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Hey Plini. Seeing that you are a Logic user I hope that you can help me with this. I shifted from Logic 9 to Pro X last week and all of it seems amazing. However, sometimes the audio suddenly dissapears from the audio track that I'm playing through (DI). It shows signal in the db meter, but no audio
no idea, this is why im still using 9! haha
You are one of my favorite guitarists/songwriters and I want to record something with you someday... Would you at least think about it? :] Brohug
thank you! it all depends on how the universe decides to align itself at the time!
Dude, what's that tuning? Its fricking awesome! Much love from India. \m/  Nocturnis.
many tunings! thanks :-)
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You are a phenomenal musician. I'm starting to write my own music, and was wondering how do you approach writing those solos ? Also should i start learning scales? If so which ones are a good start? (Bear in mind i am aiming to write jazzy prog stuff) Thank you for your time :)
thank you! learn pentatonics, the major scales and their modes, learn solos by your favourite guitarists, and most importantly just jump in and start writing!
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What are your favorite color schemes?
the ones alex pryle does for my album covers, b/w is always good... anything tasteful!
Where the last time you were in a trip? :)
life is a trip
Is Australian wildlife that dangerous or is a lot better in the city?
we have some evil ass creatures in the country but like any city you dont find a whole lot of wildlife living in concrete buildings haha
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do you like solo bass songs?
only when they're good
I wanna follow your new music, how can I do that? And there is - a nice prototype of facebook, but with a possibility of sharing music and videos, do you have an account there? Wanna be your friend ) One of your Russian fan girls.
facebook! i post everything there :)
What guitarist has your favorite phrasing?
ditto last question
What guitarist has your favorite vibrato?
petrucci vai satriani and guthrie govan
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What guitarist has your favorite tapping technique?
jon gomm or antoine dufour
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What guitarist has your favorite overall tone?
liquid tension experiment era petrucci, ulf wakenius for acoustic
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I found a song you would absolutely love but I don't want to spam you with links
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What guitarist has your favorite sweep picking?
not because hes the cleanest, but probably yngwie malmsteen haha
Favorite movie?
probably star wars
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In Australia, do people really say "have a yak", as in "have a talk"?
i think so, although the last time i heard 'have a yak' it was referring to fat yak (an aussie pale ale)
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Tabs or ear?
ear all day every day
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How many languages do you speak? What are they? Which one(s) do you speak fluently?
one :( english is the only language i can speak fluently, i know a terribly small amount of french but i barely enough to hold a conversation so i wouldnt count that. i would love to get fluent in french and spanish one day though!
I want to be your friend. Too bad you live like a million kilometers away
distance should never interfere with true friendship
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Hi cutie:)Can you like my answers?Thanks.I love you.Follow me?:)  Miley Cyrus✌
hello miley cyrus plz buy all my music
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In your opinion, what makes Guthrie Govan so great?
the british teeth and the mona lisa tshirt
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Would you date a transgender woman?
no because im already taken
How did you learn music theory?
high school and messing around