phoenix mang @phoenixxmang
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Who do u miss
kayla marie
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
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Why did you stop liking him?
iidk we stopped hanging out n stuff
oh why didnt you guys date that would of been so cute!
uhh idk hah
Is it true you liked that Nerdy Aaron kid or whatever his name is
ya I did like that nerdy aaron kid or whatever
Pap texts
You just some grade 9 bitch who thinks she is better then every one shut the fuck up
yup u got me
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Ian doesn't like you
my heart is breakin
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U r the most fakest bitch I know I hope u see that one day
yes most fakest
How r u
just awesome
Do you even have friends that r real or do they all pretend lol
no I don't have friends that r real
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Why dont u date Ian u hang out all the time why jot
can u stop
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do you like riley
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All ur friends say they don't like u
that sucks
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Are u interested in anyone
Do you like Jake
You always go for guys that would never like you
tell me about it
Do you like Ian
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best guy friends
ian, rilley, sebastian, aman
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Have you ever hooked up with ian Ferguson
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People that make you happy?
What is your opinion about masturbating?
omid is that u
Pap texts
Pap texts
Who do u like
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Why do u look so sad at school
bc school makes me sad
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