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have you ever been in Paris?
I'd love to. Maybe next year?
hey yan yan have you ever tried indomie?
Haha yeah, everyone in high school use to be obsessed with it.
still with joel?
No we're not together
Hey Yan, what products (styling and washing) do you use on your hair? I really like the texture of it! Sorry if you've answered this before, and I hope you're enjoying yourself in New York. Hopefully you have some great, all-American adventures.
Hello! Right now, I literally just wash it with organic shampoo and conditioner & air dry.
What part time job you think it will be fun? Because I have 2 months holiday coming...
Bar job? Keep in mind most places don't hire people for only 2 months!
aww yan i can't believe you're missing out on aussie summer :( what's it like over in nyc?
It feels like Summer right now, it's about 27 degrees! It's beautiful. I can't wait for Fall. Plenty of Aussie Summers to come..x
where is the boot you are wearing from in many of your ig pics like the bench picture with lipstick and your rag and bone shopping bag?
Found them in a Korean shop in Chinatown Sydney.
would you wear converses in winter?
Winter in NYC or Sydney.. haha
What size are your rings? 5/6? x
Around that yeah.
You say soon.. But I never see the soon is coming. Lol.
That's because I'm living my life yo.
Is the grey/off-white t-shirt you're wearing in your Nolita post the same one as in most of the other NY pics? If so, where is it from!? :)
It's from Topshop. Love the top, it has 10% cashmere in it so it's wayyyy soft.
Hey, if you have the time, what are some places to go to at melbourne? X anywhere you'd recommend for a visit?
My Melbourne post should be up soon so heads up for that.
how long will you be staying in ny for?
Until Feb.. but might extend for a little longer.
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Hey yan yan love your style! im thinking of doing a similar thing to what you're doing with your New York trip except in Paris, just wondering if you went through a company for your internship or sourced it yourself, i feel like these companies are a bit of a scam but its all so overwhelming!
Internships aren't usually a scam.. if there's a website available and obvious that they have a huge client list, there is always a contact you can email or phone call to enquire about the internship. I haven't researched PR companies in Paris so I can't really help you - it also depends what field you want to work in. I just self researched and got referred.
What wallet are you currently using?
I'm actually on the hunt for the perfect wallet because mine broke.. so now I'm using this awkward looking leather pouch/envelope type thing from American Apparel.
what flavour are those cute, rainbow Happy Lab chocolates/lollies that I've seen pictured in a few of your insta posts? xx
They're chocolate?
Hey Yan what are some suggested styles of footwear for spring and summer? I'm struggling to find some!
Sneakers... nike, converse, adidas. Sandals... birkenstocks, urge footwear, senso
what perfume do you use?
Chanel Eau Fraiche + Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
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Who are you staying w in NYC? I ope you have the best of time!
Staying in an apartment with housemates.
what pair of boots do you own? picture if possible? thanks
How would you style a pair of black converse high tops?
Pretty much all my recent photos on instagram have been me wearing black converse high tops.
Oh i see the culture in the philippines is very different. Parents usually pay for college bills & often still give their kids allowance after colleg!
Yeah I find that strange! We're brought up differently.. being independent and not relying on parents.
Have you bought many new things in NYC? Love your pictures!
A few.
Hey Yan Yan! Congrats on making your dream trip to NY come true. About how much did you save up for this trip if you don't mind my asking?
Thank you. Isaac Likes has a good guide to budgeting New York accommodation/spending/entertainment expenses.
At what age did your parents stop giving you money for your personal expenses?
There wasn't a specific age.. just grew out of it. I feel like when the time comes it just sorta happens.
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