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Who's your number one friend?
Izzy Ramin holds a big portion of my heart
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How tall are you?
Close enough to jesus amen
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What does the fox say?
Eat me out
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What are you wearing right now?
The blood of my enemies
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Is it true you made up a rumor that you and Richard were dating?
Marvel or DC?
Marvel <3
On a scale of 1-10 how much does you miss Luke/Holden?
Ugh i miss them both sooo much
Wait, so who was your best guy friend?
Id say Luke or Holden
Who was your best guy friend from Saint Francis? (Besides Richard)
Richard wasnt my best guy friend
Super asian good thing i get along w every asian I ever meet  cate
Dude same
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Ayy lmao  cate
Ayy lmao
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It means Ian in Welsh, its my middle name and its really weird to pronounce (yai-yin) ikr asian af
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Hi josh omg  cate
Suck me
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who do you miss the most from st francis
Yea i miss everyone (but mostly claire cuz shes gorg)
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Which classmate from Saint Francis do you wish you could hang out with more?
hottest CHS girls
Cate M Lopez unf shes so hot like making me sweat just thinking about her
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favorite rapper?
too short, twista, kendrick lamar, childish gambino
have you ever had feelings for a friend?
dream place to die?
your vag
when did you come out?
6th grade babe
What do you think was the most significant news story of the year?
me coming out
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what does he look like?
he has the hot
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Is it true that you like a guy from college park?
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any cute boys you're checking out???
yehhhh this cutie from college park c:
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If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like to meet?
myself in 5 years
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