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Which animal would you love to be for a day?


Do you prefer to travel by train, bus, plane or ship?


ROADTRIP! Where are you going and who are you taking with you?

Ridiculously i would say all around the world but considering reality, at least southeast Asia? Me and Ai

What do you spend most of your money on?

Carbon dioxide 💸 🔥

What is your spirit animal?


hi !.. i hope youre fine and okay..I miss talking to you :( - Hamka

Hi! Lel hamka, im fine and great xc i know right. It has been awhile we really need to catch up with each other tau c:

If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which one would you pick?

Garfield !

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?

A dork. Hahahahah

When you are in trouble, whom do you call for help?

There's a friend i would call, aishii. Even though she's miles away from here.

Describe a perfect night out!

A night out eh. Well i like going out for a night drive. Street lights. Highway. Dark purple sky. City lights. Passing by the pedestrians. Chasing the road. Wind. Radio on. Stargazing. Sing along the songs on air. I just like wasting my time on these little things.

Who is the greatest cook you know? What do they make?

nena! I love her meringue!

Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?

snowboard! woooo

i just bought something that could boost my confidence i think probably

That's great enough. If you're skinny person, don't go wear something that makes you look like a skeleton, at least wear layers or thick outfit. If you're medium sized, get something well fitted. If you're large sized, wear something that will make you look taller. I'm not good at giving fashion advices but hopefully you wont be sitting at the corner thinking about appearance all day. Smile!

whaddaya mean?

You went for shopping right? What did you get then. Hahah nevermind, anything you bought must be the one you're confident and comfortable with, that's enough. Dont look at other people. Just be happy what you got. Yeah it's not easy to get rid of the insecure feeling but a simple thought of believing in ourselves is the medicine.

So I went shopping for clothes today, i felt so insecure looking at other guys.... help 😳?

Woo I see. Tell me what you have there

any fashion tips for a guy?

Anything comfortable and you're confident with. Just don't wear oversized or too small clothing.

would you rather hear a simple answer or ask for explanations?

I'll just go with simple answer.

what have you been up to lately?

That's what I've been asking myself lately

Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?

might have one but dont have such determination to risk my life so

What would you grow in your imaginary garden?


Do you smile at strangers?

ごめんなさい。 またあした。

Burgers with pickles or onions or both?


@alexernst asks, "What is your favorite romance movie?"

deadpool ahah

When is the last time you told somone you love them?

4 years ago

Are you still friends with someone from kindergarten?

Yas, there are 3 of them and we're currently classmates (≧▽≦)


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