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Bianca Cipriano @photosynthecip
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bakit mad mahirap magexercise kesa magmahal?
Because no. its easy.
Would you dance, If I ask you to dance?
is the song my jam?? haha
and i'm here asking you a question, waiting for your response
why? not active atm
what will you do When your legs don't work like they used to before?
nix would carry me and help me all the time.
bakit bawal kainin ang pusa?
because its noisy when you try to cut it
If you are running a race and you pass the person in second place, what place are you in?
is this a trick question? then im still running!
what makes the night so beautiful?
the moon
how's your sleep?
turn your head from the right, follow me 😁  Paulo Tamondong
hi paulo!
Show us your favorite emoji!
Show us your favorite emoji!
If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?
tropical hut (?) lol
What is the secret to a happy life?
being in control of yourself
What is the prettiest city you have ever been to?
Taguig City
Do you like olives?
i dont like it topped on a pizza
What attribute of a person that could attract you most? :D
someone who gives importance & love to himself as to others
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What song is stuck in your head?
Taya by UDD
Where do the lines overlap? huhu -still me
No onnnnneee is as lucky as ussss! after passing the graduation isle i guess
When was the day that you promised you'd never sing of love if it does not exist? (lol TOE playing rn) -Gabss
i never did. I'm always in love when I'm w my family and friends
i'm planing to ask you out?
for reals, well can i take my girlfriend along ?
got any plans for valentines day ?
i dont know yet, why do you?
hi pux miss yaaaa
hi i miss you too, eh kung tinetext mo ko. baka magkita? :))
im happy, how about you?
I wish you could be a flowerrr so dat i could watch you grow up into a mermaid
i am a flower that can bear fruits
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If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?
I'd be a classic Mini Cooper
Which is your favorite dessert?
green tea mochi ice cream