Raegan Butler
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So what's life after highschool looking like for you ???

Collage probably but I have no clue

When was the last time you danced?


What is your favorite song at the moment?

Suntan City by Luke Bryan


I'm not going to baby the jackass that thinks I'm a bad softball player. Use your peanut brain and figure it out.

So I can't exactly say that to your softball team dumbass

If you really wanted to you could dipshit.

I would but I don't go to your school


Yeah. Everyone knows softball cause its the easiest thing in the world. Try playing a real sport like track and field. Then maybe you won't be fat asf and ugly and a guy will actually like you

Why don't you say all this to the rest if the softball team? Let's see if you're so big and bad in person.

Okay so your good at standing around picking flowers and calling it a sport. Congrats. Fatass

Again, you're*
And there aren't flowers at 3rd base. That's in the infield just so you know and flowers don't grow there.

That was supposed to be tho not hoe Cause your too ugly to be a hoe And it requires no athletic ability which explains why your fat ass can play it. But you prolly suck

And that's totally why I started every game and was the clean up batter. Yup. THAT'S the reason.

Softball ain't a sport hoe (≧∇≦)

Um ok. Whatever you say sport expert.

Do you prefer talking or texting?


Are you a shopaholic?


How long does love live?

Forever ❤

What sport do you do?


What is the most delicious berry?


If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?


Tbh on meeee since ur getting asked :D

Kaylee DiBiase

I like love you to death girlie! Idk what I'd do without you! I think you and Justin are the cutest couple ever. I think you're insanely gorgeous inside and out. You're super funny and sweet and crazy and I love it.

Tbh on Lindsey Patterson?

She's a great junior homewrecker
I love her tho

Tbh on Sarah leslein?

I have nothing against her.

Tbh on skylar urben?

I love her ❤

Tbh on lyndon Rainey?

He's a great friend. He's really funny too.

Tbh on Scott Rainey?

He has nice eyes but I don't know him so...

Tbh on Nate Grootegoed?

Don't know him either so I don't have an opinion

Tbh on logan Grootegoed?

I don't really know him but he seems like a nice dude I guess

If you had to choose a type of color that you thought represented yourself, which would it be?

A cool, vibrant color