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it was the white boy himself baby :-)  Danny Milani
Nice to meet you
not sure about that, but I think you are really black and I am highly attractive to your blackness
Thanks who's this ?
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mg y haces grupo whatsapp?
Je te suis tu rends ? Stpl :$ Tu passes sur mon ask ?, je rend le même nombre de like que tu me fais :$ Bonne soirée a toi , Merci d'avance :$
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you fine bby  Danny Milani
thnx bæ
bikini pic
post that snap of you in jeans
What snap
mg y dices si te liarias?
I reckon your feet would look so hot in peep toes babe!
I've worn them before
Snapchat? Xx
Do you have kik?
You probably won't remember me ahaha
Probably will
You are so pretty! I went to your primary and i was in the year under you. You were always so nice to me xx
Aw thank you, who's this xxx ?
if you take danny back after everything him going from one girl to another back to you when he feels like it I will lose so much respect for you you deserve better
Do you prefer peep toe heels or inclosed toe heels?
Oh ok fair enough, are there any photos where your heels are showing?
Those black heels looked amazing on you at Mels! You should wear heels more often!
Thanks babe
I thought you and danny back on but then I saw him getting with another girl last night
Good on him
do you think i am too whipped? i bought the girl i like a $2000 diamond tennis bracelet but she just gave the credit to her boyfriend and made me kiss the bracelet in front of him.
wait whaT
U are actually so perfect xx
thank you!!
What's ur Instagram? U are super pretty!!
racheelmcgrath, thanks
Would you have gone black toe nail polish if they were peep toes?
whatever colour I felt like :-)))) whatever suits
if you get nominated for the ice challenge, are you gonna do it?
I guess hehe
when you dance they end up hurting, do you dance at parties?
yesss as if you don't