Yan ! What time you go to sleep usually ? You seems wake up so early and you have night life . And your skin still look so good !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jelly .:(

Haha I love celebrating with a good night out.. but only do it on weekends. I sleep around 10/10.30 every night and wake up at 6.30/7. Always keep hydrated... lots of water.

do you use concealer?

Nooo, I don't own concealer. I don't use foundation either. Eeeek.

What do you find is the quickest and best way to get your film onto your phone/computer? x

When I pick up film they usually give me a disk with all the scanned copies.

I watched your snapchat and I think I saw a doppelganger of leonardo dicaprio at the Hans fashion show. 😱

Haha.. that's my friend Luka. He does look like a young Leo.

black or blue jeans?

WHITE. Nah, I like black and blue. Light blue though.

babe i love your photos in your "in my jeans" post! what film camera did u use for that one?

Thanks love, it's just a disposable.

Are u short sighted? How can u be without glasses in all the pics

My sight isn't too bad. I can do without glasses, I never wear them unless I'm studying or if I'm watching a movie at the cinemas.

hey yan :) I know you've been asked about your tattoos before, but I was wondering where you got your little floral arm tattoo done specifically? I've been wanting something similar for the longest time but don't know which tattooists in sydney can do lines that delicate and thin? ty!!

Hey, I actually got it done in New York in the West Village, but I don't even remember the name of the tattoo place I got it done! It was such a spontaneous night we sorta just walked into the first tattoo shop we saw.

do you know where to bulkbuy disposable cameras?

You can off Amazon :)

Love your Melbourne MRP post! May I know what film camera you used? The pictures turned out gorgeous!

I just used a disposable !

hey yan! dunno if i should splurge and get this jacket http://www.generalpants.com.au/shop-womens/insight/jackets/oversized-borg-denim-jacket-1000055289-098 or look for a classic levi one

I think that cut is pretty classic/good for Winter, and the price tag is reasonable - it just depends if you want a denim jacket for Warmer seasons as well.. if you do I'd go for an oversized denim jacket without a collar.

Hi I'll be going to Melbourne for a week, how much aus dollars do u think I need ? (Just for food and tram rides, etc)

I think $1000 is realistic. Melbourne is the place to go for food and you'll want to try all the good cafes and restaurants.. plus the night life is amazing so you'll want to spend comfortably on wines and cocktails.

Hi Yan May I know where's your black coat from ?

It's my Mommyyyyyys

How do you stay so thin? Do you workout? What type of exercises do you do?

I've always been petite! I currently have a Reformer Pilates membership.. but I'm terrible at committing when it comes to gym memberships.

YAN YAN U HAVE A KILLER STYLE!!!! love what you do and the way you express yourself through creativity and film, amazing work!! xx

THANK YOU! It means so much to me.. truly! :O :O

Hey Yan I really love your effortless and minimalist style and well prom is coming up where I'm from and I was just wondering if you have any online dress boutique recommendations ?

Merci... I like Sir the Label, Reformation, Bec & Bridge.. If you live in Sydney make sure you check out Tuchuzy. I'm sure you'll find something cute as.

is ur blog hosted by blogger or wordpress?

Currently on the Squarespace.

Hi Yan, I recently made a blog and was wondering how did your blog become noticed/ how did you put yourself out there?

I've had a blog since 2011.. so I guess my audience grew overtime. But the internet does funny things, I can't really tell you how my blog grew. I just document, make content for people.. and yeah!

Hi yan! What's your favorite boots?

Haven't found them yet.

hi yan! i miss your previous blog 'parfasseux' ;w;

I miss it too! But, I felt like it was time to move on. The new blog and content is still very me though, just not my teenage me, it's my 20's me now.

do you like the men Lemaire oxford striped long sleeve shirt? x

Not sure which stripey shirt you're referring to, but I'm presuming it's the same cut as the basic one. If so, I LOVE! Got Nath one.

When did you first start your blog?

Somewhere between the age of 15-16.. so, 2011ish?

Are you going to post your old blog posts so people can look back at them, loved your old ones!

Oh hello! I've tried posting majority of them but I can continue to update it! Are there any specifics? xx

How do you stay happy all the time?

Haha I am human, I do have faults and I do experience sadness and madness at times. But you are the only person who can control your actions and the way you feel. I LOVE feeling happy, and I love being able to share that happiness with people around me. There are endless amounts of negativity and flaws that I can ponder over and live in, but I just choose not to.

Aw I just watched a video of you and your friend zoe from her channel, "a day out with Yan", posted 3 years ago! So much has changed for you and you've come so far!! Is it strange that I don't even know you but feel proud of your accomplishments? xxx

This is SO sweet and one of the many reasons why I love the internet/continue to document life. It's so amazing that I've been able to share my life and experiences with a lot of you, extra kudos to those who have followed me from the very beginning!


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