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whats ur makeup in the video? seems highly effective!
LOL mascara, eyeliner and coloured my brows in.
hey yan yan, was wondering what brand of disposable camera you use/recommend? x
I just get whichever one they have available at the drug store/ duane reade.
I didn't know you started doing videos? Where's this AA haul video?! Would love to hear your voice *in the most non-creepy way possible
I don't! I've only done one specifically for AA - I'm not really comfortable with video. But you can watch me here..
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how do you always know what fashion events and markets are on?
Markets are usually on every weekend and I'm not sure which fashion events you are referring to..!
are you more of a summer or winter lover? btw your blog is perfect and your outfits are always on point <3 love ya  isabella
You're a liar you have not been updating your blog frequently at all
hey yan yan, just wondering how you made your blog banner? xx
I drew it yo
Do you enjoy clubbing?
I like bars.
Did you have to get a visa to do an internship in new york?
You basically need a visa to do anything in the US. Have a look on the American visas websites.. they have a lot of alternatives.
Hi yanyan! What wallet do you use and what wallet do you recommend? My budget is $250 usd. Thanks!
I'm really into compact man wallets on etsy. If you have a little more to spare, I absolutely love the Kara store wallets.
Your #AAhaul video was so cute!!! I especially loved the pinstriped skirt you picked out!
Oh thanks! Ha, I felt so awkward doing that video.
may I know what effect you use from vscocam please and thank you!
I use a variety!
Are you going back to Australia to continue your uni?
Yeah, uni commences in March.
I'm in my last year of high school and I'm worried about having to plan out my gap year because it seems as if all the things I will want to do will cost a ton of money plus I'm basically nothing on social media. I'm not ready for university and don't have much direction as of now, any advice for me
Hmm.. nothing comes easy. I don't think social media has anything to do with pursuing a gap year.. as for travelling, everyone starts at the bottom.. working the hours and saving is the way to go. That's what everyone does to get there. I worked three jobs and saved hardcore for about 9 months to get where I am now.
I don't get how you can make friends in nyc , HOW DID YOU DO IT.
Everyone here is really really friendly... In the space of 2 months, I've made a lot more friends than I ever have in Sydney in 2 months.
What part of NY are you and your roomies living in? I feel like NYC is one of the best places to meet like-minded individuals your own age.
Bushwick, Brooklyn.
do u finally feel like a new yorker?
Apart from the occasional slang/phrases & humour I don't catch on to.. I think I'm getting there in terms of getting use to the culture and way of life.. but I've only been here for 2 months so..
have you got a favourite place for dinner?
In New York? I have a few.. I'll make a post about it, but here's what I can think of for now.
- Bassanova
- Bread
- Shanghai Asian Manor
- Saigon Shack
- The Meatball Shack
- Ruby's
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I'm currently going through all your old posts and you've changed and matured so much :') You're still so adorable though!
Oh, I'm glad I have haha. I was so young when I first started out, didn't really have a clue of what I was doing.. still don't but I have more of an idea and sense of self now.. phew.
Are you staying in new york alone? X
I moved over here alone, but I've made many friends and currently living with 5 awesome housemates.
What is your favourite camera to use? :) film and digital
I've always loved film, I studied film photography all throughout high school.. but never really got to invest the time/money in one until recently.
would you consider permanently staying in new york? :)
After I finish uni, for sure! I've always wanted to move here to start a career, and one of the purposes of coming over here for an internship was to get a taste of what the industry/life would be like..!
hi yan yan!I always get inspiration and motivation from reading your posts!How do u stay motivated?
I'm lucky to be living in NYC right now - there's a constant buzz and energy, everyone here is passionate about accomplishing something, to create. So, that definitely helps..
I thought you were 1995 born??
Can you recommend me some fashion magazines?
Document, RUSSH, Catalogue mag, Apartamento for interior and Desillusion if you're into surf/skate culture.