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rox @pneumon_
jared's dick (the urethra)
better than jared
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if u accidentally the rectum u need to stretch it out more beforehand and use more lube and relaxxxxxxxxx
jesus did not die for our sins for u to speak like this!!!!!¡!!¡! vile
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You can't stick your penoos inside of the breasts though. ass is for ponees hole? ? ? not for breast milk holes you cannot stick into it is small but fit poneas all in ass for stritch !!! ! !
u can stick the penne between the booblettes and then u have ur rooster being enveloped by sum nice marshmallows and ur like aYyYyy
OR OR OR u could stick the penne in the starfish and u accidentally break the girls rectum and have it bleed everywhere n anal fissure ur bitch up and then u pull out ur pickle and there's a lovely vibrant mixture of shit blood and cum on it and??? r u gonna paint a painting with that???????? no
tl;dr boobs > ass
tl;dr i need to get off ask and do bio
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likers get?
daniel's anuses, both of them
likers get?
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ass > tits is a fact of life
do u have girl nipples??????? if no then goodbye
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you can have orgasms from nipple stimulation!! but it's not like you could suck on someone's buttcheek and make them cum  Jocelyn
yaAaAa exactly like boobs have NIPPLES they r gods gift to women and this comin from someone who's not religious so u KNOW i mean it!!!!!! NIPPLE CONTACT FEEL GOOD but ass is just like...... hey there skin and meat.. and i doubt most of ass ppl actually like the fucking anus LOL
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Ass or boobs?
i don't understand how ppl like ass sexually????? i mean hell ya if u got a nice b00ty then it's aesthetically pleasing but?? sexually??? BOOBS HAVE NERVE ENDINGS OK THEYRE MUCH BETTER
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do honesty hour now
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the scarecrow walks at midnight
may the heavenly light of jesus shine upon this anon bc HAHAHAHAH :')
the scarecrow walks at midnight
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you look Asian in your dp
so many people at my uni are asian
i must utilize camouflage
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roxy you're white OMG
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Post a picture of your shoes!
these are even more white girl than uggs!!¡
Post a picture of your shoes!
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Rant about something
why W H Y do people, especially around this age, romanticize serious problems??? whether it's self-esteem issues or personality disorders or mental illness, having them doesn't make anyone inherently strong, beautiful, or special, and these things shouldn't be glamourized
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Who walks at midnight?
the fUcKiNg scarecrow
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the scarecrow walks at midnight
im reading r/askmen and
mfw this guy is trying to say he doesn't think he wants to have sex bc porn is much better bc ideal clip is easy to find but u can't find an ideal girl
mfw he thinks ideal girls exist
is this guy 13
the scarecrow walks at midnight
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Who do you kik on a regular basis?
mfw looking through answers and paps
how do some of u have the to kik so many people so often oMg
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hello my name is Edgy Le Meme. my grandmother is dying of ebola friendzone syndrome. only likes can save her from the evil kony who gave her this disease. please like comment and subscribe for more minecraft tutorials
lol speaking of
mfw my friend's crush asked her to watch hours videos of his video games with him even tho she doesn't play any
mfw i told her he has autism
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how's your day going?
>go to psych class
>unknown dude from uni's fb group messages me
>dude is sitting somewhere near me
>won't tell me where he is or what he looks like other than vague hints
>keeps commenting on things im doing or the lecture
creepers gon creep
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the jeroen walks at midnight
shut the fuck up
this is my bro's thing
u can't just apply other ppl to it
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lol gay scrub ur wrong. ur oversimplifying the complex nature of the question to the point where your answer is no longer relevant. (or something along those lines)
.......r u trying to be a typical reddit poster??¿
Pardon me, but you don't have the proper speech mannerisms to convey yourself as such a noble species, m'sir.
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Can you truly love more than one person?
no, i don't think so. i suppose if you take it as love=feeling then you could think you are bc that's easier, but imo love=action that requires work, energy, dedication, and commitment. to actually love someone you need to focus all of that in just one person
mfw do serious answer
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What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
he is mean to me :(
What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
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name one positive trait about yourself
>waiting to write scary math exam
>have homicidal tendencies
>don't act on homicidal tendencies
good job, roxy! :)
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how are you doing in school
>spend hours writing essay
>come to class
>prof says we don't need to do it
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sp00ky/10 Fuck perfect (don't hurt me pls)  Lucky

Fuck perfect

(don't hurt me pls)
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what time does the scarecrow walk
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