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I guess you can keep the pants then, they fit your figure better than mine. Stay outa trouble tonight and be safe missy.

Will do! Thank you c:

I just never forgot it... Shall I disperse and let you leave it inactive once more?

No its okay it was just wild getting a notification for it hahaha just do u bby boo

Sorry? Thats it! you stole them away on that dark and stormy night without explanation and all you'll say to me me now is sorry? Sheesh. It's a good thing I'm fond of you, or I would be upset.

How did u find me this has been inactive for like 10 months

Why did you steal my pants?

I'm sorry

I wish I had the guts to dye my hair as much as you, you look gorgeous

thank you!! c: if you ever feel like doing something drastic i'm definitely willing to give advice.

What's your favorite band?

If I'm allowed to tie probably a three-way tie between Alt-J, Yeasayer and Daft Punk. If not then I'd probably go with Yeasayer because I've been listening to them the longest.

(its a pretty name though)

thank you! I'll tell my mother you said so c:

sorry if this is annoying but how do you pronounce your name? I've never heard of anyone called rhaina before

It's pronounced like Ray-na. More common versions are Reina, Rayna and Raina. Reina is spanish for Queen, and is more commonly a last name. Raina is a variant of Rayna, which is believed to be the bulgarian version of Regina. Rhaina is the least common spelling. I had someone add me on facebook specifically because they were also named Rhaina.

What makeup do you use? It looks great c:

for foundation i use dream matte mousse in porcelain ivory, my eyeliner is ELF liquid eyeliner in black (literally like 1 dollar at walgreens) and my eyebrows I use a dark brown eyeshadow. For eyeshadows I usually wear white to cover veins on my eyelids but sometimes I like to have fun and I have this ginormous pallete i got for christmas also by ELF c:

fuck why are you so attractive

you should see me irl hahahaha

Omg your so pretty. I absolutely love your hair. I don't have the balls to do that, tho I really want to.

I'm sure you could do it and look great c:

Hey I love your hair and your face and your eyes <3

thank you c:

I want to convince me parents though. Hey, could I see some pics of your hair for ideas?

Thanks, but my parents would never let me do that type of thing. I wish.

Ugh. That's rough. Like, I understand the parent's viewpoint but this is the only time in your life where you can do this sort of thing and have it be acceptable. You don't need to be professional and hair always grows back.

Way green

You are warm toned! If you want to go unnatural I'd stick to purples, reds and pinks, but you could do really any shade of those kinds of colors

I don't think I could pull unnatural colors off :/

All it takes is a little confidence and knowing what colors work well with your skin! I'm very white and very cool toned so I can't do blondes or pastels well. Look at your wrist, do your veins appear more blueish or sort of greenish?

What dyes do you use for it?

The blue is Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise and the purple is a 1:1 ratio of Manic Panic's Ultra Violet and Hot Hot Pink

OK cool. Btw I like you're hair a lot! It's really pretty

thank you! c:

Reddit in general. Like /r/teenagers.

oh yeah no it's cool i recently met a girl i knew from reddit internet friends are rad

What if I'm from that reddit thing?

what reddit thing

I think you're super awesome, and nice, and I'd love to get to know you more. It's too bad that I don't really know you much :/

do not be afraid underneath my dyed hair and winged eyeliner is a girl who cried at the end of battlestar galactica i am approachable

Is that your natural hair color?

yeah i'm a test tube baby and they fucked it up so here i am

Is him to be no right and come without shouldn't in yes?

yeah of course

Do you ever wear makeup?


What is your sexuality?

I'm mostly straight


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driver roll up the partition please