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Do you plan on releasing any more sheets and transcripts for your music?
transcriptions for the new EP are pretty much done and should be out soon with the other 2 EPs to follow!
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What are some fashion sites/blogs/people you follow?
this is colossal
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So if you hardly ever practice, how are you this good?
recording with a metronome!
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ever listen to Babymetal?
i heard one song on youtube and it was hilarious
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What's that little.. thing in your soon 2. video on YouTube that takes the spotlight!? that thing can shred, I want one!
that is buddha, the ultimate shred master
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Hi Plini, really love you! Can you please tell how you get this amazing tunes sort of orchestral or synth/ambient background in your lead tone phrases in the End of Everything? It really makes your melodies stand out! Superb arrangement, congratz!
thanks! i use a bunch of different software instruments, some from logic and some from kontakt library :)
Hi Plini! I really would like to know which IRs do you use for distorted guitars when you record with digital gear. Thanks :) Btw, your music is awesome, I really love it!  Álvaro
i used to use a cab impulse made by Gino from the band Novallo, i don't think i have it anymore but he might!
Do you use a looper much while writing?  Tyler Nedokis
almost never
What is your expectation as an artist? Have you defined what success would look like for you or thought about it?
nothing in particular, i just want to write music im proud of and see the world and if i get to do that im happy :)
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How many hours a day do you practice?
usually none but been jamming the tunes for my live set for a couple hours per day lately!
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How many hours do you sleep
6-10 is good, peak uni times 4-5 was alright haha
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You would love Tal Wilkenfeld's solo album, ask Simon it's GOAT
is that the one with nanny and billy?
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Do you eat
multiple times per day!
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What is one kind of obscure band you really like that we wouldn't guess? Something that isn't mainstream metal, pop, electronic, rap, jazz etc
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Do you try to shred like petrucci ?
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Do you like rock candy? what about those chocolate pieces painted to look like rocks
i like rock music
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It's best if you view that on a desktop, I don't think it works properly on mobile (╥_╥)  Avalon Whiskers
2 people like this I'm so sorry I made this (╥_╥)  Avalon Whiskers
this rules
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You have a fan from BFE, Alabama here in the States, Plini! You are an inspiration for me and I try to show everyone I know your music whenever possible. Do you tab out things before, during, or after you write them? Also, do you hand write your programmed drums or use GP5?
thanks! i program drums with the mouse into the piano roll in logic, and never tab anything (i'm doing tab books now with Sheet Happens Publishing but they do all the transcription and i just check it/help where necessary)
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Just wanted to drop by and say congrats on finishing school and the trilogy and your first show. You finally made it and you've been an inspiration to us all :)
i think i'm still far from any reasonable definition of 'making it' but thank you!
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I got the other things art tattooed onto my arm ^.^ whats the craiziest thing you've ever done
show me!
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Do you have a account? Please get one? Your buddy Sithu already does
yep but i dont really use it -
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Check out Kvelertak's debut album. It's got some of the balliest rock and roll I've heard in a while. Should satisfy for hunger for heavy music.
i dig em!
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Thoughts on Metallica?
nothing else matters
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Hi! Is the song "Atlas" available for download? Where? I've downloaded almost everything you have on Itunes, but can't find that amazing piece!  Diego Pujol
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