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Well I don't hate you at all I thought you were just rude
ohh okay,and if I rubbed you the wrong way I apologize
Why do you think I hate you lol  shelby sanders
lol bc you never liked me since day one
Nice to know that big head of yours isnt all that big lol
lol yea yoi can your friend shelby not to hate me now haha
Would you have ever guess  Shantae Williams
noo lol
Very interesting okay I guess its time for me to hold up my deal
Lol yep
Okay deal how would you brighten someone's bad day
Depends on who it is really, everybody responds to stuff differently
If I do you may not answer my questions as honest
Ima be 100 regardless, but how about you get all you ??'s answered then let me know who you are?
Do you feel like you know who this is
not at all I wish I did! give me a hint lol
What would you tell a younger you
A lot!! first off do better in school!
If you were a doctor what medicine who you prescribe for a broken heart
lol something light you can't get chemically dependant on! haha Nyquil PM sounds about right
Do you feel that people per judge you
Yea I do but if feel like that happens to everyone. Its just human nature
Who was the white girl
ive talked to more than one!
Which was your most memorable birthday?
My 18th, we won a playoff game on the way to winning state and I played one of the Ass of that day lol
Have you ever talked to a white girl?
lol yes, yes I have haha
Okay lets say you did reach the NFL how will you stay that same person and thats if you choose to stay that person
good one! I'm not the party every night stay out all night type, my boys always gone be my boys and we gone kick it like we do now
How do you stay level headed
its easy I haven't done much to be proud of yet! Ive got too many goals I've have reached yet
Thats fair enough describe yourself in three words
Confident, Dedicated & Motivated
What do you want the most
To reach my goal of playing in the Nfl and have start my own family. Nothing over the top
Did you have a high school crush
yes I had quite a few! lol the thirst was real haha jk I had a few fr tho
What do you do when you are alone in your room?
Watch NFL Network & Sleep! Exciting I Know Lol
What was the last thing you ate?
A Pop tart
Whom have you hugged today?
no one sadly lol
Fuck you too then!!!
Sit Your Ass Down!
Will u please cut your hair and not get dreads?
Fuck You!
Do u like athletic girls?
yes mam!!