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hey yanyan! do you ever apply any tanning lotion? Feel like asians never really get an even tan but im in love with yours x

I tan really easily, my skin's naturally quiet olive. I've never used fake tan - sunscreen is the way to go.

Hi Yan! Do you know where I can get any nice plain black ankle boots to wear everyday?


Hey Yan! I'm looking to move to Sydney from Melbourne and was wondering where your favourite places are to live or where the good areas are?

I've always grown up near the beach in the Eastern suburbs, so that's what I'm use to. If you're more of a city gal; Paddington, Woollahra, Surry Hills, Redfern, Chippendale are nice areas. But it really depends on your budget and what you would prefer.

Hey Yan! What was your encounter with Kanye West like? I've heard some stories, but it seemed like he was really nice with you guys!

He was super lovely & talkative.

how do you get so much volume in your hair?

After I dyed it blonde.. it kinda fucked my hair a little - in a good way?? It's usually super silky and soft, but now it's a little dried it's gotten more textural. Mr and Mrs Smith salt spray is one of my favourites, I don't use it all the time, but when I do - HELLO VOLUME.

Hi Yan, do you eat any supplements (women vitamins etc)

Vitamin B on the weekends, Olive leaf extract whenever I can remember. It just helps boosts the immune system.. same with echinacea.

Is using squarespace free?

There's a fee if you want your own domain.

Hi hi Yan . Can you tell me where's your small hoop earring from ?

They're just sleepers from the pharmacy.

hey yan, did you take a gap year when you left for New York?

I took 1.5 years off, needed to work and save before I left for NYC.

Hi Yan , where's your grey tee and the white dress from ? The outfit you wearing in London :)

Grey shirt is from Jac + Jack, white dress is ASOS

What is your normal makeup procedure?

In the mornings I wash my face with warm water.. moisturise, fill my eyebrows in and mascara.

Hey Yan! Just wondering where you got your towel from that you wore in your Instagram post where you were standing on a boat with a camera. I've been looking for a trusty beach towel forever and haven't been able to find one!

There was a Turkish beach towel stall in Bondi Markets once, bought a few from there.

Hey! Just wondering what filters/apps etc. did you use for most of your Instagram photos when you were travelling through Italy, particularly the ones with the cool borders? x

Heyaaaa most of them were taken on film, if not I edit majority of my images on VSCOcam.. alter the lighting and contrast.

Yan where in NYC did you get your tournament of roses t-shirt please?

I got it in a thrift store.. Beacon's Closet. They're all one off t-shirts.

How can I cut the same hairstyle as u? Yan u look so gorgeous in ur latest hair cut!!!! How did u tell ur hairdresser to cut ur hair?

I get my hair cut at Edwards and Co.. I'm pretty bad when it comes to deciding what my next hair cut is, so I usually say short-ish & choppy. They're so good at hair they kinda just get me. Sorry that was a terrible explanation.

Yan! while you were in New York, was it purely a break or did you work? If so, what did you work as! x

I was over there purely for the love of the city and also for an internship in a Fashion luxury PR company.

what app do you use for your photo collages on instagram?? what filters do you use too?

I edit all my photos on VSCOCAM.

why dont you paint your nails?

I don't really like nail polish.

Did you actually liked New York? I mean you're such a free spirit and seems like Nyc would constrain you so much... It's a city that just have so many problems and a few time when I lived there I just feel so suffocated and you meet so many rude people

NYC made me feel free. That's why I lived there for as long as I could during my school break... the 6 months I had there taught me so much.

Do you have any necklace brand recommend that I can wear everyday and also can wear to swim?

Ahh most of my necklaces are either gold or sterling silver! I try to always take them off when I get into the ocean, the salt ruins them.

What's your gold chock from ? :))))))))

Assembly New York!

Yan ! What time you go to sleep usually ? You seems wake up so early and you have night life . And your skin still look so good !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jelly .:(

Haha I love celebrating with a good night out.. but only do it on weekends. I sleep around 10/10.30 every night and wake up at 6.30/7. Always keep hydrated... lots of water.

do you use concealer?

Nooo, I don't own concealer. I don't use foundation either. Eeeek.

What do you find is the quickest and best way to get your film onto your phone/computer? x

When I pick up film they usually give me a disk with all the scanned copies.

I watched your snapchat and I think I saw a doppelganger of leonardo dicaprio at the Hans fashion show. 😱

Haha.. that's my friend Luka. He does look like a young Leo.


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