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100% would bang
April fools
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Put ur Classes in order from fav to least fav
Pap of texts
Are you going to the Hawaiian dance? #secordgetsleid
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How was the literacy test?
I'm in grade 11 so I wouldn't know
thoughts losaa
Your chill and a qt! Text me!:)
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hottest grade 9s at secord?
Oh god
What gender do you like?
Shemales :/
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I would definitely make out with you
What grade 9 is asking me now?
What's your number so I can text you! Your a babe ;)
tbh you seem nice and you're attractive  Heathh
Thanks you too!:)
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tbh idk you but you seem nice and we should talk sometime
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Keep smiling and being yourself, you're perfect the way you are❤
Likers get tbh
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Thoughts Gabe g,Ethan f , heather b , hailee d
forgot to go off anon;)  maddy montgomery
hahah ;) text me sometime!
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tbh you seem really funny & nice and we used to talk haha;)
Thank you :)
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your arguments are invalid lmao you cant say that smoking weed isnt stupid and will make you if you do it every day you're going to find out how many brain cells you eventually end up losing. smoking is gross over all and smoking weed is just dumb
I hate getting into arguments with anonymous people but this makes no sense what so ever. I have smoked every day for the past year and I get all my shit done and I sitll manage to get above 80 average no matter what. I would love to know who this is and why you're so interested in my life choices? And I could care less if it's "gross" to you, until you learn/feel the benefits it can give for people don't bother sending me this bullshit.
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Have you ever been in love?
Currently am in love with Kaela
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Do thoughts on names sent to you?
Plans for today?
Smokin some bowls and goin to work
All of your answers are so funny
Haha thanks :p
Who is your biggest mentor?
Snoop Dogg
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Smoking pot is disgusting I hope u know ur slowly ruining your life by smoking it every day
LOL is this my mom messaging me? Cuz if it isn't i have no idea why anyone would really care about what I do with my life. This question makes me lol
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