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Do you like someone going into grade11
I don't like anyone
Are you sure you don't
uh yup pretty sure
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Do you have a thing with quinten
lol no
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Like for tbh?
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thoughts on lizzie kim :0
miss having a best friend like her
Is he in your grade
Who do you like?
y do u care
Does the guy you like know that you like him
Do it! i believe you can
thx but no thx
do the ice bucket challenge someone on Facebook challenged you! post it on ask! <3
I was nominated 8 times there is no hope
Who do you like it's honesty hour
hours up oops
meeeee  Cole Tatham
you're one of the chillest people I know! always a good person to go to if you wanna talk n you're hilarious. you're super kind and pretty attractive, we don't talk as much anymore though which sucks so text me!
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Honesty hour?
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Me me  DanaKhatib
literally love everything about you you're so cute and kind, ours probably one of my longest friendships and I'm glad! you're a great friend and super outgoing, always smiling and laughing I just love bein around you because you make everyone feel good
:-)))))))  Annie
fuck off you know what I think of you
I already am talking to u Jesus Phoenix  Quinten Varga
okay fuck um qtip you're my fav I love talkin to you even though you're frustrating asf, and your snapchats suck but you're really funny n good looking and super easy to make conversation with which is cool like you hate me 95% of the time but I guess u aight
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Who do you like
Thoughts on pls thx  Quinten Varga
idk u but ur hot so hmu sometime !!
Do you like anyone
I dunno
.  Aman Manji
glad we're talking again, I can basically talk to you about anything and most of the time trust that you won't tell anyone. you're a good friend and really funny, sometimes I wanna push you down the stairs but I guess you're okay
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If people send you names will you do thoughts on
Hiiiiii  austindawe
hi austin
mm ok
aw the bf JAKe the bae JAKE <33
What makes life worth living?
What makes life worth living?
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