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Hey plini, it's ahmed again checking in for some more advice as per uuj. Can't get my lead track to pop out. I get the sense that all well-produced music have like .. the rhythm, bass, drums very glued, and very clear, and the leads (solos or whatever) are very pronounced and loud. How?
you can separate the instruments in many ways, panning, EQing so each one has their own sorta pocket of frequency range, but i honestly dont have a method man, just tweaking a lot haha
Do you ever sleep? It seems like you're always answering questions lol
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have you ever like more done the is that is soon?
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hey it's the discouraged anon again i just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome :) I picked up my guitar again and I'm writing a song for ya! :3
thats the spirit
I'm pretty sure I asked you a question before, but I have no idea if you answered it, or what it was. Do you think you answered it?
if you dont remember it it probably wasnt meaningful and i probably didnt answer it :)
Okay, if you ever come to The Netherlands, I will try to get in contact with you! =3
Hey Plini, just wanted to thank you for your amazing music. It's really cheering me up, when I'm feeling down. Keep it going! :)
thank you!
i kind of feel like a guitar failure when I listen to your stuff :/ you're freaking inspiring but at the same time I want to give up on the guitar and btw it's nothing to do with your music it's just you're so good!
never give up, its not a competition! and thank you :)
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For writing your solos, which modes do you like most, as in which do you tend to use most often?
i think i mostly just play pentatonics that correspond with whatever mode the song's harmonies are implying
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What are your thoughts on Mastodon's new music video for The Motherload?
pretty funny, havent really listened to the new album yet though
I wish we could jam together, but I live on the other side of the planet.
i will come to your side of the planet some day, spread the word :)
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Sorry, that wasn't really a question... I just like talking to you =3
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I feel the same way about a music degree I'm following music courses on a music school one day a week next to high school and I have to choose between getting a music degree or a physics degree. I love both of them but I think a physics degree is superior to a music degree.
hit up my friend Sithu Aye, he is a musician who did a physics degree and now has a full time job in a completely different field haha
Apologies if you've answered this before, I was just wondering what got you interested in architecture and wanting to do it for a living?
it basically just seemed like a nice thing to do after high school when i had to decide what to study at uni (i didnt see the point in doing a music degree as i didnt have any interest in becoming a professional musician/teacher/etc) turns out ive been enjoying it more and more every semester :) at the moment my head is more into music but i dont want to withdraw from architecture completely, ill find a way to do both im sure!
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With my sister who just left norway to work at an orphanage in africa for a few months, i really respect you for what you are planning on doing next year. Also really appreciate the new song, it's amazing. Will buy once i connect to stable internet.
wow thats incredible, i wish i had the balls to do something like THAT haha! and thank you :)
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How do you get your spanky lead tone? My lead tones always come on softly when each not is struck but yours is spanky and almost strat like. How?
i pick pretty hard and use a lot of mids/presence with not too much gain. spank it!
How'd you get that intro sound to Ko KI? I love the whole track. :)
its the same audio as the tapping section that comes in straight after it, but with reverb on 100% wet and and extra delay haha. thanks!
Any songs of yours which show a Led Zep influence on them? Haven't noticed a bluesy vibe in your songs till date (t'would be cool if you did though!)
i dont think any of them really, most of the stuff i listen to doesnt really come out in the music i write!
After hearing all of Led Zeppelin's songs many times, which one is your favorite? I've had many but mine is No Quarter right's pretty unique and I can't quite find another song like it
way too hard to pick, at this very minute i would say ramble on is pretty special! im yet to find an artist that can tell a story as well as zepp
do you already have plans on making a collab ? :>
nope but im sure it will happen sooner or later!
Pliner ... i feel like a failure because ive been trying to record this simple ( yet tempo-tricky) 10 second part for ages and i cannot for the life of me get the timing correct. it goes off beat. Does this ever happen to you? Or do you get your tracks down by the 2nd or 3rd take. iv been at it for
all the time! keep at it, if you cant get it cleanly practice it at a slower tempo until your hands and brain are working together :)
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do you play computer games? do you watch movies?
ive played a few, i have a mac and no consoles though so i guess i never got that into it haha. i watch a lot of movies though