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Tbh you are so beautiful in every way from head to toe from personality to looks. You are In fact and angel and hope you are treated like one. You are one of the most sexiest cheekiest funny girl I've ever talked to your Instagram photo are flawless and so are you your so nice an caring takecare x:)
aw this is cute
Tbh- I don't know how you are but your pretty hot mate  Ian Martin
Root xx  Emmanuel Koumis
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What pair of heels would it be? Like a wedge, platform pump, peep toes, strappy sandals?
for what
u nd moey hooked up then he finged u lol
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Tbh ur cute beautiful good to talk to have a good perso and yea xx  Huss
aw thannnks xx
how many people do u follow?
fucking hate when it randomly likes people answers argh
that anon saying you should go blonde wtf your already perfect now and looks don't make everything its all in the personality which you seem to have the best off :)
I want the v don't know bout you but um turning a but bi
Clare doesn't even listen to tyga how awkward for her
this is all over my news feed wtf
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What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?
wants the d
Hot x  Hussein Wehbe
ty :*
you should seriously try going blonde, you would look 500x hotter than you already do!! (which is a lot <3 ahaha)
yeah no AHAHha
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your such an aussie
AWKS I'm black
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pretty hot for a range
HAHAha thanks
Tbh, your pretty, your pretty cool :)  thomas pizzonia
thaaanks :))
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Toobehonest~ don't really know you, but you're gorgeous xx  Kristinaaa
thank you, you too xx
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Tbh- so pretty :) great perso and had the the best times in in English last year :) but yea tc xx :)  tanvisingh
thank you babe xxxx
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for everyone's information. the bitch on anon is talking shit and non of that is true.  Danny Milani
kill emmm
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Thoughts on Harrison andrews
dry to me now but such a qt
What's the best concert you've ever been to?
You are cute
thoughts on ilija?
haven't seen him in ages should catch up but hottie and heaps nice xxx
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what's your kik? xx
xRachmcgrath lel
anon fuck off rachel is one of a kind, honestly so nice so pretty not up herself bitch and shes one of the only redheads thats hot so fuckkk offf anon :)
xxxxx aw