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Would you date a gr 9?
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Do you smoke weed
Do you know who I am
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Classss this sem
Computers, drama, msip, superfit and tourism
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Hot lol  Heathh
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How many times per day do you shower?
I really don't know why tf I re downloaded ask.....
B-  Jules
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Any grade 9 girls you want to get to know better
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LOL I don't know hardly any niners from my school
Top 5 prettiest grade 9s?
Josh Kuhn
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rate- 9/10  Leticia
Thanks :)
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Who is your Valentine?
Whoever volunteers ;)
Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?
Nah I like meat in my mouth
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you're favorite brown person in the whole wide world
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What is your favorite online shopping site?
I've started to notice that is pretty much all grade 9s
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thoughts for likers
I get this every day...
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Thoughts ❤️  Bella
I miss ya we gotta hangout soon :)
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compliment~ you're funny :)  ✿мacĸenzιe dycĸ-dιlтѕ✿
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Hot lol
Thanks you too :p
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What school do u go 2
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thanks who's this?
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What's your favorite video game?
What's your honest opinion on smoking weed
Haha well I smoke every day now and I know everyone has different opinions on it and think it's gross but it honestly helps me eat and sleep better and keeps me more focused in school and energized tbh. Yah sure it's not the best way to cope with your problems either but I honestly don't find anything seriously wrong with kicking a sesh and even doing it every day hasn't had any negative effects on me yet! As for smoking poppers, fuck that shit
oops. me.  Kayla Hein
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