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ask me pllz

What do you want me to ask you?

How Old you ? And Where Your From ? ;P I Think This is Q =))

Ghadeer Mohammed

I'm not as old as the moon and I'm from the Earth :)



hi pulkit -- why don't you ask a question? ;)


I hope that's a happy "fine" and not an upset or angry one :)

Who are you, by the way? What's your name? Where do you live & what do you do?

If you go to my profile, you will see a link to -- there you will find more links, and also some of the stuff I do on the web. The more you click, the more you will find out about me. I think it makes more sense for people to simply check out what I actually do, rather than for me to talk about it. :)

you sounds like an philosopher


"the unexamined life is not worth living" -- now *THAT* was a philosopher! :D (but not the only one I aim to "follow")

yeah its true


things may ring true sometimes -- even if / when they aren't :O ... but it is nice when people agree on something... and yet maybe it's even better if / when nobody seems to disagree :)

how are you?


I'm good, thanks! -- It's funny how we can dream imagine things could be much better or much worse, but often forget how good they are right now. :)

I would still call the link as a "Random" website. Anyway, is my Facebook profile link. Add me up if you feel like differentiating your social and cyber life!

Khushrav None-o'-your-business

cool -- done :)

What's the point of being on an "Ask strangers to know them as Persons" website of all you get for a platform to know them is random websites? [I did go on the website and didn't get to know you]

Khushrav None-o'-your-business

There are links to contact me, to some of the stuff I write + do on the web, etc. If you think it's random, then I guess that means to you I seem random! ;D

So there is absolutely no chance of anybody knowing who the person is behind that screen?

Khushrav None-o'-your-business

just follow the link on my profile -- if you keep following the links, you can read more + more + more until you pass out, fall over, and then sleep like a stone! ;D

So you ask people about their goals, achievements, objectives and what not and try providing insights and assistance, wherever they might require!? Any social life you have?

Khushrav None-o'-your-business

Yes, I do a lot of stuff -- but I am most interested in improving the world by via engagement on the web.

Identify yourself

Samrat Mazumdar

Thanks for asking! :D

I'm a human who tries to make people in the world happier by improving information products + services on the web... there should be a link lying around somewhere -- oh, got it: I just updated my profile :)

What would you suggest everyone to try?

to make a goal and to try to achieve it -- and to ask me to help you! ;D

What's a subject you wish you knew more about?

how to be successful :)

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I'm sexy + a lot of fun! :D