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i miss u .........♥

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:))<3333 love ♥

chat with my friend you ? :) xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

spending some time with my girl :)) xx

don't worry aahha :3 xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

Thnx xx and,again,im sorry for not answering,my acc was hacked -.- xx

,mmm good thanks :)

sara franciosini † ॐ

Sorry i answer late,i was taking a shower xx

how are you today ? :3 xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

Good,thnx,little tired,but good ;D
hbu? xx

Cool:) xx nothing ahahaha :)

sara franciosini † ॐ

:D xx

:D xx
im in fight with my gf,again! :p xx
whats new with u?

you said that you've been in Bulgaria. In which city? :)

i cant remember name :p lol

yes i'm a gymnast :) x

sara franciosini † ॐ

So cool,im playing football xx

Do you already have app for iPhone?

yeah ;)

i'm going 2 days in pesaro , because i have the national of artistic gymnastic :) you ? xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

just laying at home :D xx
lol,kidding,i dont know,yet ;))
u are gimnastics?

hhahhahahah :) xx x:)

sara franciosini † ॐ

xD xx
u going somewhere for vocation? :))

Can you please like 25 of my answers? ❤

ok,but u first :)

nothing ahhahaha you ? :) xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

on my way to school :p when i finally thought i would not go in there anymore,i forgot my key in locker :p lol xx

hahhahaha cool x ) xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

:D xx
what u doing? :))

hahahhahahah okay haha :3 xxxxx

sara franciosini † ॐ

lol :DD
wow its soo hot here :p i cant even go to my pool ;p lol xx

because, your ex girlfriend hacked your account :/ x

sara franciosini † ॐ

she is still my gf.But its ok,she did it for fun :)) i know ;) xxxxxx

ohh im sorry :/ xx

sara franciosini † ॐ

why u sorry?xx


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