Phoebe @purplephoebe
Phoebe @purplephoebe
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Ask me even though i barley use ask :P
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hey phoebs~ im back to ask :)  Ruby
Who do you trust most in your life?
my phone.
omg hi :)
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What's the best thing that happened to you today?
my wifi got fixed XD
omg ur hothot damn  ☽ Abby ☾
hot as the sun *sashays away*
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you are so pretty. like flawless. guess who am i. i will turn out to be the one you expected least. <3
im sorry i think whoever you are you got the wrong person XD come off anon!
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What do you usually forget?
to do my homework :p
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Where were you 3 hours ago?
Drama class XD im such a drama geek :P
What sport do you do?
VOLLEY BALL <3 oh and football and basket ball
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What is your favorite mobile app?
Instagram duh
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What is the most delicious berry?
Cherry. Does that count? No? Ok.
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what do you think about yourself
I think im fucking fabulous ;)
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thoughts on marcus
Non existent
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thoughts on ycis
i cant even begin. its like my second home. The center of my life :)
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thoughts on chloe emily nthabi samantha and mandy
even tho i dont know most of them, they are BEAU-TI-FUL and just perf <3
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What do you look like right now?
Ohhhh you do NOT wanna know
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Who'd you want in your class next year? List 10 guys and 10 girls
1-10 none
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how's your life
great =)
what did you do today
lazy day with ‎@hopelessevans and ‎@bluejeans1129
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you excited for y9?
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thoughts on Liyong Russell Joey Jason Dohyo Matthew Jake
none exsistent
I LOST MY PHONE :( where is it  ☽ Abby ☾
In my underwear draw =)
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thoughts on Abby hope Ann ashley claire Vani
I love abby hope claire and vani <3 those are my girls =)
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Are you scared of the dark?
whaaaat? pshhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo!
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describe marcus, Gino, Ruben, Marcello, David, Angie, Michelle, Minami
I dont know most of them :/
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