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Not a blogger any more?
2.0 BLOG COMING 28092015 - Someone help me figure out how to redirect my blog to a page that says that...
hey yan why can't I access to your blog? It says I need to be invited or something :(
Do u use to do well in school?
Nup, was never good at school - still not! I do well in real life though.. I guess that's what counts!
Yan are you going to ever blog again :( we all miss uuuu
Sowwwwwy, been trying for so long to re-launch it. Baby steps.
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Is it difficult to get a job during your gap year in Australia if you're not a citizen?
If you're on a Visa that allows you to work then it shouldn't be a problem..
you said you took up three jobs during your gap year. What kind of jobs, like waiter?
Waitressing, assisting stylists, retail, pr/social media role.
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You say you rarely spend money on clothes. So r you saying majority of the pieces in your closet r sponsored? Lol
No.. I just rarely buy clothes? Lol.
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do you really live right by the beach? omg that's awesome! wouldn't there be loads of people outside though?
The beach I live by is pretty family orientated.. so the only time it's busy is on weekends and I'm not there on weekends :)
Hi :) I was wondering how you saved up the money? Like where you got the money from etc. I was planning to go to America for my Gap Year too and I'm in Year 10 and work at KFC. Do you reckon I should be doing a lot more or? Advice would be so helpful! Thank you!
Lol what do you mean where did the money come from! I worked 3 jobs for about 7 months straight, 5-7 days a week during my gap year. So working long hours and days. It depends how long you want to live in America for, what visa's you should consider, if you're working there.. etc.etc
Where do you get those cute little scarf like things you tie around your neck in your past few snapchats? x
I found an entire box of different patterened handkerchiefs under my Mom's bed, so I've decided to wear every single pattern haha.
You must have perfect skin then!!!
Not covering your skin with foundation and allowing it to breath naturally is the best way to go! Plus loads of water and a good amount of skin.
I never wear foundation.. pretty clueless when it comes to that but if there's a special occasion I like putting some Laura Mercier tinted illuminating moisturiser
Hey yan!:) you have great fashion sense and i need help for my graduation dinner dress! Do you know where i can get really nice prom/graduation ball dresses? I couldnt find shops that sell lovely formal dresses... Hope you can gimme some tips! Thanks!x
I like the Reformation.
any tips for aspiring bloggers?
I find this question interesting.. because I feel like there's a whole new generation of people who pursue to just be a 'blogger'. I think you need to find your point of difference and use it as a platform for whatever you want to aspire to do other than just blogging. It's a highly saturated industry now and I feel like aspiring to be just a blogger won't be beneficial in the long term, it's pretty static, it's time consuming and there's a lot of creative thinking that goes into it. It really depends where you eventually want to take it.. and if you want to make something out of it in the long run.
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hey yan, do you have a bucket list? Or a travel bucket list? Where do you wanna travel next? :)
Travel bucket list for sure, I basically just want to see the entire world.. There's not one place I wouldn't go to. The next city I'd love to live in for a while would be Paris.. maybe somewhere in the south of France, see all of Europe, great America, South America, South East Asia, gosh.. where ever really.
Hi yan! I really love your effortless style! Was just wondering where you got your round optical glasses from.. They're too cute. Hope you have a lovely saturday :)
Thank you my darling.. they're Oscar Wylee.
where do you get your rings?
32.4!! They have the best basic rings.. I never take them off my fingers.
I'm actually designing some rings with them at the moment.. so you will have to stay in the loop ;)
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hey yan, in most of your photos in nyc, did you wear jeans or leggings under your coats?
I have a strong dislike for leggings.. Don't own a pair apart from my uniqlo heat tech leggings which are worn under jeans.
Yan whats your favorite cuisine?
Japanese & Italian 4everr <333
Are you single?
i am committed 2 ma self.
do you at least pluck or thread your brows then?
I pluck stray hairs
silver or gold iphone 6?
Space grey.
what happened to blogging every week :(
Currently studying for finals :(
Hey Yan, I'll be studying in Sydney soon and I heard that racism here is pretty bad. How bad is it & how's it like studying here? (I'm singaporean chinese) you're really cool btw!!!! x.
I never really experience racism first hand, but there's racist connotations everywhere in the world you go, whether they are said on purpose or not.
How do you do your makeup
Fill in eyebrows, mascara on my lashes and a bit of brown/neutral eyeshadow on my lash line with finger tips.