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I'll miss you! :'(


Just updated the Twitter with it. As to why I'm still using Twitter and not this...consider me in my last hours an evolving hypocrite. Anyways, see you on the other side. And who knows? I may one day get an audience again and want to branch out. Say hello to Aurora for me as well. :)

One Last Beatles Pic?


Leaving the Website? WTF?!

For now, anyways, yes. Or at least, I'm not answering questions anymore (as you probably already guessed). For the people who have sent me questions in the past couple months, I'm sorry, though I assume you sent them out to everyone in general.

For the rare couple users who sent me HUNDREDS of questions - won't say your names but, jesus - I didn't notice them until I logged back in just now to type this. I really advise you to give up the ghost; my real life has taken over and I'm honestly just not worth pursuing.

So thank you! Unless I use this again for whatever reason in future, because I can't predict it, I'm calling it a day. Thank you so much, whoever's still with me, and hopefully your lives go beyond this as well. This is a good tool for happy memories, used right, and I'll enjoy looking back on all your good questions and remember the fun times.

1)How well do you relate to people? 2)Are you popular among your friends? 3)Have you ever wondered whether your friends really like you? 4)How true are you to your friends? Thank you for your answers.


1. Going to the a prayer meeting Sunday (at Jewel Heart; it's a Tibetan Buddhist home run by Monk Rimpoche, who's from Tibet originally), I heard a saying that "we all think we are different, because we all like to be martyrs - but we cannot exist outside common people", something to that extent. I have been bullied and hurt and isolated from many in my life, and it's easy to feel like you are more so than anyone else.
But everyone suffers in some way. Everyone has a problem. It doesn't make yours bigger or smaller, it just makes you one of many people after all. So yes, through happiness and through suffering, I'd say I relate to people well. And from my own problems with suffering especially, I always try to help them.

2(&3&4). I learned the difference between friends and bored acquaintances as soon as I broke out of the school environment and started working. The people I used to be around, would only be around me if there was nothing better to do or see. I don't resent any of them - I still say hello to some in the hallway when I walk - but I obviously had a stronger pull towards them than they did to me.

That being said, I was always trying to please some people growing up, always thinking I wasn't good enough as myself. With the people who are my actual friends; a few still at school and colleagues at work, I never have to worry. They're not my yes-men, but they do support me and I find myself being better and more positive around them than I can be alone. It's gone beyond my own naivete to say they like me; they go out of their way to help when I need it and don't mind getting wrapped up in my strange daily adventures. And even though I'm not the best at communication or all the things they're good at, I try my best and think of them often, and they appreciate it.

What is your communication style? Explain yourself in great detail. Thank you.


I would say talking, that's primarily a main thing. I've learned more from isolation how to listen, and just to jump in whenever the conversation turns to something I can be interesting about. Sometimes make a joke, though more of my relatives are better than I. It's in the effort, really, and always having fun.

1)Are you just existing or are you really living a wonderful life? Explain. 2)Do you want people to notice you all the time? Explain. 3)Do you have something unique in you? Explain. 4)Are you a world citizen? Explain. 5)How was your day? Explain. Thank you.


First off, I'm sorry I didn't answer your other questions. I haven't been as active on here as I used to be mostly because I'm using a newer email for notifications. But sure, now that I'm back, this is interesting and I think I'll try my hand at it.

1. I think I'm trying to live a wonderful life, which is better than not trying at all, and even through really sad and stupid parts I always manage to find good moments. I wouldn't say it's as wonderful as I want to be yet, but I'm making the most of it.
2. I like people, hate being lonely, and I know I would rather be remembered for doing something wild out of the blue than going unnoticed. That comes out of not having enough attention as a child, or something like that. But I don't think it's anything to psychoanalyze myself with: we all have fears about being alone.

3. We're all our own walking forms of consciousness, that's unique in itself. As far as anything special about my own consciousness in the web of humans, though, that's not for me to say.

4. "Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do." ~ not saying I can adhere to everything in Imagine, as the book and quirky junk-collecting craze still is in me as far as "no posessions". But I grew up with TV from countries outside the U.S, and know them as well as my own cartoons.
And the first time I ever traveled outside U.S borders to a small town in Canada, everything clicked and I felt right at home. It's made me a bit more anxious and angry about not being able to go where I want, really, but that'll change the more I keep at it.

5. Not bad. Had to walk in the rain for a bit to get to a rescheduled dentist appointment, which my feet did not like me for, but it still wasn't bad weather compared to earlier this week. And afterwards, I got to go home and relax and read the new book I got myself for my birthday. It's Harlan Ellison's original script for his version of the I. Robot movie; his version was never made, sadly, but it has its own power and weight even as a script. Scripts and dialogue are easier for me to both read and write versus books...I go straight for the dialogue and the characters when picturing a scene, the rest is more irrelevant.

So yes, I'd say it was a good day. Made even better by your question. :)

So I went to the start of my tumblr, and it's so cringey. It was around the time I was on Yahoo! Answers too... I was so annoying, typical twelvie, how did you guys put up with me!?


Until we find what we're meant to be, we just float around doing whatever. It isn't really bad in the long run, and we didn't mind you at all. :)

I love you pickles!!! May I add you on twitter? :D <3


Sure, I'd love to have you! Don't have as big a following at the moment, but I try to post whenever I can and still have fun. It's a bit more personal-me than regular Pickles, as in photos of me and where I live and go and people in my life, but I don't mind that at all. Thanks!

[Twitter at @PicklestheWise - link here for some reason it never works, so don't click, but manual search shouldn't be hard to find me, either. I'm the dorf in the sideways hat. :)]

why did we all migrate from YA to ask.fm at the end of 2012 ?!?! haha :P


No idea, but it's turned out for the better with the new layout. I can only access it off certain computers now, which is a bit frustrating, and there aren't as many people on as there used to be. They may come back, or even I will, but for now I'm testing other ground.

And hey, wherever my friends are, I'm glad to be as well. And because I want to be more interesting than just saying hi, I'll share what I'm watching right now, which is the funniest thing I've seen this week.

Also, go see Life is Beautiful. Now, my pretty peoplefriends. Your Overlord Pickles recommends. I did and I'm still not done smiling warm angel smiles and crying weepy serious broken heart tears at the same time.

Would you rather have the ability to: Be able to wear any outfit/hairstyle/makeup instantly with no money worries whatsoever, or the ability to read and comprehend ANY book in 5 minutes?


I'm not going to be a wise-ass (there is a difference between a wiseass and a Pickles the Wise, and I'm not jumpin' that fence) and say I completely am the second, but I do read books really fast and with my imagination I can always be in the heat of what's going on if I like it enough. So with that leaving me satisfied enough, definitely the first.

And that isn't going to make me sell out my t-shirts and jeans style and shop for Oscar dresses. Just maybe a few snazzier-looking jackets, a suit or two, some steampunk items and a couple bits and bobs. I love the people who just wear all the weird stuff they want, and with money as not a concern I definitely would as well.

Is this the greatest music video ever!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VurhzANQ_B0

My own personal opinion thinks it's this one, actually...

...but that other one was definitely...well, I'll actually be Devil's Advocate here, a bit f*cked up. I should be kind and it's your opinion to like whatever, but I wouldn't watch it again. I like Game of Thrones, so from the Red Wedding standpoint I can't have too much credit in what I'm saying. But the peace thing I think cancels that out, so...sorry, but it's not to my taste at all.

Oh no. A 4 inch tall man named Steve has arranged marriage with you by your parents. What do you do to get rid of him?

Introduce him casually to one of my old Polly Pockets, and hope he transfers his affections. I'll just say for cover-up she's taken a vow of silence until after the wedding...and yes, her perfume does always smell like cheap plastic.

What would you do if your teacher gave extra credit to anyone who could teach her/him how to use tumblr?

I still wouldn't be able to. For me, the Tumblr website is blocked off no matter how many times I try to create a website of my own. But as for what to search for and what fun things to look up, I'd get a decent couple of points at that. :)

The ask.fm questions are so annoying. I'll ask some fun ones. What would you do if the mailman painted your house green while you were asleep then told everyone that it was a giant rare species of plant with humans living inside it?

I'd be thrilled at finally get some visitors for once. :)

1)Are you independent in your approach towards your life? 2)Are you self-reliant in your life? 3)Are you financially independent in life? 4)Are you emotionally dependent on friends and family? 5)When you need help in life, do you call up people? 6)Do you keep regrets in life?


1. I always try to be happy - mostly that means doing what I feel like doing when I want to do it, but I also rely on other people to tag along. I can be by myself, but I'm always happier with others.
2. see above ^^, again, it's when I have to be.

3. No; I save up money, but I can't change my situation at a moment's notice. I can eat and drink and walk where I choose, but a lot of other recreational things I don't have, can't have, and just have to make do without for a while. Which essentially means...waiting a lot, saving a lot, and keeping myself busy with other things.
4. Like I said, I've been alone enough by myself to find ways to keep myself happy. I have to entertain someone or other. But I am happier when it's other people, because at least you get to bounce off someone else's energy, instead of winning at "I Spy" with yourself every time and growing bored.
5. Usually, though I have a habit of trying to 'tough it out' and utterly failing.

6. I have some regrets I can look back on, but there's usually a better reason I can come up with for NOT keeping them. One of my biggest regrets as a young teenager was "losing" a guy who I thought was perfect; aka he looked like the cover of every issue of GQ and had a ton of fun with his friends while trying at every turn to ignore me. Now, I'm happy to be rid of him: he ended up an utter drab and completely apathetic to the world, which I would not like being around at all.

Thanks for this, I needed a few questions to keep my head sharp. I'm also back on Yahoo Answers as well now that I've figured out the new purple layout, so that should help with my mood long-term.

Opinion on these depressing "life is hopeless" type of songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REaSSZew0-o

First of all, I don't agree with that; life is never hopeless, it's complicated, and we can either try and focus on the good more than the bad, or the other way around. I agree there's bad people and stupid things in the world, but the fact that enough good, common-sense people can see that and still act the way they do, trumps all.

Are there any other ways to find you? Online, I mean?


As a matter of fact...me...yes, there are! Shameless plug, but since my run on Answers has become a little more complicated due to the format change, I am taking a new second home on Twitter with my channel, @PicklestheWise (note: don't click on the blue "link" here, it's broken. Just go to Twitter and search).

Still in its baby stages, of course, but it has a lot of promise - I'll try to make the most of it and hopefully keep the folks who follow me entertained.

Anche tu sei giù di morale. Fai una telefonata al tuo/alla tua migliore amico/a. Immagina il vostro dialogo. Grazie mille.


*ring ring*
N [Nicole, my bestest introvert foil friend]: Hello?
P: Hi. Do you have a second?
N: Oh, um, sure. What's up?
P: I don't know if you have time, but I just wanted to talk to you about this: I'm in one of those weird moods where I think my life's going nowhere. Usually I can get out of it with a funny joke or a movie, but right now - well, it's one of those times I can't.

N: Oh. I'm sorry.
P: Yeah, I debated this whole call for a while, too. I didn't want to call you up with just bad news and have to hear you...I mean, you hear me, listen to me rant...not that. You know? (I'm not as articulate in real life). Plus, I always have to have this image in my head, project this image, of someone who's got it all worked out, or at least has something good going on. Eternal optimist, you know? But at the same time, I'm a human being with problems, right?
N: Well, nobody's perfect-
P: Exactly! Sorry. I talk fast when I'm nervous.
N: I know, it's fine.
P: I just need to sit down for a second...phew. Caffiene and depression, not a good combo.

N: So what's the matter?
P: I don't know, just...stuff in life. A lot keeps piling up on me recently. Like too many to-do lists, you know. It's all stuff important to me, like acting jobs and art and college, but at the same time I just want to say - fuck it!
N: Hell, doesn't everyone.
P: And the more stuff keeps piling up and the more I avoid it, the more I start to think about why I'm avoiding it, that I'm just lazy and useless all along. I mean, I built a lot of pride around that statement in years past, as a way of life, but it's not getting me where I want to be.
N: So you want to change yourself? Or just what's going on in your life?

P: Neither and both. When I'm lazy-me, I want less, but then I get sad nothing's happening. Or I want everything at once, and when I get it, I run scared because I'm worried I'll fail.
N: At what?
P: At whatever the job needs me to do. I go at art only when I'm very patient, otherwise when I can't draw a straight line I'll throw my pad through the window, you know? I want go at acting only when I'm feeling very happy and confident...I can do it days when I'm feeling shitty, I know I'm good enough to fake being good all the time, but I get more annoyed when I know I'm not doing the best job I could.
N: If you're always going to be hard on yourself, you can't win.

P: I just wish that the me when I was happy could be me all the time. It nearly is, I've worked hard to make it that way, but I have these little slip-ups. Good news is with that, I can at least downplay them enough by sharing them with the whole world, not making them internal...I just hope I don't come off a whiny Holden Caulfield type. I don't hate my life. I just want to be fast enough to keep up with it. [sigh] Okay, I think that's blown out my system. You haven't aged any on the other end of the line, have you?

N: No. Good night. Hope you feel better.
P: All right. Thanks. Bye, then.

Hey Pickles. Do you like Rap ?

Yes. I can't really list any that have changed my life - I haven't been listening for that long, but it helps to be open to things you don't yet know. It's more than "to the window, to the wall" if you look hard enough: anything very personal to the artist, I like, because it takes a lot of courage to say what you feel no matter what medium or even what it is.

Do you love the World you live in?

I live in a magical shiny world of newspaper taxis and semolina pilchards, and funny far-away and up-close people, long walks and fairy unicorns, swirling around in whipped-cream clouds and having veggie-friendly sandwiches at cafes. And whether I'm having my big epic adventure sagas in dreams or my daily adventures awake, love and peace are what I try to base it all on to survive.

And occasionally that bubble is burst by school, projects not of my choosing, and not having so much money or a ways to get around to far-off places. But on the whole, I'm very lucky for everything around me, and most of all for the people I get to stand in the shadow of.

Hey Everyone! I really like this test: What is your hidden talent? It is another image test, so it only takes a second. Mine is pretty accurate. http://www.blogthings.com/whatsyourhiddentalentquiz/


Tie between the sunset and the road, but in the end I chose and got this:

"Rebellion. You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system. And while this might not seem big, it can be. It's people like you who serve as catalysts to major cultural changes."

Man, leader of the free world all because I wanted to take a backroad. :)

What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?

It's a person smiling at another person. It can mean anything, but it's usually meant to say "Hello." and be nice and friendly as opposed to stony-faced and cold.

http://www.blogthings.com/thelovetest/ What result did you get on this test? It is a quick short one.


"For you, love is something you're fiery about. You never hide your love or your true passion for anyone.
You don't put limits or expectations on love. You just follow your heart, even if it leads you to surprising places.You can't predict or even explain why you love who you do. You just feel it come on all at once, very strongly. You are open about your affections, and you don't take it personally if they aren't returned. You know that love can't be controlled."

Fair enough that most of that's true, but how would it get all that from two zebras? I actually thought it would be more about companionship and reliance on each other - the two zebras leaned on each other for support, while the rest (though they're fine) just showed off cutesy hearts in different places. But oh well, I'm sure all the options have something nice to say, and I just chose the one I had the best feeling about, anyway.

What would your parents do if I filled a gigantic balloon with 30% helium, then the rest whipped cream, then suspended it 41ft above the house and popped it with a V45 9C Suru Dart Gun?


Hurry to stop me as I automatically ran up the roof to eat all the whipped cream.

What are you doing at the moment?

I'll answer all your other questions right here, as they'd only take a sentence. First off, I have my Ask.fm linked to my Yahoo Answers page just because it's easier to run this account as Pickles the Wise than it is as my name. Not to say I'm paranoid about privacy or that Pickles is a different person, but it's more what the name's associated with. Me = nothing that important, whereas Pickles = some online recognition and a definite following by fellow answers.

Also, I don't have a Facebook as Pickles, just as me, and even then I don't link people up to it because I never use it that much. I don't hate Facebook, but I'm useless at it, and I only got it to keep in touch with acting friends I made. Second, why most of the questions here are anonymous, I can only guess. The people who ask them might not have formal accounts, or might be users who just found me and feel safer asking their question as a anon. Either way, I'm fine with whoever asks so long as the question's good.

And as to what I'm doing right now: eating egg rolls for lunch and putting in an episode of Firefly.


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