For NoWrongWayToPlay: playing Dark Souls without rolling, blocking, or parrying.


Who's your favorite wrestler this week?

The New Day, forever.

I have one question for you. I hope this isn't a question constantly repeated because, even in my case, that's extremely aggravating. But, What would you say, Handsome Jack's ethnicity is? Ashley

I think he's white.

Why are you so Attractive ? how do I stop myself from being attracted to you ? XD manash

listen to anything i say for more than eight minutes

Tiny Tina saved my life. Thank you. (and Ashly)

I'm glad we could help in some way.

Hey Anthony, are there plans to continue with the HAWPcast?


In your experience, how much does fan feedback play into improving games in terms of progressive content? If you want to see, say, more diversity, is there any value to trying to communicate that directly to company? Or is stirring up controversy in the community really the only way?

Companies don't listen to individual people unless you have a really awesome, emotionally affecting story to tell.

Lol, I just wanted to say that you are awesome.……I know, that's like the most boring thing to say to someone………I'm boring so hehe>.> Ashley


Please give your tiny button of a kitten All The Kisses for me


Did you do any work on Battleborn before you left Gearbox?

Yep. I helped come up with the basic premise (last star in the universe, many factions fighting over it) and wrote a pass of battle dialog for one or two characters.

RE: Aliens - Colonial Marines, wikipedia lists you as co-writer.

Bah. I guess technically I wrote like three or four lines of dialog near the very very end of development (the audio logs you can find where you hear Newt's mom talking to her parents), so that's not completely egregious.

Still, though. That sucks.

Can you speak to anything about the development of aliens colonial marines? Also thoughts on the final product?

I can't speak to its development as I did not work on it.

The game definitely sucks, though.

do you and Lindsay Ellis know each other?:) you recently shared her video on Phantom. I've been watching her show for 4 years, but never imagined that you two would ever cross paths, for some reason:)

I don't know her, but she seems awesome.

Is there a good etiquette guide on whats cool to respond to your tweets with? sometimes I chip in with a fact or quip or compliment (or link) or something and I don't want to be irritating if silence if preferred. Would be good to know!!~ Lachlan Cartland

Just don't be mean and it's all good

What do you think is the best way to turn someone down? Souls

By being honest and empathetic. The best rejection I ever got from a girl was, "hey, we could hang out, but only as friends -- I'm really sorry, but I'm just not physically attracted to you."

I was almost HAPPY to get that rejection, because it was clear and kindhearted and unambiguous.

I know you have problems with the game, but what do you think fallout 4 does right? Personally, I think the game is way too linear, but I love all the robots and companions.

I think it's an open world shooter, and a decent one. I just don't want my Fallout games to be open world shooters.

Dude, there are legit medical reasons for being circumcised, y'know? I had to have a circumcision as a child due to the foreskin being too tight. It's kind of shaming to lump aesthetics and medical reasons together. I know you don't mean to, but please consider how it can effect people.

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume I was referring to aesthetics or religion-based circumcision. I'd never oppose something done for the health of a child.

I hope this isn't too personal to ask, so apologies in advance if it is... Do you think the relatively young age at which you and Davis married at all played into why it didn't work out?

I don't think so, to be honest. I mean, we were together for seven years, and seven years is the average age at which marriages tend to end, for a variety of reasons (it's when monotony can set in really intensely, seven years gives both parties a lot of time to change, etc).

How IS House of Leaves? I've wanted to start it but I've heard it can be a little strange to get one's arms around, kinda David Foster Wallace-like, almost. Mx. Sterling

I'm BARELY into it, but I'm liking it a lot so far. Though I say this as someone who made it through Infinite Jest and only, like, ten percent understood it despite really enjoying all of the individual bits.

Just wanted to express my gratitude here. So about 2 days ago I just found out about HAWP and then I instantaneously started a whole series marathon (yeahhh i sound a little lifeless hahaha) But truly thank you and your sister and everyone involved in HAWP. Really made my day for the year :D Lee Yew Chern

Thanks, glad you dug it.

is there anyway to become friends with someone through twitter without coming off as a weirdo?

Be hilariously funny and cool, I guess?

Twitter's rough for this.

How can I be just like you?

Don't be just like me, I'm a doofus

Read an article that Enter the Gungeon is almost as addicting as Spelunky. Have you played it?

I have, and it isn't. It's just very pretty. It's nowhere near as fast or strategic or freeform as Spelunky is -- it's basically just very slow Nuclear Throne where most of the guns are garbage but you have to very carefully spend your main currency.

What's the thing in BL2 that you're most proud of? What's your favorite joke/line in the game?

Butt Stallion, probably

when i'm with a lady, and we are in the same bed i'm scared to make the move to spoon. like i had the chance but i have to wait for they're move first ( lets face it who wants to spoon with an ugly ass muh fugga like me :^) ) and talking wth her the next day she waits for the guys move. what do?

Personally, I always ask. There are some girls who hate it when a guy asks for permission, but whatever, fuck them. Plenty of girls find it cute, and you can quickly and easily establish consent that way.


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