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phoenix mang @phoenixxmang
RSS answers
Message me fag  Joey Yip
will do loser
Tbh remember when I liked you a lot when I was 13  Joey Yip
your tbhs make me smile
Where do you like to read?
in my bed ofc
Tbh we used to b like best friends in elementary school haha and sucks that we never really talk any more but ur really pretty  Chelsea Hoyle
thanks you tooo
youre gorgeous n i love you so much! expect a little somethin for your birthday babes ❤️❤️  kd
hehe love you kdee ♡
Is the person in grade 10 that u are intersted in
Tbh u r very nice but I'm sad u left me for Kristina  Heidi Stebnicki
i lub u heidi
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You are really nice and it's fun to chill with you  wyatt clements
Tbh your Phoenix. St8 like your super chill and nice and funny and it's funny af when you and Alex argue over who found me first and who I love more :') we gotta chill more! Text me  Cole Mullen
ily cole ♡
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That was so obviously Edward haha
doubt it
Who's that edward guy from earlier he's kinda cute
uh what idk what you're asking
Tbh you're pretty nice from what I see and you're pretty chill n seem fun and you play lax so that's always a bonus n ya now give me my tbh cause ya  Edward Joss
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Tbh phe you're so nice and pretty and I love talking to you, we should talk more and hangout soon! Text me later!  Hayden
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Aw u like hayds?
no haha
pap texts
pap texts
Fave fox people?
jenna nadeau
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Perks of dating you?
idk don't ask me
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
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Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
have u ever cheated on someone
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Do you get good grades?
9  wyatt clements
thanks fgt
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Pap of recent calls?
Pap of recent calls?
Pap of texts
idk what you get out of this
Pap of texts
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