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Does writing music ever stress you out? I feel stressed because I feel like my skills are unable to meet my own expectations both mixing wise, composition wise, and playing wise. What advice do you have especially considering that you play so much so well. (piano, bass, guitar, drums, mixing, master
sometimes but mostly just when im over-complicating something for myself. if you think about it, all it is is a bunch of tiny little noises you make in a logical order. recently i tried recording some final guitar takes for a track that is going to have bass and piano added to it after, and i was recording a rhythm guitar part trying to imagine exactly what would suit the currently unknown piano solo and bass line... not sure what the moral of the story is, but if its stressing you out you're probably over-complicating it for yourself - try to approach it as a bunch of easy little noises, one at a time :)
Plini, you're easily my favourite musician ever, I love all of your work, it's all so amazing, but damn why do you play so fast for me?! ;) I've currently learnt up to about 43 seconds of your song Atlas, but is the legato thingies that kill me, any tips on how to nail them perfectly? thanks man!
thank you! just keep practising, build it up from a slower speed and you'll get there in no time :)
Hi Plini I am planning to buy a guitar and self train my self from youtube tutorials I want to know if i will practice 30 minutes a day how long does it will take to be able to play song covers what are the basics i should learn before trying to play a cover Sorry for my poor english
you could probably play some simple songs after a few days, depends how committed you are and what you practice! more important than any of this in my opinion is that whatever process you take is enjoyable for you :)
How beautiful do you think you are?
i dont think about it
In your opinion, what is the most challenging song of yours?
there are a few runs in 'sweet nothings' that are a bit all over the place, the tapping riffs in 'away' are hard to get as cleanly as the recording although that's because i use a silly fingering. most of my stuff is pretty technically friendly - i try to differentiate myself from other players with phrasing rather than technique cos i know ill never win that battle haha
Hi Plini :] What happen with the pentagon love and the calendar xD?  Emile Justice
someone needs to arrange for us to all be in the same room...
*likes your stuff* *not advanced enough to play your stuff* Do you feel my pain xP
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sounds kinda like something devin townsend would do haha
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About noodling continuously until a good song idea comes: Do you record your noodling sessions? Because when I do continuous jamming over a backing track, some good melodies come out of nowhere and after that jam I think about recreating it but lacks something which made the original version great..
nope i rarely record until i deliberately have something i want to record. times like that you just gotta let it go, sometimes the elusive melody is better left to disappear...
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Name some awesome, underrated Australian bands/artists who are massive local but still don't have a proper international fan base yet. Old or new musicians.
dont know too many who are massive locally and not elsewhere, although possibly Closure In Moscow would fit that description. other random australian artists i think everyone should listen to: the helix nebula, circles, without parachutes & i built the sky
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Do you have any high res backgrounds that we can use as wallpapers? Kinda like your ask's background, I find those spacey pictures so very pretty, I'd love to have them on my phone.
i think theres a high res wallpaper in all the bandcamp downloads :)
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Pretty much what I'm already doing then haha, I just can't improv or noodle around yet meh. Any tips for soloing and stuff?
try to emulate the players and learn the solos that you like the sound of!
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The Helix Nebula is the fucking dopest shit, how on earth did you score a slot in one of their songs? I already know you're an awesome guitarist, but I didn't expect that tbh
because they asked me to! we've been friends for ages and they are some of my favourite people - both their guitarists have recorded solos for me and the bassist is recording most of the bass for my upcoming EP :)
Thank you x) and yeah haha I play more to have fun than to say, "Oh look I can play so much so quick." Did you learn online or something? Can you give me a good link if you did? Thanks :)
i learnt songs that i liked (both by ear and from tabs) and i guess spent (and still spend) a lot of time just noodling around. i don't remember any instructional material in particular that i found helpful but just watching videos of the players i like playing is always helpful and inspiring!
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Hi, Plini. So I recently started self learning the guitar about 5-6 months ago; I'm 17. You're self learned too, right? 10 years or so? What advice do you have? :)
that awesome! don't get frustrated if you can't play things as quickly as you'd like as first, you have plenty of time to get there and music isn't a race :) i hope you're having a lot of fun!
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you are my hero forever.
that's a very long term commitment i dont know if im ready for this
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Do you dress up for halloween? what are you gonna be?
a person at a dream theater concert
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Whats your fav frequency to cut on a guitar to make it clearer / better sounding?
all the prime numbers, they dont resonate with the universe as well
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do you charge for guest YOLOs or are they free
only as an incentive to get it done faster, but i already have a backlog of things i owe friends and a few more that will eventuate once the track for it has been recorded etc... so no more guest YOLOing for now unfortunately!
Hey Plini I currently planning a trip around Europe next easter(hopefully). Any places that you would recommend to a fellow fan?
i have a soft spot for italy but ive loved everywhere ive been so far!
I find it very awkward, revealing to people that i write music. Say youre at a bar with a few friends and you find out one guy is a guitarist. Do you let them know " im a guitarist and i compose music" ? Or do you just no mention anything at all about it. i feel mentioning it would be a bit egocentr
i agree! im not one for offering information about myself to others but if it comes up ill probably say something vague about owning a guitar
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I've noticed the same lick used in Orm, Moonrise and Opening. Was it just something that came to your's and Sithu's minds at that moment or did you like, plan it or something? It's cheeky :3
it's planned throughout my music, when we did the split it was more for the lols haha
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Why are there no products on your bigcartel site? :(
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