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Yan Yan Chan @Parfasseux
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I don't get how you can make friends in nyc , HOW DID YOU DO IT.
Everyone here is really really friendly... In the space of 2 months, I've made a lot more friends than I ever have in Sydney in 2 months.
What part of NY are you and your roomies living in? I feel like NYC is one of the best places to meet like-minded individuals your own age.
Bushwick, Brooklyn.
do u finally feel like a new yorker?
Apart from the occasional slang/phrases & humour I don't catch on to.. I think I'm getting there in terms of getting use to the culture and way of life.. but I've only been here for 2 months so..
have you got a favourite place for dinner?
In New York? I have a few.. I'll make a post about it, but here's what I can think of for now.
- Bassanova
- Bread
- Shanghai Asian Manor
- Saigon Shack
- The Meatball Shack
- Ruby's
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I'm currently going through all your old posts and you've changed and matured so much :') You're still so adorable though!
Oh, I'm glad I have haha. I was so young when I first started out, didn't really have a clue of what I was doing.. still don't but I have more of an idea and sense of self now.. phew.
Are you staying in new york alone? X
I moved over here alone, but I've made many friends and currently living with 5 awesome housemates.
What is your favourite camera to use? :) film and digital
I've always loved film, I studied film photography all throughout high school.. but never really got to invest the time/money in one until recently.
would you consider permanently staying in new york? :)
After I finish uni, for sure! I've always wanted to move here to start a career, and one of the purposes of coming over here for an internship was to get a taste of what the industry/life would be like..!
hi yan yan!I always get inspiration and motivation from reading your posts!How do u stay motivated?
I'm lucky to be living in NYC right now - there's a constant buzz and energy, everyone here is passionate about accomplishing something, to create. So, that definitely helps..
I thought you were 1995 born??
Can you recommend me some fashion magazines?
Document, RUSSH, Catalogue mag, Apartamento for interior and Desillusion if you're into surf/skate culture.
Where do you get your inspirations from? Any tumblr sites you recommend following?
I get inspired by aesthetics, photography and nature.. Here are some of my favourite instagrams:
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What's your favourite food in NYC so far!!
I love the meatballs from The Meatball shop.
One day you should maybe do a post about moving to new york, how you did it, budgets etc. I would really love to know because I want to do it myself!
Sure, I might do this after I come back. x
did you take photography lessons?
I studied film photography in High School
what company did you use to get your internship in new york? :D  Devi
I was interning with a company back at home, and they referred me to a PR company over here.
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Yan do you think you'll have time to make a post about your fav. places in NYC? xx
Sure, I might do this once a week.. Possibly.
What film cameras do you have/want? Totally excited to see your photos xx
MINOLTA! It's a point and shoot, I wanna get a SLR.
hey! would you describe your hair as fine or thick? I remember when you used to have pretty short hair - would you ever go back to that length again?
It's fine. Possibly, for now, I want mermaid hairrr
Hello yan! do you mind sharing what app do you use to edit your photos for insta?
VSCOcam and occasionally whitagram.
First I'm so glad you posted, it really was a joy to read and made me genuinely smile! Secondly, I'm looking forward to your film pictures, there's something special about capturing moments on film xx
:O :O Thank you & me too! I've been wanting to post film photos for about a year now.
The pics in your recent post are STUNNING! What camera did you use?
I've been documenting NYC through my iPhone 5!
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You don't know how happy I was when I went to your blog and saw a NEW post! Been waiting for you baby!
Thank you for supporting! :O
your latest blog post is absolutely wonderful, i hope you're having a fun time in the states :)
I'm happy you thought so! I promise to update weekly now.
which dr martens do you have? like what colour is it?
10 Hole in Black - not sure which style. I found them in an op-shop.