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What do you think are the world’s three greatest cities?

Berlin, Tokyo, and Sundsvall!

What are your favourite Yaoi paarings in Hetalia?


But don't tell Ludwig... bitte... he will KILL me...

What are the most comfortable shoes?

Any shoes that I can crush my enemies with comfortably and in style.

*Smiles and nods* Well you /are/ an awesome person in your own way. Just show it to Ludwig. *smiles*

Alright... I'll try. :3 *does all the dishes and makes dinner for Ludwig before he comes home*

Quite frankly, I'm not sure how to answer this question. I was fucking around with the Ask Me thingamabobber again. I like to entertain. xD

(( I'm just so confuzzled on this... ))

*Realized that last part was said out loud. Turns to Prussia and waves* Heh heh....Hey, Prussia. S'up, bro?

(( Is this your Ludwig RP account or regular account... I'm confuzzled on who this is. XD ))

*Nods* I think he'll appreciate the help since he doesn't have that much time to do it himself since he will be so busy.....Question: Did you /really/ get drunk out of your mind when you realized your little brother was taller than you? *Giggles*

Nein... I just bowed to him, ripped mein pants off, and submissively became his slave. JUST KIDDING! What actually happened when the time came that I realized he was taller than me was that I shrugged and told myself that it doesn't make me any less awesome. :3

*Has always wanted to see Germancest with that Fem!, but she got too...engaged* I shall take this is my OWN hands!


Well you don't have to be directly involved with the paperwork. *Blinks* Run errands when needed, cook for him, keep him relaxed, and try to be--sorry for this term--a housewife. I'm-a not saying you /are/ one, but those things are important as-a well and he'll appreciate them.

I suppose... do you think he'll really like that?

Weeeeeeeeell..... Give me a while, and I'll change one of my accounts and I found an amazing, adorable picture of East and West. :3 I'll probably make it my background.

(( Awesome! I'll wait for you! 8D ))

Get involved with his work! B-But make sure you don't mess it up. He might not like it if you did that...

It's not like that... it's paperwork that is important to his country... and could decide its economic fate. He'd kill me if I got involved with things that important to Deutschland's economy, especially with the way it is now... *sighhh*

So.....friggin' tempting!! *Facedesk*

(( Preeeeease do it!! I haven't RPed Germancest in like.... 3 weeks! *eyetwitch* PREEEEEASE ))

*Is looking at all these questions. /So/ wants to make a Germany account just to RP this love*

(( Why don't you do that? xD ))

You should really sort that out, Prussia...Why don't you spend time with your brother more and see how you really feel about him? *Smiles*

Because he's so busy all the time... T^T

Chiii~ Of course! Love has so much power that it can conquer anything, but you must-a be careful with it because it can cause tragedies, too, just like in the play Shakespeare wrote taking place in my city! The protagonists were very foolish...

I see... well, I don't think I'm foolish when it comes to loving Ludwig. But... maybe it's just lust, not love. I don't know what it is, all I know is I just want him inside me and I can't shake that feeling. :'(

|| Damn, those feels, man. || *Pats your back* I say you don't give up! Love conquers all, and if it's meant to be, it'll happen.

Do you really think so?

*Giggles* Ich liebe dich, big bruder! You are truly awesome und the world should know that! *Winks*

Well, thank you. ;3

*Gasps and smirks* Gimme dat Germancest, much? Do you think he'll one day give into your desires?

Probably not... *sighhh* But, maybe... if I do something really kinky like act like a dog or something... he loves kinky stuff like that. Or maybe I could touch myself in front of him... *shakes head* Nein, I won't do that. I don't even touch myself when NOT in front of him... it's gross and undignified. But I still would like him to love me in the same way that I love him. :3

Maybe, maybe not! You can't tell, though, because I am just /that/ awesome!

Yes, you're indeed Maria. :3

OH, PLEEEEASE TELL ME! I must know. *Teary eyes*

Fine.. just don't tell anyone... *whispers* Ludwig...

*Pokes back with a smile* Someone who thinks you're awesome even if you aren't a country anymore~

Is this you, Maria? xD

When you go to amusement parks, what do you like to do most?

Go on the scary rides just to prove my awesomeness, yet again.

Would you do any of your siblings? o.o Be honest....

I'm not sure if I would do any of them, but I would like to be done by one of them. I won't say who though...^^

*Pokes your forehead*

That isn't a question. *pokes back* And who are you?

At what age do you consider someone old?

It's hard to judge, since I'm 1,274 years old myself (even though my looks haven't aged past 21), but I guess if I were to have a "normal" lifespan, I'd say people get old around 56-ish.


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