marcie Brooks @purple1997
marcie Brooks @purple1997
i Love Rihanna,Dont judge me and I wont judge you, simple IG: beauty_light_fro kik: thatpurpletwin
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i answer to anything.100% truthful
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When you can justify a lie?
Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
What happens with you and venues
Idk it didnt work out
You eat ass ???I do its good protein
Lol nah thats nasty
Do you have any other brothers or sisters?
Yea i got a twin sister and a younger brother
Are You and your sister lesbians?
My sister not but i am
What makes life worth living?
Hot tea or ice tea?
Hot tea
What color are your eyes?
No reason. Just asking
random person
Oh ok
Did i follow u on instagram or Twitter or r u just some random person
Do you talk to yourself?
Sometimes, i mean eveyone do
how are u
Good u?
wats up
Wats ur Twitter name
You should be bae when school starts back
No im good , but if i know who u r we can be friends
So marcie are u ready for school
U don't look like the type to date females
Thats cool
Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Dont got one
Do you like your name?
Yea i guess
Have you ever thought about becoming vegetarian?
Who sent the last text message you received?
Give me ur number if u trying to be bae
443569 and u aint getting the rest. Lol