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Did you ever feel like you ended a friendship with someone, and maybe hurt them..?
I think there's definitely people I may have gotten distant with on accident because of how busy I get and that really sucks and if your someone that happened with then I genuinely apologize. If you are I probably didnt even realize it was happening because I was overwhelmed with other stuff. Its been a crazy year for me to be honest. I would never do that on purpose though so your always free to text or call and we can talk it out :)
Hi, Hayley Williams!
Lol oh man..I don't even look like her.but Hi :)
What does true friendship mean to you?
Having a friend that you can absolutely be yourself and honest with. A relationship where you'd do anything for eachother and just care about what's best for eachother and that you love being around.
I used to go to The Rock just for your voice
Lol really? Well thanks so much but like its really not about me when I sing there, its about God & worship :)
I'm not sure who this is but it would be great if you started coming again!
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
Oh definitely a 10
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I'm so excited for you ahh!!! You go girl  Lynn Blevins
Thankyou :)
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If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?
White Castle
did you make it through the first round?
not aloud to say :/
Same thing as idol, can't talk about anything till it airs.
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how did the voice audition go?
Good :)
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yaaaaaaaass girl power.
It's me haha  Cody
oh okay. well I don't need permission from any "he" to date someone.
but I don't want to right now anyways.
so no thanks.
You don't follow me haha, I just followed you
hmm. twitter didnt show that anyone new follower me.
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What if he was okay with tht?
he? I dont know who you're talking about.
and I also dont even know who I'm talking to. if you wanna talk to me dm me on Twitter or something.
Are you open to dating anyone?
rather not, too busy.
You are so talented and beautiful! Are you single?
thankyou :)) and yes I am.
because shes my best friend
Do you have Kik?
yeah. parisprimeau
Well ya.
I think I'm in love
oh? is that a bad thing?
Will you help me?
How often do you use your brain?
pretty sure that is an everyday thing..
Who is your best friend?
I have a couple.
rach, mal & dahlia.
Who are you?
a fruit.
are you happy your single?
yeah :)
I'm good
good :)