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I think you're awesome not just because of your music but because of how happy you seem all the time. I read your and get positive vibes from your posts, as weird as that might sound.
that's really awesome to hear, one my main goals in life is to spread happiness so i'm glad it's working :)))))))
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Dude the bass in your tracks is amazing. I'm also using Trilian, but finding it really hard to get that clear, warm low-end without it sounding too punchy/mid-heavy even when cutting out the low mids in the EQ. Any tips?
Luke Martin
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How many years did you write music before being able to come up with something that you really enjoyed? Also, could you tell us about your composition process in general?
i always enjoyed writing music, but i guess around now is the first time i feel like im getting somewhere towards 'quality' composition. the process is nothing special, just messing around until an idea pops up that seems intriguing and then i follow it home to observe its lifestyle and write a song about it
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Just discovered your music today, I dig it, what tuning is 'Tarred and Feathered' in?
special acoustic tuning, theres a tab for it someone made that's pretty accurate floating around the web
How did you learned to compost?
i learnt from nature, man
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I've put guitar on hold for a couple of years to complete school and people like you are why I haven't decided to give it up for good <3
awesome to hear! now smash your way through school!
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Do you use alternate or economy picking, predominantly?
probably alternate picking but i can't pick in any way particularly quickly
Do you have any formal training? I'm trying to break that barrier and I feel like I am so close to "getting it" but I cant decide on the next step. I don't have much theory, but I know it is not necessary to learn, but maybe it will help me out. Your music is amazing! Thank you for sharing it.
i did music in high school but more or less then and completely now all my learning comes from listening to music. if you feel intrigued by theory then there'd be no harm in investigating it!
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Do you play a real drum kit yourself? Also, do you recommend programming drums to someone who's new to it or improving my kit playing and recording like that?
i did for a few years when i was younger but i wouldnt on recordings haha. i recommend whatever you find more fun!
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How did you learned to compose?
by accident
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When we gonna get some photos of you and that strandberg? You need to be my wallpaper :p Also looking very smart on the Strandberg website
in that case... never
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you know the dudes from corelia? they're from my city! :D (San Diego)
yup, never met them in person though. i'd love to visit san diego some time!
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You know who else didn't practice? Allen Iverson. He's the MVP
hopefully i end up in the nba then!
Whats the best/worst way someones pronounced your name wrong
when i meet people in loud places they think its 'flynn' or 'bill', also got 'phil' on a coffee cup once, learnt my lesson and now i give a fake name straight up haha
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I used to be a huge gear nerd that browsed music forums all day but now that i've taken a break, it's like i don't care anymore. practice is way more important than gear. you ever have that feeling?
i've never been that interested in gear or practice haha, but that's definitely how i feel about writing, don't really care about anything else but trying to make good music :)
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what made you choose versed audio for the mastering of your music?
i first met Luke on myspace way back in the day, fell in love with his compositions like this one - - then was surprised to find out he was also an engineer and mastered Corelia's debut EP (i had no idea they knew each other but i knew them both). he's got some ridiculous hardware as well as probably the best ear of anyone i know, especially fitting for my mixes/music, so it wasn't really that much of a choice ^_^
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Do you listen to Debussy or Rachmaninoff at all? I know it must be very different to your usual jams haha but I think it could inspire you if you give it a try :)
not in a long time but i'll get there eventually!
Are you aware that plini is the lojban word for planet?
i am
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Hey :D can you tell me what tuning Ko Ki is in? Thanks :)  Kitty
drop Db
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Hey Plini, do you program your drums or record a real kit?
program in the past, real kit from now on :-)
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Do you think you will be playing a show in Germany anytime soon? :D I guess not but it would be amazing.
i hope so! hopefully early 2016 or something!
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Could you check if your guitar actually has a rosewood or ebony fretboard? pretty, pretty please? :) I love the tone in your Ko Ki video and I'm really curious to know if that's the sound of ebony with the juggernaut pickups. Thanks a million !!
yup it's ebony. cheers!
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Hi Plini! How do you know what frequencies to cut when mixing out a variety of different sounding synths and effects? Like the one in Selenium Forest and others?
ears! in general i try to just get sounds that are balanced in the right way so i dont have to do too much to them afterwards. if you decide what's more important you can cut it's main frequencies from other instruments - if you want the bass to be clear, get rid of some of the low end of the synths, etc. hope that helps!
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how do you process pianos in a mix?
luke records it and i drop it in, very light EQ and compression if needed
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Hey Plini, I sent you something I'd been working on, a while back, but you never replied about it :( Did I misunderstand where to send it? I thought your official facebook page messages. Is there a different place? A work mail of sorts? My song changed in the meantime and I'd love some feedback :)
im not sure, i do my best to keep up with the facebook messages but perhaps i forgot to reply. send a reminder :-)
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