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what is the name of your nike sneakers?
Which ones are you referring to?
how did you meet all these new people in nyc! I'm actually serious I was there for a month and I didnt know where to go/look!
Well 1 month is hardly any time to make long term friends ! I met my friends through house mates, parties & in general social situations.
What is your review on sukin products
I did a review on my blog a while back.. still using their products! It's really affordable and priceline stocks them too.
I want to do business with art/fashion. I don't know which course to study.
If you're into creative business, it'd be awesome to just take up a business related course and do all the creative stuff on the side in the meantime. Doing a broad course will give you more work options!
What do you wanna do after uni?
I would love to travel for a little while.. get lost, maybe disappear & eventually work in a creative business.. Whatever it is, I just want to love what I'm doing & be happy.
can you do another ny post please :) :)
Yes yes. When I'm not suffering from post new york depression as badly as now.
hi yanyan! i was just wondering where u got ur striped button up top/cover up in your costa rica photo diary? i love your style and your blog :)
Urban Outfitters! I love that thing.
hey yan! Im going to New York by myself to make a portfolio for college over summer. I'm a total country girl from california. Any advice in adapting to city life?
Yeah I feel ya, Sydney and New York are hella different too. I honestly don't have that much advice, but to live every day and waking moment to it's fullest.. to embrace the culture with your heart and soul - good and the bad & to do as much as you can. Cherish everything you do, that city is so quick pace and full of magic, it will go by before you know it. Also, everyone who is living in New York most likely isn't from NYC, so everyone becomes a huge family. They're all so hospitable over there so have fun making amazing friends.. try to meet someone new each day. I promise you, that city will change your perspective on a lot of things. So excited for you! Wish it was me again.
what is your favorite color? when is your birthday?
Don't have a favourite but I tend to be drawn towards light browns, navy & grey's.
do you listen to music?
Hahaha I think everyone listens to music.. but Cherry Glazerr, Beach Fossils & 90s rnb are my current jams.
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Hi yanyan! Is there a particular book/film that you really like?
I love Her by Spike Jonze, Virgin Suicides, Moonrise Kingdom, A Single Man, Manhattan, Mood Indigo and... if you are into French new wave cinema then obviously Breathless by Godard. I love films with beautiful imagery & aesthetics.. As for books, I don't think I've found one I really like yet - I don't read enough.
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Hello Yan :-) whenever i go out for shopping spree, i tend to not find any pieces that i like. It has been nearly half a year since i bought any clothes. Pieces that i really like tend to be priced at about $80-90 that i cannot afford as a student. :(
If the only pieces you are interested in are about 80-90 it might be worth investing in if the quality is great and you know that you can re-wear over and over again. It might actually save you more money then spending on a lot of pieces that are individually cheaper but you won't wear as often.
Quality over quantity!
hey yan, do you still use your macbook now that you have the surface pro? :)
I do! My surface pro 3 just makes meetings/uni easier :)
I am in LOVE with the outfit you wore in your "A Day In The Life Of" post! Could you please share where you got your skirt and shirt? xx
Thrifted skirt & Urban Outftters top :)
Hey yan, I'm doing the HSC this year and just out of curiosity, what subjects did you do at school and how well did you go? I feel as if study is the only thing I do nowadays..it's taking up my whole entire life
It may feel like it's taking up your whole life, but you haven't even started living yet! There is so much to look forward to - the period during your HSC is honestly a small amount of time out of your life.. and once you smash it, do it well and finish, you won't ever think about it again.
What size did you buy for the play suit you previously posted?:)
Hey Yan Yan! Love your style!!! Do you think it is necessary to take a fashion degree to be part of the industry? Anyway, have a great day! : )
It really depends what you want to do in the industry. If it's business related, I think getting industry experience is important and personally I wouldn't narrow myself with specifically fashion, I would broaden it and study a commerce/PR related course. Fashion is always merging with other industries, especially in the US and it would be good just to learn the overall fundamentals of how a general business really works - not just in the fashion world. It really is a personal choice at the end of the day, and what you think will benefit you in the long run.
Hey not all government or paying tuition or whatever work in the same way(consider studying locally/abroad). Never would go vast generalization to make an argument. Paying yourself&working w government channels do not give you right to judge. (Zoe studying in UK her parents pay for herschool fees
I've never made a generalisation, but basically that's how it usually works in Universities in Australia.
have you used a disposable camera before? If so, which one do you get?
I've used loads.. if you read a couple of questions below you'll know that I love them. All disposables do the same thing so it doesn't really matter what brand it is, I just find whatever the cheapest is off amazon or nearest drug store.
Hey Yan Yan, do you still love Sukin skincare? I read your post (from awhile ago) and am thinking of taking the plunge.
I do.. still using their moisturisers!
what time is it whereever you are?
I'm currently in my bed, in my room somewhere in Sydney & it's 1.40pm on a Sunday arvo.
Do you think starting uni at 22y/o old? all my friends are 18-19 y/o
It's never too old to start anything.
Will you write up a nyc guide?
Yes.. It's in the works. I'm trying to include everything and anything in it. It will take a while!
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At what age did you start working?
is it true you met jake gyllenhaal in the subway?!?!
He sat opposite me on the 1 line. It was great.