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What's your sexual orientation?
When will your computer be fixed? Cause I need my confessions fix, na mean?
Yea, I ask myself that everyday
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Are you still making confessions? Its been weeks, where they at?
Computer is broken
Do you wear a watch?
Yea haha
Do you always smile for pictures?
I never do
how do you feel about eating ass
Will you answer my question?
What question
What's the worst confession you've refused to make into a 'Stay Classy'?
I honestly have no idea, I read so many
Cant seem to find her
Then why didn't you do it?
I autoattack creeps in dota 2. help
Click around so you don't stand still
Apparently you did something pretty bad
Haha I guess
You know what you did
I do not
What did you apparently do?
Not sure
Why did you do it?
Do what
Is having random anonymous internet strangers question you about your personal life like they know you really odd?
Nah, you get use to it
Does your girlfriend have an Imgur account? If so, what's her user? Also, do you ship ItalianStallions or whatvever and Commonwhitegirl? CAUSE I KNOW I DO
No she doesn't, we have talked about it and she wants to remain private
Why you gotta be so damn cute?
I got it from my mama
Are you molly? 'Cause I wouldn't mind popping you ;)
No, this is Patrick
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How old are you?
Will you let me slowly wrap my tongue around your nipple and lather it between my lips?
Ask my girlfriend
How many of your own confessions had you put on imgur?
Only one anonymous
was there ever a confession so bad you couldn't put it on imgur?
Define bad....