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also it kinda creeps me out that people call bf/gf "babe" or "baby" and then fuck that "baby"  Jocelyn
well i mean they're not actually calling them infant but
yeah during dirty talk baby seems weird to me although ik a lot are into it
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What freaks you out?
how people can use terms of endearment like babe
like it's ok to use it like go ahead but personally ??????
i love personal nicknames n terms of endearment but how the fUcK can u just call ur gf babe aka the cliche-est name ever !!!!!
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you used * *  Jocelyn
*flips skater hair* yeah babe
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Are lesbians attractive to you?
haha my girl isn't allowed to talk to other guys but if she wants to make out with another girl?? yeah man im all about that as long as there's some titty touching involved *fixes snapback* i love titties haha
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What are you up to?
What are you up to?
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Describe your soulmate
Describe your soulmate
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Tell me something interesting
so my brother is 10 and left handed
my mom STILL tries to get him to eat with his right hand
mom......chill..... it's not the 1700s..
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it was actually dough roller  Jocelyn
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What's your favorite animal?
idk about fav animal but elephants r fucking cool
they are self-aware and know they them and are intelligent with a better memory than me and their social lives are so cool 2 read about and they all have diff personalities and then THEY HAVE A FUCKING LONG NOSE AND HUGE EARS ON TOP OF IT ALL!!!
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tbh I'm surprised u never noticed the fake dick  Jocelyn
was it a prop made out of bedsheeets HAHAHAHAHAH
it will be awkward if u don't understand what I'm referencing
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"Jared" is actually me. sorry you had to find out this way : /  Jocelyn
: /
explains why he brbs every time u reply to me
: \
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would you talk to jared still if he double catfished you
laughed tbh
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How long have you been with jared?
6 monthz soon
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you get jareds internet why cant olly get some stella internet pussy?
oh lol
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how did get ban  Jocelyn
#13th top post on all is mine as well :(
how did get ban
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so a banhammer for a bad joke? AHAHAHA  7 X I G O R
>bad joke
but yeah :( sucks tho
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what shit u did?  7 X I G O R
I made a joke in one of the comments and apparently that's like the #1 rule of what not to do
it was a post about a man who wrote the parents of the kid who he ate a letter, and I joked that at least he had the decency to do that or something
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What's the worst mistake you've ever made?
getting banned from r/morbidreality
I have so many photos and links I could submit to there and make cash karma $$$ but I AM BANNED
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even if you are indirectly making fun of kat I totally agree
ok well idk her well enough to know whether that's true or not but my original statement holds true for people who do do that either way
>do do
i said doodoo!!!!!
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i know ur indirectly making fun of k-system and it isnt cool
or I have had problems with my dad aka arguing multiple times a week for months which I don't talk about on here but yeah real nice chat
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>searself my sides  Andrew
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Get something off your chest.
I strongly dislike when people are so open-minded that they become close-minded, and this is becoming more prevalent or I just see it more because of online exposure
it is one thing to be confident and secure in your opinions while maintaining healthy skepticism and curiosity, and another to completely disregard logic and all reasoning to believe blindly in things
(this goes out to u, dad n reddit people)
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How much would it cost to get you to eat one piece of human feces?
OMG once i couldn't fall asleep but needed to wake up early so i was reading askreddit
i came across a fetish thread and someone was talking about HUMAN TOILET FETISH!!!
and i just started thinking about how people do that or like that :(
and I got so nauseous and didn't fall asleep for like 2 more hours :(
this question TRIGGERS me!!!!! :'(
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It's been like a month since Christmas Mrs. Claus  matt
yes ik but
then jared will have matching pap but i won't match and ??? even tho he doesn't even use ask
*holds up spork*
>jocelyn infection
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