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Ask me a question
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Then that's the same nigga on my phone
Mayb ig that our nigga
What's your boyfriend name
The nigga u c me with all the time u should know his name by now
Bcuz I like your name
Okay goodnight from me n my baby
That's what they all say nd I don't like pussy in the first place
We'll I'm not they all so y u n my ask ? Anyways
Nd im not your sweetie if your not my boo
N I will never b your boo
Girls now days lie abt being in relationships
Lmao Iam happily taken if u must know
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Okay babe
Sorry I have somebody n he the only one can call me that but on that note blow one ✌️
It aint no secret my baby
First off I'm not your baby n oh okay I can careless
Nah just dicks
I knew u was gay
Dont be a bitch, btw your a beautiful one
Do u kiss ass with that mouth or nah
Seems like you are bcuz your responding to me.....just saying
I am nd just a friendly conversation
Oh we'll I'm not that friendly
Oh u must be gay but that cool anyways what do u want
Same thing i said
Okay we'll r u a girl or boy Becuz if u a boy that a lil gay
It's funny we have the same name
A twitter follower
Ok I have a lot of follower what your twitter name
Who this but hey
Do you spend too much time on smart phone playing ‘stupid games’?
whats yo fantasy?
Don't have one I already did it lol
u r beautiful!
Thank u
u gon come c me
Who this
who u wit
My boyfriend
what u doin
N the car