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Rwaan @rwaan99
ask me anything
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قهر لمى تكتبي وتطلع شسنزبة ؟!!!!!!! O.o
هـآ ؟!
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ما هو افضل افلامك الرومانسية؟
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آبسط شي ممكن يسعدك :  1812 .. #استغفر الله
شوكلاتة كندر ♡
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hey from where?
I am from tabuk.KSA
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y 7eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo :p 7bebt 2lbyyy b3sh2k bjnooooooooooon زوجك المستقبلي حياتي
Really ??!
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كل ما اكتب اسك اف ام يطلعلي بروفايلك
yah I guess I am famous
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اخص فخ سثء
إلى متى الاسئله ذي !
اخص فخ سثء
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bmout feke :)
Really !?
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كيفك يا مو هبله ؟
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لو كان لك أن يعيش للأبد، هل تريد ذلك؟
لآ .. وآلله رآح آزهققق !
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احبك ااحححححححححححححححححححححححححححححححححححححبك
امانه "̯ ؟!
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كيفك يا هبله ؟؟
مو هبله
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ThanQ for the like
you are welcome <3
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Your favorite : car .. girl name .. boy name .. color .. number .. drink .. food .. song .. singer .. movie .. channel .. country .. city ?  Reemy~
car : Ferrari
girl name : Rwaan
boy name : Abdullah
color : Green and black
number : 9
drink : coffee
food : I love all kind of food
song : Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles
singer : Chris Brown .eminem and selena gomez
movie : fast and furious and mirror mirror
channel : mbc 4
country : k.s.a
city : Sydney
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