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tbh for likers
Yah sure if ppl still use this...
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Thoughts?  Justin Crawford
Chill dude!
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THoughtts <3  Bella
Miss you lots text me <3
thoughts- u seem really nice and really chill and ur a qt we should chill soon :))  Cass Mori
Nice one cass
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Whats your biggest regret
Thoughts bb  Alea Powers
Miss you babe, miss all the lunch dates, come visit soon :)
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Hottest st Francis girls
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Peter<3 imy man!  Renee™
Haha I miss ya yoo we gotta chill soon :) <3
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Hottest Simco girls
Hottest secord grade tens (girls now in gr 10)
Alea, Tori, Sarah, Mackenzie, Renee, Jaidah
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Single ?
Yah whos askin
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Tbh I don't really know you but You seem really nice and funny!! We should talk sometime or something, :)
Yah text me sometime 9059337719
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Peter I can't believe you
Hey everyone called me fat thats not a good enough hint ;)
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Peter you're so fat
LOL dont fack around
Petey I'm really sad that you don't remeber me
Gimme a hint
You're bae you should know this fatty <3
I dont ahaha
I think that's you're super cute
Awe thanks, who's this?
Do you like askfm
I iuse it like twice a month
Likers get tbh?
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Thoughts on taylor m, alyssa m, sarah f, kelsea s
I always see Kelsea when im high and I love her
The rest just seem like little grade 8 shit disturbers
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Thoughts ✌️  Megan Gagnon
Nice and attractive girl!
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If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?
Taco Bell
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Lol doubts anon, if Petey went to C.I and someone was fucking with him I'd punch their face off.  Austin Henry
Best native guy I know<3333
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if you go to c.i i guarentee you will get the shit beat out of you
I doubt it cuz all of my good friends go to CI aha but thanks tough guy
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Why are you leaving Secord
Im probably not aha but Colleigate is closer and I am probably gunna need to bus every morning next year cuz im not in DNA and my parents are getting pissed with the school and shit anyways but I am probably staying anyways so
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