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plini @plinimusic
RSS answers
What do you think of Goddess Gagged?
only heard a little bit of their stuff but devesh is my bromie
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What exactly do you have that's from Kontakt?
the default (no expansions) library of kontakt 4, which now is a part of kontakt 5/komplete i think
On a scale from 1 to bearable,with 1 being the lowest,how would you rate this song? Please be honest Mister Plini.Thank you!
i am opposed to the idea of rating things. very nice sounds though, dig the reverse stuff :)
You ever listen to vaporwave? Stuff like Macintosh Plus and Saint Pepsi.
never heard! should i?
which tuning did you used in the constant of skyharbor? current favourite song?
Eb standard i think, maybe drop Db. i dunno but the new skyharbor album has many of my current favourite songs :)
What kind of studio monitors do you use?
none... i mix on my audioengine a2s haha. lookin to get some dedicated monitors sometime soon though.
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tuesday has passed, can you tell us about your new guitar?
Pigs or lions?
Do you mix in Logic Pro?
Has thee ever played a Mayones Guitar? If so, how does it compare to Strandberg?
i haven't yet but have only heard good things!
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I can't seem to find it, but what kind of camera do you use?
a canon 600d
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Congradulation for your masters of architecture Plini <3 Cheers c: you are the greatest!  Luis Rafael Heredia T.
thank you luis!!!!
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Dogs or cats?
probably dogs
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firstly, I am super excited for your upcoming ep. Secondly, I've been playing guitar for a pretty long time and I want to get into recording. I have literally no experience, so is there any advice you can give me in terms of which DAW to use, drum programming etc? Cheers!
nope! just do some internet reading and pick something you like the description of. cos i've always been a mac user i started out using garageband so it made sense to go to logic pro, and i love both these programs but i'm sure they're all good! happy recording :)
do you ever feel like a bit of an outcast being a guitarist? I know I feel that way sometimes, instrumental guitar music isn't exactly fashionable.
there are lots of people in the world with lots of different interests, i have my own and these days it doesn't really bother me that only a handful of my friends are into the same things. variety is the spice of life!
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what is your favourite plini song?
the last track on the new EP
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How hard will you let me love you?
like a rock
Brb sending every musician i've ever heard of your album
thank you!!!
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I bet a Strandberg is basically an architects dream guitar hey ;) ?
pretty much! i think what Ola is doing is the most interesting and exciting thing to happen to guitar design since sliced bread
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tell us more about Marco Minnemann <3 and you, did he know your music? or what about Bryan Beller?
nothing much to tell! if you've seen him play drums or talk in an interview it's clear in about 5 seconds that he's just an awesome and really sweet guy, full of energy haha. hopefully get to hang with him again in not too long! i didn't get to talk to bryan much but i would say the same for him. they're both amazing musicians and lovely people :)
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Favorite Mastodon Album/song?
me and my friend used to be able to play almost the whole of blood mountain and leviathan front to back. good times! don't have a particular favourite but i love those two albums the most.
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What are some tips you have on doing vibrato with the high e string? As well as putting vibrato on a note that you are bending?
as with any activity like running or drawing or eating, you should play the guitar with your whole body, not just your hands. do this and then youll find a way to let your fingers bend the note while your hands, arms & soul do the vibrato :)
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Many people says that is difficult to name your style in music so... if you could invent a name for that "genre" what would be? plini, soon, not djent?
other things
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You're still the coolest person I know.
no you are!
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what is the tuning for your song Sweet Nothings? or is it standard? Im still trying to learn it
drop Db