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I really don't like bloggers but you are an exception.
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What did you get at the Shopbop sale?
Not much. An R13 boy tee in black and a Theyskens' Theory tank that's all open at the sides like I like.
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(perhaps i'm a little too invested in your personal life, but i've been following you since you started!) happy to see you in a new relationship and i must say you've been looking even lovelier than usual in your recent posts, like you're coming out of your shell more.
Shells are so handy! But thank you. Those are sweet sentences.
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What are you doing that you have so beautiful light curls? Thanks :)
Oh that whole look was me being in the hands of Mio who is like the best makeup artist in Japan/on Earth.
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jesus you have the cropped a wang sweater in gray AND black? and that stone cold fox dress in MUSTARD? the temptation to buy all of those right now is so real
I had enough sense to get the first one on Shopbop when it first came out then the second one discounted on Yoox was basically impossible to not get. Weirdly they're the same size but the gray one's much slouchier. And go for the Bolas!
What was your last purchase from Zara? Thank you <3
Those same satin mules I mentioned on here. Striped pajamaish top and white crop top were assimilated today at Topshop. Relevant to this question? Only slightly.
ps 11 mini or regular? or is there not enough of a difference? thx <3
Massive difference! HUGE. Ok no. But I like the mini better, it makes more sense for how structured it is.
Are the mules from your Reformation post from Zara?
Yes the satin ones
What is the brand of your denim jacket from the instagram post "Matched my nap to my outfit" ? :)
Citizens of Humanity it's so soft it's almost fluffy. Denim! Fluffy.
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Coachella weekend 1 or 2?
Weekend 1. Then London, then Sydney.
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wear are you sunglasses form in your latest ig post i love them
Céline. I need to do a side by side of those versus the Audrey Audrey. Lotta confusion.
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Did you see that perfect silver dress from the new Kate Moss x Topshop collection? I can imagine you wearing it, so ethereal!
The long one? It's pretty beautiful. Want to touch.
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where did you get your bathing suit from in your latest ig post #traveltapatio
H&M, in stores now.
i am so extremely jealous of how you have the perfect mustard everythings
Everythings = 2ish things? Mustard is sexy. where is your amazing sweater from?
Vanessa Bruno What are you wearing on this photo? :)
Acne top, the one with the split back, Ksubi Alberceque cutoffs, Céline espadrilles, Alexander Wang pelican bag, Ray-ban wayfarers.
OMG, these Acne sandals are killing my feet! Please tell me yours have gotten more comfortable over time?
Ahh I don't think they're bad, I think maybe I can't help you? Heel comfort is correlated with arch height right except I forget who generally has it better.
what's the brand of ur chekered slipons? love it!
Manebi! Consider me a collector.
what size is your H&M embroidered blouse? ily Rumi<33
Size 2. Cat got it for me because she is the sweetest person and finds all the good stuff!
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what nail polish are you wearing on your toes in the last post?
OPI - French Quarter for Your Thoughts
do you pay your credit cards off every month?
YES. I only have one credit card that I use and even just using the one makes me feel weird.
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do you have pictures on your walls? deco tips please:)?
Chris got this and I love it. And there's an inside out tapestry trapped in lucite in my dining room. More on that later.
do you have pictures on your walls? deco tips please:)?
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You should wear your hair up more often, k?
Just might