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Thank you for answering all my questions by the way, I've been spamming you for the past few days. You're one of my favourite guitarists and it's really awesome to be able to get your thoughts on stuff :)
no problemo, i super appreciate people caring about what i do!
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What gauge strings do you use for standard tuning?
9-42 or 9-46 or 10-46 (i think), whatever i happen to have a set of haha
Oh great plini, what is your favorite tuning and why? :) btw, what tunings did you use on the split EP with Sithu Aye? Is your drop Bb a C tuning with a dropped Bb or an Eb tuning with a dropped Bb? Love your tunes, keep on rocking!
i love them all equally, Eb standard feels pretty rock n roll though. and it was drop Bb with a C tuning :-)
I'm thinking of getting an axe fx 2 but i am not the brightest with technology, I am able to use logic to a certain degree with no difficulty but with things like pedal set ups etc I have a lot to learn. From your experience, is it fairly easy to use, both for studio purposes and through a cab?
never used it with a cab but im also pretty technologically slow when it comes to guitar gear and i find it very easy :) pretty much plug and play
Do you ever feel internal pressure when writing new material? And do you sometimes get upset/frustrated with your music? What do you do to stay positive?
yes, yes, and i just give up and do something else until i feel like writing again haha
I really like your stuff,huge fan already...I was wondering if you would share the tunings for 'Atlas' and 'Selenium Forest' if you don't mind?(please...)
D standard and Eb standard respectively! thank you :)
Out of 10 how would you rate the Axe fx 2?
11/10 no question, cant imagine feasibly being able to use anything else
Sorry to ask but I'm a noob at tech stuff, what is a daw and what do you use it for? I'm trying to learn more about recording
no need to apologise, but google knows a lot more than me :)
When you play in other tunings, do you solo over it on a guitar that's in standard? I'd assume so, because otherwise it would be impractical to learn how to solo in some altered tuning for just one song.
id have to say yes because so far the only tracks ive done that werent in standard, the instrument taking solos wasnt the same as the instrument doing the majority of the guitar playing in another tuning. i guess its my subconscious trying to save me the effort of playing leads in an altered tuning haha
Do you read/respond to messages on facebook?
almost always but sometimes i miss them or read them and forget to reply. this is the best place to get at me if you have a question :-)
I listen to and play a lot of metal but after listening to your music i can definitely hear your jazz influence and I'm really interested in learning that sort of style to incorporate in my playing. Would you recommend any jazz guitarists or ones with jazz influence? Or even any tips
i dont listen to much jazz really, anything that sounds remotely jazzy i probably got from guthrie govan who isnt particularly jazzy either haha. i do love ulf wakenius and django reinhardt though. i suggest you find some players you like and listen to them a lot until youre familiar with the "jazz" sounds/note choices they use that the metal players in your current vocab dont :)
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Which do you use more of, open tunings or altered tunings?
i mostly just use standard and drop D (in various keys)!
I have no experience with recording or programming instruments. What's the best way to get started?
close your eyes, run up to the edge and dive in! i forget the name of the program, but google "free DAW" download whatever looks good to you and start getting familiar with the features of recording and MIDI programming :)
your music is amazing. do you get tired of hearing this?
nope! haha :-)
Digital or valve?
por que no los dos?
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I understand basic theory but i want to understand the instrument a bit more i guess to "expand the horizons" like you said. Where could i start? Do you think i should begin in standard tuning and when i'm comfortable move onto other tunings, or would you recommend just going at it from all angles?
might be quicker to get comfortable knowing where every note is in relation to each other in standard tuning before changing tuning but thats up to you! get to know how to run up and down a scale at different positions on the neck so you can incorporate any mode in any key and arent limited to a certain position of mode/key that youre more familiar with. once you sort of know where you are all over the instrument, your mind will be free to experiment with other things :)
What resources did you use to learn music theory? Is there a specific book or internet site you used? Thanks xx
nope, mostly just high school music classes and talking to other musicians
do you own a 7 string?
not yet
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who have you seen live?
a lot of people. almost all my favourite artists now actually!
"i first fell in love with the beatles when i was about 6 or 7!" I fell in love before!
mr plini u are my lovee <3
I hope senpai will notice me when I get good at guitar. (senpai = you)
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For the song Opening, what tuning do you use?
Eb standard :)
I've heard that you know theory, do you think it's important for writing music to know key signatures etc, or just modes and scales
i think its important to know enough about music to not feel limited, and for some people (including me) learning theory is a way to expand your horizons!
Atlas Tuning and some part sounds like black metal :-D
the lightest black metal of all time maybe!