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Best guitar instructional videos in your opinion (i.e Hot Licks, Petrucci's Rock Discipline, Paul Gilbert's Terrifying Guitar Trip, etc.)?
all of them, at least, plus more. but i think your own ear is the best potential teacher
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What is your opinion on big ISPs threatening Net Neutrality?
you gotta fight for your right to party
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Fav Australian band? Also you and Chons drummer should collab I could see it working
id love that, with mario too haha. definitely karnivool although dead letter circus, closure in moscow, circles and of course the helix nebula are up there too.
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Hey Plini! Thanks for the great honest/heart-felted music! I love your music! Is very inspirational! There is nothing like listening to Sweet Nothings at night with the lights off and just my headphones! What drives you to write music? Greetings from Honduras, Central America!
i write music cos i feel like it would be wrong not to! thank you :)
Pros/cons of being signed/unsigned in your opinion? Speaking generally of course, I know deals can vary massively.
i cant speak for both sides of the table but being unsigned i have 100% freedom and 100% (potential) profit. it would take a very good deal to be better than that
I love your music. It gets me through the days, terrible times of my life. Some of my life experiences are geo-tagged with a few of your songs (the only other artist that's ever done that is Karnivool). Please keep doing what you're doing. Plini is life <4
thank you!!! that's super awesome to hear :)
how famous are you in your city? neighborhood?
not at all? haha
I can't tell if you're actually serious about liking Tech N9ne but if you are you just made me very happy
completely, best rap discovery of the past few months for me for sure
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Have you seen Summer Heights High?
What are some guitars you want?
nothing in particular, i would like a strandberg or one of those bodiless acoustics though
How is guitar coming along?
havent played in a month, but soon it will go well
How did you learn to program instruments? And mix and master
the nike way, just doing it
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this is how i feel about your music oh yeah
this is excellent
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How did you learn how to do that thing that you did man?
i just did it and then it happened yaknow
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If you don't mind me asking what's your signal chain on your axe fx?
guitar -> axefx -> computer
seriously though it changes all the time, havent found my special recipe yet
less is less
and less is great
does gear matter
What the hell happened to your ask page?
i dont know, what did happen?
Do you add random fans of yours on Facebook?
nope i like to keep my personal profile just for people i have an actual relationship with, but im always open to chat via message :)
guilty pleasure?
no guilt, there isnt really anything i enjoy that im not happy to talk about anyway haha
Why will you talk to me on here but not in real life?
presumably because we havent met in real life?
The questions you get make me question humanity.  Francesco Filigoi
thats life.... btw sorry i never visited you, too much stuff going on! next time :)
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What are your favorite tracks from Pure Heroine?
none in particular
your music is tank as fuck bruh
tank top?
How are you/