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Them eyebrows though
post at the right time
I don't mean to be rude or mean, but I thought you were gay. I was basing this on how you dress, look, and speak. Not to be a recruiter, but on behalf of my people: We will accept you. Yes, you can keep the girlfriend.
Thanks for the permission
How much time do you spend per day on Imgur
Not as much as you think, but it's always up in the background
Hello, how many notifications do you get on imgur daily?
It varies, some days I'll only get like 20 and others I will get over 100
I have yet to find any clear indication. What is your sexual orientation?
I have a girlfriend
i had a crush on you for a while when we were both on the chat plugin. Then i got ur snapchat and we talked a bit and i realized you're not just hot, you're hilarious
Haha thanks
Are there any PC games that you can recommend?
League of legends
How many submissions for "Stay Classy Imgur" would you say you get in an average week?
Merry Christmas from Texas!
Merry Christmas
Do you believe in Santa
and for everyone else?
Imgur, ruffcats, and stay classy
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What is the answer to the universe?
Imgur, ruffcats, and stay classy
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Pick one: be James Bond for a day or have telekinesis for a day.
Do you regret having sex before marriage?
No lol
Have you ever been in love? Are you now?
I am now
Why you gotta be so rude?
Cause I wanna marry that girl
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How come every time you come around my London London bridge you wanna go down?
I'm not sure
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What's wrong with small penises
Lol nothing
Who is your favorite live performer?
Why do you think you get hate?
Answering that would Peugeot encourage hate. But there's always bound to be someone who tries to use hate to make up for their small penis
Do you consider yourself a prep
No haha
What are you gonna do for the 100th stay classy?
Thinking maybe one normal and one of my favorites
You are so hot
Thanks lol
Do you get a lot of hate?
Yea haha