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What about my dick is that pretty
Too small
Ur cute tho(:
Whos ur top 2 pretty girls at dlr
My nigga garciella and mouna
who's thw prettiest girl at dlr?
Mouna !!
Hey I love u wanna date??
Cute !!
u like ashley?
Ashley who
ur worst nightmare
Lost my ball skills
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Ur crush goes to dls?
Who is it?
I wont expose my self on ask
U have a crush
do u think hoddi is pretty
do love hoddi?
As a close friend
Thoughts on hoddi
Hodii !!! We met Like 1week ago and ur actually the person to talk to ur cute hype shy i Know how to not make u shy and i wish we could chill
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im not hamdi i was lying to u
Who r u then
Yo did you get the kd bag
Yeah !
looool i got you
Ur crazy
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its hamdi loool u got shook eh?
Omg !!
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u do kno me.
Who r u just answer damm
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nope. I go to public school
I dont Know u ??
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u were mean to me. and not its not. Idek who that is.
U go to dls
yup. and u were really rude to me.
Easy Plz tell me who u are is this aalyiyah ??
ik ur not. i just dont want to :(
Ight but did we ever talk ?
cause im EXTREMELY shy :$
Im not a mean Guy inbox me on facebook i wont laugh or anything Like that
no :$
Why not