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do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
>anon is bored
>anon thinks about what amazing feats he can do
>anon ponders the great anons before his time
>anon ruminates upon how he can be a great anon
>anon gets an idea
>"do you wipe standing up or sitting down?"
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Andrew is a drama queen
yes so I am I :) what else is the internet for
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Lol a nice life with a bio degree what a joke
yeah there are 0 occupations in biology and applied biology right I forgot
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Idk. Like I don't like my family whatsoever (except my niece) and I'm probs not going to go to college anyways  Andrew
fair enough but then look for areas that have a better economy, that are better for younger students, that don't have a high cost of living, and where there are many job opportunities for someone without a college education. don't live somewhere because it's nice
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Ur 18. your parents should kick you out on the street
nah, they want me to save up money for my future home and not have debt when I graduate uni. they're also more understanding of me after having have had me for 18 years and finances. but I'm glad you have a healthy perspective on things :)
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So I'm moving out soon and I can basically live wherever, where should I live? So far I'm thinking of Colorado (dat dank kush and similar minded people), Florida (my brother and Aaron will be there), or New Hampshire (seems like a nice place to live.) I'm way open to suggestions tho  Andrew
...somewhere near family or relatives ???
I know at 18 I wouldnt be able to live on my own
somewhere with good schools and/or job opportunities ???
choose a place where u can be successful not a "nice place to live"
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How the FUCK do I talk to a hot girl without making it seem like I'm hitting on her? I know she's a lesbo and she told me last time we talked it's annoying when guys try to hit on her.
you just talk to her?????
if she's a girl that assumes "any and every guy talking to me = guy likes me" then don't talk to her
fuck that immaturity
Do you enjoy shopping?
I am going shopping at McDonalds soon
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Lol BA  Tyler
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Are you getting BA or BS
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Why do some girl care so much about other girls' eyebrow games? Like I never really noticed until Tumblr, but damn some girls are harsh about it  Andrew
because why do some girls make their eyebrows look like tadpoles, sperms, or 90 degree angles ???
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How did you become a dating advice expert and when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich should I put peanut butter first and jelly on top, or jelly first and peanut butter on the other slice of bread?
PLS I have always been good with dating advice
lol jk no I suck at crush and dating advice - "how do I flirt" "idk" "does s/he like me" "idfk" "how do I approach them" "idk"
and ??????? u do it on slices and mash together ... -_-
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How has your day been? :)
<3 when u know the love is real <3
How has your day been? :)
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You could have a one page beauty with just a nova laun-oh wait
is this some android thing
android has too much customization
it makes me nervous and antsy
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What's your phone background/wallpaper?
my one page beauty
What's your phone background/wallpaper?
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What's going on in your life rn?  Andrew
I found out how to put folders in folders on iOS home page
not only have I hidden all the apps I hate and/or don't beed
but now I have my elusive one page home screen
I am happy
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So when does your gonewild album come out? Will it be on vinyl?
yes, only a spectrograph will be able to see the nudes
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Dang, that 24% tho. I think that might just be because of pressures from the family to being home a nice Asian boy. I haven't met one traditional Asian family ever where the parents would approve of their kid (especially the daughter) date someone non Asian.  Andrew
yeeeeah I've noticed that here as well, we mostly had like filipinos and Indians representing Asians in my HS and that was certainly true
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Why do so many white men seem to prefer Asian women to white women?
idk but I find this interesting
Why do so many white men seem to prefer Asian women to white women?
I've been going through the top of /r/confessions and saw this That'd be a really tough situation man. Can't give up sex, but you can't give up seeing your kids either.  Andrew
I don't think it's as much as giving up sex as giving up feeling wanted or cared for. I bet OP is a lot sadder at his cunt of a wife who doesn't care about his feelings and doesn't wanna compromise, than the lack of sex from her. UGH HATE PEOPLE LIKE HER
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lol u r a loser
oh nice
4 people like this HAHAHHAHAHABABVRHDBDJF  Andrew
(Becca look at this!!!)
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WHY make anal cream brown
tfw throwback to when I said I know a dude on reddit is lying when he says "period week is anal week" bc of period shits
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who was that rant to
fb friend who idk irl but he saw me comment relationship/dating stuff so he ask 4 advice
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2 parts of my 13 page advice -_-
I am so ????????
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