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Are you and Max dating?


i think he likes me


do you know Clay Barbieri?

yeee hes like my best friend

Do you think it's going to go anywhere?

i really want it to but

does he like you back?


Do you still like the same guy you did a while ago


Whos ur best friend

Alekhya even tho shes a shithead lol

Do you think toilet paper is a basic life necessity?

No, thats what leaves and republicans are for

Do you like anyone right now?

hell yee

What's something you have on you at all times?

This necklace with my little sisters name Ceri on it

Any cool senior quotes for me to use this year?

Sweet on the streets, freak in the sheets

like we had ravioli for dinner and I was thinking of the tortalini voice :)

God bless you ma'am

who's the fireball of the party

Omg sophie ward is <4444


hello :~))))

Girl we never even dated lol

are thou and Griffin dating


I was gonna post the Bee Movie script but i couldnt copy it

Who's your biggest fan

Well i have two, but theyre kinda small and really useful now that its getting really hot

What do you think gays do in the northeast of america?

Lobster and ass play?? Idk

What do your nipples look like

Dollar signs

Whats ur favorite position


did you write that song??

No, its a cover. I dont know why people think i wrote it, and i dont know why people think im pretending its mine. It was a popular song im surprised a lot of people havent heard it.

josh you are my spirit animal

so jealous you're going to the uk wow

Going to the UK??? i AM the UK