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I saw that you have an ask Rumi section on your blog now. Does that mean i should ask questions there? Or will you still be answering on ask FM?

omg youre online! <3 congrats on being an independent blogger again!

Thank youuuuu

i was panicking for a moment because your page wouldn't load but it turns out you were just changing up your site and wow i feel like i witnessed a grand moment in history

On my own again! Super excited and some more changes are still coming. If the site's not working for you guys try clearing your cache and all should be right again.

Dude I want a Kumo too

I'm so lucky I have one. I think that every day of my life.



do you aquazzura's feel really high?

They're actually so comfortable cause the suede is really soft and kinda wraps around the foot in a nice bandage-y way.

I think I found the name Orly nail polish from your photos on instagram: think of the color "porcelain"? Thank you so much!

Yeah I think it's Pure Porcelain or Decades of Dysfunction?

love the resuscitation of that asymmetrical phillip lim dress

It looks better now that I own a steamer.

Hi Rumi I have a question. What's your hair pinned up in the post "rush hour"? (Clasp, buckle, eraser, hairpin? or other? ) thanks! :D

Bobby pins! Actually on the package it says "BOB PINS" which is better.

Seriously I'm going to cry you never answer any of my questions even they are not like stupid and useless ones :( I really wonder why? Don't you see them all

I'm sorry I can't tell whose asking what how often cause most of them are anonymous and I know this is the most useless question to answer so sorry about that too.

Nude shoes with tassels?


How is your BF able to live in the U.S? Isn't he a non-citizen?

He got a Visa a couple months ago, he's good now.

One day, please just make an entire post consisting of Kumo pictures

ok but are you not following him on Instagram

Jewelry from "Rush Hour," please?

Balenciaga pendant necklace with one section removed, Hortense Together necklace, and the choker is something I got randomly in Stockholm last August.

Favorite coffe table book right now?

Ryan Korban's Luxury Redefined

Do Kumo and Chris ever get into a cat fight?

Chris is, weirdly, Kumo's self-appointed groomer so they'll have Furminator-based scuffles every now and then. Their connection generally speaking: strong.

Where to find some classic cheap or cheapish cut off shorts?

Just get some old Levi's in the best wash you can find and make those into the ultimate

Is the comment poet gone?

Omfg the comment poet is gone

What size is your flowy crop-long (?) white top from Zara? They said it only came in M so I wanted to know if you are wearing M? Thanks:))))))

Yeah I think it only comes in the one size. So random that Zara does that sometimes.

Your account on is the BEST THING EVER. Love visiting it from time to time and just reading through the answers. Hope it's not creepy, haha :) xo


Okay seriously, how does that Kafi camisole stay in place at all??

It's really not that bad but also they're just nipples

Fan Girl-ing Cont'd: Hi! I'm the girl that yelled out the car around Beverly Blvd when you were shooting near some white wall with semi-graffiti... Sorry about that. Next time I'll think it through, illegally park, then properly say hello like a normal person :) Still, you made my week!

Hahahha I loved it #kaleurself

Please tell me where you buy this t-shirt?


What nail color is that? :)

It's by Orly but I don't know the name. I'll try to deduce from online swatches.

Where is the skirt from in your instagram post 'Raw Hems'?

Friend of Mine