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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
english 10
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Dressing up for Halloween?
not for school
The answer yesterday didnt make sense
then you're probably stupid
What happened with you and Quinten?
I got the same question yesterday shut up
Thoughts on - idk what's up w you?? You don't answer my texts and don't really seem to wanna talk but you're nice chill and attractive  Quinten Varga
Do you like sparkling or still water?
Plans for the weekend?
koras on friday most likely
dd's on saturday
soccer on sunday
Tbh Phoenix you're so pretty and really nice! You always say hi in the halls which is nice and it was fun hanging with you yesterday at lunch, we should hangout more and text me soon if you want  Hayden
I love you hayds ❤️
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C- you're my sunshine n my world. U mean everything to me an always put a smile on my face and UR literally the best friend I've ever had I love u  Annie
what happened to you this year
what does that even mean
Do you want one?
idk probs not
Why don't you have a boyfriend
Tbh - Idek you really but you seem so awsum let's be friends an do drugs an eat  Jayde franklin
down hahahha thanks !
What happened with you and Quinten
nothing worth talkin about
What the fuck is wrong with u
Are you and Aman friends?
lol idk
laughing because I don't even weigh 90 yet  Sean Mark
it's ok you gain weight when you're pregnant
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I'll step on your neck  Sean Mark
you weigh a good like 90 pounds, I think I'll be ok
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RUDE1!1!1!!1!!!1!!1!  Sean Mark
step up your game sean
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80/100  Aman Manji
Pap texts
Pap texts
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
seans nudes
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Is that a Condom or a ring pop?
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