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Did you finance your entire trip? You go girl!
I did! Not doing a good job this week though. Haha
Damn Yan, your NYC pics are beautiful! Makes me miss the city! Can't wait to see some more on your blog and more adventures to come :) What neighbourhood/area are you living in?
Thank you. I stayed in Soho for a few days, and now I'm living in Bushwick in Brooklyn.
It's nice that Aussie has hecs, seems really viable. Where I'm from it's too expensive to take loans you will end up paying back for abt 10-20 years or more..?
Really? I know you can't take loans for private colleges, but I would've assumed government based unis would offer loans.
Where did ou get the money to pay the bills? Its not very common in some countries thats why im wonderin! Sorry if i come off rude just very curious
I find that bizarre..! When you attend uni/college you're an adult, so why would your parents pay.. There's a thing called "hecs". Basically you get a loan off the government and when you start working after uni, and earn a certain amount of money a year, the government takes money out of your bank monthly.
By bills you mean your transportation, food and the course? Or just the course?
Everything.. It's normal?? It's called a job. Why are people so surprised.
Please let me buy your Mossman mesh jacket!! x
I don't have that jacket anymore, sorry.
Why did you pay for your own uni bills'
Lol.. who doesn't pay for their own uni bills.
Any eyeliner suggestions?
Depends what type of eyeliner you're into. I like the Kat Von B pen liner.
hey yan, how's nyc working out for you?
NYC is amazing.
what have you done in nyc so far other than the internship? hope you're enjoying it!
I'm not interning right now. I've been exploring, settling down and making new friends.
When is your birthday?
28th September
hey yan, just wondering if your internships (past & present) are paid ones?
Internships are rarely paid. (Fashion wise)
I looked into the PR course at UTS you recommended but couldn't find the exact course name, do you remember what it's called?
I never studied at UTS so I wouldn't know. They usually have a course guide where you could have a look at though?
When are you leaving for New York lovely? Can I come with you in your suitcase?
Monday. Who's excited for fresh new content and adventures..?
hey yan, are you going to any shows during NYFW? Or are there any you would like to go to? :)
I was suppose to attend a few shows this weekend, but I changed my flight and don't get there till Monday now x
have you ever learnt French or did the blog name just come about from a bit of google translate + your own creativity?
I learnt french the first three years of high school.
i remember one time you answered a question about bangs and you said that you're against it, why's that? if you don't mind me asking hehe.. i've been wanting to get bangs for a change but I'm scared i'll regret it and the hot days are coming D:
I'm not against them, I just personally don't like them on me.
Are you going to stay and complete the UNSW course or transfer to UTS? Do you think the course at UNSW is still pretty good?
Errr I don't know.. Uni is so far away so I'm not really thinking about that right now.
i'm pretty interested in going into PR/advertising later...just wondering which course you are doing at uni for that?
PR & Advertising at UNSW. But if you want to focus on more PR side of things I recommend the UTS course.
Do you read other fashion blogs (excluding your friends' ones) because you like their work/just for leisure? If so, which ones?
Fashion toast, Man Repeller, Vanessa Jackman, Love Aesthetics and whatever I end up perusing on.
I was just scrolling through your older posts.. and fell in love with a line plaid skirt, kinda thick velvetty material. You tagged misguided, but I couldn't find it on the website- could you let me know if it was misguided? thanks!! xx
It was from a while ago, so it may not be in stock now!
Do you like justin bieber & his music? I noticed you follow him and Alfredo Flores on twitter :)
I do.. but I wouldn't really just put on JB when I'm at home or listening to music. But I do love mucking around, dancing/singing really badly and loudly to him when I'm in the car with friends or Joel.
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when do you typically wake up?
My body wakes up naturally around 7-8am.
I don't mean to be rude but it seems like you know your stuff about natural body care and all so I'm surprised that you're promoting traditional anti-perspirants because they actually use aluminium (which isn't pleasant anyways) to prevent you from sweating, but can build up and cause breast cancer!
I'm still slowly trying to navigate to using all natural body care! It's definitely a challenge to swap ALL house hold/beauty products, I guess it's also out of laziness on my end, I tested out a natural deodorant, and to be honest it didn't really work for me! My skin reacted badly to it, so I sort of stuck with the current Dove one I'm using and haven't really had time to find a great one. I try to use as much natural product as possible, but sometimes they irritate my sensitive skin, so I guess it takes time to adjust and test out a few. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know though!
what's it feel like knowing you have followers all across the world reading your blog? Is it surreal? or really flattering? or are you kinda used to it by now and don't think much of it/have an opinion?
I'm constantly WTFing. Like whoa, people are actually interested in following my journey in life, I'm honestly a normal girl, no different to anyone else. It's definitely very surreal and flattering that I have some sort of impact on people. It's crazy!