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hot grade 11 girls from secord??
Everyone is hot
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You are legit so attractive! 100% would bang πŸ˜‰ oops sorrynotsorry πŸ™ˆ
LOL thanks
Second and simcoe
Secord: Lowkey
Simcoe: My bbg alex and Shannon
Name some hot gr.9's
What school
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How was your day?:)
Pretty good how was urs?
tbh for likers
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Name any hot grade 9's
Dont know many
what school do u go to
Whens your birthday?? :)
Next friday!!
how many pairs of underwear do you own?
2 1/2
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what school
100% would bang
April fools
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Put ur Classes in order from fav to least fav
Pap of texts
Are you going to the Hawaiian dance? #secordgetsleid
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How was the literacy test?
I'm in grade 11 so I wouldn't know
thoughts losaa
Your chill and a qt! Text me!:)
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hottest grade 9s at secord?
Oh god
What gender do you like?
Shemales :/
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I would definitely make out with you
What grade 9 is asking me now?
What's your number so I can text you! Your a babe ;)
tbh you seem nice and you're attractiveβ€Ž  Heathh
Thanks you too!:)
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tbh idk you but you seem nice and we should talk sometime
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Keep smiling and being yourself, you're perfect the way you are❀