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plini is good :3
Well it's just that I feel like the reason I improvise in a certain way isn't because of what I want to express but instead because I'm caged in my limited knowledge of harmony and scales. And I want to break free!! So yeah I'll keep jamming :)
and maybe learn some stuff by artists in the style you would like to be creating, see if that gives you any new techniques or harmonic/melodic ideas your fingers arent used to. all the best!
The supermarket plays Backstreet Boys, but they never play Plini. What the fuck is wrong with this post-apocalyptic world?!
backstreet boys is at least a step in the right direction away from most contemporary pop!
new ep takes too long youre fired
except actually, im not though
Hi Plini! What's up with the 5 DVDs of Superior Drummer? Do you only need disc 1 to Install the soundbank? If so, what's with the other 4 discs?
i think the main components and the program itself are on disc one and then additional samples are on the other 4 (you choose between a 5gb and a 20gb library upon install as far as i remember). but im not toontrack customer support so not sure why you would ask me??
Everybody likes Plini.
not yet. but eventually :)
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what is your myers briggs type?
i dont know
Are you able to improvise in the same style as you write music? Or do you have to sit back, think and go into a different thought process when you actually want to compose? My issue is that I keep going into bluesy, jazzy licks when I improv but I don't want to write that type of music >.<
keep jamming, it'll come. why dont you wanna write what comes naturally to you though?
So I heard you plan on touring? How will you play live? Getting a band? Sample everything and just play the guitars ? ...
band. though i might not be able to straight away, ultimately i dont want to use any samples or backing tracks. even the transitions and lead-ins i want to be played live :)
show us swag
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Hi plini ! This is one of the principal question on this page i guess , but i hope you ask me anyway ... I'm a guitarist , and i'm trying to record stuff that i composed plugging guitar in a boss ms-50g pedal straight in my audio drive (roland duo capture ex) . any advice to get a good record?
if you can get a tone you like, all you have to do is capture it by pressing record and you're off to a good start :)
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Do you ever go weeks or months where you don't play guitar or think of music all that much? It's happening to me in uni
yes, makes the times you do get to play more special though :)
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favourite coffee?
still in the process of finding it!
Is there any true purpose in life?
i dont think so, but you can make one :)
What do you think about periphery ?? :))
love them! when i found bulb on myspace (back when myspace was a thing), his stuff was a huge inspiration for me to get into DIY recording. i might not even be here if not for finding that stuff!
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it's little wonder why nobody gives hate on your ask you're like the most likeable guy around haha
im flattered you think so :-)
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I'm fan of your " VERSE " songs from soundcloud <3 . I'm very interrested by the VST plugins ( or software ) you used for the instrumental, can you tell us who they are ? :D ( sorry for my bad english :x )
if you mean these - - theyre original compositions by luke martin (who plays piano for me on a few tracks), they just appear on my soundcloud because i reposted his playlist :)
How did you play those super high notes in Ode to the Vulture? That was an insane solo!! :)
thanks :) i used an octave pedal on the axefx
well i wish i was cypress hill but i'm not :/
you can still show me :)
can i show you a song to just jump around to? I had so much fun writing it :D
it it this?
what vsti did you use for the orchestration in obog ?
i just added guitar over a piece by luke martin (as it says in the description!)
I want to force everyone in Perth to worship to Plini. >:|
do it! would love to go there some day soon!
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Thank you for your music. What's the songwriting / composing process like? Do you compose with the guitar in hand?
there are exceptions but almost always with a guitar. im always set up to record so ill just noodle around til something seems like its worth pursuing
How much would you charge for a guest solo?
depends on the situation, but right now ive already got too many to do for friends to consider taking on any session-style paid solo work haha