Hayes Grier @realhayesgrier7
Hayes Grier @realhayesgrier7
Mooresville, North Carolina
I MAKE VINES. 300 hashtag swag. Yes I'm nash griers brother. No you may not ask me for his number. My 4 year old sister skylynn is cooler then me. My birthday is June 8th
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I believe ya <3  haley
Thanks ❤️
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Righhht lol like who even thinks about fucking a 13 year old like Im a fan but not an obsessed one. but they seriously need to stop ask you too fuck them frf because its not cute..
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why don't you say "yea were coming back then" fake ass I've met "Hayes" at Magcon and he said he doesn't have an ask.
Yeah okay. I haven't been to the last orlando event. I don't know if in going to the next one. I'm done answering your questions.
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HelI no i'm not a true fan just showing all these girls that think your the real deal that your lying bout who you are and it's kinda weird how you made this fake account  Ethan Pennell
Who believes me? Cause I'm real.
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this is obv fake cause they've already been to Orlando. Lmfao
They're coming back. So you don't know anythin'
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What happened with u and jordan
Couple stuff
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Did you come last year ???
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Thanks lol and your like no never in a million years yeah them thirsty hoes need ta get off there lazy asses and get themselves some waterrr  Elisea Mcdowell
Thirst aid kit
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are you coming to orlando ???
Idk I really hope though !
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If I were to send you a gift where would I send it too? I have the perfect gift for you <3 ilysm
Awh:) it doesn't matter. It comes from your heart not mine.
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do you let girls kiss you on your cheek at magcon? because my friend loves you and were coming to magcon when you guys come to boston
We can't kiss y'all but y'all can kiss us
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freaking love you
Freaking love you too
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I have tried asking you questions ... Nvm
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You should like come to Ohio!!
Shouldn't I
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You are fake... Just look at the likes
What? What do the likes have anything to do with me being fake or real? I'm real and if you can't believe me, you aren't a true fan
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If you love your fans so much , then why don't you Awnser them ?? Like me ...
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Wtf is up with the questions you get on here?
Don't ask me
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Wtf why are people saying there dating..
I really don't know. They're friends. People are so nosy nowadays
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can you prove youre real because theres 5 other accounts that say theyre hayes
I don't know ?
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I love you
I love you too ❤️
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If I got you a gift what would you want
Anything would be amazing babe
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Why did u and Jordan break up?
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Everyones saying teala and him are dating on twitter..
Not even.
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