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How do your parents feel about your You Tube videos?
At first they annoyed my mom a lot, partially because she didn't get that they have a point to them and partially because toward the beginning I want very good at making them (and to be fully honest I've made points I fully disagree with looking back at them).
I think she likes them a lot more now, like she complimented Awarewolf if I remember correctly.
My family and I don't really make a lot of money, and this one dude that I go to school with always makes fun of me. I dread going to school everyday and some of the stuff he says really hurts. Plus my teachers sometimes laugh at what he says and I can't take it anymore. What should I do?
I sympathize with this a lot. I've never had money but when I got bullied really hardcore it was for two reasons, I called some serious racist activity and I called someone a total piece of shit because they claimed they had microwaved a cat once. Both instances were popular people getting away with shit because no one would call them out. I was targeted, obviously, and in a way I provoked it. I provoked it by doing the right thing, but that happens a lot it seems.
For you, it's specifically because of your economic situation. Now why would someone do that? They don't feel good enough about themselves for being who they are so they need reasons to be better than other people to get that feeling.
That makes you an easy target for people in a better economic situation. They have a default to go with. An unquestionable fact, so to speak. How can you avoid this? That's hard to say, because their operating principles are not fair. People who prey on the weak disgust me.
I'm not saying you are weak. To them you have a reason to be considered weak though. Thing is, spending your life proving them wrong is not a good way to live. They most likely will take it as more weakness anyway.
Perhaps the target is in the wrong place, though. I know telling you bit too be bothered by them is stupid and I won't do that. Getting them to stop probably isn't going to happen, though. They'll probably keep going as long as they can.
I think what you need to do is talk to the administration, because honestly if teachers are laughing at you and no one is talking you being targeted seriously, you probably could put together some kind of job-threatening lawsuit if you got proof. Some steps could be taken. They won't listen? Make them. Your safety in a learning environment is their responsibility, and they are failing. Make it more serious and make it an adult's problem. And if they don't pay attention, make it their boss's problem. And keep going.
They might find you annoying but they aren't doing their job if you agree being bullied. Hold them accountable.
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When are you going to give up at the whole internet comedian thing? You seem like a good person but you're not really funny at all.
Will that's just, like, your opinion, man.
The death penalty should be abolished.
STRONGLY AGREE. Death is so easy and some of the things people do are... To much for an easy way out.
How selective are you with what questions you answer and which ones you don't?
I answer about 75% and not because I don't want to do all of it. I don't answer a few because they are abusive verbally or a bit sick, but mainly I don't answer because I don't have a good answer.
Is it weird that when I watch Honey Boo Boo I can relate to some of the things that they do?
No, literally in no way should you feel bad about that and it's not weird. They're just people like you and I. Sometimes they are weird but sometimes I am weird. Sometimes you are weird.
Reality TV, despite what it is labeled, is not a brain drain. I've seen so many different people and cultures thanks to it. Could I always tolerate reality people of that were in my own life? No but I know more now and I view more people as people rather than as assholes.
How many times have you been on tv?
I don't know. Several. Networks have licensed stuff from me and I have no idea how many times. I've done two or three actual "appearances" though so not much. I've never acted specifically for TV, though.
I'd love to be like a bad guy pervert on Law & Order someday though. That would be hilarious.
Do you prefer older people (30+) or younger people (13-29) to like your stuff? And do you think that you are a bad influence on the younger generation? And finally, i think that you are literally the funniest guy on youtube!
First thank you very very much! I do not think I am a bad influence at all. I try to be as good a person as possible, I treat people as I would want to be treated, and I care a lot about the world and what happens to/in it.
It's hard for me to really say who I'd prefer, because honestly I don't really make stuff for anyone specific. I have a childish humor element and a matured humor element as well. If anything, I'd like to appeal to both because I wish young people cared more about the world but weren't in such a hurry to grow up and I wish people my age would care more about the world but would just lighten up sometimes.
You should keep your hair the length it was in your Internet Fight video. It looked really good.
Hopefully I'll be in a situation where I can have my hair at that length again soon my that's where I personally like it as well. Thank you!
Unpopular (not mine, but you didn't specify) opinion: Gays shouldn't be allowed to marry. Because reasons.
Strongly disagree.
Do you plan to do a Parents Suck At Buying Games 2K14?
Yes, The hope is to actually get a store to allow us to film it after hours this time.
opinion to rate: there's too much unnecessary medication in the US and the pharmaceutical system is corrupt in many ways
Disagree. It's corrupt but everything is. Mental illness is extremely serious and medication is often the only option.
Last one! What about government conspiracies? Do you find some truth to the idea that there is a global elite (NOT THE STUPID "ILLUMINATI" crap, just global elite in general) who are controlling wars, manufacturing disease, manipulating the masses and keeping people in the dark for personal gain?
Neutral, I don't think there's one elite, but rather multiple. Human beings are too chaotic for a global conspiracy, in my opinion. But partially agree.
opinion to rate: what about how people are thinking we should combine with robots? Would humans be better off mixed with cyborg parts to enhance the species? Or does it seem to cross too much frightening ground and would be potentially dangerous?
Neutral. If we don't need to, I don't really see why we should. Maybe nano technology, but I'm not sure about that. For people with disabilities or who have lost a limb I think it's amazing though.
We should create a human master race by mixing and taking the good genetics of all races and combining them together. (I'm just thinking of unpopular opinions I don't hold most of these, probably mostly just sociopaths think about master-race type theories lol, but there's still logic to it I guess)
Strongly disagree. Absolutely not, people who think that are super fucked in the head.
opinion to rate: the USA should split up into different smaller countries. A place as large as USA is just nearly impossible to reach unity within, given many different enormous divides between residents, it's simply too large and too eclectic to function. We would work more efficiently separately
Neutral. I don't live in my home state, So by that standard is live in a different country. That's kind of neat, but I think the differences between our states could actually lead to much more conflict if we aren't all the same thing. It could go the opposite, though, and I could live in a super liberal country with health care without much culture shock. So not really sure.
opinion to rate: people should be certified in order to have children. Such as, we must have a license to drive a car, to own a business, and do multiple other things. However we require NO qualifications to do the MOST important thing: CREATE AND GREATLY INFLUENCE A HUMAN BEING'S ENTIRE EXISTENCE
Disagree. As with the previous question regarding restrictions having a child, it's sounds logical but it is a violation of one of the most basic human rights.
opinion to rate: we should have some form of population control for the good of the human species, and limit the amount of children that a person can have, etc.
Disagree. I feel like that's maybe logical by some standards, but it's also kind of a violation of human rights.
What is your spirit animal?
Do you ever hate some of your fans? Like, do you ever get fed up with them?
No, I don't really know how an honest fan of the crap I do would be that anything to me. I do have random people who know who I am that try to get under my skin pretty regularly, but that's not a tragedy honestly.
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Whats your favorite South Park episode(s)? Mine are The Coon Trilogy.
Almost any two parter, like Go God Go or when Stan was diagnosed with being a cynical asshole. Also for single episodes Taming Strange, A Nightmare on Facetime, The Hobbit...
That show honestly keeps getting better. It's awesome.
Where have all the Cofflings gone?!?
Oh they're still out there. I need to start making videos again, though. Little chance of seeing a lot of them without that, I think. Though I wish I could get more to check out the Patreon campaign! Trying to do some crowdfunding here.
Are you scared of your own shadow?
Watch my Dead Space LP! I do not scare that easily, believe it or not.
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I only like one of Rucka Rucka Ali's songs. Its called I Can Do Whatever I'm White. Im not racist, but i just really like that song. All of his other songs make me mad cause they are extremely racist.
Without the intent to argue that is also extremely racist thanks to its context. This is something a legitimate satirist/comedian needs to consider. The following statement is not racist:
"White people get away with everything."
It is, without context, critical of the majority, yes. It shows us something unfair which is statistically true.
Now, observe as I add context:
"Black people love fried chicken, Asian people all know Kung Fu, and white people get away with everything."
Why is that racist against throne but white people? Because that is a list of supposed traits you have if you belong to a race. Out of the three, only the one about white people is a legitimate statement statistically. White people get away with so much more than people of color do. In reality, that's the only legitimately bad thing because it aids the idea that white people are better.
It's not harmful to white people, despite the fact it's nefarious while the others are literally liking a food and having a skill. Yet with this context comes implied superiority, And if his songs were played together, that's exactly the context we're talking about.
Rucka Rucka Ali makes parodies of songs and he is a self-proclaimed satirist.
HOLY FUCK. I just looked into this piece of shit. No, that's not satire, this is the fucking poster child for someone being a piece of shit bigot and saying it's satire. The defense if this guy is more infuriating than his shit itself to! What the fuck. How is this popular!? Oh my FUCK.
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