Alexa @parkwaydriveavenue
Alexa @parkwaydriveavenue
I hope I die before i live. So I don't have to experience more pain.
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That's hot
I use a machete as a razor so i have to let it grow out a bit, for safety reasons.
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Fuck you, you are to hair
Im hairy, in the armpit and upper lip region.
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I don't have a body anymore. I lost it in the war.  Jocelyn
I can hold your head like a melon, and I can sing you songs.
Si pudiera ser tu héroe
Si pudiera ser tu Dios
que salvarte a ti mil veces
puede ser mi salvación.
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I enjoy your face+hair  Jocelyn
I enjoy your face+hair+body=you
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u are blonde  Jocelyn
I am partially blonde.
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Holy fuck I love you're hair
I am not hair but okay thanks
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Post a selfie bish
Dont hate me because of quality, love me because im me
Post a selfie bish
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I'm glad you love me to now I don't feel so depressed
Thats always a good thing i guess
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I love you too
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Everything about you is perfect I wish I could have a chance with you
Weeeeeell Oooookaaay
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you're perfect
Well okay.
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Are you into bdsm?
Only from someone I love.
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If you threaten to kill me that's kinda hot and I would like that ;)
Good, because I'm going to rip your esophagus out.
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Are you single?
I don't think I can forgive you my heart is to broken
What if i threaten to kill you
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like = fuck or not ?
okay bby
like = fuck or not ?
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kik username ?
same as here
Wow I confess my love to you and offer you weed and you stomp on my heart
Sorry, Will you ever forgive me
Yo girl I got an ounce let me smoke you up
I'll stick with my own, thanks though
What drugs have you done
Weed. Alcohol if it counts, ecstasy, and just normal prescription drugs.
what is your favorite part about manwithoutmodem?
0. All bad.
can i give your kik to a friend of mines
Do you smoke weed?
If you could design your perfect SO, what would he/she be like?
It would be Jocelyn.
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who is the biggest thot here
Everyone is.
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