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are you dating ryan ginns?
Haha no he is my friend
what is your eye colour?
are your 'Her the Label' bikinis the mara or the stevie? xx
ESTER. I love one pieces.. so much sexier.
Hi yan yan! Where'd you recommend to get simple sliver rings? :)
Hey! I've always loved 32.4 and Leroy and I
Do you recommend taking a gap year before uni?
I took a year and a half off and I worked and traveled, it was just the thing for me, because I've never been into school, never had great marks and can't really stick to routine, I get bored easily. But, everyone flows differently, so it's completely up to you! You can always start uni, if you're unsure and if you decide that it's not the thing for you in this current time, then you can always defer for a semester, work things out and go back! Do what you REALLY want to do.
Hey yan yan! What's the weather like in sydney around early march???
It's pretty sweet.
Hi yan, what size did you get for your her the label bikinis? sorry if this is too intrusive. thank you in advance x
XS bottoms and S top! Their fits are true to size.. but a little more on the smaller sides of things.
yan yan i want to see your Costa Rica trip blog post againT^T Would you re-upload your old post in your new blog?
Yesss 100%.. still trying to work out the logistics and back end of things on this new platform.
Which glasses do you have from oscar wylee? the winston ones? :)
Oui! In the olive-y green colour.
hey Yan! where is that white dress you are wearing from in your skin care post? x
It's by the Reformation!
Do you think you'll grow out your bangs and banish them forever or keep them?
Haha banish is v. strong word. Nah, it might come back soon.
i miss frequent blog updates :(
SO sorry. I stupidly picked up a full time job, whilst full time studying. Last exam is today.. so I'll get editing and writing.
r u still close to ur roomies in nyc?
We don't speak nearly as often - but when we do, it's awesome.
would u ever do a euro trip?
Definitely! Been banking up my savings.. so hopefully that euro trip is sooner than later.
"10 posts lined up".. oh yeah really? because thats what you said ages ago.. this is frankly getting lame... dont call yourself a blogger if you dont take it seriously, mate!
I've never referred myself as a blogger, it's just something I've fallen into. My internet space, was originally a space where I would post content up, when I felt the need to - a place where I could creatively experiment with writing, photography and style. A space where deadlines and tight scheduling did not exist. Everything creative takes time, sometimes the spark of creativity isn't there, and sometimes it is - it's not something that can be forced and everyone works differently. I like documenting life, and when you're working and studying full time, sometimes there isn't all that much to document. It's sad to see you keep coming back for a stab, I can't imagine what else your life consists of apart from the seriousness of the internet. I like taking time and producing something that is worth my readers time to enjoy, if you don't have that patience, then it's sad to see you go.. but there are many other online platforms that produce content constantly for your eyes to feast on. Ciao ciao!
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what are you studying at university?
I was studying PR/Advertising but I've decided to stick with a BA of Arts! Subjects are much more fulfilling to learn.. minoring in French and majoring in Media film and culture.
I'm so envious of your hazel colour-ed eyes!!
Nah, don't be envious!
Hey yan! What's your ethnicity
Hello! Chinese.
Dad's from Hong Kong, Mom's from Bei Jing. I was born in Hong Kong, and grew up in Sydney. Ta-da
Hi yanyan! can you post a pic of your ring collection? I really want to get some silver rings to stack but I don't know what types to get
Sure thang, I have about 10 posts lined up on le blog.. after this Monday exam I shall do.
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do you still have a tumblr?
I do!
you come off to me as really arrogant and snobby.. you don't seem very friendly at all
Ahh I feel super sad for you, that you feel that way! The people who are with me, everyday are the only ones that could know me enough to say that about me, but they don't. So I guess I'm not that at all.
what are your thoughts on essena oneill's social media movement?
I see where Essena is coming from, but at the same time generalising the use of how people use social media is something I don't agree on. There are pro's and con's to social media, like everything in life, but at the end of the day, it's up to you and how you take that on board. She's obviously inflicted a lot of the negative onto herself, but that doesn't mean everyone else has. Coming from someone who has used social media in a personal and positive way for the past 3-4 years, I can admit that social media isn't always 100% real life - how can it be, it's online. But to state that social media is a "lie" is a bit of a stretch. If you want to perceive yourself completely different online then to your real life persona, then you're the one who's inflicting that onto yourself. Not social media.
Pretty much all my thoughts are in this post.
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what foundation / base do you use for makeup?
I don't use foundation! But I got my make up done from Shu, and their Lightbulb foundation is awesome.
Hey yan yan :) Where did you get your tats done? Was planning on getting a minimalist tattoo in about a months time.
I got one in New York and two in Bondi. I think most tattoo places are pretty good in Sydney if you're not getting a sleeve or huge intricate ones.
Hey YanYan! will you be buying any of the new her the label swimwear?
Oui, got a full piece coming my way.