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Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?
I fill my eyebrows and I love mascara.. depending how I feel I'll do the occasional cat eye.
how did you decorate your apartment?
I leave decorating to a minimal, just because it's only temporary.. but it's pretty basic. I have a lack of furniture so I've had to improvise - I have a random chair in the corner with a stack of books and I've stuck hangers on my walls so I can hang my bags and coats. My shoes are kinda all around the edges of the room and I have candles all around.
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Hey yan yan, i'm looking for a good versatile small black backpack, what would you recommend?
Naked Vice.
how did you celebrate christmas this year?
Had an all American Christmas down in Georgia.
can you please convince Joel to start his own blog? his life seems extremely interesting as well.
Yeah, he's chill. He surfs, cooks and occasionally photographs.
Hey Yan Yan! I was very interested when I read one of your previous answers that you use cold pressed oils as a part of your skin routine. How exactly do you apply your cold pressed products? Do you use hot or cold water? And is it something you keep on or wash off? I'd love to know how you use it!
I use hand pressed coconut oil as a moisturiser for my face and body. It comes as a substance/liquid form depending on temperature.. they're great for hair masks and make up removal too. My favourite is INDAH coconut oil.
hi yan- hope youre having a blast!!! for o week, i wont be 18, do you reckon itd be worth getting a fake ID for or should i just skip it? i rlly wanna make some friends yo
Fake id's are fun.
what do you ask for when you go to the hairdresses?
I always ask for a trim.. I'm boring like that. Edwards and Co always shape/slightly layer my hair in this very effortless way - maybe it's time for a new do?
will you be visiting london anytime?
Uh, I would love to. But I'm kind of broke now.
hey you gonna miss the NYC blizzard
JunO - apparently I didn't miss much? There's another snow storm coming on Friday anyway.
what are your favorite trousers?
I splurged on these amazing wide leg crop trousers when I first arrived in NYC, from Aritzia..
who helps to take your pictures for your blog? they're sick.
I don't have a set photographer, but a whole bunch of people :) I'm pretty thankful!
yan, do you think its worth investing a leather jacket? thanks:)
I have a love-hate relationship with leather jackets... I feel like they're only ever transeason appropriate. They never keep me warm in Winter but they're almost a little too warm in Spring Summer.. it really just depends how much wear you will get out of it!
take me back to sydney? haha kinda miss there thanks to this nyc chilling
No, I love New York.. don't want to go back.
from you latest ins feeds, could i say that you truly belong to summer and ocean?
Yes yes - I grew up in living 10 minutes away from the beach.
ahhh Yan Yan I miss your blog posts but I hope you're having so much fun!
Thanks, I'm in Costa Rica at the moment!
Hi babe! What's the black film camera ure using now?? The one u held in ur hand in the photo when u were at lacma!!!
Hey that's just a 35mm point and shoot.. Minolta zoom 90
your white midi skirt in your instagram picture with buttons! where is it from?? i love it
Found it in Goodwill when I was in Georgia!
WOW I work hard and save!
how did you and zoe know each other
We met in Hong Kong when I went over to visit in 2013.
i love how dedicated you are to whatever you set your mind on!! (-: Will there a LA blogpost? (sorry if this is annoying...)
Thank you! Yes, so many photogenic things everywhere.
If i moved to Melbourne can I be your boyfriend?
Lol I don't live in Melbourne
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what are your priorities atm?
My New York adventure is ending soon.. I'm heading to LA and Costa Rica tomorrow, so right now I'm trying to live in the moment as much as I can and just soak it all up. Doing as much as I can.. I'm heading back to uni in March so that will be my priority.
hey yan! what's a really versatile skirt? what do you recommend?
Depending on what style you're into, I really love the pleated tennis skirts from American Apparel.
hello yan yan, what about a leather backpack? do you know where i can get one which is affordable and not too expensive?
The Naked Vice and STRAW are my favourites.