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Who do u have a thing wjth
I don't
tbh husband i am sorry for my selfish acts i will stop beating u. but if we get a divorce i call alex :)))) u can have our slut of a son  kristina
divorce is against my religion
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Tbh- we haven't talked in forever and your chill and pretty so hmu sometime  Steven Swelander
thanks will dooo
Tbh penis ily u rock I hope u get it In with Nutella boy:))  Heidi Stebnicki
love you stebicky
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sick tunes
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Pap texts
Pap texts
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He's confusing on his so didn't want to ask him but I thought you would know?
not sure lol
Does he have a thing with Kat?
idunno ask him
Do you and Ian have a thing again?
naw man
C- so gorgeoussss and funny and ily  Heidi Robinson
thanks heidsss love u
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tbh- rlly glad I met u bc ur overall such a great person on the inside & out! U got some great qualities in ur personality & I love all them! Speaking of love my family adores u! anyways let's chill outside of soccer soon I can see us becoming rlly close! & ur pretty but a slut go makeout w karter  alexis
love u fgt & I wish ugh miss him already
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Who's going to be your New Years kiss :*
Awks moment when u put ian as best guy friend but he didn't put you as best friend
what how is that awkward lol
Papp texts
Best guy friends
ian kyle n rilley
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Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?
snowboard obvs
Best friends that are girls
annie alex sean highd kristina kora andrena ryann
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Tbh girlfriend idk what I'd do without u. I had a great time last night ad thanks for covering the bill cuz I forgot I was broke and have no money and mcdonalds is really expensive apparently.. For real tho haha, I actually love u ur nice when u wanna be and ur gorgeous :) glad we're close again!  Ian James Ferguson
❤️ u
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Yo probs: A block: dicksucking101 B block: spare C block: play games in gr 9 PE cuz ur too stupid to do any real academics D block: how to successfully cook kraft dinner without burning it E block: get convinced by the teacher to go home cuz they've had enough of ur shit.  Ian James Ferguson
I swear to god ian if you don't answer my texts all this sleep deprivation is on you
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Classes next semester?
idk yet
-900 :)  Ian James Ferguson
I think you made a mistake
tbh- Phoenix you're so cute & I loved playin on your lax team all these years ! you are a super nice girl n I love talkin to ya hmu whenever :)  alex antignani
thank you! :))
you look like nava in ur dp
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Pap recent calls
Pap recent calls
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If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?
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