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Yan Yan Chan @Parfasseux
I swear I'm not a wanker. But here's a "faq's" page to prevent me from answering the same questions too many times: http://parfasseux.blogspot.com.au/p/faqs.html
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is the cameo bambi skirt loose on you even though it's the smallest size? not sure what size i should get!
I'm a pretty true 6 and the skirt has room, so it runs a little bigger.
hi! Im sorry if this is intrusive or what not but was your cameo graceless skirt gifted? If it was, would you spend your money on it (considering its quality,etc.)?
I only accept gifts that I genuinely love. So yes, if I had the money I would buy it. Cameo's quality is always pretty good.
what's the best thing about living in Australia?
Everything and nothing
youre so skinny! do you exercise or work out?
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What size is your bambi skirt? x
XS you can buy it on Shop Market HQ :)
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I heard that you are saving the money for EU&NY trip/internship. How do you save up the money? Cuz i am suck at saving or deposit but you look good at it. I am considering that don't you have to save a lot for long term trip?
If anything you'd save more for a long term trip silly! I just put away my money when I get paid and I don't spend much unless its for food and going out. x
yan, i love your blog and think you really are amazing- hope you go far xx.
I think you're amazing
if you dislike or find it tedious to answer peoples questions on this platform why do you even bother to have this account here? No one is forcing you to have this ask.fm account. You could easily delete it. And if you say you don't find it tedious than you kinda suck at communicating that.
Hey, no one is forcing you to be on this page but you're still lingering around.
No one likes negative vibes.
Later hater.
omg jess is going to NY as well?????
Yeah her boyfriend moved there.
Are you staying with friends in ny?
Might be crashing at Jess's (Jess loves Fred) for a week until I find something permanent, but no!
Weren't your parents disappointed when you dropped out of uni?
Why would they be dissappointed.. LOL
I'm paying my own uni bills and I'm going back, I'm on a gap year and I'm heading to New York for 6 months to do an internship which I've been working for this past 8 months. I'm working towards my career - nothing to be disappointed about?
how do you get to gould street in bondi? do we get off at bondi junction and catch a bus to the beach?
There's an app called Trip Go or Google..
But yeah, to South bondi & walk.
Do you use BB cream or foundation?
No, but BB cream when I'm out for an occasion. I'm currently using the La Mav - it's my first organic BB creme and I'm loving it.
hi yan! i've recently started drinking and i'm SO PRONE to the "asian flush". i'm just wondering if you get it as well and if so, what do you do to combat it? thanks xx
I don't get any flush side effects sowwy
Do you like Chet faker, flume and the xx?
Yeah they're not my favourites though. I saw Chet live which was pretty sick.
how long have you been with Joel, seems like yearsss! :)
2.5 years. Yes, thats because we are besties.
hi yan i hope things are going well for you and can't wait for you to get to ny! do blog about ny when you get there ok :) love your blog x
I most definitely will.. I can't wait to share my adventures with everyone.
how is mbfw going?
Good, I only made it to one day though. Have work to do!
is it too late for me to apply for the photography position? What do you look for?
You can email me with previous work you have done and we can chat further x
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do you know any good beach in sydney with less or no wave at all? thankyouu :D
Bondi, Gordon's Bay, Clovelly, Coogee
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I'm after that turtle neck knit sweater from the chic hunter, when will it be online?
2 weeks.
what if you really want to take a full body shot of yourself but have no one to take them for you?
Then I won't instagram it?
hey! where is that black and white stripy 3/4 top from in your most recent Instagram post? xx
I tag ALL my outfit labels.... for the 0923892849384 time.
It's from St Frock.
do you like one direction?
No haha.
do you use a self-timer cam for all your instagram shots? or does someone take them for you? what kind of camera/apps do you use for that HD quality?
iPhone for all my instagram shots & whoever is with me at the appropriate time will take the photo for me.