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Would you date someone in grade 10
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tbh idrk you but i was with you and a bunch of people at port on canada day, you seem really chill and you're attractive. hot or not: hotβ€Ž  Haley Semtob
Thank you:)
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Tbh for likers
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Grade next year?
Your so fucking hot
Thanks dawg
Tbh for likers
I'll do some
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Thoughtss?β€Ž  Juliaa
I don't know ya well but I see you around and you're nice and chill ahaha ;p
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Your so hot OMG
Thanks bruh
I'm in grade 9 & I kinda like you lol!!
LOL stahp
who do u think is hot that has already left secord
Probably Mr MacArthur:/
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How old are you?
Hello! How are you? 😊
Gucci u
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thoughts on marrisa mazz do u even remember her
My babe
you should date zara moffett
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do you have a crush on zara moffett
Kind of
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thoughts: your answers are funny as hell and I've only really seen you once with Nick!
Haha yah true we should talk more! Text me!
When do you graduate
Next year!
Likers get tbh!
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I can see you rn and you're sexy
Is this one of my grade 9 crushes?
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Thoughts on Olivia Branco
She's okay but she never talks to me or answers me anymore so :p
grade nines want the d!!!β€Ž  Kyla Townsend
LMFAO ikr it never ends
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Top 10 prettiest grade 9 girls at secord
Lowkey, probably u tho
Hottest girls at secord?
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