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like we had ravioli for dinner and I was thinking of the tortalini voice :)
God bless you ma'am
who's the fireball of the party
Omg sophie ward is <4444
hello :~))))
Why lol
Girl we never even dated lol
are thou and Griffin dating
I was gonna post the Bee Movie script but i couldnt copy it
Who's your biggest fan
Well i have two, but theyre kinda small and really useful now that its getting really hot
What do you think gays do in the northeast of america?
Lobster and ass play?? Idk
What do your nipples look like
Dollar signs
Whats ur favorite position
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did you write that song??
No, its a cover. I dont know why people think i wrote it, and i dont know why people think im pretending its mine. It was a popular song im surprised a lot of people havent heard it.
josh you are my spirit animal
josh you are my spirit animal
so jealous you're going to the uk wow
Going to the UK??? i AM the UK
so jealous you're going to the uk wow
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I miss you too. have fun in the uk. ily
See ya girl! I forget youre my neighbour sometimes lol
ily2 again ur amazing and ur the best
Awww i miss you girl :'(
josh ur amazing and your the fireball of the party gurl
Omg sophie ily
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Favorite Asians???
Favorite Asians???
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Ive heard some things...
Aww, you have ears too?
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just hold on we're going home
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k bye
Love me
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do u suck troll dick?
do u suck troll dick?
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OMG those people are assholes, you're perf and I really mean that don't let those douchebags get to you! :)
Thanks friend
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ily and ur the best person to ever exist  Cate
best girl friends?
Cate, Bayli, Jen, Sophia Blake, Ciara, Allison, Nina, Savy, Gracie, Nicole, Estelle, Carlie, Chanel, Clare G, Megan Chappell, Claire Storti, Franceska, Gio, Ally W, Hristi, Izzy Ramin, Lindsey Conley, Kristie, Katie A, Juliana, The Duceys, Serena vincent, Ila, Megan Shone, Kristin C, Tiffany A, Nicolette
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