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Where is Igor?
in brazil
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Shurdi's the only one that speaks the truth (even if he changed his answer right away). You guys really do alienate people
yes bc most of us have other things to do and don't have the time nor effort to make ur life an after-school special
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How do you feel about running Will out of here?
he left bc he got a job, has a lot of academic and social shit to spend time on, and has to focus on trying to get into prestigious schools
...nice question tho LOL
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There is a disagreement between me and Meg. Is anon pronounced an-on or uh-non  andrew
both of u r wrong
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hey so ik u dont like anyone outside your immediate friend group but like stop giving me a cold shoulder please
eh I don't mean to, I just only talk to a few people, nothing personal
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u suk  josh
oh wow xD did u learn that in dissology 101? xD
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kik me? im feeling like shit atm
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>foxy  Lemon
>wicked witch of the west
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What is your Song of the week?
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how do you stay in shape?
how do you stay in shape?
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how's gwennu doing? tell her i said hi and that i miss her
UR ON ANON.........
8 people like this I think the last one was mean :l
is that period blood? :)
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HAHAHA this was pretty cute
thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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striking resemblance!!!!!!!
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Do you still talk to Gwennu
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are u on the preset chat one  Jocelyn
no, jared is just a faggot
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How are you feeling right now?
How are you feeling right now?
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Who's your least favourite person here and/or on reddit? Let's see if anyone will actually take off that fake "I love everyone here" persona.
>fake persona
being a polite and decent human being who is respectful of people they dislike and not talking shit about them is not being fake, it's called being mature
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don't burst a blood vessel, alex
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is your ass phat
ask jared
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damn your hair does look really good!! like it's straight but not like stick straight and it's like light and pretty  Jocelyn
mfw get more compliments on my hair when it's sweaty, not done, and not washed than i ever have before
thank u tho!! :)
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your ass probably looks nice based off your thighs
thank u
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You're so cute oh my gosh
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Roxy your hair looks amazing!!!!  pugpup
m fucking fw normal compliment from alex
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