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Hot tea or ice tea?

Iced tea! Yumm just started drinking it recently and it is soo so good, especially the teza ones

What musical instrument would you like to play?

Maracas?! That's the best I can do, trust me...

Have you ever experimented with drugs?

I've had like five panadols in my life, i'm off the rails tbh

You deliberately sabotage a piece of machinery in your work place so that when someone next uses it there will be an accident which will result in that person losing the use of their legs. Are you morally responsible for their injury?

Ummm are you trying to lose your job? That's gotta be bad for your conscience... (and yes you are fully responsible)

If you could speak one language, what would it be and why?

English, because its the most relevant to me as I live in NZ and everything around me is English... but whats the fun in that, I love languages and I want to be able to speak multiple- opens more doors for a more interesting world!

What is your attitude to smoking?

Disgusting. Horrible act that makes innocent bystanders victims to second hand smoke. Nothing worse than having to share a bus stop with a nicotine addict.... honestly if you wanted to pay to die, hire a hitman or something...

thoughts on Samantha W

She's an amazing person, so funny and awesome to be around :) I really enjoy it when we talk and hang out, she always puts a smile on my dial and a chuckle in my buckle haha. I think she is really smart, soo much better at maths and science than me! She's also a very good roller skater apparently, which I look forward to seeing. I am very lucky to have met her and can't wait to spend more time with Sammie in the near future :D

Sorry I didn't come to Nz's got talent with you... ;p

Haha all good, I know who you are and its finneee... :D Last year was still fun, and I'll see you at your 18th anyway! Besides I had a great time with Sammie anyways

I've always wanted to know what your biggest life goal is?

Mitchell Souness

Well Mitchell, that's an interesting question... and a tough one. My biggest career ambition would be CEO of an airline or hotel chain, something big in tourism. Character-wise, I want to never ever give up on a task I set my mind to and try new things all the time by going outside of my comfort zone :) And I want to live in Italy for a while hehe

Thoughts on Mitchell s

Ah Mitch, he's a good kid :) I actually can't think of a single bad thing about him, he is such a nice person- always looking out for others. We have good chats in english and geography and there's never a dull moment with him around. And he's the snowboard king- I'll have to get him to teach me his tricks sometime...

thoughts on grace cooper

She's pretty cool, knew eachother a few years back in speed skating. Raced her quite a bit and she was good competiton :) And she's one of the best artistic skaters I know, lots of talent there.

Shit saan, I have 3 and they a huge. luckily eco is due next term ;). how do you divide up your time with your assignments?

Ah two of my ones are huge as well... big hefty research projects- great for Exc credits but not good for the amount of time and effort they take up! Same due date with my economics project thankfully. Prioritising and persevering are key, I just pick which one is the most fun and interests me the most and try to get that done. And if its the night before somethings due, that generally gets the most attention funnily enough :) Other than that, it pays to know what teachers are a bit more relaxed and lenient on due dates (they're my favourite :p) as then you can shuffle stuff around.

What is your favorite mobile app?

2degrees, RunPee or Gmail

Thoughts on dayna r?

Ah Dayna, she is a really cool, easy to talk to person. Good memories at scouts with her, she always made people laugh and made even the most boring activities fun :)

(spam) when someone fills your inbox with as many questions as they can i know how annoying no questions is

Oh yeah I know what spam is lol. But thanks for giving me a chance to say something, kind stranger.

Ask the first person to like this question 5 anonymous questions? :-)

Okay I'll do that then, see how it goes

thoughts on alice monaghan :D

She's so cool! Had the meanest times at MYL with her, some great in-jokes there haha. Can't wait to skype her this week and see her at O'Shea :D

Who are your favourite teachers at school?

I like them all! Every teacher at stream makes it the great community it is. But in terms of ones I get along with the best and learn from the best, I would say Mr Tinney, Ms Duffy, Mr Bowles, Mr Fouhy, Mrs Taylor and Mr Boyle amongst others...

Caleb Ford is awesome, right?

Oh him.... where do I start? I hate him with a passion- his caveman-style facial hair and commenting on old facebook posts just annoys me... na jokes- yes he is, we have good chats and he gives me movies :)

Are you a virgin

Of course I am, I'm a 16 year old academic :L

Are you gay?

That didn't take long :L No I'm not haha

Welcome to ask.fm, Ryan :D

Hey there Johann, thanks- should be interesting!

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