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plini what are your favourite chords(acoustic)?
D major
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favorite Hiromi song(s)? <3
"Dreamer" from Alive is amazing, but so is the whole album and i love both sonicbloom albums too. 'softly as in a morning sunrise' probably all time fav for the batty trade off section
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Do you have tabs for the bass parts of The End Of Everything? Can I buy them off you?
will talk to simo and see what we can do!
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Are you a fan of Yvette Young?
yep she's my strandberg sister!
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And what do you like about .strandberg* guitars
besides the guitars being obviously amazing in both sound and design, everyone i've encountered working behind the scenes for that company so far is straight up awesomeness.
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Will you marry me? *say yes*
no. was that the answer you were looking for?
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What's your favorite color :o
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Do you like Eddie Van Halen?
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Are you a fan of Eddie Van Halen?
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Excited for new corelia?
for too long now!
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Hi Plini, according to you, what would you look into a contract before getting signed up?
a well-designed letterhead. also if it offers you the things you want without any significant drawbacks that might be a good start :)
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Hi Plini. Will you consider playing a show or two in Brisbane this year? It could be "The End of Everything" tour with merchandise, drinks and food for everyone. Back in the eighties Brisbane QUT and other Uni's had lunch time gigs. Just a thought. Thanks for writing and playing awesome music.
that would be awesome. lunch gigs should be a thing once again, although i get the sense that people are usually in a looser mood later in the day which makes it more fun - back in the 80s people were probably loose all day haha. would love to play brissie, hopefully will make it up sometime this year!
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hell yeah! bit corny but good reminder that i gotta watch this movie!
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Are you going to sign with a label eg(boing) before recording and releasing your debut album?
at this point i have no desire to but who knows what will happen between now and then!
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When you heard Jakub's solo on Run! were you like "how the hell do I follow that?"
luckily the version i recorded to had no solo there yet!
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Hey bro, i was wondering if you use reverb on your Axe FX tone while you record or if you record the dry amp model and add effects to the track? I also wonder if your delays are synced with the tempo of the music or if you just set it to where ever you want it to be? Cheers!
i do reverb and delay in logic so it's more flexible for mixing, and usually sync the delay :)
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i would like to shake your hand
transport the rest of me to you and the hand will be there to be shaken
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Can you make vinyl sleeves of your album covers? It doesn't even have to have a record in it, I just want the artwork :)
more on large scale artwork soon...
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I suppose you're going to play guest solos for songs like rupture? Selenium? Etc?
i'll be a guest in my own household
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Hi Plini, 96khz/24bit files are considered to be a higher resolution than 44/16 files. CD's will only accept 44/16 files. Do you agree that a 96/24 file pressed to vinyl/dvd/bluray or simply as a digital download is better quality than a 44/16 file on cd? Steven Wilson thinks so.
in theory yes, but the reality of pressing vinyl and a bunch of studies and blind tests say otherwise. that said i wouldn't argue that the vibe of playing a vinyl isn't way more enjoyable than pressing play on an mp3, a lot more can go into a listening experience than the waveform :)
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but who was record label
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Would you consider a 96/24 res vinyl pressing of The End of Everything if finances permitted? Its a bit late for record store day, but I would buy a couple of copies whenever they become available.
i hope people realise that realistically speaking vinyl quality is in no way better than a CD or even a high quality digital download... but i would like to do it at some point just for the large scale art haha
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do you listen to Purity Ring, Chvrches or Metric?
yes, not yet and briefly
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Is the whole of The End Of Everything (EP) in half-step down?
yep but womby and paper moon the low string drops to Db too
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Will you be seeking the one and only Marco Minneman to play drums on your debut album? It would be to everyones benefit without a doubt and looking at Marco's body of work it seems he never sleeps and would be unlikely to say no.
you will just have to wait and see :)
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