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Hey Donna! I'm on your snapchat and I'm wondering how often do you exercise and how long each time?? If you dm can reveal your weight too? I'm chubby burns don't have motivation to exercise like you :(

Hello!!! Next time you can direct msg me on snapchat :) I will reply there as well.
As for exercising I try to go everyday except weekends cos the gym can get really crowded. Each time I do cardio for about 40-60mins and weights for about an hour! My weight is about...... 53kgs eh hahaha not very light to be honest. I used to hate exercising eh but slowly I see my body changing so it serves as a motivation to keep going. Of course there are lazy days but I always tell myself since I have started why stop? So slowly I have begun to enjoy it! I do get days where I feel like i have to drag my ass to the gym so what I do is when I wake up I immediately change into my sportswear so I don't have an excuse alr hahhahahaha

what happened to you and j?

We broke up about a year ago already!

What shampoo are you using?

I'm using the Pro Fibre series from L'oreal! :)

Where you get your Anello bag pack?

Lol I got it from qoo10 but I dont think it's original, i removed the label so that it's plain in front hahahahahaha. Bought it cos I like the structure of the bag and it made a good travel bagpack for me!

How are you?

Im great!

At a friend's house do you prefer to take off your: A) Shoes only B) Shoes & socks C) Neither

both la! Haha isn't it more comfortable that way?

If both partner's character crash, does that mean they shouldnt be together?? Thoughts???

Clash you mean... well it depends, if both can find a way to work out their differences and if both party are willing to make it work then why not? It wouldn't be easy and it would take time and effort so unless you are willing to invest in time and feelings it really comes down to how much is one willing to work for it!

whats ur sc

Sc: princessponyyzz :)

Are you close with your parents?


Will you buy tr70?

I have the tr60! haha

When youre out with your partner, who foots the bill?

My partner? But usually I will offer to pay too so it's mutual!

do you see a dermatologist? or do you do facials to maintain your good complexion? pls share my complexion suddenly become very bad :((( Thanks!

I do spend quite abit of time on my own to treat my own skin, I try to mask everyday or every other day so that helped alot! As for my skin I do go to a doctor to get laser done for my dark spots!

Would you be ok if your partner hangs out 1 to 1 with someone of the opposite gender? Just to chill or a dinner or smth. Thoughts???

Hmm... depends on who this person is? Is it a friend? An old friend? A new friend?
Usually I'll be really cool with it tho!

Be more active on snapchat pweedy pleaseeeee! Hahaha

Okie.. I will try hahahaha :)

How did you deal with haters?

I usually don't bother.... I mean why waste time dealing with them!



Do u know Tang Wei,Chinese actress?

No.... why what about her lol

Clarisonic mia2 or plus ?~

For me I find both equally as good. Just the for the Mia 2 it's compact and easy to bring around!

What foundation/base are you using in yout latest dazzemelens video? Your skin looks super glowy and pretty!! thank you in advance!

Im using the Innisfree Moisture foundation! :)

are you learning korean yourself or do you attend classes?

I attended classes!

If you have a chance to visit mixed-gender sauna in Germany or Holland,would you dare to go??

do I hv to be naked. If yes then no thanks hahahahahha

Are you a lesbian?

dude, I have a boyfriend. haha

Happy New Year 2015 Donna do u know Mr.Thaksin??

Happy new year to you too!!! And er........ The ex Thai Prime Minister? Hahahaha

Do you go for threading/ipl/waxing ?

I've tried threading on my brows, waxing on my bikini line and ipl on the face (for rejuvenation) :)