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I like you you have bb?

Sorry, I have an iPhone.

Hey Demi <3 I just wanna let you know that I love you, ok? Thanks to you I've stopped cutting and what you did for me is priceless. I love you. ♥

That makes me so happy! Keep it up! I love you too.

You should post this account in your twitter so we can be sure this is you!!!

You should learn some manners.

demi, i love you SO SO SO MUCH. really, we are best friends right ?? hey, come to brazil please ! i give you a brigadeiro ! haha

Duh! Of course we are ;)

when are you coming to Colorado we love you here, i love you

My tour dates are there
<- :)

You are amazing. Words can't describe how much I love you. You are a inspiration, and you are my role model. Words can't describe how much I love you. :)

Thank you!! I love you!

can you come to north california?

I don't know, can I? ;)

what happened to you and selena?

Nothing happened to Sel and I :)

i love your music so much!! whats ur fave color

shawna ;)

Black and purple... what color would that make?!

I'm gonna be such a huge baby now,but you never said: 'I love you too'... hahhah,never mind,I still love you... <3

I love you too ;)

how old are you ?

I'm 19.

Hey Demi! Are you and Selena still besties?

Of course we are!

Hey Demi,with all your experiance,did you ever consider to write a book? :)))

I'd consider it :)

Are fans aloud to add your facebook page?

Of course!

do you have a faceboook account page not ur music page

Demi,do you believe that all Lovatics and yourself are a BIG family,and we can tell each other whatever we can to help? Do you believe that we are so close? I do... I love all Lovatics and you.... we stayed strong 'till now,and we going to be strong together forever... :D <3

Yes. Yes I do :) <3

Demi,will Unbroken tour includes Serbia? someday... please,I'm dying to hear you sing live... not you tube,or anything,just you,your fans and good music in Belgrade Arena... pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee.... :D love ya soooo much... <3

I'm touring America first! My dates are on

DEMI i love you !!! :D Want you be my bestfriend ?? im your lovatic forever i love your album #UNBROKEN repeat it all day ! My Fav Song is "My LOve is Like a Star" :D

I thought we were best friends?! Pssht! ;)

I just wanted to make some statements - no question (if thats alright with you). Stay true to yourself always. Believe in who you are. Keep being an inspiration. Life will always throw you tests but it only makes you stronger. Wish you nothing but the best :)

Thank you so much. The same goes to you!

i don't believe you're the real demi sorry

'kay. Bye.

hey are the role model of many people including me.I want to ask that who is your ideal? and you have done a very good in all this what gave you strength?i mean whats your strength.and a last one..what are the qualities that you like in a person..and which you hate.waitn for reply.

Other than my family, many people inspire me. Kelly Clarkson, Cupcake Brown (her book got me through my early recovery!) to name a couple. Most importantly, my fans gave me strength. They continue to give me the motivation to open my eyes every day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, and before I sleep, they give me the peace to be able to sleep well. They're not just fans, they're my supporters, my role models, my whole heart. I cannot thank them enough. They treat my whole family like their own. We are a family. I love them with every fiber of my body.
That's a quality I like in a person. And faith, hope, courage, loyalty...

You are absolutely amazing. Your music is such an inspiration, I enjoy unbroken just as much, if not more than the others. It must've taken so much time to put so much heart behind your new album! I love what you're doing, and you! I'm hoping that you'll keep it up for a long time!

Oh I plan to! Thank you SO much. You really do understand.

what's new ?

Just released my tour dates!!! :D


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