manhattan can get a little draining sometimes. I don't really hang around bloggers and haven't really been to any events.. - it's not really my thing unless I'm working for the blog. I really just prefer making friends of diversity, hanging at bars, meeting creatives and avoiding small talk.