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What do you mean by "a gate or two somewhere in your chain"?
a noise gate/suppressor, you can set it to cut sounds below a certain decibel level. if you place one at the beginning of your chain of effects (amp simulator, cabinet, delays reverbs etc), it might cut out some of the noise, and then maybe another one after the amp simulator to get rid of any hum that is amplified by the amp if that makes sense.
Have you ever programmed guitar?
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are you ever afraid that you'll run out of ideas? I'm deadly afraid that i will :(
worrying isnt gonna change anything, use the ideas while you have them!
You make the world a better place.
thats a great thing to hear ^_^
What time is it in Australia right now?
google it
This has probably been asked 1000 times but what do you use for tracking bass? Absolutely in love with "Sweet Nothings".
cheers, its trilian fake bass :)
What do you think would be one of the best steps we could take toward ending poverty around the world?
i have no idea, its kinda up to people en masse to make the government stop helping rich people get richer and share the love around. i guess trying to uncondition people from consuming useless shit and living more locally would be a good start but i dont think behavioural change is easy either... if its something you care about, start doing what you can (there are already plenty of awesome organisations and groups making changes) and hopefully it catches on!
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Your music inspires me to be a better person....whenever i feel school is hard, I think of how plini recorded an entire album while doing a master's degree. if you can do that, i should be able to at least pass my classes. thanks
thats awesome! keep going :)
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What do you do for fun? outside of school and music
just hangin out watching paint dry and stuff
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tosin on that fashion shit doe , inspiration.
his brother does AWESOME stuff
Do you like fan art?!
hell yeah
what kind of fashion interests you?
im not super into that whole world so its anything i see and happen to like, most of the time its nothing too weird, just staple items that someone has made really well or differently, instead of the standard mass manufactured stuff. a friend of mine is a designer so its always cool seeing what he comes up with
what are some things that make you uncomfortable?
sleeping on the floor
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Sleep on the floor - you'll never have to worry about getting out of bed again! haha
but then you raise the question of what is bed? and then am i ever truly out of bed?
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It's so rare to find an artist that almost everyone likes. You're one of them :)
its crazy, but im sure as i reach more people ill find some that dont like me :)
Can you grow a full beard?
not yet :(
How many fan messages do you get?
does this count
I get a screechy sound when I use the guitar effects on logic that involve lots of distortion. I use iRig to connect my guitar. How do I get rid of that sound? Will getting a new instrument help? It s a really old guitar..
i have no idea, could be your jack needing some fixing or a new lead, although in general i find software amps pretty noisy so make sure you have a gate or two somewhere in the chain!
How come you didn't use axe fx to record sweet nothings?
didnt have it yet! i recorded all those songs way before the songs on Other Things, just took me longer to finish the other little parts and consider it ready to be released haha
Is it true that the patch you used to record cloudburst was preset 15 on the axe fx?
sounds about right, or maybe 16? i turned a couple of the knobs a bit but basically yeah
Do you plan on releasing tabs for sweet nothings? That would be awesome
no but you can :)
What are some things that make you really happy?
music, people, life
hmm do you have a favorite number? Any particular reason why you like that number?
13 cos its mad
What are some of your smaller goals in life? !
getting out of bed before 10am
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If you knew the world was ending in 2015, what would you do differently?
get born in 1915 and live to 100
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