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Why are you pretty pissed off actually?
I'm not anymore
can u have the sex with me -notificationgiver
only on Tuesdays
What is one thing you would like to do with the remainder of your life to change the world for the better?
i want to make people happy and make them feel like they have a reason for existing. I receive an abundance of suicide related messages and from reading all of them, I've gathered that the majority of the people feel lonely and as if they don't have a reason for living anymore. You're never going to convince everyone that they SHOULDN'T feel lonely and they actually DO have a reason for living, but as long as you can change a least one persons mind, you've drastically made a change to the world.
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Your posts warm my heart and give me a good old laugh when I'm feeling down, thanks. :-)
No, thank you.
You started the "Stay Classy" series almost 9 months ago, and you've said yourself that you've received nearly 15,000 messages. How has it affected/changed your view on the world if at all?
It hasn't really changed my view on the world or people much, but i have realized lately that confessions that i might have chose months ago now seem tame to me. also, i don't get easily grossed out
Do you get laid because of your fame on imgur?
alexandra daddario
peanut butter and jelly
So if I want to tell you a story to put on stay classy I write it to you here correct?
No, this is only for questions and Dear ruffcat submissions. Any confessions that are posted here and meant for stay classy will be deleted instantly
Why'd you start doing "Dear Ruffcats"?
Read the bottom of one of them
Did you ever put your own confession in one of your posts?
Yea I have
do you check out peoples snapchat storys?
Sometimes, but not often
cs is counterstrike
Yea, never played it, Sorry
do a lot of people snapchat you?
I think I average around 3-5 per minute. I love getting snaps though
what is the meaning of life?
To have sex and reproduce
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Do you play cs go? If not, why?
I don't because I don't know what that is
What is your favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip
i love u
I love you too
If you could takeover the stay classy imgur account, would you?
where are u from?
what's your summoner name I wanna be your bff<3
Have you had anyone want to retract their confession?
Nope, never
Did you know that your most recent posts were having crazy flashing gifs on mobile?
Are there any confessions that you've reported to the police
Awwww why?  Samantha Hendrix
Various reasons
I'm too shy to message you on imgur.
I don't know who you are