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jared's dick (the urethra)
better than jared
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hello my name is Edgy Le Meme. my grandmother is dying of ebola friendzone syndrome. only likes can save her from the evil kony who gave her this disease. please like comment and subscribe for more minecraft tutorials
lol speaking of
mfw my friend's crush asked her to watch hours videos of his video games with him even tho she doesn't play any
mfw i told her he has autism
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why not go to his profile and see what he looks like
i did but it was a closed profile, and i couldn't tell much from the thumbnail because it was an artsy shot of the dude underwater
how's your day going?
>go to psych class
>unknown dude from uni's fb group messages me
>dude is sitting somewhere near me
>won't tell me where he is or what he looks like other than vague hints
>keeps commenting on things im doing or the lecture
creepers gon creep
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the jeroen walks at midnight
shut the fuck up
this is my bro's thing
u can't just apply other ppl to it
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lol gay scrub ur wrong. ur oversimplifying the complex nature of the question to the point where your answer is no longer relevant. (or something along those lines)  jeriminoyi
.......r u trying to be a typical reddit poster??¿
Pardon me, but you don't have the proper speech mannerisms to convey yourself as such a noble species, m'sir.
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Can you truly love more than one person?
no, i don't think so. i suppose if you take it as love=feeling then you could think you are bc that's easier, but imo love=action that requires work, energy, dedication, and commitment. to actually love someone you need to focus all of that in just one person
mfw do serious answer
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What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
he is mean to me :(
What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
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name one positive trait about yourself
>waiting to write scary math exam
>have homicidal tendencies
>don't act on homicidal tendencies
good job, roxy! :)
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how are you doing in school
>spend hours writing essay
>come to class
>prof says we don't need to do it
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sp00ky/10 Fuck perfect (don't hurt me pls)  Lucky

Fuck perfect

(don't hurt me pls)
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jared is ugly...but so are its okay
nah we're both pretty hot but thx for the opinion LOL
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what time does the scarecrow walk
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Roxy, we never talked a lot in the first place but I still feel like I know you a little? You're really straightforward and rational and i respect that side of you but I am still spooked by tumblr baby gore. enjoy brain school! You're like 8/10 bc nobody has my nazi standards :((  Olliebola
mfw 8/10 even tho not blonde :')
HAHAH yes i feel like i know stuff about u through idk others or reddit even tho we don't talk much??? yes
how horny are you at the moment
i am doing calculus right now :) and there is no limit to the amount of horny that functions make me :)
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pap  michael
animated version bc #TheRealDeal may be too gross for some :/ :\ :/
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how did u feel  jeriminoyi
like a menstrual blood clot
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how open of a person are you?
most people don't know much about me, but then there are a couple people where im like "why do i tell them about the consistency of my menstrual blood clots and exactly how i felt on august 25th, 2001 at 4:05:39pm???????"
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the scarecrow walks at midnight
get with the times OMG
my bro is reading the goosebumps book "welcome to the dead house" now!!!!!¡!
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oh hey, nice new dp, like the smile. Your hair looks darker though
thx i luv my hair there
i had my hair in a bun for like 36 hours LOL then i took it out and ~~~~~
it went flat in like an hour tho :'(
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NICe new DEIsplay PICTURE!!@!!@ AJSDFJ  Miguel
NICe new DEIsplay PICTURE!!@!!@
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Roxy. google me
anon. googled you
Roxy. google me
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what do you think of jared's meatus?
a bit too smoked and seasoned for my tastes, but now i know why they say that salami is the most sensual of all the deli meats ;)
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How come you seem so resistant to being in the community? You didn't get why people try to get others to stay, you get annoyed at any questions about people in the community (like underappreciated), and you don't miss anyone who left
im not resistant, i just don't form friendships easily and i think it's unhealthy to spend a lot of your time here and u got it wrong about the questions
i don't get why people try to get others to stay bc the people who i want to stay i can talk to them outside of ask so if leaving is what they want, good for them
im not annoyed at the under appreciated question?? i never said i was. i literally don't understand what it means, and i think it's not the best to put much weight on how much people appreciate you. be chill with urself first
i don't miss anyone who left bc again, it's hard for me to get attached to people, and anyone who i actually liked that left i can talk to in other ways
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Do u prefer thongs, cheekies, bikini, or boy shorts? Elaborate
Do u prefer thongs, cheekies, bikini, or boy shorts? 
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