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plini @plinimusic
RSS answers
How do you feel about mike Semesky leaving intervals?? It's such a change, even though they were already an instrumental band
hopefully mike gets involved in something else soon cos i love his voice, and i'm sure another sick vocalist will come along for intervals. they're all great dudes, life will go on!
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Hey buddy! I love what you do and the passion you put on it, check out what my friend Javi Viñas does, it's something where I contributed with drums too. Big hug from Argentina.
hell yeah! awesome stuff and sick playing all round, hugs to both of you!
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Plini is your ibanez strings height-high or low??(action)
Have you ever had a vocalist offer to write lyrics over any of your songs? Just curious xD
nothing properly - though i think someone did something like that on youtube. and ages ago a dude called scott barber who plays in an awesome band called trees on mars threw some pretty rad vox over a couple random clips i have on soundcloud. i am going to write with/for some vocalists in the future for sure though!
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Do you have acoustic treatment in the room that you record in?
if painted walls and windows count then yes
Really can't wait :o when's it gonna be done?
What would you say is your favorite song that you've played? Which one do you enjoy the most?
the songs on this new EP for sure!
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Have you heard of Liquid Tension Experiment? :') I'm currently very obsessed with their State of Grace heh  Kitty
liquid tension experiment and dream theater are two of my biggest reasons for making music :)
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Your artworks are so sweet and fantastic, who does it?
the man, alex pryle
Plini why you gotta be so awesome
you gotta do what you gotta do man
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Are you a fan of Tim & Eric?
havent seen any of their stuff though i know a lot of people into them so i'll have to get on that...
Dudedudedudedudedudeududeudueduedudeude wazaaap?????/////////////!!!!…...
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Yeah! Junkyard Groove are awesome and brilliant fun live. How do you like this sort of thing? I thing you’d be pretty good at it, if you try.
very nice!
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Thanks Mister Plini for taking a listen to my music and being so approachable.Really means a lot! It is nice when someone is so talented and yet down to earth
no worries, thank you for the kind words!
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i used to be mad jealous of your music skills but now that jealousy has been replaced with affection and love.
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Haha that's kind of ironic, seeing as how independent artists are the ones that need money (not hollywood)
and yet that's the world we've created :-(
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I'm going to burn a copy of your album and burn a copy of that copy and keep repeating the process until the result is a disc of compressed alien noises
that's mad prog of you
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You're my role model/hero Plini
thanks! guess i better not screw up then...
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Is this the greatest mashup/remix you've ever heard?
holy shit, maybe hahaha
Do you have a problem with me burning your music into a cd since you dont have any Sweet Nothing physical copies? not to sell of course
nope! i ain't hollywood :)
yo! wheres your merch! i need a plini t-shirt help meowt!  Nick Thomas
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Fantastic work with Skyharbor song :-) totally loved your solo.
thank you!
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How do you like this kind of music?
awesome! not the type of thing i'd normally listen to these days but reminds me of when i used to record songs off the radio to make mixtapes, back when rock was popular. mega nostalgia, thank you!
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Any Indian bands aside from Skyharbor that you like?
not off the top of my head, just a handful of names that i need to investigate. although i have a Ravi Shankar CD that i really like haha
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What do you think of Goddess Gagged?
only heard a little bit of their stuff but devesh is my bromie
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