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when you started playing and learning guitar, did you learn by experimenting on your own or by learning other songs?
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have you ever played live in a big place?
not yet :D
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was *DUN DUN DUN DUNN* to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause, i will travel across the land searching far and wide each pokemon to understand the power that's inside POKEMON it's you and me i know its my destiny
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Is it play time
it never isn't
can I turn the moon, rocket and other things on sweet nothings into a guitar inlay? (see what i did there?)
yes (and then send it to me)
Have you written the songs for your EP3 yet?
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Have you heard of anyone else with your first name?
nope only plinio's and pliny's
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I want to name my kid Plini
- my parents, 1992
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what colour will your final ep be?
we'll see what alex comes up with!
pls do not name your EP Sexy Things
it is what it is
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You have the coolest last name
not the coolest for filling out forms
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Can I get the cover art of Sweet Nothings printed on the front of my guitar?
yes. and send me a picture!
you're looking really pretty these days Plini
aw shucks
If you made T-Shirts from your sweet nothings art I would buy it in a HEART beat
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you can't Plin plon the chin CHON
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Do you do guest YOLOs???
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You're right, sorry for bothering you! Go finish up your Sexy Things EP!
Do you pay a fee to use mediafire? Do they provide you with statistics like number of downloads?
no and yes
Do you do guest solos?
i do like to (if the music or artist is awesome) but at the moment i think i need to focus on finishing EP III
Do you find that the prog community is really sexy?
i wouldn't say 'really'
do you even have time to play guitar anymore?
i played for a few hours a couple of days ago... first time in over a month haha
Can i order a sweet nothings bra? size B for one cup and D for the other.
you gotta wait for the PLINI X WALMART spring collection
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If you want to make t-shirts of Sweet Nothings but don't want to go through the hassle of buying and getting the correct sizes, you should use Teespring. the shirts aren't printed until the order is in and they go directly to the fans
i'm not too fond of services like that cos i find them too impersonal (for me and for the buyer), the quality normally isn't great, and i want to support smaller apparel/printing companies and make things that aren't standard :)
what's your dream guitar i'll send it to you
i would love a strandberg or a JP7, cheers :)