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Likers get a short tbh?
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Top 3 girls your not annoyed to talk 2
They know who they are
Is the white boy in your team good
I'm not tryna be hasid
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thoughts on peeps I name
dont lie quick comeback
Oh yeah yo inbox stop asking random questions looool
i actually ate hot 3 in our one on one game
I know u munched hard !! Deep 3's
ohh no ur actually a center
This is 100% souheib Wallahi
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david has big lips
LooooooooooooL chill don't insult my nigga
u loost today
I hit a game winner tho first game u munched
yes i do hot 3 tho
Kaled stop
u stink
And you smell good ????
Que fais-tu lorsque la télécommande est trop loin?
Je vais la chercher imbecille
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whos hanna
You asked me rate to people I name then you said Hanna witch Hana
Quel type de chaussures portes-tu aujourd'hui ?
Hanna who
Quelle est ton bonbon préféré?
Jolly rancher
Yo do u know David ? the guy that goes to ur school ? i heard he's fcking nice at basketball like damn nigga soo tall and has handle !!!!!
Hanna Ritchie
Cute girls you talk to often?
They know who they are
yoo i heard DLS junior ball team has a deadly big men !! nigga 6'3 !!
Ya my nigga young David muila
Quelle est la meilleure coiffure pour une fille?
Long curry hair
thought on ppl i named u?
Asli <3 cutie she real JE Peut tout lui dire elle eat la quand jai besoin de conseil elle est folle I miss going to your base and yeah <3
Too long
My nugga hodo I know you for a year now ur a cutie hype I could trust you with anything
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