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wanna elaborate on hows food in NYC diff from SYD?
The quality and taste of food is just way better in Sydney.
Yan Yan, your hair is beautiful! What do you use for it? It's also super rad seeing the ocean as a backdrop to your pictures again, however I am still looking forward to when you share some of your NYC moments xx
Hi hi, thank you! It sort of has a life of it's own, I use Sukin to wash & hair serum on the ends. Hardly brush it and I unfortunately damage it with sun and sea salt.. it's too hard to keep away from the ocean. In need of a hair mask.
do you miss NY!
All the time, but I try and be present and focus on the now :)
Do you like to read? or do you prefer movies instead?
Film! I've always loved appreciating the cinematography and the way a film is produced.. I guess I'm an admirer of aesthetics. I don't have the attention span to read proper novels unless the story and character develops at a fast pace, which sucks because I would love to just sit and read for an hour everyday.
Your such a cute Asian like I'm ugly Asian af
All asians are cute.
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NYC or Sydney?
Sydney for the beaches & food, NYC for everything else.
Hello YanYan! Would you consider yourself as an extrovert or an introvert?
I think I'm both but a little more to the extroverted side.
How long did you go to America for ? your adventures went so fast! Time flew! Do you miss it? Plans to go bacK?
I was in NY for 6 months. Time always fly.. I do miss it and would love to go back. Going to try and finish uni first and save more money.
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I've started an internship at a sydney fashion PR company but all I do is clean, get coffee and put clothes on hangers. Do you think I should stick with it, will all internships be like that?
All internships will be like that if you don't vocalise and let your managers know that you want to learn.. If you don't ask, you don't get!
Any swimsuit brands you'd recommend?
I love her the label and fella swim
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Hey what happened to you and jesslovesfred? Did you guys spend time together in america? Still friends?
We're the best of gals? Not sure what you mean.
can i ask how much money you spent on rent the time you were in ny? Im trying to find a place in brooklyn for 1.5k a month and idk if thats the lowest i can get :(
Have you looked in Brooklyn?
You have superb skin! What's your secret? And how many % would you attribute that to genetics?
Don't have an exact figure, but the food & water percentage I consume as well as how much time I spend in the ocean and sun helps a lot too. I also use organic virgin hand pressed coconut oil on my skin as a moisturiser which makes it really smooth.
What's your opinion of unpadded bras? Like lace kind. Personally I think they're pretty but don't know just yet if I should get them. Kinda afraid of headlight issues when it gets cold but I guess it's just a silly worry.
I only ever wear lace bras because underwire bras are shitty and hurt my boobs. Fripples are fine.
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Where is the fur coat/jacket from your 70s shoot from???? I love it!
It's a faux fur coat I found in a second hand store!
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I'm struggling to find a dress for my grad this may, stores are so ridiculous these days with all the jewels, sequins, lace, and ruffles which make me sick. Where would you look for a nice long dress or a fancy top that I could pair with a nice maxi skirt?
I love Reformation, they do some amazing and classic dresses.
Sorry if this is too personal, you dont have to answer. I am planning on going to ny this year for 2 months, but i have no idea how much to budget for. Did you live with less than 10k for the time you were over there? xx
New York is expensive, so you need to be realistic on how much rent you need to pay per month, utilities, phone bill, metro card and on top of that money to spend on food, entertainment and shopping. 2 months isn't so bad.. If you save 10K for that amount of time, you will leave comfortably and freely.
Hello, just wondering what jacket/coat you were wearing in your "Fall Getaway, Storm King Mountain" post? Thank you xx
It's a little bomber I picked up from a second hand store.
The view from that restaurant is stunning? Where is it Yan Yan? xx
Mandarin Oriental.
You are so pretty! I love your style, so simplistic yet beautiful! I am so jealous of you that you get to spend time in New York for so long!!
Thank you. Don't be jealous. Work hard, save and you can do the same.
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Do you believe interning at golightly was valuable?
I think any internship is valuable.
I hope your time abroad has enabled you to relax and hopefully recharge your creative juices! Do you think you'll have more time to blog more often now that you are back? I'm looking forward to whenever you'll be able to post again xx
Yes, projects in the works!
what are your thoughts now? i mean since back home
It's strange.. feels like I never left, but then it feels like a lot has changed. I don't know. Lots of confusion.
Your hair has gotten so long! It is wonderful. Have you been using anything different since you've been living in NY?
No, nothing! I guess the happy vibes and keeping it free just helped its growth.
hi yan! just wondering if the lack of color hat you wore in your blog post navy x navy is the fedora short brim or montana wide brim? thanks! love your blog!