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Hi!  Samantha Hendrix
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did you mean to put that as your snapchat story...
Wasnt me
Is there any chance you would break up with your gf and date me (a decent looking 21 yr old)? :D
Mmm don't wait around
have you ever confessed to anything with "stay classy"?
Did you make the Stay Classy Imgur graphic? Or did someone else?
Someone else
How do I send you anon confessions?
Tell me
How many followers do you have?
Like 4600 I think
Do you go to college?
Not this semester
So, is a 36 year old woman too old for you?
Just a little
how old are you?
I'll be 20 on Halloween
What did you name your puppy?
I cried because I found out you had a gf
I'm sorry
You stay cool, you awesome motherfucker, you
I will try, fellow motherfucker
you are beautiful?
Maybe to some people
how old are you?
I love your smile
Who has been the most important person in your life?
Wait what?
Are you sure?
Are you still answering questions?
Yea sorry I was taking a shower
Be honest and precise. Will no be the answer to this question?
You definitely smile for pictures
I try not to,I hate my smile
Do you have a cat, and if so what does its arse hole smell like.  Morgan Tyler
I'm allergic to cats..believe it or not
Terry blue or Old English Shepard?  Morgan Tyler
I don't feel like googling what those dogs look like
So waddup homeskillet
Please never again