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Are you hoping to be doing more recordings with Marco and Simon in the future (and Luke of course, but I guess I sort of assumed that was a given)? Do you think it might even turn into its own project (I doubt it, because I guess not everybody has the time, but still)? ^.^
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Did Luke transcribe the sheet music for KoKi?
hoskin or martin? yes, kind of.
The concept behind the trilogy is self exploration where a young Plini goes from recording his own instruments to have a legendary drummer and others do it with him. Right?
yep i planned it like that from day 1!
What kind of architecture career do you want to pursue?
one that can benefit more than just the tiny percentage of the population who already have enough tall buildings
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Plini, what kind of effect did you used at the intro of "Selenium Forest"?  Pedro Cárdenas
room reverb on 100%
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I'd love to hear what Marco would come up with for drum parts on 'O ther Things' and 'Sweet Nothings'. His style suits your music perfectly.
i thought about asking him to re-track them, but would rather put the energy on new stuff! one day we'll get to play some of those tracks together im sure :)
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Have you ever or will you ever upload any Fractal Patches for download?  uriah
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Does the Trilogy Bundle come with a poster or something of that nature? I thought I remembered seeing that it comes with a poster just after I bought it, and it just made the smile on my face even bigger. >.<  Jack Baxter
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What picks are you using / would you recomment?
red bear trading co.
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do you know how many people you have influenced?
nope i dont think thats a question on the census
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How can I learn to think comfortably in odd time signatures like you? Your music is so smooth but I can't seem to tap my feet to them in rhythm
listen to them all day everyday til theyre no longer odd!
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What's the concept behind the trilogy? :)
you tell me!
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Is "Heart" about double tapping pictures (liking) pictures on instagram?
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What's the chronological order of the trilogy? I'm a little bit confused as I thought it started with ''Sweet Nothings'' lol
the release dates, composition dates and conceptual chronology are all different. 'other things' came out first :-)
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What do you think you need to improve on regarding guitar at this point?
everything haha, but my main focus is composition - never cared that much for guitar playing without context
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if had the money to buy a gear (one at a time) what will you buy first? AXE FX the Guitar or Guitar then AXE FX? (assume, that u already have an old guitar and an old amp)
depends whether you feel more limited by your guitar or your amp set up!
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If you had to choose between playing a shitty guitar through your axe-fx or playing your strandberg with a cheap amp (like horrid distortion or tone), which would you prefer? Also thank god you have both, eh? :)
there's plenty of awesome free/cheap amp simulation software but you can't download the feeling of playing a good guitar
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I've found myself writing a song.. i'm quite proud of it but i'm afraid it shares a similar structure to Atlas with an opening hook then a repeating riff. Do you ever find yourself writing similar to other players? What i've written sounds nothing like Atlas but still.. is it k that they're similar
nothing wrong with borrowing ideas -
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Will you do vlogs and tour updates when you start? Or do you think it'd consume too much of your time to do?
would like to - both for myself and cos ive always loved when bands do it
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What Dream Theater album/s do you recommend I start with?
any, and if you dont like it try a different one haha
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Who is going to play drums and bass for you live?
youll have to wait and see
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Hey dude, your new Strandberg is sick! I'm wondering though, is it possible to get one with whammy AND multiscale?  Andrew White
i guess not or they would offer it - i think the whammy wouldnt perform accurately with multiple scales? not 100% sure though, you could always contact them!
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Hey man! So good to hear that you're starting to play live shows! If you ever end up in Bristol, UK, hit me up and you and your band can crash at our place :) Touring can be hard, and hotels are expensive - a free bed is always good, right?
thanks anonymous good samaritan! i'll be in the UK playing at techfest and you should come along.
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do you still use your ibanez at all? or has it become obsolete now? :( I hope we'll hear more of that trem again!!
i havent touched it since getting the strandberg, it's just not on the same level haha. although i really want a varberg with true temperament frets and a whammy...
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When will you be releasing your tour dates?
tour dates would be nice...
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